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Jingyi, admittedly, had not put all too much thought into this meeting. While getting to say he was a club leader was great, he also really couldn't be bothered with any of this leadership stuff. He'd rather just let everyone do whatever the hell they wanted. But, he was the president of the Brotherhood, so it fell to him to come up with a meeting idea and at least give some kind of direction. Hopefully everyone had gotten the note that the meeting was being held in the grounds instead of in the clubroom.

Thankfully, people did actually start to arrive and Jingyi smiled to himself, tossing the ball between his two hands as he waited for what looked like most people to actually show up. And then, he awkwardly cleared his throat, waving a hand to try and get people's attention. "Hiya everyone, and welcome to the Brotherhood. I'm Jingyi and I'm your president this year," speaking in front of a large group of people was really not his forte, so he quickly tried to just move along. "Today we're going to be playing dodgeball. If you don't know what dodgeball is, it's basically just chucking balls at each other and trying to hit your friends with them. Aim of the game is to hit your opponents. When you get hit with a ball, you're out. First team to wipe out the other team win." Simple enough to follow along even if you had never played dodgeball before. "So, I have the two teams here. And there is also a table with some snacks and drinks if you get too worn out. So just, grab some balls and have fun, I guess."

Team OneTeam Two
Bern MalakasLouis Alcott
Charlie JacobsRene Tofilau
Eugene NestorNolan Burke
Manaia Te RangiCaleb Thorne
Parker ReedHamish Reid
Axel Zhefarovich IISeamus Reid
Akihiro ChenZagreus Kohler
Jingyi HuangSlate Gates
Thyme ChatwinAlexander Woodlock
Monday WeeksSoren Gates
Emmanuel OkoyeMichael Watson
Rory StyxRāwhiti Te Rangi
Bryan DuffyKyon Lockwood
Joshua LynchConan Burke
Gregory FriendEzra Ito
Chase CampbellZerrin Fergusson
Max GooseRalph Easterling
Santiago TorresFraser Fergusson
Ewan WangNiall Corvus
Enoch GoldewynToby Oikawa
Dominic Owens-LeeTeddy Pirrip
Michael hadn't been super invested in the brotherhood before, admittedly. Jordie had seemed like a great guy but the self-care was a little...well, he didn't want to say 'girly' because he knew that was kind of rude and not right to say, there was nothing wrong with being feminine, was kind of girly. Michael didn't exactly think he was extremely manly, though he had some somewhat stereotypically masculine interests and liked teamwork, more so with guys (girls were way too distracting, even when they kicked butt). Nor was aggressive, sure he played beater but he wasn't the best at it and didn't like hurting people. But dodgeball, that was different. The entire objective was to hit your opponents, the worst you'd get is a bruise from getting hit once and it wasn't nearly as dangerous as Quidditch. Besides, unlike Quidditch, this really was a team sport where everyone had the same job. So, he was actually going to be invested, as this was going to be good fun.

He was also pleased to see that his team had a bunch of strong Quidditch players, too. Monday was on the other team, as was Rory, but Michael's team had the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff captains, a good chaser and beater respectively. Also Hamish and his brother, and his brother had to be a good beater to survive Slytherin training. Gryffindor's seeker (who maybe wasn't the best at dodging, Michael thought a little ruefully), another of their chasers, Hufflepuff's keeper and a first year he knew from keeping an eye on the team lineups for strategic purposes was a Slytherin alternate. So, good sportsmen and a bunch of people he thought he might like to get to know, not even for strategy in this case just to get to know the others. "Alright, boys," he said, somewhat laconically despite quickly moving to pick up a ball. Had to get in fast to thin the opposition's numbers, after all. "All's fair in love and war, but this is dodgeball so let's destroy 'em." He grinned at that, very quickly chucking a ball at the other side as soon as they were vaguely in place.
Outside of Quidditch, the Brotherhood was one of the places in Hogwarts where Rāwhiti felt most at ease. There was something nice about having a group he could call his brothers, a place he could be at home. He was especially excited to be doing something sporty with them today, an eager grin on his face as he joined the others out on the lawn. He listened eagerly as Jingyi explained, eyes lighting up even more as he saw the teams. He was on a team with Louis, so naturally they were going to destroy. Even better, Manaia was on the other team. Rāwhiti got along well with his brother, but there was nothing wrong with taking things out on a sibling sometimes. As soon as the game began he grabbed a ball and launched it directly at Manaia, hoping to catch him off guard.
Chase hadn't been sure why he had even signed up for the Brotherhood last year but with his slightly changed mindset this year he figured it might not be so bad. He didn't need to make friends, but getting to know some more people might not be the worst. There was a different between casual chat and actually trusting someone after all. Plus, he had heard the new president was hosting a game of dodgeball which meant he had to go. There was no way he'd pass up an opportunity to throw balls at other kids. Chase listened to the president explain the game before looking over at the team list. He knew.. exactly no one on his team. Crossing his arms he took a stand to the back, dodging a ball that came his way but being to slow to get it and watching as one of his teammates picked it up and threw it back towards the other side.
Louis had felt mildly disappointed not to get Brotherhood leadership in his final year, but it also didn't matter nearly as much as Quidditch. He still liked the Brotherhood, but in the long run, it really wasn't all that important. He was glad it had gone to another Gryffindor, at least. Jingyi explained the event, telling them they would be playing dodgeball. Louis grinned, this would be fun. Louis grinned at Michael, nodding in agreement. "We'll win this." He said confidently. Louis grabbed the ball a young Hufflepuff boy had just tossed their way, catching it out of the air. Then he immediately threw it back at him as hard as he could.

