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  • Harper Alston
    At Hunter's confusion, Harper frowned. Now she was confused too. She listened as he explained that he thought she had been talking about...
  • Emily Underwood
    Emily got annoyed that the bludger never hit her bat like the way she wanted. They either went off or she just missed them. This...
  • Minnie Calida
    Minnie continued to search for the snitch again. More determined than ever to catch it again.
  • Ajaccio Skey
    As soon as Ajaccio got close enough he threw the ball and was happy when it ended up going in. He smiled happily and just took up...
  • Finn Lockley
    Finn Lockley replied to the thread Closed Shared Enthusiasm.
    Finn had expected Penny to react just like she had done. He was furious when he heard they had to buy a cauldron, but weren't going to...
  • Analei Louw
    Analei Louw replied to the thread Hufflepuff Practice S2/Y36.
    Instead of protecting him this time, Analei hit a bludger wincing as it hit @Abian Hunter . It was always a bittersweet moment.
  • Sirius Woods
    Sirius Woods replied to the thread Open It's good to be home..
    Sirius had not planned anything special for the holidays, so that shortly before his return, his father would leave Finland to hide, but...
  • Elliot Briar
    Elliot Briar replied to the thread Hufflepuff Practice S2/Y36.
    Deciding to put some space between himself and the rest of the game, Elliot flew up a bit higher, resuming his slow scan of the pitch.
  • Branson Archer
    Branson Archer replied to the thread Closed Continued Growth.
    Branson shook his head, ”Probably like two, there’s a library at school, I won’t need most of these,” he replied with a smile, he knew...
  • Hunter Robinson
    Hunter got a little confused for a second as the girl mentioned rugby "Oh I'm sorry. Most people call football to rugby, it's american...
  • Ruben Right
    Ruben Right replied to the thread Open Finally the Holidays.
    Ruben kept walking alongside Skylar as she kept talking. Ruben thought that Gryffindors would be more loud and energetic, not sure why...
  • Vader Hume
    Vader Hume replied to the thread Open Capturing Ants.
    Vader gave a little laugh as she said that she hadn’t thought of him as much of a fashion photographer. He would definitely have to...
  • Lauren Davenport
    Lauren saw Elliot close and was not planning on targetting him for now. If she spotted a bludger she would try and send it to someone...
  • Vader Hume
    Vader Hume replied to the thread One Half of a Whole.
    Vader watched her carefully as she seemed to gather herself together. He gave her a little smile and didn’t say anything, not wanting to...
  • Cyzarine Haden
    Cyzarine Haden replied to the thread Open Some Threads.
    Cyzarine smiled and then giggle, ”Don’t laugh, okay,” she said it with shy expression, ”But my boyfriend Mihail is a really good cook...