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Straight 9 1/2 Inch Rigid Walnut Wand with Thestral Tail Hair Core
1/1999 (61)
montgomery pendleton
never ever go by the book. they will want you to, but you mustn't. if the lust is too
strong, tear one page from a hundred books and make your own way. there
is no formula for life, no equation on how to be a human being.


we have blemishes and we carry scars, we are tarnished, tainted, and decorated
with filth; but beneath the dust, the dirt, there lives always diamonds, and
behind the cloudy night, lives always a sea of endless stars


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quick biography

full name
montgomery pendleton
english, sign language
private tutor
date of birth
blood status
previous occupations
2nd january 1999
muggle born
auror, potions professor
area of residence
marital status
eye colour
hampsire, england
hogwarts scotland
oxfordshire, england
july 2017
saveli pendleton (adopted)


the wand chooses the wizard

Straight 9 1/2 Inch Rigid Walnut Wand with Thestral Tail Hair Core
monty's wand is an extension of his personality. his first wand,
purchased at the age of eleven, was of the same wood, but was
whippy and therefore lacked any strength. as he grew, became
more courageous and reserved, a rigid type of wood better suited
him. below are the characteristics of his wand components today.

component characteristic how it corresponds to monty

9/12 inches

on the shorter side of things, this wand offers excellent control and aim - easily an extension of one's own arm.

monty has no desire to be memorable, but neither does he lack a personality.


straight and smooth: what else is there to say?

monty's wand is plain and unadorned. similarly, he appreciates the beauty in simple things, rather than the lavish.

walnut wood

a wand for the brilliant, often used by innovators and creative types - a walnut wand in the right hands will do its owners bidding unquestioningly.

as an inventor, monty is rarely short of new and creative ideas, few of which he ever has the time to explore.

thestral tail hair core

one of the rarest wand cores, thestral hair is not to be taken lightly. thestral hair is a tricky ingredient to work with and will not just bond with any caster. this core works best for people who have faced death in the past. because of the fears of the creature from which it comes, rumors have abounded that thestral hair wands have no allegiance to the wand's wielder.

as a result of his own fears, monty finds it incredibly difficult to befriend or trust others. therefore he will not easily bond with anybody.


a difficult wand to control and sometimes broken under little force, but powerful in a fight.

this one speaks for itself! monty can sometimes break under pressure and stress, but he is nonetheless a powerful wizard.

a single entry from his diary
June 10th, 2040.

Tonight would appear to be one of those nights when sleep is adamant to evade me. My head is swimming with thoughts I cannot erase, and I am forced to string them into prose, if only to gather some sense of stability.

Of all of it, I remember with most clarity the sky. It was the thick sort of black that reminds you how infinitely colossal the universe is, and that really, in the grand scheme of things, you're little more than a speck of dust on its ephemeral sleeve. Littered amongst the ceaseless void, there were stars. Hundreds, thousands, millions of stars, only a handful of which I possessed the capacity to name. But goodness knows I tried.

And it watched through my window, unmoving. I'm sure now I would contest; it was moving somewhere close to six hundred kilometres a second, rotating and expanding through the vastness of the universe with uncompromising determination. But then, as I lay beneath the pane, counting the blinks of the stars and waiting for the asphyxiation of darkness, I had two thoughts alone. That the sky was watching; and that when it found my pleading, tear-stained eyes, it offered me nothing in consolation but the reminder that I was dust.

I hated that sky. I wanted to reach out and tear the constellations from its wretched grasp. Something so selfish didn't deserve something so pure and so beautiful. But I was nothing. And that was OK. I had come to terms with my insignificance many nights prior to that one, both by repetition of administration and my inability to receive what I was told as anything but the truth.

Had I known what I know now, I might have realised that even the brightest star in the galaxy can look like a speck of dust when you're comparing it to the entire universe.

basic information
i'll throw my voice into the stars and maybe the echo of my words
will be written for you in the clouds by sunrise. all i am
trying to say is: i will love you through the darkness


i cannot tell you how many times in this bar i have wanted to hide away - to nestle
into my own little bubble of existence. but that is okay, darling. you will learn that
a lot of the things that pain you are actually, okay.

name details

full name
montgomery pendleton

name at birth
richard layton

legal name changes
richard pender - april 9th, 2006, aged 7 (reason: mother divorced)
richard hewitt - february 14th, 2009, aged 10 (reason: mother remarried)
montgomery pendleton - february 19th, 2017, aged 18 (reason: no longer wished to be associated with his stepfather, who shared the same name. monty began using his new name at 14 years of age, but did not legally have it changed until 18.)

name etymology
montgomery is an english name meaning 'from the wealthy man's mountain'. pendleton is an english surname most likely derived from one of two places in lancashire called pendleton. monty chose his forename for its old-fashioned, victorian air, and his surname as it combined both his biological mother's and father's names, pender and layton.

monty only ever uses his full name, montgomery, while introducing himself to classes of students. he is also occasionally called monts by his close friend, ava - a nickname that he would only appreciate used by her. among his colleagues at school, he is sometimes referred to as pendleton.

