Louis Jean Alcott

Louis Alcott

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OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
It's Complicated
Sexual Orientation
Curved 16 1/2 Inch Unyielding Maple Wand with Hippogriff Feather Core
8/2042 (18)

Name: Louis Jean Alcott
Birthdate: 9/8/2042
Blood status: Mixed Blood
Zodiac sign: Leo
Sexuality: Bisexual
Country: New Zealand, originally from France
School: Hogwarts NZ

Clubs: SDA, Brotherhood of Magic, Quidditch (captain)
Wand: Curved 16 1/2 Inch Unyielding Maple Wand with Hippogriff Feather Core

Hair: Dark brown and slightly curled when it gets longer.
Eyes: Dark brown
Build: Louis has an average build, Quidditch has given him some muscles.
Style: Whatever is comfortable and also looks cool.
Distinguishing Features: Louis is almost always smiling, he defaults to it.
Play by: Rhys Matthew Bond


Personality: Louis likes people and likes being around them, he really wants to have a large group of friends at Hogwarts and he wants to be popular. He tends to do things he thinks are supposed to be 'cool', and looks down on people who don't. Studies are firmly 'not cool' to him, so he would probably study for his exams in secret so he'd at least pass, and brag to his friends about not doing his homework because he has better things to do. Louis really likes sports and is already dreaming of a future in Quidditch. He follows the teams closely and is a big fan of the Kaikōura Kea. He's a natural leader, but because of that has a hard time following others. He can be stubborn and get into arguments, and he's fairly cocky and arrogant. Louis tends to think he can do anything and would never get hurt. It has definitely gotten him hurt before. He has a bit of a mean streak, as he tends to think people should appreciate the pranks he pulls on them and doesn't take that sort of thing very seriously. He often acts before he thinks.


Good at making friends
Quick on his feet
Good sense of Humor
Doesn't think things through
Can be judgmental
Exploding Snap
Exploring outside (including the forest)
Personality type: ESTP

ENTJ Strengths:

Rational and Practical
ENTJ Weaknesses:
May Miss the Bigger Picture
History: Louis Alcott moved to New Zealand recently from France. Louis is very happy to go to Hogwarts instead of Beauxbatons, because he has heard stories from his cousins October and April growing up. Like them, he hopes to make the Quidditch team and eventually become captain. Louis grew up with just his dad, who let him do whatever he wanted a lot. Louis is fairly independent, but also a bit spoiled and arrogant. He tends to get what he wants and is frustrated when he doesn't. He also likes to be well-liked and would try his best to be popular and make a lot of friends. He doesn't have a lot of time for studying and deems people who study a lot to be nerds, like his half-sister who is not yet at Hogwarts.

Louis never knew his mother, as she left him with his dad when he was just a baby. He grew up with just his dad, Alexander Alcott, who was fairly irresponsible and playful in his parenting. He treated Louis as both a son and a friend and hasn't always been the most responsible parent to him. Louis feels very close to his dad and wants to be just like him. Growing up this way has caused Louis to be a bit of a wild card occasionally, as he's not used to his actions having big consequences. He likes having fun and taking risks, and can often persuade his dad to join in on the adventure. Louis has a younger half-sister named Giulia who does know her mother. She lives with Louis and her father at times, and Louis is never very happy about it. He's a bit resentful that she does have another parent, and feels like he should have his dad to himself because of it. Partly because of that resentment and partly because they're just very different people, Louis sometimes teases her and calls her a nerd. But he'd also protect her if anyone else did that.


To have many friends.
To be a really good Quidditch player.
To become Quidditch captain.
Play professionally after graduation.

Being alone.
Being seen as uncool.
Losing his friends by doing something dumb.
His dad giving up on him.
Louis feels a lot of resentment towards his mother, even though he pretends he doesn't care about her.
Louis is jealous of Giulia for being herself without needing as much validation as he does.
Sometimes Louis worries he's a terrible person.

Louis regrets being mean to his dad, but he still keeps doing it.
Louis regrets telling Caleb he didn't feel the same way about him. He wishes he had taken a closer look at his feelings back then.

