Tristan Oliver Collins

Tristan Collins

🖋️Two-faced | Ambitious | Charming🖋️
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Sexual Orientation
Curly 11 Inch Swishy Ash Wand with Kelpie Hair Core
3/2031 (18)
Tristan Oliver Collins

The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it
NAME:Tristan Oliver Collins
Tristan: Tristan is a character in medieval French tales, probably inspired by older Celtic legends, and ultimately merged into Arthurian legend.
Oliver: From Olivier, a Norman French form of a Germanic name such as ALFHER or an Old Norse name such as Áleifr (see OLAF). The spelling was altered by association with Latin oliva "olive tree".
Collins: Means "son of colin".
BIRTHDAY:31 March 2031

NATIONALITY:Citizen of New Zealand

ZODIAC SIGN:Aries. As an Aries born on March 31st, your personality is characterized by ambition and creativity. While others struggle to find motivation, this is rarely the case for you. You want great success out of life and are fully willing to put the necessary effort to achieve your goals. Your hardworking and vigorous attitude have earned you many admirers in life. Your friends and family would be the first to send you praise for your ambition, but it may be your creative and playful mind that they appreciate the most.
ELEMENT:Fire. Fire is your sign's paired element and of all 12 zodiac signs, you have the only fundamental connection with the element. Your special relationship with fire gives you the spark to be a self-starter and natural leader. As is the case with all fire signs, your elemental connection gives you a strong passion that burns deep within your being. As you embrace the active qualities of fire, you will continue to work toward your goals with fortitude. Be weary of fire's negative influences, which include impatience and impulsiveness.
PLANET: Mars. Mars is the ruling planet of your sign, but as you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, the Sun also lends you a generous helping of its planetary power. Being the planet of assertiveness, it is Mars that can be credited with your vigor, courage and action. In the same light, it is the Sun, the planet of integration, that can be credited with your individuality, vitality and creativity. Your unique combination of planetary influences makes you the most charismatic of all the Aries Decans. Your charm makes you popular, which is good because you enjoy being the center of attention. If your influence had one downfall, it would be that your tendency to brag and boast of your accomplishments. Although it is understandable to want to the world to witness your ambition, it is important to remain humble. In love, find a partner that shares in your energetic and youthful attitude, as this will bring you the most happiness.

OCCUPATION: Ministry Employee - International Magical Office of Law
EDUCATION:Hogwarts New Zealand
FAVORITE CLASS: Charms, Defence
LEAST FAVORITE CLASS: Astronomy, Arithmancy
CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES: The Brotherhood of Magic

WAND:Curly 11 Inch Swishy Ash Wand with Kelpie Hair Core
Wood:' Ash is Stubborn,' as the saying goes. Ash wands bond to their owner and do not do well in the hands of others. The master of an Ashen wand may well be stubborn, but arrogance and pride will be met with a wand that is even more stubborn than the wizard!
Core: Kelpie Hair -
Although a popular wand core in the past, Kelpie hair has fallen out of favour in recent years. It is useful for transfigurations.
PETS: Tristan used to have a pet cat in school, a British shorthair named Lumos. But Vivian took the cat after Hogwarts.

PLAY BY:Jack Falahee
HAIR:Dark brown and a little curly.

BUILD: Average height and build.
STYLE:Tristan's clothes are old and often second hand, he tends to wear a slightly more formal style, in muted colors.
OTHER DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Tristan has slight dimples when he smiles.

PERSONALITY:Tristan is very reserved and likes to hang back and watch before trying anything himself. He's often quiet, but not shy. He just likes to observe so he can fit into situations more easily. Inside his head he's often very anxious about his outward appearance and demeanor, scared of standing out in a bad way. This has been worse at Hogwarts, where he felt like he was thrust into a new world without a guidebook. He's friendly when spoken to but not usually the one starting conversations. He can be more calculating than he appears to be, though, and has a very strong instinct for self preservation.