birth & residence

date of birth
january 2nd, 1999

abingdon, oxfordshire, england

british english

blood status
muggle born

area of residence
eastleigh, hampshire, england

previous areas of residence
abingdon, oxfordshire, england - february 2nd 1999 - july 24th 2013 (aged 0-14)

english, sign language (limited), french (limited)

rp english

voice/in action
teaching voice
general in action

education & occupation

schools attended
appleton church of england primary school - septermber 4th 2004 - july 11th 2010 (aged 5-11)
hogwarts scotland - september 1st 2010 - july 21st 2017 (aged 11-18)

hogwarts house

favourite class
potions & charms

most loathed class
arithmancy, as he found it dull and unreliable

yearbook superlative 'most academically driven' - 2012
fourth year potions challenge master - 2013
ravenclaw quidditch cup - 2013 & 2014
yearbook superlative 'most creative' - 2017

learned credentials
wandless & wordless magic (simultaneously), corporeal patronus, license to apparate, flying ability

corporeal patronus
raccoon (click to see)

the raccoon spirit animal is a problem solver. a clever totem, the raccoon offers lessons about the importance of adaptability in any situation and taking the time to look at the entire picture, not just what one wants to see.

those who have the raccoon as their patronus are problem solvers who leave no stone unturned in their quest for truth and solutions. as they remain calm under pressure, these individuals also have an insatiable curiosity about the world around them while possessing the wherewithal to know to look before they leap.

the raccoon patronus is also symbolic of:

  • disguise
  • secrecy
  • curiosity
  • intelligence
  • courage
  • resourcefulness
  • assertiveness
  • questioning
  • illusion
  • adaptability
  • self defence

patronus memory
to summon a corporeal patronus, monty uses the memory of his first granddaughter being born.

unknown (monty feigned illness to avoid attending the lesson), though he suspects it would take the form of his stepfather

straight 9 1/2 inch rigid walnut wand with thestral tail hair core

home tutor (mainly english, mathematics, science, potions, charms, and transfiguration)

monty is currently his own boss

relationship with coworkers
monty doesn't have any coworkers

previous occupations
auror in training - february 1st 2018 - october 12th 2021 (aged 19-22). quit upon qualification.
home tutor - november 4th 2022 - july 19th 2039 (aged 23-40).
inventor - continuous since 2022, unpaid.
potions professor at hogwarts new zealand - september 4th 2039 - 17th July 2052
deputy headmaster at hogwarts new zealand

miscellaneous qualifications (not exhaustive)
level 3 certificate in counselling skills - 2025 (aged 26)

final newt grades


history of magic



ancient runes







didn't take





muggle studies







didn't take


relationship status
single (not looking)


past relationships
flings - none
short term relationships - none
long term relationships - none
marriages - none

monty is in the process of battling a lifelong fear of intimacy and touch. he has come a long way, though still may feel uncomfortable if touched unexpectedly, or by a stranger.


health status
monty is currently in the process of recovering from a nervous breakdown caused by work stress and chronic exhaustion. physically, he is otherwise healthy.

monty is long-sighted, and wears glasses for reading.

shellfish, cats, birds, brazil nuts.


personality & behaviours

gentle - anxious - erudite - patient - guarded - reliable

a gentle man by nature, monty is startled easily by sudden or loud noises, unexpected touch, and rude behaviour. he speaks softly, scarcely raises his voice, and is most comfortable in a calm, peaceful environment. as a result of his softness, he may appear to somebody domineering an easy target, but they should not be fooled; though he is quiet and seemingly fragile, he will fight to defend himself and those he cares for with everything he has.

in order to escape the chaos of young life, monty spent much of his childhood and adolescence absorbed in books and learning. a ravenclaw through and through, he loves to learn simply for the sake of learning, and seeks to expand his knowledge in a vast number of subjects. however, unless an appropriate situation arises, he is unlikely to share the things he has learned for fear of appearing immodest.

though he has learned gradually to accept himself for his flaws, monty is naturally guarded when it comes to his perceived fragility. he does not like others to know when he is sad, or afraid, or stressed, as he fears they will mock him. this deep-rooted fear stems from the verbal abuse of his stepfather, of which he was frequently the target as a child. hypocritically, he will often encourage others to be vulnerable - perhaps because he is quick to offer the advice he needs himself.

monty is a worrier. in almost every aspect of his life, he can find room to worry; health, relationships, socialising, decision-making, teaching, and reputation would be to name but a few. he is aware of his terrible habit to overthink everything, but can never seem to fully shake it. this severely affects his confidence, and he may frequently turn down opportunities for growth and friendship as a consequence. it's a work in progress.

it takes an awful lot for monty to lose his patience. he may feel frustrated on the inside, but he'll rarely let that translate into action. more often than not, though, he simply doesn't get angry; if somebody tests him, he instead tries to put himself in their shoes, so that he might work out why they are behaving in such a frustrating way and sympathise with them instead. on the rare occasion he does show his anger, it's usually to defend somebody.

