Amber Chou Wilson

Amber Chou Wilson

๐Ÿ’— Friendly | Gladrags Asst. | 2048 Graduate ๐Ÿ’—
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
Seeing Somebody
Sexual Orientation
Homosexual (Ainsley)
Curly 11 1/2 Inch Flexible Ivy Wand with Fairy Wing Core
7/2030 (18)
Amber Chou Wilson

Kindness is always fashionable

NAME:Amber Chou Wilson
๐Ÿ’—Amber: From the English word amber that denotes either the gemstone, which is formed from fossil resin, or the orange-yellow colour.
๐Ÿ’— Chou: Chou is a Japanese name meaning "butterfly".
๐Ÿ’— Wilson: Derived from the popular medieval name Will.
HOMETOWN:Pleasant Point, New Zealand
BIRTHDAY:6 July 2030
NATIONALITY:Japanese, Citizen of New Zealand
RELATIONSHIP STATUS:Seeing Somebody (Ainsley Lynch)

ZODIAC SIGN:Cancer. As a Cancer born on July 6th, you are sensible, yet quite comfortable in the realm of internal emotions. Ever the enigma, your own family may even struggle to discover your true self. Although you have a tendency to keep your emotions and thoughts private, you have the ability to sense the feelings of those around you. As a result you are highly compassionate and sympathetic.
ELEMENT:Water. Water is your paired element and your sign actually has the most fundamental connection with water of all the zodiac signs. As though hit by strong waves, you sometimes are overcome by your emotions. While this may be an uncomfortable phenomenon for others, you ride the "waves" of emotion with deep understanding. It is this comfortability that allows you to sense so clearly when others are having emotional experiences. As you continue to embrace these positive qualities of water, your understanding will continue to grow. Be aware of becoming too immersed in your emotions, as the negative qualities of water bring bout feelings of moodiness.
PLANET: The Moon. The moon is the planetary ruler of your sign, but because you are born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you are also influenced strongly by Pluto. It is this planetary planet that explains for a constant struggle between your emotions and reason. The Moon directly connects to emotional understanding and foresight, while Pluto influences your need for control and power. You may find you have an undying desire for security, which is why you feel incomplete without close, committed relationships. When you do find the closeness you seek, your nurturing nature is revealed.

EDUCATION:Hogwarts New Zealand
FAVORITE CLASS: Potions, Divination
OCCUPATION: Gladrags Wizardwear Assistant
WAND:Curly 11 1/2 Inch Flexible Ivy Wand with Fairy Wing Core
๐Ÿ’—Wood: Ivy wands are best suited for social wizards and witches who adapt well in difficult situations and thrive. They also seem to have a knack for healing magic.
๐Ÿ’—Core: Wands with this core are good for charms spell-casting. Be warned that they do sometimes lead to failed hexes.

PLAY BY:Nana Komatsu
HAIR:Black and long with a fringe.
EYES:Dark brown.
BUILD: Short for her age and petite, Amber will never be the tallest person in the room.
STYLE:Amber has a very preppy, colorful style. She likes wearing skirts and blouses with matching accessories. She makes sure everything is always neatly in place and color coordinated. Her parents own a clothing store and fashion line, so Amber has a fairly good eye for style from being around them and their work.
OTHER DISTINGUISHING FEATURES:Amber is almost always smiling, and it's hard to see whether its genuine or not. She tends to hide her emotions behind a happy front when she's not actually feeling cheerful.

PERSONALITY:Amber is very outgoing and loves to meet new people, she is the opposite of shy. At the same time, she is a rule follower that doesn't like stand out when it's in a negative way. Very aware of what other people think of her, she will always try to fit in and stay in the good graces of authority figures. Because of this, she will only consider breaking rules when she's reasonably certain she won't get caught and if it's for a good reason. Negative emotions are things she pushes down and tries to never show, she tries to at least keep an illusion of cheeriness no matter what the circumstances are. She is also fiercely loyal, and once she has befriended someone she will defend them with all she has. It's one of the rare occasions her happy personality could slip. If you insult or bully her friends, her temper will show faster than if you did anything to her personally.

People who share the Consul personality type are, for lack of a better word, popular - which makes sense, given that it is also a very common personality type, making up twelve percent of the population. In high school, Consuls are the cheerleaders and the quarterbacks, setting the tone, taking the spotlight and leading their teams forward to victory and fame. Later in life, Consuls continue to enjoy supporting their friends and loved ones, organizing social gatherings and doing their best to make sure everyone is happy.

