Jasper Pebble Night

Jasper Night

Class Clown | Oblivious | Impulsive | Chaotic
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Mixed Blood
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Too Young to Care
12/2035 (13)
Jasper Pebble Night

Planning is not my friend. Impulse is.

NAME: Jasper Pebble Night
Jasper: From Latin Gaspar, perhaps from the biblical Hebrew word גִּזְבָּר (gizbar) meaning "treasurer", derived from Persian ganzabara
Pebble: A small stone made smooth and round by the action of water or sand. His father chose this name to mock the Night family tradition of naming children after precious stones. Jasper is not a fan and never mentions his middle name.
Night: The name Night is Anglo-Saxon in origin. It was a name given to a knight, who was usually a feudal tenant deriving its origin from the Old English word cniht, which means knight.
AGE: 13
BIRTHDAY: December 2 2035
NATIONALITY: Citizen of New Zealand

ZODIAC SIGN:Sagittarius. Being a Sagittarius born on December 2nd, your straightforward and positive nature is paired nicely with a thirst for adventure. While others stick to things they know, you are most energized by what is new and yet to be experienced. You take any opportunity to find a new environment or people to interact with, which makes you exciting and appealing to others. Above all, your friends, family, peers and coworkers may appreciate your positive outlook, as they would be hard-pressed to recall a time where you didn't point out the bright side of things.
ELEMENT:Fire. Your sign's paired element is fire and as a Sagittarius, you are the only zodiac sign with a mutable relationship to the element. It is fire's influence that makes you an effective communicator and as adaptable as an open flame. It is also fire that links to the passion and enthusiasm that burns inside of you. When you find a goal worth pursuing, your flame burns with purpose as you display great fortitude in meeting your goals. Fire's positive qualities can become amongst your greatest strengths if you avoid the traps of impatience and impulsiveness that you are susceptible to.
PLANET: Jupiter. The ruling planet of the Sagittarius is Jupiter and as you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, you actually receive a double helping of Jupiter's mystical influence. Being the planet of transformation, Jupiter's influence is linked to your pursuit of truth and adventure, as well as your optimistic outlook. Your planetary influences makes you far more driven towards exploration and higher learning than the other Sagittarius Decans. At times, your appreciation of truth may lead you to be too honest and direct in your dealings with others. Although your positive and outgoing personality will always make you popular and appealing, avoid hurting others with statements that can be interpreted as blunt. In love, try to find a partner that shares in your love for adventure, as this will bring your great satisfaction.

EDUCATION: Hogwarts New Zealand
FAVORITE CLASS: Flying, Potions
LEAST FAVORITE CLASS: History of Magic, Charms
WAND: Coconut Wand 14 1/4" Essence of Star Dust:
Wood: Coconut is a perfect wood for spells involving handy work and is brilliant for defensive magic
Core: Star dust adds an effect of mystery, and a mystical power to make powerful spells, even stronger.

PLAY BY: Callan Mcauliffe
HAIR: Blond and slightly curly when it gets long.
EYES: Brown.
BUILD: Short for his age, a little scrawny.
STYLE: Jasper's style is very casual and boyish. He barely cares about what he wears and at his current age mostly just wears whatever his dad buys him. He prefers bright colors, but doesn't tend to look too closely to make sure they all look good together.
OTHER DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Jasper often has a few bruises or scratches from getting into trouble.

PERSONALITY: Impulsive and chaotic are two words that describe Jasper perfectly. He's always been a very active child, often getting into things he wasn't supposed to. When he inevitably gets in trouble after doing something he didn't think through, Jasper always tries to figure out a way out. He's not above lying if he needs to, but often forgets to put a check on his imagination and make his stories realistic. Jasper isn't a very emphatic person, and often doesn't understand that other people might not like the things he likes. He unintentionally tormented his cousin Arkose at every family gathering by trying to get him to do things he didn't like to do. Jasper doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, and is often covered in mud and grass stains. He'll always be on the lookout for an adventure, and if it breaks the rules that's only more appealing to the boy. If he gets away with something, he can often be found bragging about it later (which has gotten him caught after the fact on more than one occasion).

The Debater personality type is the ultimate devil’s advocate, thriving on the process of shredding arguments and beliefs and letting the ribbons drift in the wind for all to see. Debaters don’t do this because they are trying to achieve some deeper purpose or strategic goal, but for the simple reason that it’s fun. No one loves the process of mental sparring more than Debaters, as it gives them a chance to exercise their effortlessly quick wit, broad accumulated knowledge base, and capacity for connecting disparate ideas to prove their points.