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School reputation: Louis would be pretty well-known around the school by now. He has a reputation as a big flirt who pretty much flirts with everyone in his age range. He's also a pretty good Quidditch player and is now co-captain of the Quidditch team. He's a pretty popular guy and probably seen as at least reasonably good-looking by most people.


René Tofilau - best friend and classmate, currently fighting with
René has been one of Louis' best friends for years. He really likes the Hufflepuff and respects him a lot, even if he doesn't say it very often. René is probably the person Louis trusts the most. At the moment, they're in a big and prolonged fight which is really unsettling for Louis.
Caleb Thorne - best friend, classmate, in love with?
Caleb has been Louis' other best friend since they were young. He is very fond of the Slytherin, even if they clash occasionally. A while ago, Louis and Caleb started flirting and kissing, something that stopped when Caleb felt more for Louis than the other way around. Louis is now starting to realize he has feelings for Caleb too, and he has no idea what to do with it.
Celia Vuong - classmate, friend (at the moment)
Louis and Celia have a difficult relationship. They're friends, but have a history of falling out and getting into big fights. Louis is determined to do better now, but if he will be successful remains to be seen.
Valeria Iglesias - classmate, friend, occasional fling
Louis and Valeria are kindred spirits. They have fun at dances and school events sometimes, and Louis definitely likes kissing her a lot. But he mostly enjoys how she gets him and doesn't judge him.
Crystal Holmgaard - classmate and friend
Louis likes Crystal and is happy to be her friend. He's tried flirting with her, but has given up on it a bit as she doesn't seem to pick up on it. He is worried she doesn't like it and is too polite to tell him so.
Manaia Te Rangi - classmate, friend, occasional fling
Louis and Manaia have an uncomplicated relationship. They both enjoy making out, a lot, so they do that, a lot. He likes Manaia and is happy to hang out with him. He considers him a good friend that he also likes to kiss.
Salem Lee - friend, coworker
Salem is one of Louis' coworkers at Quality Quidditch Supplies and also one of his friends from school. She had graduated now, but he still is happy to hang out with her after work. He likes her a lot.
Ivelisse Burleigh - friend and classmate
Louis likes Ivelisse a lot and considers her a friend. It is a bit complicated, as he also likes Celia and the two girls hate each other. Louis has occasionally tried flirting with her, but it hasn't gone any further than that.
Alexander Alcott - father - Broom Manufacturer
Louis grew up being very close to his dad, but recently has started to resent him a bit more for being such a lax parent. Their relationship is complicated at the moment.
Giulia Alcott - half-sister - HNZ student
Louis loves Giulia but feels a bit jealous of her as well. She has a mother she often sees, and seems to be doing well in her own way. He doesn't quite understand her, but he is very protective of her.
Kyle Alcott-Ward - uncle - Schrivenshafts assistant manager
Louis doesn't see his Uncle Kyle a whole lot because he's at Hogwarts for most of the year, but he thinks his uncle is pretty cool.
Matt Alcott-Ward - uncle - Hogwarts Headmaster
Louis sometimes forgets his uncle is actually the headmaster at his school. He has some trouble taking him seriously in that role because he just sees him as his goofy uncle. He likes him, in his own weird nerdy way.
October Alcott - cousin - RNZB ballerina
Louis likes his cousin but also thinks she's a big nerd who needs to lighten up a bit. He's not very close to her, but he does think she's kind of cool even if he wouldn't admit it.
October Alcott - cousin - Obsidian Daycare teacher
Louis is a bit closer to April than October, because he gets her more. He enjoys hanging out with her and thinks she's a lot of fun.
Relationship Status: Single with many casual flings.
Romantic history:
  • Valeria Iglesias (occasional fling)
  • Manaia Te Rangi (occasional fling)
  • Hamish Reid (taken to a dance)
  • Nolan Burke (taken to a dance)
  • Eugen Nestor (spin the bottle kiss)
  • René Tofilau (spin the bottle kiss)
  • Caleb Thorne (former fling, currently in love with)
  • Many others (flirted with)
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Roleplays Before First Year
Unfamiliar TouchWith Xiuying HuangTākarokaro Park
Sugar SweetWith Elizabella DrakeThe Three Broomsticks
LollygaggingWith Rene Tofilau and Caleb ThorneHoneyduke's

First Year


"I loved being at Hogwarts for my first year. It was fun! I made a ton of friends, though I met a few people I didn't like as much either. I'm a bit bored by my classes, but there's plenty of other things to do. I'm glad I have a lot of years left at Hogwarts before graduating."