In even the toughest situations, Monty can always be relied upon. His selflessness dictates that, should someone be in need, he will dismiss all of his own fear and anxiety to help them. However, he is also reliable in smaller and less significant circumstances. For example, if he gives his word that he will attend something, do someone a favour, or get something done, then he absolutely will, regardless of its importance.



i promise i'll do better

optimist or pessimist?
though monty might sometimes consider himself a pessimist, he is undoubtedly an optimist. always looking for the best in everything and everybody, he rarely feels hopeless. even in the darkest of times, he will fight hard to cling to what brings him joy, reminding himself that whilst yes, all good things must indeed come to an end, so must all things bad. of course, even the most optimistic person in the world occasionally loses sight of hope, and monty is no exception to this, but he finds so much beauty in the little things - the glow of the sun against a window, the smell of leather books - that he recovers from these episodes more quickly than most. he has faith in all of his students, believing that they all have the potential to succeed and to thrive, no matter how little faith they may have in themselves, or from others. he is inspired by life, and marvels at the mere miracle of existing.

introvert or extrovert?
owing to his persistent worries about the way he represents himself, monty finds social interaction exhausting, and will often go to length to avoid it. interestingly, he is not drained by teaching, which he attributes to the persona he adopts in the classroom. as a rule, though, monty loathes social events, and will mostly keep to the edges of the room at any gathering, scarcely making eye contact with anybody. he is a little better in a one-on-one environment, using his desire to make people feel included to find the courage to approach and befriend them.

cautious or rash?
monty is cautious by nature, but not immune to moments of impulsiveness, especially where emotion is involved, since his emotions tend to dictate him more than he dictates them. generally, he will consider any decision he makes at length, weighing up the advantages and disadvantages and exploring the consequences in his head. this often leads to inaction, since his overactive imagination will invent the most ridiculous and unlikely consequences, scaring him into doing nothing at all. as a result of this, monty is not very good at making decisions quickly or under pressure; he is more likely to panic or stumble, since he has little practice.

logical or emotional?
logic and emotion play equal parts in monty's life. as a cautious ravenclaw, he relies on logic to help him make day to day decisions. however, when it comes to his heart, he will often allow himself to be ruled in spite of what logic might tell him.

disorderly or neat?
monty thrives in mess and disorder, and tends to know exactly where everything is amongst a cluttered office or workspace. a neat room is uninspiring, and cold; clutter has personality and life. but while monty's work style may appear disorganised, he actually tends to have a very organised plan in his head at all times. he knows what he is doing, even when to others there may seem to be plenty of evidence to the contrary.

work or play?
to monty, work is play. leisure activities with no productive gain, such as games, leave him feeling unsatisfied and bored. he craves a sense of achievement that he can only gain from working hard, and will easily become uninspired if he isn't learning something new or doing something to otherwise grow and improve his life. he will spend time relaxing with friends, but these moments tend to be few and far between, and it is most often the time with his friend that he is enjoying more than the activity itself.

confident or unsure?
monty flips unpredictably between two emotional states: being confident in his abilities, and trusting himself to make the right choices; and anxiously questioning absolutely every decision he's ever made until he's too exhausted to do anything but sleep. he did not have anybody to believe in him as a child, and was constantly criticised and doubted, which has largely contributed to the anxieties he fosters today. if it were not for his determination to do well, and his propensity to work hard, he might have little proof that these criticisms were inaccurate. fortunately, thanks to studying psychology in his twenties, he is mostly able to correct his negative thoughts when self-doubt creeps in, though he will likely always have his moments.

night owl or early bird?
night owl, but not by choice. monty suffers from chronic insomnia, usually unable to fully relax at night, and over the years, instead of trying to fight it, has learned to adapt and become productive at night. one advantage of working into the early hours is that he can sometimes tire himself sufficiently to fall asleep before sunrise. luckily, monty doesn't require much sleep, and can function adequately on 4-5 hours.

book smart or street smart?
monty tends to have to rely on what he's read about a subject, rather than past experience, as he lead a life of almost complete isolation for more than twenty-five years, but has read more books than he could possibly count. one consequence of this is that he often has to 'go by the book' the first time he tries something new, rather than using his own initiative and trusting his instincts. he is not remotely street smart, and probably only survived this long because of his magical abilities (coughzannonnearlykilledhimcough).

animal lover?
monty is allergic to most furry creatures, and only manages not to die at hogwarts by taking allergy potions. even so, he might have liked animals more, had he not been bitten aggressively by a dog as a child. now he is fearful of anything with teeth, and will go out of his way to avoid coming close to animals.

right handed or left handed?
right handed.