The Logistician personality type is thought to be the most abundant, making up around 13% of the population. Their defining characteristics of integrity, practical logic and tireless dedication to duty make Logisticians a vital core to many families, as well as organizations that uphold traditions, rules and standards, such as law offices, regulatory bodies and military. People with the Logistician personality type enjoy taking responsibility for their actions, and take pride in the work they do when working towards a goal, Logisticians hold back none of their time and energy completing each relevant task with accuracy and patience.

Honest and Direct Strong-willed and Dutiful Very Responsible Calm and Practical Create and Enforce Order Jacks-of-all-trades

Stubborn Insensitive Always by the Book Judgmental Often Unreasonably Blame Themselves

HISTORY:Tristan grew up as a poor kid in a big city. Both his parents worked very hard but their debts kept them from ever saving up a lot of money. Tristan's grandparents on his father's side helped them out a lot by taking care of Tristan when his parents were busy, but Tristan never really enjoyed staying there. They were nice to him, but very strict and he'd count the minutes until he could go back home. At school he was an average kid, not very popular but not bullied either. Part of the reason for this was that he managed to keep himself under the radar and hide the bigger signs of his family's poverty. He was surprised and excited to get his letter from Hogwarts, feeling like he was special for perhaps the first time in his life. Though, his parents were very worried about sending him off into an unknown world like that. After some debate, they allowed it, even buying him a cat to keep him company. Tristan is very excited about entering the wizarding world, but he does miss a lot of the things from his muggle life.

His entrance into the magical world wasn't entirely smooth, and some encounters with Pure blood supremacists have left Tristan feeling slightly bitter to some aspects of the magical life. At the same time, he feels like he wants to be completely part of the magical world now and has left the muggle world behind in his head. He just hopes others in the magical community will treat him like he belongs.
LIKES:Video games, technology, charms, watching movies
DISLIKES:Bullies, being humiliated, writing with quills, bees
GOALS:To be good at magic and fit in in the wizarding community. One day he wants to work for the Ministry.
FEARS: Public embarrassment, failing exams
STRENGTHS:Tristan is very focused and ambitious, when he wants something he doesn't stop until he gets it. He's also very friendly and has no trouble getting along with most people.
WEAKNESSES:His fear of standing out makes it hard for Tristan to take risks, as well as do the right thing when it's hard. If he saw someone being bullied, it'd be hard for him to stand up for them because he would be worried it would be turned on him instead. He can also be blind to other people's feelings when he's working towards a goal.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Himself as Minister of Magic
BOGGART:His wand being broken in half and being sent to live as a muggle.
AMORTENTIA:Cherries, coffee, butterscotch


Name: Steven Oliver Collins
Relation: Father
Age: 38 (2011)
Blood Status: Muggle
Marital Status: Married
Occupation:Factory worker
Name: Samantha Hannah Collins - Johnson
Relation: Mother
Age: 37 (2012)
Blood Status: Muggle
Martial Status: Married

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

Fifth Year

Sixth Year

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Tristan Collins

🖋️Two-faced | Ambitious | Charming🖋️
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Relationship Status
Sexual Orientation
Curly 11 Inch Swishy Ash Wand with Kelpie Hair Core
3/2031 (18)

First Year

"Hogwarts was a whole different and new experience for me. I enjoyed myself a lot, and learning magic is wonderful, but there are parts I disliked as well. I hate that some people think they're better than me because of their family, but I have six more years to show them that's not true."
Tristan's first year was strange for him at first, he felt like a fish out of water in the new magical world he found himself in, and didn't really get too much support the first few weeks. Being quiet, he didn't make too many friends, though there were some connections, and he mainly focused on his school work. After nearly being attacked for being muggleborn, his drive to do better and become powerful has increased. He wants to become better friends with the boy in his dorm that he met, but he also is starting to realize that to fit in at the school he should talk to more people. The more he learns and sees, the better he can fit in as a real wizard and get a good reputation at the school.
Tristan had to clench his jaw to make sure it wouldn't drop. He didn't want to look like a gaping simpleton, but he honestly felt like even if he did he couldn't be blamed. Whatever reservations he'd had about this entire thing after he got the letter all flew out the window at the sight of the school. The castle was gorgeous, and it made him feel excited to be part of something so big and so ancient. He tried not to stare too much, but couldn't help his gaze lingering on tapestries and suits of armor as they passed them.