Knowledgeable Quick Thinkers Original Excellent Brainstormers Charismatic Energetic

Very Argumentative Insensitive Intolerant Can Find It Difficult to Focus Dislike Practical Matters

HISTORY: While the Night family is fairly large and traditional, Jasper grew up mostly with just his dad in a pretty nontraditional household. He still saw the rest of his family often growing up, and really looks up to his older cousin Rory. But out of his family, Jasper is closest to his dad. His mother died when he was five, and ever since then he's been living with his dad in an apartment. Jasper's father is a lot like his son, and loves to have fun. The two of them often made blanket forts in the living room and made a sport out of sock sliding over the wooden floors of his grandfather's house whenever they got the chance. Because of this, Jasper feels very close to his dad and secretly fears losing him very much. Even though he knew he would have to be away from his father for school, he was very excited to get his Hogwarts letter. It felt to Jasper like Rory had been going for ages, and Sophia was now going as well. It wasn't fair that he hadn't been allowed to join the fun! He had looked forward to going at the same time as his cousin Arkose, and was a little disappointed to find out he would be going to a different school. But Jasper is determined to make the most of his time at Hogwarts.
LIKES: Mud, bugs, being outdoors, running around, flying, prank items
DISLIKES: Rules, reading, being inside, being treated unfairly
GOALS: Jasper's goal is to be the best wizard ever, and also make the most friends at Hogwarts.
FEARS: Jasper tries really hard not to think about this, but he fears losing his dad the way he lost his mother.
STRENGTHS: Quick thinker, creative, social, funny
WEAKNESSES: Impulsive, reckless, impractical
MIRROR OF ERISED: His family complete, with his mother standing behind him.
BOGGART: His father dying.


Name: Flint Night
Relation: Father
Age: 34 (2015)
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Marital Status: Widower

Occupation: -
Name: Elissa Night - Adams
Relation: Mother

Age at death: 27
Passed away on: 2 March 2041
Cause of death: Accident
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Name: Aurora 'Rory' Night
Relation: Cousin
Age: 17
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Marital Status: Single

Occupation: HNZ Student
Hogwarts House:
Name: Sophia Night
Relation: Cousin
Age: 14
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Marital Status: Single

Occupation: HNZ Student
Hogwarts House:
Name: Shale Night
Relation: Second Cousin
Age: 11
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Marital Status: Single

Occupation: HNZ Student
Hogwarts House:
Name: Aegerine Night
Relation: Second Cousin
Age: 11
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Marital Status: Single

Occupation: HNZ Student
Hogwarts House:

Credits: Name Meanings from here, Zodiac, Element and Planet from here, personality type and description from here
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Jasper Night

Class Clown | Oblivious | Impulsive | Chaotic
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
12/2035 (13)

Roleplays Before First Year
Many Stirrings Throughout the HouseWith Aurora Night, Sophia Night, Arkose Night and Gneiss NightNew Zealand
Pigtrotters Daycare: Art DayWith Maude Stone, Thomas Parish,
And various others
Tākarokaro Park
Youngsters DinningWith Cyzarine Haden and Mihail StyxMākutu Dinette
Lofty GoalsWith Deepa Pillai and Christian CadeBrightstone Village
Can't Hold UsWith Sierra Woodlock and Luna BlanchardTākarokaro Park

First Year

"My first year was awesome, like I knew it would be. I was sorted in the best house and immediately had a few cool adventures. I met so many people before Hogwarts and had a ton of friends when I started. There were some dumb people too, like the other Japser. But for the most part everyone was cool. Except Blake and Tyler, they really betrayed me and I'm never going to forgive them for that."

Jasper started his year full of confidence, and headed out into the forest on his first day with his friend Maddy. He also met other first years, and befriended quite a few of them. Jasper's focus this year was more on the social aspect of school than his lessons, which is reflected in his grades. He became part of the Brotherood of MAGIC and quite enjoyed the first meeting of the club. He was a little annoyed to discover two of his roommates had made the Quidditch team when he had thought first years couldn't even try out, but just resolved to try out next year. At the end of the year he got up to some mischief with Blake Irons and Tyler Lee, but the two other boys let him take the blame for it. Jasper is bitter about this, and intends to get back at them.
Jasper was practically bouncing up and down as he made his way into the great hall, accidentally bumping into the person in front of him in his haste to see what the hall looked like. He was a little sad about his cousin Arkose, who had decided to attend Hogwarts in Scotland instead. He would have liked to have someone here that he knew, but he also knew he woud make friends soon enough. He already recognized some people he had run into before school started, like Sierra. He scanned the house tables for his older cousins, grinning at them in turn when he noticed them. Then he looked at he hat as it started to sing. It wasn't a bad song, but in Jasper's opinion it was a bit long. He was starting to grow impatient, which only worsened when he realized they were being called in order of their last name. Why couldn't he have a last name with an A? He watched impatiently as other kids were called forward and sorted into the different houses, looking at each table carefully and wondering where he would end up. He nearly ran forward when he heard a 'Jasper' be called, only to realize it was some other Jasper. He watched the boy carefully, memorizing his face so he could talk to him later. He was interested in meeting someone else with his name though he also wanted to definitely be the better of the two Jaspers. It wasn't long until he heard his name called again, and this time it really was meant for him. Jasper strode towards the stool confidently, though he was starting to feel a little nervous as he sat down. "Hi." He murmured as the hat was lowered onto his head.

"Ooh, interesting...interesting. Your ambitions will truly be served in one house: Slytherin!"