Louis had been excited about Hogwarts for years, so he was happy to go to the school. He got sorted into Gryffindor and met his roommates the first night. Louis met a lot of his classmates and tried his best to make a ton of friends. He also talked to a few older students and tried to befriend them as well. Louis is excited for his second year. He wants to hang out with his friends more and has high hopes of making the Quidditch team.

Louis was thrilled to be here, though he wished he could go exploring. Sure, sorting was exciting, but so was the sight of all the different corridors in the castle. Louis wondered if it was true that there were secret passages and hidden things to find, and if it was true, he knew he would find them. He followed his classmates into the Great Hall, looking around with a big grin on his face. He took a moment to admire the ceiling, then looked at all the students waiting. Louis smiled easily at the older students, not that intimidated by them. He wondered what house he would be in, if it would be one of the houses his cousins had been in or if it would be a new one. Louis knew he'd have a blast wherever he ended up, he just hoped the Quidditch team would have room for him. But while the Great Hall was beautiful, it was starting to look less interesting after a few minutes. Louis was impatient to be sorted, though he knew he would be one of the first if they went by last name. At least he wasn't named Zalcott or something like that. He listened to the sorting hat's song, quietly thinking the Ravenclaws sounded like a bunch of nerds. That fit with what he knew about his cousin October. He was glad when the song was over and the hat started calling names. When it was his turn, he walked over to the stool and sat down, smiling eagerly as he waited to hear what house he would be in.

"Well, well, well, aren't we eager...and really this isn't an overally difficult choice, this house will suit you and your drive very well indeed....Gryffindor,"

A Wand for a StarGetting his wand,
With Alexander Alcott
Ollivander's Wand Shop
What a RideWith Zachariah Ezekiel KingNew Zealand Express
The Start of Something GreatWith Charlie Jacobs, Bern Malakas, and ~Professor Cyndi KingsleyGryffindor First Years Boys Dorm
What Lives Under The Water?With Crystal HolmgaardThe Lakefront
New Adventures, New FriendsWith Parker Reed and The Blue LadyThe Fifth Floor Corridor
Inescapable ImpulseWith Max Kiefer, Crystal Holmgaard, Charlie Jacobs, Zachariah Ezekiel King, and Riley KingThe Forbidden Forest
Dusty PipesWith Rhys GarnerAntiquated Lavatory
Eager to FlyWith Celia VuongThe Quidditch Pitch
Secrets Between the FlowersWith Jordan HarrisThe Hogwarts Garden
Gryffindor House Meeting Y38 S1With ~Professor Cyndi Kingsley, Rosalie Quinn,
and various others
Gryffindor Common Room
First Time at HogwartsHalloween Feast
With Elizabella Drake
Great Hall
Parler FrançaisWith Elizabella DrakeStudent Lounge
Party With LionsYule Ball
With Skylar Anderson
Great Hall
Kicking AroundWith Manaia Te Rangi and Xiuying HuangThe Great Lawn
A Red, Red RoseReceiving a Rose
With Elara Chatelain
Gryffindor Common Room
Sunny PetalsReceiving a Rose
With Poppy Perkins
The Great Lawn
Ambitious GoalsWith Van VoclainThe Quidditch Pitch
A Dull Day InsideWith Ivelisse BurleighThe Student Lounge
Clambering Up, Falling DownWith Parker ReedThe Great Lawn
Master of NoneWith Caleb ThorneThe Student Lounge
Approach With CautionWith Riley KingGryffindor House Table
Finished French LessonsWith Elizabella DrakeThe Lakefront
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Second Year