The Great Hall was the crown jewel and he let out a small involuntary noise as he saw it. He was sure his entire family's house could fit in here, easily. He suddenly wished he could show his family, but he had been told that cameras and other technology wouldn't work inside the school. It was a shame, this all deserved to be on film. He wanted to show everyone that this is where he now belonged.

He was so distracted by his surroundings and working hard not to look too impressed that it took him a moment to see the Sorting Hat. It didn't look all that impressive to him, until it started to sing. He jumped, instantly cursing himself for it. He didn't want to stand out, and maybe talking or singing hats were perfectly normal for wizarding kids. To his relief, a few other kids looked surprised or at least wary as well. He barely paid attention to the lyrics, but gathered the general idea of the sorting pretty quickly. He was going to have to put on this hat in front of the entire school? Great. What sadistic teacher had thought this up? Was there any reason this couldn't have been done in a separate room? He frowned at the staff table, wondering who there was responsible for this.

It wasn't long before he heard his name. He tore his gaze away from the teachers and walked over to the hat. This was going to be a strange experience, and he was sure it wouldn't be the last.

So... This Is A Real wand?Buying his wandOllivander's Wand Shop
The Trouble with CatsWith Beatrice FlemingNew Zealand Express
New Faces EverywhereWith Sofia RosenbergGreat Hall
An Unhelpful GuideWith Jerara TapsellThe Library
Always good enoughWith Lily Grace and Kaia Rosemary GrimmThe Library
Give Me StrengthWith Klementos DragonslayerThe Courtyard
Solitude interruptedWith Vivian BrackenstallHufflepuff First Years Boys Dorm
Friendship at the DanceWith Sofia RosenbergGreat Hall
Easy PreyWith Lycus Jin Howard, Augustus Jin Howard and Professor Monty PendletonThe Forbidden Forest

First Year Marks
1st Year PotionsO
1st Year History of MagicO
1st Year CharmsO
1st Year TransfigurationE
1st Year AstronomyE
1st Year HerbologyO
1st Year FlyingA
1st Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
Grade Point Average5.5 (Between an E and O)

House points earned during year: 558
First Year Photos

Second Year

"It's odd how I feel more and more like a part of the wizarding world, while still feeling very defensive of my muggle background. I am meeting more people that have problems with muggleborns and it both angers and scares me a little. I've met some awesome people as well, though, and I should try to focus on that. I should also focus on my grades more, I can't wait until I can drop some classes. Though I do need to figure out what I can drop. I think I might want to work at the ministry one day."
Tristan's second year was different from the first, since he had gotten used to Hogwarts and the magical world. He enjoyed learning more magic a lot, especially because the spells were more powerful than the ones from first year. He had a few confrontations when standing up for what he believed in, getting in a few arguments. He preferred to fight his battles it in a way that didn't cause him any trouble or harm to his reputation in the eyes of teachers, as he wanted to impress them. This year he also started to notice an attraction to both boys and girls here and there, including his best friend Vivian. But he wasn't quite sure what to do with those feelings.
HomonymWith Vivian BrackenstallHufflepuff House Table
AntonymWith Vivian Brackenstall and Lourdes BrackenstallThe Dungeons
Dreams of GloryWith Margo EllisThe Trophy Room
Confirmation BiasWith Rory Fergusson, Zenia Katsaros, Kaia Rosemary Grimm, Sybil Jin Howard, and ~Professor Cyndi KingsleyThe Fifth Floor Corridor
Paying AttentionWith Ares JeffreysHufflepuff Common Room
Thinking Outrageously, I Write In CursiveWith Vivian BrackenstallThe Lakefront
Preaching to the ChoirWith Jerara TapsellThe Student Lounge
More Alike Than NotWith Hayley ElridgeThe Library
Brotherhood Meeting; Y28With James Cade, Matthew Harper and Kauri TipeneThe Brotherhood of MAGIC
Y28 Dueling Match #3Dueling Tournament
With Autumn Branning
The Duelling Chamber
Y28 Dueling Match #18Dueling Tournament
With Xena Dragonslayer
The Duelling Chamber
A Rose from a FriendReceiving a Rose
With Therese Rosenberg
Hufflepuff House Table
Cynical ViewsValentine's Dance
With Jessica Matthews
Great Hall
Omnioculars and OverthinkingWith Minerva KhulikHufflepuff Common Room
Revenge is RedWith Jerara Tapselland Rory FergussonThe Quidditch Pitch
Touching His Back With My HandWith Vivian BrackenstallThe Lakefront