favourite colour

favourite number
does not have one (monty does not believe in

favourite weather
sunshine & thunderstorms

favourite season
summer, for the warm weather, blossoming
countryside, and shorter nights

favourite holiday

favourite animal

favourite smell
the inside of books & damp grass

favourite food

favourite drink
least favourite colour

least favourite number
does not have one

least favourite weather
grey skies without rain

least favourite season

least favourite holiday
doesn't have one

least favourite animal
dogs & cats

least favourite smell
overpowering cologne

least favourite food

least favourite drink




i can see your soul grow

physical appearance


average in proportion to height

sturdy and soft. not muscular

none prominent

distinguishing features
slight scoliosis (curvature of spine)

eye colour
dark blue, flecked with grey

hair colour
naturally dark brown, greying

hair style
thick, short, and wavy

facial hair
none to light stubble

clothing style
victorian fashion

monty describing his appearance
"er - well, i try to make myself look presentable, i suppose. from a young age i was fascinated with victorian fashion, and the subgenre of science fiction, steampunk, which was quite popular at the time in the muggle world. not so much today, but fortunately it isn't such a rarity for wizards to dress in 19th century clothing, so i mostly get away with it. which is good, because i've never really felt comfortable in anything else."

handwriting & signature
monty writes in indigo ink. he has two handwriting styles; the casual he uses in his diary, and for personal work, and the formal he uses for anything that may be seen by others. the last example is his signature.


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history & family
some days while they felt meaningless, were victory enough. simply for the fact i
was not alone. when people gather in the name of love something magical
happens. whether it be in twos or threes or thousands.


we are all we have, sweet ones. i ask of you not to forget your solitude, but more
so not to forget how incredibly important people are. i live in a world where
the only name that exists is harmony.


history approval ID - 30083257

1999 (aged 0)
Monty was born on the 2nd January, 1999, in the picturesque town of Abingdon, Oxfordshire. His parents, Stephen and Liselle, christened him Richard Layton, a name that had been passed down in his father's family for several generations, and for the most part, there were few complications in the first year of his life. He reached crawling, walking, and talking milestones as expected, or earlier, and lived happily in a three-bedroom, semi-detached house with his two loving parents. Though not a loud baby, he did tend to cry whenever his mother was out of sight, developing separation anxiety until the problem was addressed and fixed. Even so, he never became an 'independent' baby, preferring not to take risks and generally needing to feel supported by his parents in order to explore and progress.
2000-2006 (aged 1-7)
At a young age Monty developed a keen interest in his father's clock repair and restoration business, often accompanying him to his shop in the town to help manage to floor, or, if he was lucky, to assist him in the workshop. He took immense delight in watching his father work, marvelling at the steadiness of his hands, and at the way he could bring something broken back to life, and quickly aspired to join the family business as soon as he could. His father spent time teaching him to mend clocks, as well as inspiring in him an interest in other kinds of clockwork devices and machinery. Monty was a fast learner, and, thanks to his father's encouragement, could already make minor clock repairs by the age of six.

Unfortunately, a few months after Monty's seventh birthday, it transpired that his father was having an affair with another woman. His parents divorced soon thereafter, and though his father attempted to stay in contact, his mother refused to allow Stephen to see his son. Monty was never made aware of this, and grew up believing that his father had abandoned him. The man he had idolised and trusted had betrayed him in a way he was too young to comprehend, but not too young to be scarred by forever.
2006-2009 (aged 7-10)
Following the divorce, Monty's mother relapsed into a deep depression. She left her bed only to use the bathroom, and to occasionally eat, or sit around aimlessly, staring into space. Monty, still only seven at the time, did not understand what was wrong with her, and did not know how to help, or whether he even could. He supposed she was sad, or sick, or both, but when several months had passed and she was no better, he grew scared and confused. When he talked to her, she would either ignore him, tell him he would be better off without him, or cry in fear that he would be taken away from her. Desperate not to allow this to happen, Monty learned to function independently, concealing his troubles at home from his teachers and from his best friend, Philip.

As children often do without assurance otherwise, Monty began to self-blame, holding himself responsible for his mother's sadness and harbouring feelings of inadequacy that he could not make her happy. In order to escape these feelings, and the coldness that awaited him at home, he spent a great deal of time with Philip, a boy from his class at school. Philip had a propensity for destruction and recklessness that heavily opposed Monty's timid, cautious nature, yet it was precisely this that kept the boys so close for so long. The thrill of being dared to swim in the river Thames, or the excitement of building a bonfire and watching it burn, whilst uncomfortable to Monty, kept his mind away from his mother, and for several years was all he had to keep himself afloat. His friendship with Philip came to an abrupt end when, after accidentally nearly burning Philip's house down, Philip's mother took Monty home to tell Liselle what had happened. Rather than punish him, his mother simply cried, and Monty felt so guilty that he resolved never to talk to Philip again.

