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La Familia Madrigal, a family with extraordinary gifts rumored to be from Colombia. Gifts beyond the everyday magic we commonly use away from muggles prying eyes. Is it true that they exist? Or are they just fairy tales told to Colombian children? Read my latest article in the Daily Prophet!
Hi. What bring you from Texas?
I am alredy here with Austin. Do you wanna met him? He is inportant. When we will go back
Hello, professor!
I am thinking sty shcool. Do you need something else help? I would love to take extra work to :)
Sooooo...? How was it?! Did you have fun? I wanna hear EVERYTHING! ✨
Gwen Goodwin
Gwen Goodwin
I definitely need to talk to you about it...
I saw you had a date too, let's meet up to chat???
Molly Burke
Molly Burke
I guess you could say that hehe!
But sure! Where would like to meet up? ✨
Gwen Goodwin
Gwen Goodwin
Let's hang out at the lake, the weather's nice!