"My second year was pretty cool, much like the first. But it was totally unfair that I didn't make the Quidditch team. I was way better than the other kids trying out. At least I managed to win the duelling tournament, though that wasn't so hard. I definitely have to do that again next year."
In Louis' second year he got to know a few more of his classmates and grew closer to Caleb and René. Though he also still argues with Caleb a lot. Louis tried out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team but didn't make it, which he was very frustrated about. He has started to notice both boys and girls a bit more this year, though he hasn't asked anyone on a date to a Hogwarts event yet. Louis is confident he can do that easily though, as he doesn't imagine anyone will say no. He is glad to have won the duelling tournament at least, though he still thinks he should have made the Quidditch team.
Y39 S1 House MeetingWith ~Professor Cyndi Kingsley, Maisie Morvay,
And various others
Gryffindor Common Room
Dreams of the FutureWith Noah MendesGryffindor Common Room
Playing Football InsideWith Zachariah Ezekiel KingThe Seventh Floor Corridor
It's Brutal Out HereWith Celia Vuong and René TofilauThe Quidditch Pitch
Some Friendly CompetitionWith Ivelisse BurleighThe Great Lawn
Stars in the NightWith Elizabella DrakeThe Lakefront
Searching for CreaturesWith Crystal HolmgaardThe Forbidden Forest
Y39 Brotherhood Welcome MeetingWith Noel Waldgrave, Simon Thorne, Charlie Helkovaara,
And various others
The Brotherhood of MAGIC
Outlet for AngerWith Caleb ThorneThe Quidditch Pitch
LearningWith Xinyi HuangGryffindor Common Room
Prepare the PreperationsWith Solomon Tofilau, Rene Tofilau, Caleb Thorne, and Simon ThorneThe Student Lounge
Practice RunYule Ball
With Rene Tofilau and Caleb Thorne
Great Hall
Amateur OpinionValentine's Dance
With Caleb Thorne
Great Hall
Just Like YouWith Solomon TofilauGryffindor House Table
A Little Help From My FriendsWith Rene Tofilau and Caleb ThorneThe Third Floor Corridor
Y39 S2 | Brotherhood and Heta Omega Bonfire PartyWith Simon Thorne, Noel Waldgrave, Samantha Jacobs, Jingyi Huang,
And various others
The Great Lawn
Y39 Dueling Match #2Duelling Tournament
With Celia Vuong
The Duelling Chamber
Y39 Duelling Match #26Duelling Tournament
With Caleb Thorne
The Duelling Chamber
Y39 Dueling Match #29Duelling Tournament
With Rhys Garner
The Duelling Chamber
Surrounded by GhostsWith Pixie LongmireThe Trophy Room
Y39 End of Year Feast!With ~Professor Katherine Alicastell, Elizabella Drake,
And various others
Great Hall
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Third Year


"My third year was alright. It sucked that I still didn't make the Quidditch team, and I totally blame Caleb for that. He should have known not to dare me with anything that might get me in the hospital wing! I enjoyed going to the yule ball with Celia, but it was even more fun to go to the Valentine's dance with Valeria. She's cool, I feel like she really gets me."

Louis had to go to the hospital wing and missed Quidditch tryouts this year, to his chagrin. He attempted to win some glory at the dueling tournament instead, which also failed miserably as Celia beat him in round one. It made him like her a lot less, and he has avoided her ever since. At least Louis took pride in receiving a lot of roses on valentine's day. He enjoyed kissing Valeria and definitely plans on kissing a lot more of his classmates in the near future.