Strong Practical Skills ๐Ÿ’— Strong Sense of Duty ๐Ÿ’— Very Loyal๐Ÿ’— Sensitive and Warm ๐Ÿ’— Good at Connecting with Others

Worried about Their Social Status ๐Ÿ’— Inflexible ๐Ÿ’— Reluctant to Innovate or Improvise ๐Ÿ’— Vulnerable to Criticism ๐Ÿ’— Often Too Needy ๐Ÿ’— Too Selfless

HISTORY:Amber grew up in a relatively small town, near her father's muggle family. Her mother is a a Mixed Blood, but she has no siblings and both her parents died before Amber was born. Because of this Amber doesn't know anyone on her mother's side of the family.
Amber's father was adopted by muggle parents and therefore doesn't know his blood status. His parents knew nothing of magic and were very surprised when he got his letter for Hogwarts.Her father's muggle parents and adopted non-magical sister were a bigger part of her life, giving Amber a large muggle influence despite having magical parents. She loved her grandparents and visited them as often as she could, but had a more troubled relationship with her aunt. She was the person that looked after Amber whenever her parents were busy with their job, and they never got along very well. She also home schooled her, and Amber resented her for teaching her things she could be learning at a muggle school, with other kids her own age. Because of possible accidental magic, her parents and aunt had decided it was best if Amber and her sister were home schooled before going to Hogwarts but were often too busy to do it themselves.
Amber was often lonely growing up, feeling distanced from her younger sister by their differences in personality. When she came to Hogwarts, she was determined to make lots of new friends her own age.
LIKES:Fashion, Flowers, Talking, Socializing, Taking walks
DISLIKES:Dirt, Mud Animals (Especially owls), Bullies
GOALS:Amber's goal is to be popular and have a lot of friends, as well as do good in classes.
FEARS:Flying (a little), Disappointing people, Public embarrassment.
STRENGTHS:Amber is very positive and open. She can talk to almost anyone and make friends really easily. She's good at empathizing with others and helping them when needed.
WEAKNESSES:Amber can be a little prissy when it comes to dirt and animals, which can make her clash with others. She also tends to be non confrontational when things aren't urgent, and tries to stay everyone's friend. She can be insecure and compares herself to others a lot.
MIRROR OF ERISED: She would see herself with her own house, living with Ainsley and living a happy life. She would be successful in her field.
BOGGART: People she loves ignoring her and treating her like she doesn't exist.
AMORTENTIA:Wildflowers, wood, strawberries.



Name: Alexander Miles Wilson
Relation: Father
Age: 46 (2002)
Blood Status: Unknown
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Co-owner of a clothing store

Name: Ayame Koizumi - Wilson
Relation: Mother
Age: 42 (2006)
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Martial Status: Married
Occupation: Co-owner of a clothing store

Name: Sophie Eiko Wilson (x)
Relation: Sister
Age: 16
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Marital Status: -
Occupation: Student at Hogwarts NZ

House: Ravenclaw

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

Fifth Year

Sixth Year

Seventh Year

After Graduation

Credits: Name Meanings from here, Zodiac, Element and Planet from here, personality type and description from here
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Amber Chou Wilson

๐Ÿ’— Friendly | Gladrags Asst. | 2048 Graduate ๐Ÿ’—
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
Seeing Somebody
Sexual Orientation
Homosexual (Ainsley)
Curly 11 1/2 Inch Flexible Ivy Wand with Fairy Wing Core
7/2030 (18)

First Year

"First year was so much fun! I met a lot of people, including my best friend Ainsley, and learned a lot of new things. I still had to get used to the school and the people there, but I think I did alright."
Amber's first year at Hogwarts New Zealand was very full and very social, she met many people in her year and one or two in the years above hers. Amber was going to join every club she could, but settled on just Heta Omega for her first year, which ended up being a good fit. She had mostly positive experiences during this year, excluding a confrontation with a very rude Gryffindor girl, and was eager to move forward to the next year.​

Amber had a big grin on her face as she stood in line with the other first years, surveying the great hall. The floating candles and magic ceiling were nice and all, but what excited her more was the sea of faces she could see at the long tables. There were so many people here! She couldn't wait to make a few friends. The house she had grown up in had been far away from the bigger cities, so she wasn't used to seeing this many kids in one place.