Second Year Marks
2nd Year PotionsO
2nd Year History of MagicO
2nd Year CharmsO
2nd Year TransfigurationO
2nd Year AstronomyE
2nd Year HerbologyA
2nd Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
Grade Point Average5.6 (Between an E and O)
House points earned during year: 551

Second Year Photos

Third Year

"I now feel like I truly belong here in the wizarding world, though my third year wasn't the best ever. I met more people, both pleasant and unpleasant. Rory Fergussion continues getting on my nerves, but I'm not afraid of him. I'm curious about how my fourth year will go. Though I'm sure it will be fine as long as I keep studying hard. Some of my classes were a bit disappointing, but I'll drop them soon as long as I don't need them for my future at the Ministry of Magic."

Tristan's third year was good for the most part. He continued sort of dating Jessica until the end of the year, when he realized he had more options. He started working at Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop during this year, and met a lot of different people at school. During Valentine's day he got a lot of roses, something that boosted his ego quite a bit. While flirting with others, he dated Vivian in secret. Something he wants to keep going in the following year. The year ended with a conflict between him and Rory Fergusson, someone he sees as a rival more and more.
Hunter or PreyWith Lycus Jin HowardThe Sixth Floor Corridor
On The Length Of My ArmWith Vivian BrackenstallHufflepuff Third Years Boys Dorm
More alike than you thinkWith Sara BenivieniThe Trophy Room
First Strike of LightningWith Jessica MatthewsThe Student Lounge
Defensive StudyTutoring Program
With Athena Rey-Martinez
The Library
In the SpotlightYule Ball
With Jessica Matthews and Vivian Brackenstall
Great Hall
Terrible Sting, Terrible StormWith Vivian BrackenstallHufflepuff Third Years Boys Dorm
Working DayWith Fleur Worth, Rory Fergusson, and Samuel PhillipsScrivenshaft's Quill Shop
Conflicting AcquaintancesWith Xena DragonslayerThe Student Lounge
Broken StringsRoleplay Roulette
With October Alcott
The Student Lounge
Rose for Tristan CollinsReceiving a Rose
With Nixon Mercury
Hufflepuff Common Room
One of ManyReceiving a Rose
With Jasmine Wolfe
The Fourth Floor Corridor
Pink Is A Lovely Color For a RoseReceiving a Rose
With Fawn Barrow
Hufflepuff House Table
Another Puff RoseReceiving a Rose
With Evelyn Manning
Hufflepuff House Table
House colourReceiving a Rose
With Amelia Cosgrove
Hufflepuff House Table
Play That Song AgainValentine's Dance
With Jessica Matthews and October Alcott
Great Hall
If You Got the Gift You Should Use ItWith Corrine LagosEntrance Hall
Square Go LikeWith Rory Fergusson and Professor Monty PendletonThe Courtyard
Brotherhood Soccer Tournament Match 2With Brotherhood membersThe Great Lawn
Not in TroubleWith Professor Monty PendletonProfessor Pendleton's Office
Forgotten LiteratureWith Kauri TipeneThe Fourth Floor Corridor