@Chase Campbell
Ezra thought the idea of playing dodgeball was probably nice, but he hadnt really played the game before. It was kind of a rough game, and some of the Quidditch players really got into it. Ezra stayed a bit to the back, hoping it would help keep him safe from the flying balls. He needed a bit of time to get used to the game, he thought. He jumped to the side when one of the balls came in his direction, letting someone else pick it up.
Manaia had mostly joined the Brotherhood to hang out with his friends, but over time it had become a big part of his life at Hogwarts, and he was sad this would be his last year. He intended to make the most of it, hanging out with his brothers and enjoying the vibes. He was pleased Jingyi had taken the reins this year, and even more pleased by the day's activity. It'd be nice to get some stress out with everything going on, and his petty side was.... mostly pleased with the teams. He would have preferred to be teamed with Nolan but at least he had Eugene by his side, and Louis and Rāwhiti as opponents. He wasn't angry with Louis at all, but it would maybe be nice to work out a bit of frustration with him. When they began he grabbed a ball, quickly dodging away as another one came his way before he could even move. Looking for the source, he spotted the cheeky look on Rāwhiti's face and pulled a pūkana at his brother before chucking a ball back as hard as he could, figuring he could always send the next one at Louis.
Toby had joined the brotherhood in the hopes of making some valuable connections with the other boys at Hogwarts. However, what he arrived to the meeting to find was some childish game. He was not impressed, turning his nose up as he listened to the older boy in charge explain what they would be doing and what team Toby was expected to be on. He was quick to scan the list, not really seeing many name of interest. But he did see his annoying dormmate with the flute, so maybe this could be just a little bit interesting. Throwing a ball was better than flicking grapes. So, once he had strode over to stand with the rest of his team, he was quick to grab one of the balls himself and chuck it to the other side, hoping to at least hit someone with it.
Fraser enjoyed the different thing that the brotherhood did. He was always eager for what was next. He arrived at the great lawn, fairly eager for the game they were to play. Fraser knew what dodgeball was and was very thankful that he and his brother were on the same team. He wouldn't want to even accidentally hit him. Fraser grabbed one of the balls for throwing and then launched at one of the other team, trying to hold back and not throw it too hard.
Eugene was not sure if it was a good idea for him to be throwing balls at the younger students, but he was never one to not turn up at events. He came along pretty eager and excited to have fun, but wasn't really intending to throw too many. He was on team 1 with plenty of people he knew and had a dodgeball in hand, jumping out the way of one of the balls through at him.
It had been a long while since Seamus had ever played any sport other than quidditch. he had been firmly against it to begin with, but quidditch was a fine sport in the end. But he had missed the ability and time to play other sports, so he did welcome the opportunity to just throw a ball at other people. he turned to Hamish with a smile. "You should be happy we're on the same team," he joked lightly, though he was probably going to try to ensure that his brother didn't get hit too much.
Emmanuel was always saying yes to do anything. He liked having fun around the school, he was always happy when one of the clubs did something and give than the weather was like, being outside to throw something around was a really good idea. He was in the first team and had a ball in hand. Emmanuel was trying to figure out who was the best to throw it at. Perhaps trying to be too calculated about it.
The idea of a dodgeball game was not something that interest Gregory. He knew that he shouldn't play. This would just be a recipe for disaster, he would break his glasses, he would be hit intentionally. Gregory was smarter than that now. he didn't need to be risking himself like that. So he stood off to the side where the snacks table was and just staring at others playing the game. trying his best to stay out of the way.
Nolan always enjoyed the activities that the brotherhood did. However, Nolan wasn't the sportiest person out there, and he wasn't sure if he was going to do well with dodgeball. He listened as Jingyi explained what they were doing. He was a little bummed that he wasn't teamed with Eugene and Manaia, but he didn't mind who he was teamed with and he ended up being in the same team as his brother, which he guessed was nice. Nolan was unsure what to do at first, he felt bad throwing a ball at someone, but it was part of the game. He threw a ball towards the other team, not sure where it had gone, though he managed to just dodge a ball that had come his way.