She tore her eyes away from the older students and looked at her fellow first years. She tried to catch someone's eye but they either didn't notice or ignored her. Oh well, there would be plenty of time for that later. Once she had been sorted into her house.

Returning her gaze to the tables, Amber found herself wondering which of the houses would suit her best. She had no real preference, she just wanted whichever house had the nicest people and the best Quidditch team to root for.

As the names continued to be called, Amber felt herself get a little impatient. She hadn't realized just how many people had last names that came in the alphabet before hers, and she couldn't wait to find out what her house would be.

When her name was finally called, she did an involuntary little jump in anticipation and unexpectedly felt some fear pool in her stomach as she looked at the hat. The fear was quickly drowned by the larger feeling of excitement, however, and she was smiling again as she sat down. She closed her eyes in anticipation as the Sorting Hat was lowered onto her head.

"You'd manage in any of the houses, but you'll thrive in...Hufflepuff!"

It's finally time!Buying her wandOllivander's Wand Shop
Strange and crowded...With Ainsley LynchHufflepuff First Years Girls Dorm
A touch of homeWith Ainsley LynchThe Owlery
Passion for FashionWith Evelyn ManningThe Student Lounge
How To Make A FriendWith Ainsley LynchThe Library
Taking a RiskWith Evangeline CampbellThe Courtyard
How Exciting!Yule Ball
With Ainsley Lynch
Great Hall
Little BeastiesWith Aaron Walden and Lucas WoodlockThe Forbidden Forest
Something PreciousWith Ainsley LynchThe Hogwarts Garden
A Kitchen ExpeditionWith Wyatt FinchThe Kitchens
Delivering A RoseRose Delivery
With Marcella Benivieni
Ravenclaw House Table
Two Roses For YouRose Delivery
With Flavio Morales
The Lakefront
Another Ravenclaw RoseRose Delivery
With Silus Hollister
Ravenclaw House Table
Dancing AloneValentine's Dance
With Rory Fergusson and Tesla Wilde
Great Hall
Thinking About Boys and RosesWith Flavio MoralesThe Hogwarts Garden
Swoosh SplatWith Lizzie TaylorThe Quidditch Pitch
A Sweet ConversationWith Prudence ArmsteadThe Kitchens
The Prettiest StarWith Ainsley LynchThe North Tower

First Year Marks
1st Year PotionsO
1st Year History of MagicO
1st Year CharmsE
1st Year TransfigurationE
1st Year AstronomyO
1st Year HerbologyE
1st Year FlyingE
1st Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
Grade Point Average5.5 (Between an E and O)
House points earned during year: 614

First Year Photos

Second Year

"In my second year I became good friends with a few people from my year. Though there's a few I am definitely not friends with as well. We actually learned a lot of magic in this year, which is very exciting. I'm still proud of the grades I got!"

Amber focused less on meeting new people in her second year, and more on deepening the connections that were there. Her friendship with Ainsley continued, but she also became closer friends with Evelyn Manning and Flavio Morales. Her focus on school work increased as well, getting her all O's for her second year at school. There were a few more confrontational interactions than in her first year too, like the one with Rory Fergusson. Amber started to feel a bit more confident in this year, and it helped her express her more negative emotions occasionally.​

Sisterly IndifferenceWith Ainsley Lynch and Sophie WilsonObsidian Harbour
A Meeting OutsideWith Espen ManningThe Great Lawn
A Fashionable ReunionWith Evelyn ManningThe Courtyard
Just Out of ReachWith Wyatt FinchThe Library
Whooops!With Noemie Vanity and Evelyn ManningThe North Tower
Birthday Celebrations and MischiefWith Kaia Rosemary,Daniel Rosemary, Evelyn Manning, and Alex SheffieldThe Great Lawn
A Pair of DollsHalloween Feast
With Ainsley Lynch
Great Hall
A Real AccomplishmentWith EltThe Trophy Room
PatchworkWith Ainsley LynchThe Lakefront
ReminderWith Flavio MoralesThe Lakefront
What is Your Problem?With Rory FergussonThe Fourth Floor Corridor
Last RoseReceiving a Rose
With Clementine Pratt
Hufflepuff Second Year Girls Dorm
A Rose for the CaptainRose Delivery
With Reuben Lagowski
Hufflepuff Common Room
Pink for the ProfessorRose Delivery
With Professor Sloane Stark
The Staff Table
Another Professor RoseRose Delivery
With Professor Kennedy Pratt
The Staff Table
Another Yellow RoseRose Delivery
With Octavian Vetrov
Gryffindor House Table
Friendly RoseRose Delivery
With Wyatt Finch
The Seventh Floor Corridor
Final RoseRose Delivery
With Professor Jonathon Phillips
Professor Phillips's Office
Surprise!Receiving a Rose
With Olivia Havelock
Hufflepuff House Table
Be Nice!With Rama MowryThe Library
A Bittersweet ConversationWith Prudence ArmsteadThe Student Lounge