Third Year Marks
3rd Year History of MagicO
3rd Year CharmsO
3rd Year TransfigurationO
3rd Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
3rd Year Ancient RunesE
3rd Year ArithmancyO
3rd Year Muggle StudiesO
Grade Point Average5.9 (Between an E and O)
House points earned during year: 581
Third Year Photos

Fourth Year

"Each year I learn more and more about this world. I no longer feel new, and I don't think most people know I'm muggleborn anymore. I did well in my classes, even if most of them weren't all that interesting. I could have handled things with Kauri better, perhaps, but there are new things in my future. I can't look back now. I need to keep my focus strong so I can achieve my goals."
Tristan started officially dating Kauri Tipene early in fourth year, going to the yule ball with the boy and having a nice time. He kept his relationship with Vivian secret, despite the other boy's misgivings. He also focused on his studies, though he disliked a lot of the classes he took he decided to keep them for appearance's sake. An achievement of Tristan during his fourth year was that he won the Dueling Tournament for his year, something he was quite proud of.

Excitable LaughterWith Norton Gillespie,Geovanna Volt and Therese RosenbergHufflepuff Common Room
Writer in the DarkWith Vivian BrackenstallHufflepuff Fourth Years Boys Dorm
Third WheelWith April Ward and Kauri TipeneHufflepuff House Table
Pulling the Puzzles ApartWith Vivian Brackenstall and Ruby FolsomHoneyduke's
The Study of NumbersWith Kauri TipeneThe Courtyard
I Live for Glitter, Not YouYule Ball
With Kauri Tipene, Jessica Matthews, and October Alcott
Great Hall
A Leg UpWith Amelia CosgroveFlourish and Blott's
Why Do I Need This?With Dallas PatersonThe Apothecary
Seconds Ticking ByWith Fleur WorthScrivenshaft's Quill Shop
Easy GiftWith Samuel PhillipsScrivenshaft's Quill Shop
Looking for A Badger Receiving a rose
With Kira Wolf
The Student Lounge
One for TristanReceiving a rose
With Thaddeus Miller
Hufflepuff House Table
Yellow for a Puff Receiving a rose
With Clementine Pratt
Hufflepuff Fourth Years Boys Dorm
A Shining ExampleWith Jacob KingsleyThe Student Lounge
A Stolen MomentWith Vivian Brackenstall,Kauri Tipene, and Corrine LagosThe Fourth Floor Corridor
Can't Help But SympathiseWith Vivian BrackenstallHufflepuff Fourth Years Boys Dorm
Y30 Dueling Match #8Dueling Tournament
With Xena Dragonslayer
The Duelling Chamber
Y30 Dueling Match #18Dueling Tournament
With Clara Hayes
The Duelling Chamber
Setting New GoalsWith Jerara TapsellThe Seventh Floor Corridor
Seconds from My HeartWith Ares JeffreysHufflepuff House Table

Fourth Year Marks
4th Year History of MagicO
4th Year CharmsO
4th Year TransfigurationO
4th Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
4th Year Ancient RunesO
4th Year ArithmancyO
4th Year Muggle StudiesO
Grade Point Average6 (O Average)
House points earned during year: 583
Fourth Year Photos

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Tristan Collins

🖋️Two-faced | Ambitious | Charming🖋️
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Relationship Status
Sexual Orientation
Curly 11 Inch Swishy Ash Wand with Kelpie Hair Core
3/2031 (18)