At the age of nine, things briefly appeared to look up. Monty's mother reconnected with an old school friend of her own, Richard Hewitt, and within just a few months, the two were engaged to be married. For reasons Monty could not explain, he disliked and distrusted Richard. There was tension in the air between them that Liselle seemed oblivious to. But she was happy again for the first time in two years, and Monty could not bring himself to object to their marriage for fear that he would be responsible for her crashing down again, or that she would brush off his concerns in preference of her fiance. Not long after the wedding, Monty's suspicions proved correct: Richard began to mock, humiliate, and verbally abuse him, appearing to take pleasure in making Monty feel small and worthless. Monty, whose self-esteem had been tenuous to begin with, believed almost every word of it, leading him to become isolated, anxious, and insecure. He withdrew socially, afraid of embarrassment and rejection, and became dismissive of his own needs and feelings. His stepfather had cleverly convinced him not to voice his objection to the marriage by gas-lighting him into believing that he was the crazy one.
2010-2011 (first year)
On his eleventh birthday, Monty received his letter inviting him to study magic at Hogwarts Scotland, where he was placed, to his surprise, in Ravenclaw. Despite having learned he was a wizard, Monty's confidence remained shattered, and he failed continuously to make friends and to fit in among his peers. As a muggle born Ravenclaw, he often felt left-out and academically far behind, and after a little while decided to absorb himself in learning as much as he possibly could, as quickly as he possibly could. It was during this period of his life that he discovered his enjoyment in learning for the sake of learning, as well as his talent for easily memorising large amounts of information. Students would often bully or bribe him into doing their homework for them, and though he resented the bullies, he felt for the first time since repairing clocks with his father that he might actually good at something. He poured himself into his studies, practised spells until he was exhausted, and, when the year came to an end, found himself wishing he did not have to return home.
2011-2012 (second year)
As the verbal abuse continued at home, Monty's anxiety continued to worsen. He began to experience panic attacks on a regular basis, often working himself up so awfully he would vomit before class. Afraid that his professors would ask him what the matter was, he made excuses for arriving late, convincing them that he was merely insolent, rather than struggling, and, having had plenty of acting experience as a child, it was easy to persuade them. He was dubbed a disobedient student, assumed bored from a lack of stimulation and arrogant for his intelligence. Little could have been further from the truth, but monty gladly perpetuated this idea. So long as nobody suspected the truth, he did not care what anybody thought of him.

The bullying at school began to extend to monty's fashion, and to his 'weirdness'. He walked everywhere with his head down, scarcely said a word or met anybody's eye, and spent much of his time studying, or writing in his journal. He no longer minded not having friends; to be alone was simpler, and preferable. For his academic achievements he was surprised to win a superlative in the school's yearbook, and felt encouraged by the recognition to study harder still.
2012-2013 (third year)
In an attempt to be more sociable, and to feel better about himself, Monty tried out for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team at the beginning of his third year. He was immediately made a chaser, and the compliments and encouragement he received for his playing determined that the sport became his new favourite hobby. Still, he was careful not to allow his grades to slip, and dedicated just as much time to studying and practising magic as he always had done. For his electives, Monty chose to take charms, History of Magic, Herbology, Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Astronomy, Arithmancy, Ancient runes, and Muggle Studies. Being allergic to many animals, he did not take Care of Magical Creatures, and he had no interest in Divination as he was sceptical about its legitimacy. Balancing so many classes along with Quidditch practice certainly took its toll on him, but he craved the hard work; it took his mind away from his anxiety, which was still continuing to worsen. On his worst days, he would often lock himself in one of the school's broom cupboards and cry, remaining there in spite of however many lessons he was missing. The pressures of life were rising, and the hormones of adolescence made the daily struggle no less challenging.

When Monty returned home at the end of the year, he finally reached his capacity to tolerate his stepfather's abuse. At four o'clock in the morning on the 10th august, 2013, he packed a single suitcase and stole out of the house, leaving behind nothing so much as a note or a clue as to where he had gone. He boarded the first train leaving town, and, four changes and several hours later, arrived in Eastleigh, Hampshire. Lost, scared, and alone, he took shelter in the local park, where he stayed for several days until summoning the courage to move. On the outskirts of the town he came across a dilapidated old building, long abandoned, and desperately in need of repair. Here he decided to make his home - and though it was cold, and damp, he felt safer there than he ever had before.

Sick of being reminded of his stepfather every time somebody addressed him, and hoping to make himself more difficult for his mother to trace, Monty decided he no longer wished to be called Richard Hewitt, and made an unofficial change to Montgomery Pendleton. From then on, this was the name he insisted everybody use.
2013-2014 (fourth year)
Whilst living alone had its advantages, Monty struggled no less during his fourth year than any year prior. The one or two friends he had made on the Quidditch team were not close, and he did not trust them with his secrets, meaning he continued to suffer alone, and to bottle up his emotions. He applied himself as usual to his studies, spending more and more time in the library, where he was mostly left in peace and ignored by the other students. This arrangement suited everybody. Having been isolated for so long, Monty no longer cared whether or not he made friends; he was content to be alone, so that nobody could betray him the way his parents had.