Combat, I'm Ready for CombatWith Celia VuongThe Sixth Floor Corridor
InnocenceWith Crystal HolmgaardThe Student Lounge
Not Thinking AheadWith René Tofilau and Caleb ThorneThe Student Lounge
Making FriendsWith Elijah ThompsonThe Great Lawn
Hiding in AngerWith Charlie JacobsGryffindor Third Years Boys Dorm
Y40 Start of Year Feast!With ~Professor Katherine Alicastell, Bern Malakas,
And various others
Great Hall
Gryffindor House Meeting Y40 | S1With ~Professor Cyndi Kingsley,
And various others
Gryffindor Common Room
Just Like Another HomeWith Elizabella DrakeThe Great Lawn
Never Seen You AroundWith Valeria IglesiasThe First Floor Corridor
Y40 Welcome Meeting - Get To Know Your BrotherWith Lucas Fletcher, Lumio Skey, Thyme Chatwin, Eugene Nestor,
And various others
The Brotherhood of MAGIC
Rockstars Who WorkHalloween Feast
With Eugene Nestor
Great Hall
SDA Event Y40 S1 - Dark Creatures vs. StudentsWith Juniper Zumwalt, Flynn North,
And various others
Student's Defence Association
Easy Question, Easy AnswerWith Celia VuongThe Dungeons
Summery FootballWith Seamus ReidThe Lakefront
High StakesYule Ball
With Celia Vuong
Great Hall
Walks to the CliffsWith Valeria IglesiasThe Cliffs
Jumping AroundWith Maisie MorvayGryffindor Common Room
A Summer DiveWith Nolan BurkeThe Lakefront
Cool Kids Get Yellow RosesReceiving a Rose
With Isaiah Thompson
The Seventh Floor Corridor
An Ambrosial Yellow RoseReceiving a Rose
With Sadie Gates
The Fifth Floor Corridor
Second AlcottReceiving a Rose
With Felix Carnahan
The Student Lounge
Family MattersReceiving a Rose
With Naomi Wu-Maxwell
The Great Lawn
The Last OneReceiving a Rose
With Elizabella Drake
Gryffindor House Table
Yelling At CloudsWith Caleb ThorneThe Cliffs
The Cutest CoupleValentine's Dance
With Valeria Iglesias
Great Hall
Y40 Duelling Match #5Duelling Tournemant
With Celia Vuong
The Duelling Chamber
Farewell PartyWith ~Professor Cyndi Kingsley,
And various others
Gryffindor Common Room
Y40 End of Year FeastWith ~Professor Katherine Alicastell, Nolan Burke, Valeria Iglesias,
And various others
Great Hall
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Fourth Year


Dreams and Ambitions Pinned on CorkboardWith Genevieve FuentesGryffindor Common Room
Just Hanging OutWith Nolan BurkeThe Student Lounge
Gryffindor House Meeting Y41| S1With ~Professor Cyndi Kingsley,
And various others
Gryffindor Common Room
Taking the High Road, But I Might Need To Go LowWith Celia VuongThe Student Lounge
Brotherhood Meet and Greet: S1 Intro MeetingWith Lumio Skey, Lucas Fletcher,
And various others
The Brotherhood of MAGIC
Moment AloneWith Manaia Te Rangi and Rāwhiti te RangiThe Second Floor Corridor
Not as GloriousWith Isaiah ThompsonThe Quidditch Pitch
Post-Match MopingWith Zephryn SpencerGryffindor Common Room
Boredom Leads to CreativityWith Aine ThompsonThe Courtyard
Brotherly BotheringWith Giulia Alcott The Library
Going for a ScareHalloween Feast
With Andi Hart
Great Hall
Fancy Running into YouWith Hamish ReidThe Courtyard
A Night of FunYule Ball
With Hamish Reid
Great Hall
SDA Event Y41 - Just Some PracticeWith Flynn North,
And various others
Student's Defence Association
Spin the Bottle Y41With René Tofilau, Caleb Thorne, Eugene Nestor,
And various others
Abandoned Classroom
Gryffindor Victory Party!With Nikko Blackwood,
And various others
Gryffindor Common Room
Bold QuestionsWith Andi HartGryffindor House Table
A Matched SetValentine's Dance
With Nolan Burke, Molly Burke and René Tofilau
Great Hall
Y41 Duelling Match #17Duelling Tournament
With Valeria Iglesias
The Duelling Chamber
Drown it OutWith Caleb ThorneThe Student Lounge
Brotherhood End of Year PartyWith Lucas Fletcher, Lumio Skey, Caleb Thorne,
And various others
The Brotherhood of MAGIC
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Fifth Year


