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Silas Broomhead

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The only other rose Silas had for a non-Hufflepuff was for Gryffindor. Louis was the name of British kings at one point, but he felt bad for using such a larger title than the others. Instead, he cleared his throat and held up the rose. "Oh dear Duke Louis!" he called out, feeling like he kind of knew who Louis was but didn't want to just assume.
Louis had just received another rose, when he heard his name called again. He frowned a little, raising his hand. "I guess that's me? But I'm not a duke." he said, wondering if he was being made fun of in some way.
Silas heard a response and skipped over, wondering why Louis was not enjoying being given such a royal status. "Hmm, Lord Louis, perhaps? I think playing around with people's names can be fun, don't you?" he continued, handing Louis a pink rose.

Haven't seen you for ages, let's hang out some time -Manaia
Louis smiled a bit as he realized what the boy was doing and that he wasn't making fun of him. "I suppose so." He said. "But couldn't you have made me a prince? Much more romantic." He said teasingly as he opened the note. He grinned when he saw it was from Manaia. He should really hang out with the Hufflepuff again sometime.

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