Fifth Year

"My fifth year was pretty much perfect, if you ignore a few minor snags. I received my Prefect's badge at the start of the year, something I'm very grateful for. I enjoyed helping younger students when they needed assistance. I'm happy I went to both dances with October, and gathered up the courage to be my girlfriend. My OWLs went well, as I expected, and I feel a lot closer to a future at the Ministry now. Things are looking good for me.
Tristan's main concern in life continues to be his reputation. When Corrine told him she had seen him break Kauri's heart at the start of the year, he was a little concerned. He tried his best to keep up appearances, though he couldn't resist arguing with his Ancient Runes teacher about the validity of her subject. Tristan mostly enjoyed his classes in fifth year, but really started to hate Arithmancy. He was very concerned about the OWL, but managed to get through it. Despite dating October Alcott now, he still kept seeing Vivian on the side. The two grew even closer, and Tristan is happy to keep both relationships up at once. He's convinced he can do this without being detected, though it annoys him that Kauri Tipene seems to be paying close attention. He was pleased to once again win the dueling tournament for his year, and hopes to continue this streak until he graduates.


Path to GloryWith Lily CliffetonFlourish and Blott's
More School SuppliesWith Audra LynchScrivenshaft's Quill Shop
Party HardWith Corrine Lagos,
And various others
New Zealand
Just peace & quietWith Austin Branning and Geovanna VoltHufflepuff Fifth Years Boys Dorm
Passing It OnWith Arvel AyersThe Student Lounge
Political InterestsWith Hayley Elridge and Alistair LancasterThe Student Lounge
Friendly AdviceWith Jacob KingsleyThe Fourth Floor Corridor
King and QueenWith October AlcottThe Fifth Floor Corridor
A Fairytale PrinceWith Dominique MaloneThe Sixth Floor Corridor
Our Kingdom at Our FeetYule Ball
With October Alcott
Great Hall
Gold for a BadgerReceiving a rose
With Lizzie Taylor
Hufflepuff House Table
Prefects Pink PerfectlyReceiving a rose
With Signy Forstrom
Prefects Common Room
A Lovely RoseReceiving a rose
With Eleanor Hope
The Lakefront
Ride the Line of BalanceReceiving a rose
With Aurora Night
Entrance Hall
Yellow for YellowReceiving a rose
With Clementine Pratt
Hufflepuff House Table
Bright as the StarsValentine's Dance
With October Alcott
Great Hall
You Play Me Like A SymphonyWith Vivian BrackenstallHufflepuff Fifth Years Boys Dorm
Quiet MomentWith October AlcottPrefects Common Room
Brotherhood Movie MarathonWith Ares Jeffreys, Kauri Tipene, Rory Fergusson,
And various others
The Brotherhood of MAGIC
Illogical InformationWith Stella WrightThe Library
Smelly HufflepuffsWith Phineas Ellis and Fleur WorthThe Fourth Floor Corridor
Time Ticking AwayWith Vivian Brackenstall and Kauri TipeneThe Second Floor Corridor

Fifth Year Marks
5th Year History of MagicO
5th Year CharmsO
5th Year TransfigurationO
5th Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
5th Year Ancient RunesO
5th Year ArithmancyO
5th Year Muggle StudiesO
Grade Point Average6 (O Average)

House points earned during year: 531
Fifth Year Photos


Sixth Year

"My sixth year didn't go exactly as I'd planned, but it was still a good year. It was a shame to end things with October, but in the end I think it's for the best for both of us. I enjoy being a bit more free now, and getting to flirt with a few more people. Of course I worked hard in my classes too, once again managing an O average for all of my classes."