Gift for a FriendWith Elizabella DrakeHufflepuff House Table
Looking for a Friendly FaceWith Ivelisse BurleighThe Fifth Floor Corridor
Congratulations In OrderWith Valeria IglesiasGryffindor House Table
Unexpected CompanyWith Nolan BurkeThe Student Lounge
Under My SkinWith Caleb ThorneThe Lakefront
Why Does It Have To Be YouWith Zephryn SpencerThe Second Floor Corridor
Sweet GesturesWith Celia VuongSlytherin House Table
Big ChangesWith Rene Tofilau and Caleb ThorneHufflepuff House Table
Someone NewWith Weston StirlingThe Student Lounge
Sitting AloneYule Ball
With Seamus Reid
Great Hall
Not Upset at AllWith Nolan Burke and Senna Overby The Student Lounge
Change of HeartValentine's Dance
With Caleb Thorne
Great Hall
Y42 Duelling Match #7Dueling Tournament With Valeria IglesiasThe Duelling Chamber
Broken RoutineWith Caleb ThorneThe Quidditch Pitch
Y42 End of Year FeastWith ~Professor Matt Alcott-Ward,
And various others
Great Hall
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Sixth Year


Broom for SchoolWith Evianna Angel and Hendrick AngelQuality Quidditch Supplies
Breaking The BankWith Renata StepanovaQuality Quidditch Supplies
WhoopsWith Caleb Thorne and Rene TofilauNew Zealand Express
A Familiar PlaceWith Crystal HolmgaardThe Lakefront
Unsuccessfully Being SuccessfulWith Ivelisse BurleighThe Trophy Room
Couldn't Understand You if I TriedWith Celia VuongThe Student Lounge
Paper Airplanes FlyingWith Charlie HelkovaaraThe Fifth Floor Corridor
Am I Walking Straight Into a Burning Light?With Van VoclainGryffindor Sixth Years Boys Dorm
Y43 Start of Year FeastWith ~Professor Matt Alcott-Ward, Salem Lee
And various others
Great Hall
Prefects Meeting Y43 S1With Jordan Harris, Indira Khatri, Akahiro Chen,
And various others
Prefects Common Room
Gryffindor Victory Party!With Isaiah Thompson, Elara Chatelain, Soren Gates,
And various others
Gryffindor Common Room
Gryffindor House MeetingWith ~Professor Cyndi Kingsley, Elara Chatelain, Salem Lee,
And various others
Gryffindor Common Room
Didn’t Mean to Hurt YouWith Caleb ThorneThe Great Lawn
Brotherhood of Magic: Y43 S1 Meeting: Self CareWith Jordan Harris, Manaia Te Rangi, Akahiro Chen,
And various others
The Brotherhood of MAGIC
Life in PlasticHalloween Feast
With Valeria Iglesias
Great Hall
SDA Y43 S1: Maze ChallengeWith Indira Khatri, Celia Vuong,
And various others
The Duelling Chamber
A Very First School DanceYule Ball
With Brevity Boone
Great Hall
This Will Be WonderfulYule Ball
With Valeria Iglesias
Great Hall
Not A MatchYule Ball
With Ivelisse Burleigh
Great Hall
Yellow to Cheer You UpRose Delivery
With Ivelisse Burleigh
The Great Lawn
Red for a ClassmateRose Delivery
With Eugene Nestor
Hufflepuff House Table
Brotherhood BudRose Delivery
With Zerrin Fergusson
The Sixth Floor Corridor
Yellow Petals for a PalRose Delivery
With Salem Lee
Gryffindor Common Room
An Angelic RoseRose Delivery
With Angel Gates
The Fifth Floor Corridor
A Quick PeekRose Delivery
With Giulia Alcott
The Lakefront
A Final Pink RoseRose Delivery
With Aika Chen
The Dungeons
ComplimentsReceiving a Rose
With Kiara Thompson
Gryffindor House Table
...But Red Would Suit You MoreReceiving a Rose
With Dahlia Doherty
The Student Lounge
Familiarity of YellowReceiving a Rose
With Molly Burke
The Seventh Floor Corridor
Someone Likes YouReceiving a Rose
With Ruto Vernier-Raison
Gryffindor House Table
Looking for LionsReceiving a Rose
With Airen Gates
The Courtyard
We Are All RoyalsReceiving a Rose
With Silas Broomhead
Gryffindor House Table
A Hint of GoldValentine's Dance
With Valeria Iglesias and Crystal Holmgaard
Great Hall
Mon AmieWith René TofilauThe Great Lawn
Speed Dating 6-7 - Louis' TableWith Elara ChatelainMadam Puddifoot's
Just Gonna Sit Here and WallowWith Elara ChatelainThe Hospital Wing
Feels Like I’m Living Some Sick Déjà VuWith Celia VuongThe Lakefront
Y43 End of Year FeastWith Isaiah Thompson, Aurora Archer,
And various others
Great Hall
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Seventh Year