It was during this term that Monty fell into the beginning of a four-year battle with depression. With no evidence to the contrary, he began to blame himself for all that had gone wrong in not only his own life, but his parents' lives, and the lives of everybody around him. He cried frequently and at the slightest provocation, lashing out at his professors in a desperate cry for help that went completely unnoticed. One of these professors, much to Monty's hurt, even refused to call Monty by his preferred name. His stepfather's cruel words echoed around his head daily and nightly; he felt worthless, pathetic, and weak, and began to fear producing work that was anything short of perfection. This led to countless scrapped essays, and nights spent writing and rewriting his homework, though of course, he could never attain the perfection he strove for, as he would not have recognised it even if he had. There was always something he could do better, or more concisely. Otherwise, somebody might have tried to belittle him again, and he knew that it would break him if they did.
2014-2015 (fifth year)
Something extraordinary happened to Monty in his fifth year: he made a friend. Ermolai Vetrov, a pale, wiry-haired boy two years his junior, quickly grew attached to Monty, inspired by his magical and creative capabilities. Though his trust took some time to develop, Monty slowly shared with Ermolai his deepest secrets, his wildest passions, and his darkest fears, and Ermolai did the same. Together they discovered the room of requirement, and spent many a night inventing strange and useless devices - an eccentric miscellany of clockwork and magic, charged by two ambitious and liberated young minds. They were punished often for being caught around the castle after curfew, but they did not mind; detention was a small price to pay for happiness. (It was of no surprise that Monty did not get made a prefect that year, as while his grades were outstanding in almost every subject, he had never been favoured much by his professors, for obvious reasons.)

Yet still, Monty was plagued by his depression. It clung to him like a dense fog, often arresting him in his dormitory but to attend lessons, or to drag himself to the great hall to eat. When his inventing was fruitless, he blamed himself, his lack of knowledge; his shortcomings were reminders that he was useless, as his stepfather had ingrained upon him. When he cried, Ermolai comforted him, though there was nothing the younger boy could do, and Monty often spared him the helplessness by crying alone, afraid that to become a burden on him would eventually push him away, as he had been pushed away from his mother.
2015-2016 (sixth year)
At the beginning of his sixth year, Monty began to develop romantic feelings for his best friend Ermolai. Afraid of rejection, and confused by his attraction, he hid these feelings, though often secretly fantasised about a relationship. These feelings, however, did not develop much past curiosity - a desire to kiss his friend, or to hold his hand, but no real impulse or yearning to act upon it. In fact, while his peers were now falling wildly for one another, Monty never experienced any sort of sexual attraction to members of either sex - a fact that made him feel further isolated from everybody else, though he did not know at the time that he was asexual.

When Angelina Clarke, a girl in Monty's Astronomy class, caught wind of a false rumour that he had developed a crush on her, she put the rumour to the test one morning by kissing him in front of everybody in the great hall. Shocked, and panicked, he fled the room without so much as an explanation, the ghost of Angelina's hand still burning his cheek. He had not experienced this kind of sudden, uninvited contact before, and it roused in him an intense panic attack. From then on, he developed a fear of being startled in the same way, connecting the physical contact with intense fear and going to great lengths to avoid being touched in case he reacted similarly again.

After an accidental foul move on Monty's behalf caused Ravenclaw to sacrifice the Quidditch Cup, Monty decided to quit the team, afraid the other players would not be able to forgive him for his mistake. He regretted this decision deeply, though was convinced he had saved himself the humiliation of being scolded.
2016-2017 (seventh year)
Monty's last year at Hogwarts was perhaps his favourite, not because his education was coming to an end, but because it was largely uneventful. Now officially an adult, he began the year by legalising his name change. He studied diligently, invented with Ermolai in his free time, and for the most part kept himself out of trouble. His most exciting hour was at the Yule Ball, when he and Ermolai hid fireworks around the great hall and released them all simultaneously, causing a brilliant display of chaos that they were afterwards forced to clean up without magic.

Monty passed his NEWTs with flying colours, though he spent some time berating himself for the A he received in Arithmancy, his least favourite subject. He promised Ermolai that he would write, and left Hogwarts knowing not where life would take him next - if anywhere at all.
2018 (aged 19)
The year after Monty's graduation began despondently. Ermolai still being at school, he had lost his only friend, and had not the faintest idea what to do with himself. He had entertained while at school the idea of becoming an Auror, but the prospect was daunting; what if he failed? What if he did not like it so much as he expected? The stakes were awfully high. Still, the idea of making a difference to the world appealed to him, and his application to begin training was shortly accepted. A competent and disciplined wizard, Monty demonstrated a natural gift in the field, and quickly appeared to be well on his way to the top. He even made a friend or two, though his shyness was often mistaken for aloofness, and many of his fellow trainees assumed that he considered himself superior to themselves. As always, he worked incredibly hard, motivated both by a determination to succeed and a fear that he would not. He completed his first year of Auror training with few hindrances.
2019 (aged 20)
Monty's second year of Auror training was much more complicated than the first. The skills that he had demonstrated within a safe environment were now being tested in the real world, and, paralysed by the return of his anxiety, he discovered that he was incapable of performing. In spite of the enormous number of hours he had dedicated to practice, and his expansive knowledge and numerous skills, he simply could not perform under an en environment of pressure. He remained in training until the end of the year, when he failed his practical examination and made the decision not to pursue it any further.

Things had never seemed so bleak and hopeless. Not only had his greatest fear been realised - he was certainly a failure now - but he had nothing with which to occupy his mind. What could he do? It seemed he was destined to fail at whatever he did, so why bother starting anything new?