Josh thought the brotherhood was the coolest thing ever. He liked all the activities they did and also liked making friends. When he heard that they were going to be doing dodgeball today, he was super hyped for it. He couldn't wait to start throwing the dodgeballs towards the other team. It wasn't long before the game had started. He managed to dodge a couple. He threw the dodgeballs towards the other team, missing the hits the first few times, but after the third or fourth throw, he had managed to hit someone.
Conan didn't mind the brotherhood. He liked spending time with his friends and doing a few of the activities. When they were told that they were doing dodgeball today, at first he wasn't sure what that had meant. But after it had been explained to him, his face went white as a sheet. He wasn't the most athletic or anything and he knew he was going to be trying his best not to be hit. It wasn't long before the game had begun and Conan awkwardly moved side to side, hoping it was the best technique to be avoided being hit.
Enoch arrived at the great Lawn for the brotherhood event. He wasn't entirely sold on the concept of it yet, but he was keen to give it a try. As it turned out they'd be playing dodgeball and he was on the opposite team from at least of of his horrible roommates. Enoch grabbed a ball and immediately threw it toward the other boy. He wasn't going to hide any annoyance or frustration.
@Toby Oikawa
Teddy was pleasantly surprised when he heard that dodgeball was on the agenda for the day. The prospect of a competition and opportunity to show off his excellent throwing skills filled him with excitement. With the game underway, Teddy's agile movements allowed him to evade any incoming dodgeballs. It was not until he got his hands on a dodgeball that his competitive nature truly ignited. He hurled the ball with all his might towards the opposing team.
Monday Weeks could hardly resist the day when the Brotherhood would be playing a game of dodgeball. He had played it a lot during gym when he was in the muggle school system. Was he good? Not really. But now that he was a Ravenclaw beater, maybe he might be able to coordinate a little better. He would have loved to hit the head boy with a ball, but alas, same team. He decided to grab a ball, and hurl it toward the guy that he swore up and down that Aurora had a crush on. What was his name? Oh right, it was @Soren Gates he threw the ball at, hoping it would make contact.
Santiago was unsure what to expect when they were supposed to meet outside for the Brotherhood meeting. He saw that there were some snacks so he hovered around them until Jingyi started to talk to them. At the first mention of dodgeball he instantly started to grin and was eager to get started. He had loved playing it during recess with his friends back home and for a moment thought he might be able to pretend he was at a normal school. He dove for one of the balls as the game started and threw it with pretty decent accuracy at the other team. Apparently his beater skills had come from somewhere after all. Running around felt good and he even found himself laughing as the game went on.
Caleb was curious to see what the last year of Brotherhood would look like for him. He wasn't exactly looking forward to it but it was a nice distraction at least. He had been curious to see what they would be doing outside today and he even brought a pair of sunglasses with him, which mostly meant he could stare at Manaia without anyone noticing. But when the game was introduced he frowned. It was bad enough that his two closest friends were both obsessed with quidditch, and while this was a different game it was still a sport and he didn't really have any interest. He could at least see there was some similarity to dueling but this didn't require a fraction of the skill. So instead of embarrassing himself. He threw himself in front of a ball and put on a show of being disappointed about getting out, before heading over to the snacks and finding a spot in the shade to watch everyone else.
Akihiro walked down to the meeting, hands in his pockets. He looked around, sighing at the assignment. He stood still, hands in his pockets, and felt relief when someone took him out. "Oh noooo, I'm out," He declared, before walking over to a boy sitting in the shade, sitting beside him. "Hey. Caleb, right?" He asked, leaning back against the tree.

@Caleb Thorne
Hamish was surprised to find out they were playing a game that day. He grabbed a ball, dodging one that came his way and smiling at his brother. "I think you mean be glad Celia isn't on the other team," He teased, tossing the ball and not hitting anyone. "I can take a hit from you, but she just may kill me one of these days," He laughed. @Seamus Reid
Soren was stoked for this! It was a great game. He threw a few balls, not hitting anyone, when suddenly one very nearly grazed him. He jumped out of the way, laughing and looking over to see who'd thrown it. "Monday," He grinned, and hurled the ball he held at the other boy, accepting the challenge that had been presented. @Monday Weeks
Kyon loved sports, so a game like this was right up his alley. He was quick to grab a ball, jumping around a bit as he chose his target. He smirked when he noticed Emmanuel, and raised his arm to throw the ball, but something stopped him. So he changed the trajectory at the last second and threw it at his roommate instead, a wicked grin on his face.

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