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Louis Alcott

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Red rose for @Eugene Nestor

Louis was familiar with Eugene and liked him, though he was closer to a few other Hufflepuffs. He spotted him at the Hufflepuff table and went over with a knowing smirk. "Hey, got a rose for you."
Eugene glanced up as as he heard someone greeting him. "Hey Louis," he greeted the other boy and then nodded. "A rose for me?"
Louis grinned. "You're not surprised, are you? A charming musician like you?" He flirted, grabbing the red rose and handing it to him. "Though it's not mine, promise." He joked.

Dear Eugene
Is this where I say that you're my wonderwall? Merlin, that felt embarrassing to write! I'll just say I think you're amazing and I can't wait to dance with you again tonight. Happy Valentine's Day!
xoxo Renata
Eugene gave a little almost shy expression to the flirting. He definitely wasn't used to that. "I think people called me an obsessed musician," he replied but he took the rose and the note and read it. It was sweet, he could just see Renata writing it. She was amazing.
Louis grinned. "I've never heard anyone say that. It's more... mysterious, and that is alluring. You should lean into it." He said, though he nodded to the rose. "At least one person agrees with me."

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