Second Year Marks
2nd Year PotionsO
2nd Year History of MagicO
2nd Year CharmsO
2nd Year TransfigurationO
2nd Year AstronomyO
2nd Year HerbologyO
2nd Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
Grade Point Average6 (O Average)
House points earned during year: 614
Second Year Photos

Third Year

"Third year was rough. I liked the electives but I might have put too much pressure on myself by not dropping any of my old classes. Wyatt asking me to the ball was wonderful and he's a great boyfriend, but I can't believe I got into such a big fight with Ainsley. I still don't know why, and it's been like a black cloud over this entire school year. I hope the next one is better."
Amber's third year started off great, she caught up with some of her old friends and made some new ones. She grew closer to Wyatt Finch, a fourth year Gryffindor she was already friends with, and started dating him. That's where things went sour, her best friend Ainsley got very upset with her and the two didn't talk for a long time, something neither of them are used to. Amber continued to do well in her classes, though it took more effort from her this year which has started to take its toll on her. She also branched out by participating in more school events like tutoring younger students and the duelling tournament.​

Get It Over WithWith Sophie Wilson and Rory FergussonOllivander's Wand Shop
Friends FirstWith Flavio MoralesThe Student Lounge
ExpressiveWith Ainsley LynchHufflepuff Third Years Girls Dorm
Well Dressed FriendsWith Evelyn Manning and Noemie VanityThe Student Lounge
IssuesWith Wyatt FinchThe Quidditch Pitch
Not Just What You SeeRoleplay Roulette
With Jessica Matthews, Alana Finch, and Bethany Zanders
The Cliffs
The Past is in the Past
Tutoring Program
With Elt
The Library
Historical HelpTutoring Program
With Sofia Rosenberg
The Library
Catching UpWith Evelyn ManningThe Student Lounge
Growing Up and ApartWith Ainsley LynchThe Hogwarts Garden
Lately It's YouYule Ball
With Wyatt Finch and Ainsley Lynch
Great Hall
Y28 Heta MeetingWith Madeline Walden, Isabelle Marie, Tuesday Palmero, Rose Holland and October AlcottThe Magical Sorority of Heta Omega
Y28 Dueling Match #7Dueling Tournament
With Solomon Mordaunt
The Duelling Chamber
KamikazeWith Wyatt FinchHufflepuff House Table
Rose for a Wild GirlRose Delivery
With Fawn Barrow
The Great Lawn
Pretty Rose for a Pretty RavenRose Delivery
With Aminia Macksimov
Ravenclaw House Table
Rose for the Head of HouseRose Delivery
With ~Professor Kennedy Pratt
Professor Pratt's Lounge
Three for the Price of OneRose Delivery
With Alessio Benivieni
Hufflepuff Common Room
Flower for a LilyRose Delivery
With Lilyanna Hope
Slytherin House Table
Super Secret AdmirerReceiving a Rose
With Darcy Pratt
The Courtyard
Delivery for YouReceiving a Rose
With Ethan Mendoza
Hufflepuff House Table
Beautiful RosesReceiving a Rose
With Signy Forstrom
The Courtyard
Someone's ValentineReceiving a Rose
With Sara Benivieni
The Library
Awkward Is My Middle NameValentine's Dance
With Yiwen Marionetta
Great Hall
In the SunshineWith October AlcottThe Courtyard
All We GotWith Wyatt Finch, Marisol Woods, and Asaiah MurphyGryffindor House Table
Wounded AnimalWith Ainsley LynchHufflepuff Third Years Girls Dorm
You don't know meWith Wyatt Finch, Geovanna VoltThe Seventh Floor Corridor