Something SpectacularBuying his wandOllivander's Wand Shop
Weigh Me DownWith Chante AtearaFlourish and Blott's
The Greatest Adventure YetWith Madeline KaimaramaNew Zealand Express
Two Steps AheadWith Tyler Lee and Blake IronsSlytherin First Years Boys Dorm
I Could Use A MapWith Lauren DavenportThe Dungeons
Call of the WoodsWith Madeline Kaimarama and Professor Jodie WeddThe Forbidden Forest
Slytherpuff?With Lily LockwoodThe Great Lawn
What Snakes Eat for Breakfast
With Luna Blanchard
Slytherin House Table
Gone FishingWith Deepa Pillai and Sierra WoodlockThe Lakefront
Adding Some ExcitementWith Nell WrightThe Student Lounge
OwlsWith Sierra Woodlock and Jasper MichaelsGreat Hall
Lazy CostumeHalloween Feast
With Lauren Davenport and Cyzarine Haden
Great Hall
Brotherhood PJ PartyWith Brotherhood membersThe Brotherhood of MAGIC
Tree ClimbingWith Lily LockwoodThe Lakefront
Do It For The Vine ContinuedWith Deepa Pillai and Sierra WoodlockThe Seventh Floor Corridor
Stuffy SuitYule Ball
With Violet Fields and Cyzarine Haden
Great Hall
Yellow Rose Delivery!Receiving a Rose
With Lily Lockwood
The Dungeons
First Rose DeliveryReceiving a Rose
With Sam Mackintosh
Slytherin House Table
Fish out of WaterValentine's Dance
With Nell Wright and Sierra Woodlock
Great Hall
Hitting The BooksWith Lily Lockwood and Elliot BriarThe Student Lounge

The Heart of a Snake
With Blake Irons and Tyler Lee
The First Floor Corridor
Adventure Time!With Sierra Woodlock, Madeline Kaimarama , Lauren Davenport,
And various others
The Forbidden Forest

First Year Marks
1st Year PotionsA
1st Year History of MagicA
1st Year CharmsA
1st Year TransfigurationP
1st Year AstronomyA
1st Year HerbologyA
1st Year FlyingO
1st Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsA
Grade Point Average4.1 (Between an A and E)

House points earned during year: 157
First Year Photos

Second Year

"Being on the Quidditch team is awesome! Even though it sucks that Blake is on it too. I'm only an alternate, but that won't be very long I bet! And we won with a bit of my help. That's pretty awesome! I also liked getting to meet a centaur in the woods, and I met some cool people this year."

Jasper was happy to return to Hogwarts for his second year, and didn't waste any time returning to the forest. He had two new cousins joining him at Hogwarts, but didn't pay them too much attention. They were both way too grumpy for his taste. He tried to get up to some mischief during the yule ball, but unfortunately got caught. During the year he grew closer to some of his classmates, including Jasper Michaels who he'd previously considered a rival. All in all, Jasper had a pretty good year. Beating Blake and Tyler at duelling was a cherry on top for him.
Stormy NightsWith Shale Night and Aegerine NightTākarokaro Park
Impatient for AdventureWith Aiden Briggs and AspenThe Forbidden Forest
Scared SkeletonHalloween Feast
With Lauren Davenport
Great Hall
For Future UseWith Hayley ElridgeGambol and Jape's
Free TimeWith Selene Le FeyThe North Tower
RivalryWith Jasper MichaelsGryffindor House Table
No Longer a ChildYule Ball
With Selene Le Fey
Great Hall
Y33 Wheelbarrow Race: The Race!With Aiden Briggs,
And various others
Great Lawn
Change of SceneryWith Lily LockwoodHufflepuff House Table
Just Here for the FoodValentine's Dance
With Jasper Michaels, Nell Wright, and Selene Le Fey
Great Hall
Yellow for BlueWith Alexis Kramer and Nell WrightRavenclaw House Table
Winging ItReceiving a rose
With Solomon Tofilau
The Great Lawn
Yellow for a friendReceiving a rose
With Leda Layton
Slytherin House Table
Yellow for the Green JasperReceiving a rose
With Zennon Baros
Slytherin House Table
Wait Up! Rose Incoming!Receiving a rose
With Cyzarine Haden
The Second Floor Corridor
Looking for a KnightReceiving a rose
With Tres Bear II
The Dungeons
Y33 Dueling Match #3Duelling tournament
With Cyzarine Haden
The Duelling Chamber
Y33 Dueling Match #16Duelling tournament
With Blake Irons
The Duelling Chamber
Brotherhood Lego Party Y33With William Kaimarama,
And various others
The Brotherhood of MAGIC
Not to be FrogottenWith Solomon Tofilau,
And various others
Entrance Hall

Second Year Marks
2nd Year PotionsE
2nd Year History of MagicP
2nd Year CharmsE
2nd Year TransfigurationP
2nd Year AstronomyA
2nd Year HerbologyA
2nd Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsA
Grade Point Average4 (A Average)

House points earned during year: 246
Second Year Photos
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