New HeightsWith Avery LancasterQuality Quidditch Supplies
Successful Quidditch PathWith Monday WeeksQuality Quidditch Supplies
Bet You Thought You'd Seen The Last Of MeWith Fraser FergussonQuality Quidditch Supplies
This Will Surely Help My Hit PercentageWith Michael WatsonQuality Quidditch Supplies
Y44 Start of Year FeastWith ~Professor Matt Alcott-Ward,
And various others
Great Hall
Not Quite The Right WordsWith Valeria IglesiasThe Great Lawn
One Plus One Plus...With Manaia Te RangiAntiquated Lavatory
One Last TimeWith Rhys GarnerThe Student Lounge
Prefects Meeting Y44 S1With Celia Vuong, Eugene Nestor,
And various others
Prefects Common Room
A Perfect DistractionWith Avery LancasterThe Great Lawn
Brotherhood Y44 S1: Dodge ThisWith Jingyi Huang,
And various others
The Great Lawn
Bothering You With Nothing Better to DoWith Giulia AlcottThe Library
A Captain's LamentWith René TofilauThe Cliffs
SDA Y44 S1: Capture the FlagWith Celia Vuong,
And various others
The Great Lawn
What Should Be Over Burrowed Under My SkinWith Caleb Thorne and René TofilauThe Lakefront
Everything You Lose Is a Step You TakeWith Celia VuongThe Cliffs
Gryffindor Meeting Y44|S2With ~Professor Cyndi Kingsley,
And various others
Gryffindor Common Room
Y44 End of Year FeastWith ~Professor Matt Alcott-Ward,
And various others
Great Hall
Mismatched PairWith Giulia AlcottGreat Hall
No Other Sadness in the World Would DoWith Caleb ThorneGreat Hall

Louis was feeling weird about this day. Graduation was such a strange concept. He couldn't really imagine not going back to Hogwarts next year. With his friendship with René in shambles and the one with Caleb complicated and messy, it might be nice to take a break from them. Though it hurt Louis' heart to think that way about both his best friends. He didn't really look at either of them as he sat down with the other seventh years, focusing his attention on the stage where his uncle was waiting to address the crowd. He didn't say much, leaving the speeches to the head boy and girl. Louis felt a childlike sort of disappointment that his uncle didn't mention him in some way or even look at him. He wondered if he was proud, or if Louis was perhaps a bit of a disappointment. He was hardly a top student, but hey, he had made it to graduation. He'd been named prefect and Quidditch captain, it was nothing to scoff at.

Eugene spoke first, and his speech was fine if a little bland. Louis was curious what Celia's speech would be like sitting up straight as she started to speak. He kept glancing at his uncle, but he kept a straight face even as Celia ripped into Hogwarts and the magical world as a whole. She had clearly put a lot of thought into it, and Louis felt a sense of admiration, even though he didn't agree with everything she said. He was a little disappointed his uncle kept his face so neutral, he thought he'd look at least a little bit worried or shocked. Louis clapped loudly for Celia, grinning at her as she made her way to her seat.

Then it was time for the graduates to go up, and with his last name, Louis was the first to go. He headed up to the stage and came face to face with his uncle. The proud smile on his face made his earlier worries seem silly, and Louis beamed as he shook his hand and accepted his diploma. He jumped off the stage rather than taking the stairs, grinning as a few people laughed. Then he returned to his seat to clap for his classmates. He clapped for his friends too, even René. Just maybe not as loudly as he would have normally.
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After Graduation


Party Girl!With Brevity BooneThe Medley
Last-Ditch AttemptWith Corinne Durand and Alexander AlcottNew Zealand
An UpgradeWith Bailey Walden-CadeQuality Quidditch Supplies
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