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Louis Alcott

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8/2042 (17)
Louis was bored. He wanted to practice, but it was rainy and cold outside and that was annoying weather to fly around in. He knew he should be doing homework, but he didn't feel like it. In his boredom, he had folded a piece of parchment into the shape of an airplane. Now, he threw it ahead of himself as he walked through the corridor, managing to grab it out of the air every time. Until he threw it too hard. He watched as the airplane quickly flew out of his reach and landed on someone's head. Louis laughed. "Hey, Charlie, mind tossing that back?" He called to his classmate as he jogged up to him.
Charlie knew that the school year was just starting, but he was ready for it to just be over already. He just wanted to get on with his life, settle back in at home with his family and be free of this place, of this ridiculous schooling. But he had promised his father one more year, so that was all that he had to do. Just get through this one final year. He was brought out of his thoughts when a paper airplane wedged itself into the loose bun on the top of his head. He smiled softly, taking it from his hair and turning around to see Louis approaching. "Hey," He greeted, turning the plane over in his hands. "Maybe, what's in it for me?" He teased, curious about Louis now that the boy was approaching him.
Louis held up his hand expectantly, as he figured Charlie would just toss it back. He grinned as he teased him instead, dropping his hand to his side. “My eternal gratitude?” He asked, tilting his head slightly as he shot the Hufflepuff a charming smile.
Charlie laughed, shaking his head. "Really?" He teased, wondering if the rumors he'd heard about Louis were true. He took a tiny step closer, tilting his head. Charlie tried to keep abreast of the school rumor mill, simply as a reporters curiosity, but this one in particular did intrigue him now. "And what exactly does the gratitude of the pretty Louis Alcott look like?" He flirted lightly. He wasn't sure that Louis would be into him, but he was sure that even if he was Charlie only needed a distraction- he'd already been broken by one wild child already, and he wasn't interested in repeating the experience.
Flirting was always a bit of a risk, as Louis never knew if the other person would appreciate it. Charlie apparently did, and he even flirted back. Louis was a bit taken aback by his bold words, but then he grinned wider. He could work with this. “Well, that depends on what you want it to look like.” He said after a moment. “Could be a date, could be a kiss… could be both?” He said, shrugging. “Could also just be a thank you note, but that would be boring.”
Charlie laughed lightly. "Who has time to wait for a date?" He asked, stepping in. He held up the paper airplane, raising a brow. "I propose a trade." He smirked. "One paper airplane, one kiss. If you say pretty please, maybe I'll let you have another one," He teased, leaving it up to Louis to make the next move.

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