Tristan's sixth year was similar to his fifth. He enjoyed being a prefect and enjoyed most of his classes. He was glad to learn more interesting and complex spells during this year, and was proud to excel at them after practice. Early in the year he broke up with October, and he was caught in some drama between a few other students when he went to the yule ball with Nixon. He was also bitter about not being the president of the Brotherhood club, though he still got to host one of the meetings. Near the end of the year he had a strange duel with his friend Jerara in the tournament. It was tense, but they talked it out. Tristan hopes they will remain friends next year, even though only one of them can be named head boy.
Lost Hearts Find A HomeWith Kyle Alcott-Ward, Professor Matt Alcott-Ward, October Alcott,
And various others
New Zealand
Next Goal in SightWith Cristian KyleFlourish and Blott's
Bitter BeginningsWith Lizzie Taylor and Jacob KingsleyThe Sixth Floor Corridor
Cozy ReadingWith Jerara TapsellThe Student Lounge
New DynamicWith Kauri TipeneThe Brotherhood of MAGIC
Under Cover of DarknessWith Kauri Tipene and Corrine LagosThe Second Floor Corridor
Problem ChildWith Jacob KingsleyThe Sixth Floor Corridor
Brotherhood PJ PartyWith Kauri Tipene,
And various others
The Brotherhood of MAGIC
I Hope You Blink Before I DoWith Vivian BrackenstallHufflepuff Sixth Years Boys Dorm
Prince CharmingWith Dominique Malone, Arvel Ayers, and October AlcottThe Fourth Floor Corridor
Closing the BookWith October AlcottThe Trophy Room
Like You Mean ItWith Jacob KingsleyHufflepuff House Table
DilemmaWith Nixon MercuryThe Great Lawn
Parallel PathsYule Ball
With Nixon Mercury
Great Hall
Little Bit LonelyYule Ball
With Signy Forstrom and Joshua Toubia
Great Hall
Shuffling the CardsWith Nixon MercuryThe Second Floor Corridor
Just Leave ItWith Aonghas Fergusson and Rory FergussonThe Fourth Floor Corridor
Shine by My SideWith Signy Forstrom Prefects Common Room
ThornyReceiving a rose
With Kauri Tipene
The Third Floor Corridor
Red with EmbarrassmentReceiving a rose
With Nixon Mercury
The Fourth Floor Corridor
Appreciative Friend RoseReceiving a rose
With Gwen Owens-Lee
The Fourth Floor Corridor
Efforts for FriendsValentine's Dance
With Signy Forstrom
Great Hall
Y32 Dueling Match #14Dueling Tournament
With Jerara Tapsell
The Duelling Chamber
Y32 Dueling Match #21Dueling Tournament
With October Alcott
The Duelling Chamber
Something To Rely OnWith Vivian Brackenstall and Josephine AroraThe Hospital Wing
Big Enough for the Both of UsWith Jerara TapsellPrefects Common Room
Brotherhood Meeting: Future PerspectivesWith Brotherhood membersThe Brotherhood of MAGIC
Sharp as GlassWith Shane AckleyHufflepuff Common Room

Sixth Year Marks
6th Year History of MagicO
6th Year CharmsO
6th Year TransfigurationO
6thYear Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
6thYear Ancient RunesO
6th Year ArithmancyO
6th Year Muggle StudiesO
Grade Point Average6 (O Average)

House points earned during year: 462
Sixth Year Photos

Seventh Year

"The less said about my final year at Hogwarts, the better. It started off with a disappointment when I didn't get the head boy badge, and only got worse from there. I'm looking forward to graduation and my life after Hogwarts, as I know by now that I've outgrown the school. It was good for my education, but I'm ready for bigger and better things now."