On the night of Christmas Eve, Monty impulsively sent Ermolai an owl, asking him to visit. The two friends had kept in touch as promised, and Monty did not need to offer Ermolai an explanation; as soon as he arrived, and found Monty lying on the cold grass in the garden, he conjured a blanket and lay down beside him, not quite touching. They looked up at the stars, and Monty told his friend everything - how afraid he'd been to fail, and how he no longer knew what his purpose was supposed to be, or whether he would ever discover it. Ermolai listened to him cry, and then told him not to worry so much. Did anybody really have a purpose? And did it matter? The world was such a beautiful and extraordinary place! They had so many things to discover, to marvel at, to make sense of, or not - sometimes there was beauty in ignorance. As Monty listened, he felt somehow lighter. His problems were not solved, but Ermolai had opened his eyes, flicked some irreversible switch inside him. He had changed.
2020 (aged 21)
Through the sadness, by degrees, there came understanding, and sympathy. Curious about the human mind in all its complexity, Monty decided to study psychology. He quickly gained new insight and understanding into the workings of his own brain, and, now conscious of how the beliefs impressed upon him in his childhood were affecting him in adulthood, and able to notice and correct many of his negative thoughts, he overcame the depression that had beleaguered him since his early Hogwarts years. Liberated from the prison of his own mind, he found reason to feel hopeful again; his interests and passions in life were renewed. Alongside psychology, he ventured to study physics, mathematics, and engineering, three subjects that had piqued his curiosity for years, though he had never had the courage to explore them. He did not care if the studies had a purpose: he enjoyed them, and that was all that mattered.
2021 (aged 22)
In the year of 2021 Monty continued to study psychology, mathematics, and engineering, inventing with Ermolai in his free time. It quickly became apparent that he could not support his interests without some form of income, though his anxiety, still severe in many ways, in spite of his more positive outlook, dictated that employment was not feasible. Upon Ermolai's suggestion he decided to become a private tutor, focusing on teaching English, Mathematics, Science, and other core subjects to young witches and wizards whose parents wished them to be home educated before they attended a magical school. Though he began teaching out of necessity, he quickly discovered that broadening young minds gave him a sense of achievement he hadn't known he'd been missing, and continued to tutor as much out of choice as by the situation's demand.
2022-2025 (aged 23-26)
Interested in pursuing psychology further, Monty decided to begin an official course, his engineering studies on the back-burner for now. Though he still often invented in his free time, he felt uninspired, less creative alone than he was with Ermolai, who had gone travelling and was no longer available. He continued to tutor children, though he was making no discernible improvement with his anxiety. Instead of facing his fears, as he knew would help defeat them, he remained at home much of the time, afraid of social interaction and of the panic attacks he tended to experience beyond the four walls of his house. In addition to this, his dreams suddenly became invaded by strange, intensely frightening nightmares - so frightening that often he could not fall asleep for fear of having one. Darkness started to scare him; he slept always with a light to drive away the shadows, though it did not always help.

In 2025, Monty received a level 3 certificate in counselling skills. He decided then to discontinue his studies, as his short-lived ambitions to become a counsellor were quashed by the realisation he might make some terrible mistake one day at the expense of a patient's health or happiness. Besides which, he had come to enjoy tutoring so much that he could no longer imagine himself so fulfilled in any other career.

Ermolai returned at the end of the year, but he was somehow changed. Monty suspected he had fallen victim to some kind of curse, or been in a terrible accident, for he was no longer himself, but a careless, batty wizard who spoke in senseless strings and boasted of improbable adventures. He did not seem to remember the closeness he had shared with Monty, nor did he longer reminisce of days past. Pained by this change in his friend, Monty withdrew from the friendship, and as Ermolai made no effort to reestablish communication, they quickly lost touch.
2026-2030 (aged 27-31)
Between the ages of 27 and 31, Monty became once again quite isolated; but for his tutoring, he scarcely left his house, and social contact with others was minimal. His interest in psychology and engineering now exhausted, he began extended studies in other subjects, including magical ones such as Potions, Charms, and History of Magic, as well as muggle subjects such as Law, Chemistry, Literature, Philosophy, and Aeronautics. He delved never too far into any one subject, but instead read widely, keen to learn a little of everything. He grew an extensive library in his house, and converted his loft space into a workshop, where he built and invented clockwork and magical devices, and, occasionally, potions. In spite of the large number of inventions he quickly accumulated, he never released any to the general public for fear that he would be laughed at, or rejected.
2031-2038 (aged 32-39)
Monty passed the most part of his thirties continuing to invent, tutor, and study. He wrote drafts for several books, documenting his studies into potions, herbology, and charms, though still refused to share his work. While he made some interesting observations and discoveries, he was waiting for a major breakthrough that he could be sure the world could benefit from his releasing. Of course, this never came; even if he had found his breakthrough, he probably wouldn't have recognised it.

This was a lonely period in Monty's life. On more than one occasion, parents of the children he tutored told him he ought to become a professor, but he politely disagreed, knowing he would not be able to cope away from home. Two decades of avoidance had cultivated his fears to immense proportions, so that now he could never imagine facing them. He wondered what he might be missing out on, being confined to his home, but in a strange sort of way, he didn't feel imprisoned. His house was the only place in the world he felt truly safe; why would he ever want to leave?
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2039 (aged 40)
In the late summer of 2039, Monty chanced upon his friend Ermolai in Bleak Street. Having not seen the man in some years, Monty almost failed to recognise him. It didn't help that his appearance had wildly changed. Though he had always been a little eccentric, he appeared to have fewer marbles now than ever before - no doubt, Monty surmised, he had lost them on one of his many improbable adventures. Monty returned home that evening not sorry that he had distanced himself from Ermolai, though sad to see what had come of his old friend.