Third Year Marks
3rd Year PotionsO
3rd Year History of MagicO
3rd Year CharmsO
3rd Year TransfigurationO
3rd Year AstronomyO
3rd Year HerbologyO
3rd Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
3rd Year Ancient RunesO
3rd Year DivinationO
Grade Point Average6 (O Average)

House points earned during year: 763
Third Year Photos

Fourth Year

"Classes get harder each yet, but also more interesting. I took a few more this year, but I'm starting to worry it's too much. I'm glad Ainsley and I are back to being best friends, as I really missed her last year. But now I'm in this weird feud with November, and even I'm not sure why. I guess some people just can't get along? Though she's the one that started it. I hope next year I won't have to deal with her too much."
Amber's fourth year started with a breakup, as she and Wyatt mutually decided to call off their relationship. This helped her later as she made up with her best friend Ainsley. A study group was made with Flavio, Ainsley and November but it soon became apparent that Amber and November had trouble getting long. The two had a subtle and silent rivalry going on, that finally exploded into an argument on the night of the yule ball. Amber's fourth year was even busier than her third in terms of schoolwork, and this marked the first year she was unable to deliver roses on valentine's day.​

Spite on the SlopesWith Sophie Wilson, Lizzie Taylor and Caro TaylorNew Zealand
Boy Talk and Friend TroubleWith Clementine PrattHufflepuff Fourth Years Girls Dorm
Quack!With Flavio MoralesThe Lakefront
A Toast to the PastWith Silus HollisterEntrance Hall
Overdue MeetingWith Stella FinchThe Hogwarts Garden
It's Only NaturalWith Flavio Morales, November Albertson, and Ainsley LynchHufflepuff House Table
Dorm Chats - The First NightWith November Albertson and Tesla WildeHufflepuff Fourth Years Girls Dorm
Magic to Understand MagicWith Akemi TsukinoHufflepuff Common Room
Graceless HeartWith Ainsley Lynch and Hayley ElridgeThe Lakefront
In The MiddleWith Wyatt FinchThe Cliffs
The Stands With November Albertson Clementine Pratt, Tesla Wilde,
And various others
The Stands
Queens with CrownsHalloween Feast
With Sianna Djordjevich
Great Hall
Helpful Hand With Evelyn ManningThe Student Lounge
Repairing the DamageWith Ainsley LynchThe Hogwarts Garden
A Game of ThroesWith Geovanna VoltHufflepuff Common Room
Hit The BooksWith Flavio Morales, November Albertson, and Ainsley LynchThe Great Lawn
It's in the CardsWith ~Professor Kennedy PrattProfessor Pratt's Lounge
Peace InterruptedWith Marisol WoodsThe Courtyard
Bad ReactionWith November Albertson and Flavio MoralesThe Hospital Wing
Out In The OpenWith Stella StilinskiThe Courtyard
Learning the PastTutoring Program
With Tuesday Palmero
The Student Lounge
Getting Ready for the NightWith November AlbertsonHufflepuff Fourth Years Girls Dorm
Jealousy and Dancing: not the best mixYule Ball
With November Albertson, Matthew Harper, and Flavio Morales
Great Hall
A Friendly AmbushWith Hayley ElridgeThe Third Floor Corridor
My Watch Has EndedWith Fleur WorthThe First Floor Corridor
Comparison Will Kill YouReceiving a Rose
With November Albertson
Hufflepuff Fourth Year Girls Dorm
La AmitieReceiving a Rose
With Ryuu Arai

The Fourth Floor Corridor
A Rose for a Good FriendReceiving a Rose
With Evelyn Manning
Hufflepuff House Table
A Yellow Rose for You!Receiving a Rose
With Lyra Potter
Hufflepuff House Table
Another one from the bunchReceiving a Rose
With James Cade
The Library
Good as NewValentine's Dance
With Ainsley Lynch and Fleur Worth
Great Hall
Pride Event, 2045With Ainsley Lynch and Hayley Elridge,
And various others
Great Hall
Inability to FocusWith Noemie Vanity, and November AlbertsonThe Library
Grape SodaWith Flavio MoralesThe Student Lounge

Fourth Year Marks

4th Year Potions

4th Year History of MagicO
4th Year CharmsO
4th Year TransfigurationO
4th Year AstronomyO
4th Year HerbologyO
4th Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
4th Year Ancient RunesO
4th Year DivinationO
4th Year Muggle StudiesO
Grade Point Average6 (O average)
House points earned during year: 862
Fourth Year Photos