Tristan was very upset when his best friend Jerara got the head boy position instead of him at the start of the year. At first, he wouldn't even talk to Jerara, something the other boy called him out for. Just when his year started to get a little better, Tristan messed up by not asking Vivian to the yule ball, again. Vivian finally got sick of Tristan's empty promises and decided to end things with him, very publicly. He told the whole school in the great hall what Tristan had done, telling everyone he had cheated on all the people he had dated, effectively destroying Tristan's reputation. Tristan spent the rest of the school year trying to avoid as many people as possible, only trying to focus on his schoolwork so he could graduate with good marks. He ended up with only Jerara by his side at the end of the year, and hopes that his life after Hogwarts will be better than his final year there.
Get This Party StartedWith Vivian Brackenstall, Graydon Manick
And various others
New Zealand
Bitter AmbitionWith Nora Seville-MaxwellThe Trophy Room
New Year, New MeWith Professor Angel CastilloEntrance Hall
Get Over YourselfWith Jerara TapsellPrefects Common Room
Living the LifeWith Kengi SmileHufflepuff Common Room
Soft Talk Begins To HardenWith Vivian BrackenstallHufflepuff Seventh Years Boys Dorm
What You Break Is What You GetWith Vivian Brackenstall, Jerara Tapsell,
And various others
Hufflepuff House Table
Just Killed off What Was Left of the Optimist in MeWith Kauri TipeneAbandoned Classroom
One Final YuleYule Ball
With Jerara Tapsell
Great Hall
Stern WarningWith Kyle Alcott-WardScrivenshaft's Quill Shop
Painful PatrolsWith Hayley ElridgeThe First Floor Corridor
Only Thoughts for CompanyWith Kengi Smile and Daphne DomminoThe Cliffs
Lonely Hearts ClubWith Francis RuisThe Three Broomsticks
Petals and PagesReceiving a rose
With Kauri Tipene
The Library
State Of My HeartWith Vivian BrackenstallHufflepuff Seventh Year Boys Dorm
Burning All BridgesWith Jerara TapsellThe Graduation Ceremony

Seventh Year Marks
7th Year History of MagicO
7th Year CharmsO
7th Year TransfigurationO
7th Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
7th Year Ancient RunesO
7th Year ArithmancyO
7th Year Muggle StudiesO
Grade Point Average6 (O Average)

House points earned during year: 845
Seventh Year Photos

The great hall was filled with Tristan's fellow graduates and their guests. Most other students had their parents with them, and for the first time Tristan regretted not inviting his own. He hadn't even asked if he could, but he assumed that muggles couldn't just go to Hogwarts even for this. But he hadn't made sure, because a part of him hadn't wanted the two worlds to mix. Maybe they could have been here, but it was too late now.

Tristan had chosen a seat near the other prefects, the younger ones who were always in attendance much like he had been up until last year. He had his hands folded in his lap and listened attentively as Professor Alicastell opened the ceremony. He still felt a stab of envy when she called upon Jerara and October to give their speeches. Even after a year, he wasn't completely over getting skipped. He should have been on that stage. But he still clapped as they took the stage, like he was supposed to. October's speech was good, just as he had expected from her. But she became sentimental, which kind of ruined it in his eyes. He would have done a better job, without crying. Tristan wasn't sure what to expect when Jerara took the stage. He hadn't made much of the speech at the start of the prefect meeting back in the beginning of the year. Tristan ignored the burning envy as his best friend started to speak, reminding himself that after today, this wouldn't matter. But then Jerara's speech began, and Tristan's eyebrows shot up. He let out a laugh he couldn't quite hold in, both in both surprise and admiration. His gaze turned to Professor Alicastell as the speech continued, and he looked at her for a while. Was she regretting not picking him yet? He would have given the perfect speech up there, swallowed all negative feelings. He'd never be as openly critical as Jerara. Tristan smirked, then looked back at his friend. Maybe some criticism wasn't a bad thing. It definitely shook things up a bit. Tristan applauded after Jerara finished, thoroughly amused.

The professor did some damage control, and did a decent job of it. But then it was suddenly time to actually graduate. The speeches and the surprises had almost made him forget that was happening. Suddenly, he missed his parents again. Why hadn't he even asked if they could come? He pushed the thought away when his name was called. Perfectly composed, he made his way up to the stage to get his diploma. He shook Professor Alicastell's hand, and for a moment considered saying something about her choice for head boy. But he didn't, in the end. He was still a rule follower at heart. Instead he thanked her, then took his diploma and left the stage. He had done it. He had graduated. A future at the Ministry was waiting for him. That was all that mattered.
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