Later that very evening, tragedy struck; a failed experiment of Monty's resulted in a fire that destroyed his home. Unable to reach his wand, he could only stand out on the path and watch as his life's work went up in flames. His attempts at wandless magic produced little effect. He was too shocked, too dismayed, too afraid of what would happen to him next. His only place of safety had burned to the ground. Thousands of hours worth of inventions and studies now floated around him like snow. He had lost everything.

Left with little choice, Monty booked himself a room for the week, and then set about finding somewhere more permanent to stay. He had very little money saved, his last funds being spent on a new wand to replace that which had perished in the fire, and no friends to speak of. His prospects were undeniably bleak. While scouring the newspaper for job vacancies, he came across an opening at Hogwarts Scotland for an Arithmancy professor. Monty knew nothing about Arithmancy, but the advertisement gave him the idea to look for vacancies at other wizarding schools. Eventually he came across a Potions vacancy in New Zealand. Moving to the other side of the world was far from ideal, and bound to wreak havoc on his nerves, but he was fast running out of choice. He needed a job, and somewhere to stay; this provided both.

With his many years of tutoring and his vast knowledge of potions under his belt, Monty was quickly hired. He packed his small number of possessions in a single suitcase and set off for New Zealand, scared, tired, and still stricken with grief. What did the future hold for him? And how would he cope with it? So many years had passed since he'd worked alongside others that he wondered whether he'd even know how to behave. What if the children hated him - or worse, made fun of him? He felt sick with it all. But he couldn't go home. He didn't have a home to go home to.

Several days after arriving at the castle, but before classes had commenced, Monty knocked on the door of Professor Arvo Tuuri, whom he had briefly discoursed with during a staff meeting. With their similarly mischievous senses of humour, the two men hit it off immediately, and Monty felt at once that he had made a kind and loyal friend. Though the prospect of teaching his first class still loomed over him with the presence of an execution, Monty no longer felt quite so alone, and this was enough to endure the rest.

Deciding that the best way to reduce his anxiety was to ensure the children liked him, Monty quickly made it clear that he was not a strict enforcer of rules. He adopted a cheerful, outgoing manner in order to disguise his anxiety, and for the most part, he even fooled himself. A few weeks into the school term, however, Monty caught wind of a frightening rumour that Chaos Zhefarovich had been expelled for attempted murder. Panicked by the sorts of students HNZ allowed in, Monty packed his suitcases and rushed to the Headmistress's office with the intention to resign immediately. Fortunately, Ava managed to calm him down, saving him from making any rash decisions and assuring him that the incident was not a common occurrence. Reluctantly, and largely because he still had no other choice, Monty decided to stay.

And it was fortunate that he did. Though he occasionally fell victim to one or two of their pranks, he mostly got along well with the students - or at least, they appeared to tolerate him. Just one student, Saveli Matveev, seemed intent on disrupting his lessons. After she rudely insulted him in front of his class, he held her behind for detention. Her behaviour struck him as unusually angry and spiteful, and though he could not guess her situation, he at once felt sympathy towards her. He could relate to the bitterness, and at the need to lash out at authority, and sensed behind her stony exterior somebody afraid and alone. After sharing with her an experience of his past he suspected she might relate to, she admitted something not even he could have anticipated: her family had abandoned her. Carefully he assured Saveli that she had the support of her professors, and that she could speak to any one of them in complete confidence. His words of comfort, though clumsy, seemed to disarm her, and she left his office a little while later with a kind parting remark.

Monty realised he had not been particularly tactful, and worried for some days following about the dangers of sharing personal information with a student, but he did not regret what he had done. He had little confidence in his decisions, or in his ability to teach, or in his goodness as a person, but even he could not deny that he had done something to help Saveli. Perhaps, though he was hesitant to let himself think it, he was good for something after all.

This positive spirit was unfortunately short-lived; one morning approaching Christmas Monty received news that his house was going to be condemned unless he could raise the funds needed to repair it within a few short months. He found comfort in his new friend, Arvo, who offered him a place to stay over the holidays, but Monty felt no closer to solving the problem having confided in him, and sank over the next few weeks into a state of agitation and despair.

Christmas came, and on the night of Christmas Eve, feeling like a burden on Arvo and his family, Monty wandered into Obsidian Harbour for a night-time stroll. Here, considering his options and feeling quite hopeless, he chanced to find Saveli by herself, lost and looking for directions to a nearby inn. Monty could not believe it. A girl of fourteen, staying at an inn on Christmas day? Not only was it heartbreaking, it was downright dangerous. Concerned for her, he insisted on taking her back to the castle, where he told her he would stay for the remainder of the holidays if she would go with him. Fortunately, she agreed.
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