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Amber Chou Wilson

๐Ÿ’— Friendly | Gladrags Asst. | 2048 Graduate ๐Ÿ’—
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
Seeing Somebody
Sexual Orientation
Homosexual (Ainsley)
Curly 11 1/2 Inch Flexible Ivy Wand with Fairy Wing Core
7/2030 (18)

Fifth Year

"I knew fifth year would be different, but I didn't anticipate how life-changing it would be for me. There were things about myself I was hiding until now, and I'm happy and proud not to be hiding anymore. I like Ainsley, and I'm so glad she is my girlfriend now. The OWLs weren't as bad as I feared, and I really think I'm ready for sixth year."
After her fourth year, Amber decided to drop a few classes to make things easier for herself. But she was still struggling with another aspect of her life: her sexuality. After a reading during Ancient Runes, she talked with Professor Josephs about her feelings, realizing as she talked to the professor that she liked girls, and more specifically her best friend Ainsley. She confessed her feelings to her friend, and the two started dating at the yule ball. Amber felt a lot less pressure after that, though she still had to work hard to pass her OWLs with all O's.​

Fashion Show: StudentsWith variousGladrags Wizardwear
Welcome HomeWith Ainsley LynchNew Zealand
In My ElementWith Evelyn ManningGladrags Wizardwear
Funny How We Haven't MetWith Noah KingsleyThe Library
It's Truth, It's Truth That Shows UsWith Professor Kahurangi JosephsProfessor Josephs' Office
You Began to See the LightWith Clementine PrattHufflepuff Fifth Years Girls Dorm
Going forwards, backwardsWith Soohye Kendall-Wu and Professor Archie RennerThe Third Floor Corridor
Handmade GiftsWith Ruby FolsomHoneyduke's
Deciphering MeWith Ainsley LynchThe Hogwarts Garden
Cold FrontWith November AlbertsonHufflepuff Common Room
Night and DayWith Sophie WilsonThe Student Lounge
Get Lost in Fears That We MakeWith Flavio MoralesThe Great Lawn
If the Whole World Was Watching Yule Ball
With Ainsley Lynch
Great Hall
Oh, Did You See the Stars Colliding?With Ainsley LynchHufflepuff Fifth Years Girls Dorm
Dreamy PurchaseWith Alana FinchThe Inner Eye
The Charms of BooksWith Lily CliffetonFlourish and Blott's
Dusk and DawnWith Sophie WilsonThe Library
Girl TimeWith Evelyn Manning, Fleur Worth, and Noemie VanityThe Student Lounge
ShakenWith October AlcottAntiquated Lavatory
A Yellow Rose for AmberReceiving a rose
With Kira Wolf
Hufflepuff House Table
AppreciationReceiving a rose
With Eleanor Hope
The Student Lounge
Better Days with a Girl Like YouReceiving a rose
With Aurora Night
Hufflepuff House Table
Our friendship fossilizedReceiving a rose
With Lauryn Woodlock
Hufflepuff Common Room
Friendship Finds FunReceiving a rose
With Signy Forstrom
The Fourth Floor Corridor
A History Only You and I Could WriteValentine's Dance
With Ainsley Lynch
Great Hall
The First Leaf FallsWith November Albertson The Lakefront
Perhaps OverdueWith Anabelle WilliamsThe Courtyard
Pride Event, 2046With Ainsley Lynch, Hayley Elridge, and Lizzie Taylor,
And various others
Great Hall

Fifth Year Marks
5th Year PotionsO
5th Year History of MagicO
5th Year CharmsO
5th Year TransfigurationO
5th Year AstronomyO
5th Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
5th Year Ancient RunesO
5th Year DivinationO
Grade Point Average6 (O average)

House points earned during year: 703
Fifth Year Photos


Sixth Year

"It was nice to take a break from the big exams in my sixth year, but I still had to work hard to keep up. I enjoyed all of my classes a lot, and had a great time with my prefect duties too. Not much changed during this year, which is actually really nice. I'm in a good place right now, and I think I can start my final year with no problems."

Amber's sixth year was a very calm year, which the girl appreciated. She remained in a steady relationship with Ainsley, which helped make her time at school even better than it already had been. Now one of the oldest students at school, Amber didn't really meet many new people this year. But she enjoyed catching up with old friends and acquaintances, even vowing to bury any old grudges she still may have against some people. Working together with Evelyn and Noemie in Heta Omega had been a lot of fun for the girl, and she looks forward to seeing what their last year will bring.

Party HardWith Lizzie Taylor, Sophie Wilson, Geo Volt,
And various others
New Zealand
So Much to LearnWith Lily CliffetonFlourish and Blott's
New DudsWith Tiberius BethellGladrag's Wizardwear
Creative BlockWith Elt and Evelyn ManningThe Student Lounge
Petals in the Wind Halloween Feast
With Ainsley Lynch
Great Hall
Design and StyleWith Stella StilinskiThe Owlery
Different AnglesWith Hayley Elridge and Corrine LagosThe First Floor Corridor
Gradual ChangeWith Ainsley Lynch and October AlcottThe Library
Time to PretendWith Nixon MercuryThe Great Lawn
Feel the Gravity FallingYule Ball
With Ainsley Lynch
Great Hall
Sweet Summer FunWith Ainsley LynchFlorean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour
A Kind of KinshipWith Zoe KatsarosHufflepuff Sixth Years Girls Dorm
Swinging BackWith Rory FergussonThe Student Lounge
Essence of FriendshipRose Delivery
With *Professor Monty Pendleton
Professor Pendleton's Office
Delivery for the Head BoyRose Delivery
With Leo Benivieni
Prefects Common Room
Shared ConnectionsRose Delivery
With Geovanna Volt
Hufflepuff House Table
Photograph of a RoseRose Delivery
With Nixon Mercury
Hufflepuff Common Room
A Friendly Yellow RoseRose Delivery
With Arvel Ayers
Hufflepuff Common Room
Cousin of a FriendRose Delivery
With Athena Holmgaard
Gryffindor House Table
Professor FriendshipRose Delivery
With ~ Professor Jon Phillips
The Staff Table
Olive BranchRose Delivery
With Jessica Matthews
The Dungeons
You Get One TooReceiving a rose
With Tomas Wode
The Fourth Floor Corridor
The One Who Holds the StarsReceiving a rose
With Vader Hume
The Second Floor Corridor
FriendlyRose Delivery
With Eleanor Hope
Hufflepuff Common Room
Know I'm Thinking of YouReceiving a rose
With Aurora Night
Great Hall
Yellow for a 'Puff PrefectReceiving a rose
With Nixon Mercury
Hufflepuff Common Room
Yellow for a HufflepuffReceiving a rose
With Lucia Orbon
Hufflepuff House Table
An Amber RoseReceiving a rose
With Onyx Michaels
The Fourth Floor Corridor
Sweet DeliveryWith Ainsley Lynch
And various others
Great Hall
Set It OffWith Clementine PrattThe Dungeons
Your Love SongValentine's Dance
With Ainsley Lynch
Great Hall
Heta Omega Talent Show Y31Heta Omega Talent Show
With Evelyn Manning, Noemie Vanity,
And various others
Great Hall
Storybook CharactersWith November AlbertsonHufflepuff Common Room

Sixth Year Marks
6th Year PotionsO
6th Year History of MagicO
6th Year CharmsO
6th Year TransfigurationO
6th Year AstronomyO
6th Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
6th Year Ancient RunesO
6th Year DivinationO
6th Year ApparitionO
Grade Point Average6 (O Average)

House points earned during year: 523

Sixth Year Photos


Seventh Year

"My final year was incredible, though it went by way too fast. I managed to pass all my NEWTs and graduate with the grades I wanted, which I'm proud of. I spent as much time with my friends as I could, but I also hope to see them a lot after graduation."

Amber was delighted at the start of her seventh year to learn that she had been named Head Girl. It was an honor she took extremely seriously. She spent her seventh year trying to balance her Head Girl duties with her schoolwork and her social life, and in the end felt like she had done a good job of it. She was scared to graduate, even at the moment itself, but also extremely proud of everything she had achieved over the years. Amber is nervous about her future, but also knows that with hard work and determination, she will accomplish anything.

Friendship and AdmirationWith Stella StilinskiThe Three Broomsticks
Comfortable CompanionshipWith Ainsley Lynch and Sophie WilsonObsidian Harbour
The Final BookWith Chante AtearaFlourish and Blott's
Feeling at HomeWith Flavio MoralesGladrag's Wizardwear
Perfect SeclusionWith Signy ForstromPrefects Common Room
Run InsWith Rama Mowry and Vader HumeThe Third Floor Corridor
InjusticeWith ~Professor Jon PhillipsProfessor Phillips's Office
PreparationsWith Analei LouwHufflepuff Common Room
The Sun and the MoonHalloween Feast
With Sophie Wilson
Great Hall
A Happy ErrandWith Alana FinchThe Inner Eye
We BelongYule Ball
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Great Hall
A Final BeginningWith Patrick VernierHufflepuff House Table
Started With A FeelingWith Ainsley LynchThe Great Lawn
Prefect PartyWith Flavio Morales, Alistair Lancaster,
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Prefects Common Room
Red Rose DeliveryReceiving a rose
With Avaria Lockwood
The Fourth Floor Corridor
Special DeliveryReceiving a rose
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Hufflepuff House Table
Prefect to Head Girl, Here's a RoseReceiving a rose
With Signy Forstrom
Prefects Common Room
Changes ComingWith Mazikeen RoeThe Student Lounge

Seventh Year Marks
7th Year PotionsO
7th Year History of MagicO
7th Year CharmsO
7th Year TransfigurationO
7th Year AstronomyO
7th Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
7th Year Ancient RunesO
7th Year DivinationO
Grade Point Average6 (O Average)

House points earned during year: 574

Seventh Year Photos

Ever since she woke up this morning, Amber had felt like she was in a bizarre dream. The idea that this was her final day here at Hogwarts and that she would be graduating was impossible to wrap her mind around, and she wondered when it would finally dawn on her that it was all over. It was a bittersweet feeling, as she was sad to leave the school but also proud of herself for her accomplishments. She was proud of her classmates as well, her friends and even those she didn't know that well. They had all made it here, to their graduation, and now they would be moving into the world. She hoped she would be able to keep in touch with everyone that was important to her, as the thought of them all drifting apart terrified her.

The Headmistress called her and Flavio forward to give their speeches, and Amber tried her best to push back her nerves. She had some practice with speaking to larger crowds, but this was still very intimidating. All her professors were here, as well as her classmates and fellow prefects. Amber was glad she would do this with one of her best friends, and flashed Flavio a nervous smile. But once she stood in front of the audience, she realized she didn't need to be afraid. She knew exactly what she wanted to say, so after glancing at Ainsley just once, she started. "I am honored and proud to stand in front of you today. It's a special day for all of us, and I'm happy we're here to experience it together. The first feeling I remember from when I stepped into Hogwarts for the first time was wonder. The school was so magical and beautiful, and I couldn't stop staring at everything around me. That sense of wonder faded over time, but it was replaced by something even more important," Amber paused, looking over at the crowd for a short moment. "A feeling of being at home. Hogwarts has been more than just a school. It has been a place that allowed us to grow, both as witches and wizards and as people. We have made important connections here, friendships that will last our entire lifetime." She desperately hoped that was true. "Professors, thank you for everything you taught us, and every bit of support you have shown. I know I have learned more than just magic here, and will walk away from the school having gained more than just an education." She gave a slightly watery smile, it really was a quite emotional moment. "I hope we can continue making you proud."

It was hard for Amber to believe she had really managed to give her speech without messing up or bursting into tears. The Hufflepuff was proud of herself, but also relieved when she was sitting next to Ainsley who immediately took her hand. She looked at her girlfriend gratefully, feeling like she would need her support to get through the following moments. Her first classmates were called forward to receive their diplomas, and Amber watched each and every one of them. She was closer to some than others, but had known all of them for years. It would be so strange to never see some of them again, as she was sure they were all going to find their own paths in life.

She squeezed Ainsley's hand as she noticed her girlfriend was crying. Amber was managing not to, but it wasn't far off. Ainsley was called up, and Amber applauded for her loudly when she received her diploma. She did the same for every one of her classmates, for Rory and Lizzie too. It felt silly and childish now, their past conflicts. Amber sort of wished she could rewind time and change the negative relationship she had with both of them. But she couldn't linger on that for long, as it was then her turn to be called. Amber got to her feet and walked over to the stage. She took the diploma from Professor Alicastell, and thanked her quietly. Then she turned around and headed back to her seat, a little shaky. She had done it. She had graduated. Hogwarts was now officially a part of her past, and Amber knew she would miss it terribly.
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