Celia Vu

Celia Vu

all the world's a stage
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Half Blood
Relationship Status
Curly 11.5'' Sturdy Elm Wand with Meteorite Dust Core
The Basics
If she wants to rock she rocks
If she wants to roll she rolls

Full Name: Celia Arden Vu
Gender: Female
Birthday: 3 February 2042
Age: 20
Hometown: Boston, USA
Current Residence: New York City, USA
Occupation: Student

Magical Information
She can roll with the punches
Long as she feels like she's in control

Blood Status: Half Blood
Wand: Curly 11.5'' Sturdy Elm Wand with Meteorite Dust Core
Boggart: Herself doing something humiliating
Amortentia: Pine, mint, new books, chlorine
Mirror of Erised: Herself as the President of the United States
Dementor: Her worst memory is the day she realized she would never get her old (pre-Hogwarts) life back.
Patronus: -

If she wants to stay she stays
If she wants to go she goes

House: Slytherin
Year: Graduate
Favorite Subjects: Charms, Divination
Least Favorite Subject: Herbology
Extracurriculars: Heta Omega, Hogwarts Monthly, Quidditch (beater/captain), Student Defense Association (president)
  • Y39 - Made the Quidditch team as a beater
  • Y40 - Third Year Dueling Tournament Champion
  • Y41 - Fourth Year Dueling Tournament Champion
  • Y41 - Won the "Future Minister for Magic" Accio! superlative
  • Y42 - Made prefect
  • Y42 - Fifth Year Dueling Tournament Champion
  • Y43 - Named captain of the Quidditch team
  • Y43 - Sixth Year Dueling Tournament Champion
  • Y43 - Top Points Earner for Slytherin
  • Y44 - Made head girl
  • Y44 - Named president of the Student Defense Association
Celia was impressed. She was never going to admit it, but the magical ceiling with its twinkling stars was impressive, and a tiny part of her was glad she'd made it this far to see it. But even as she registered her admiration, she told herself that she would not be here long, and it made no sense to like a school just because it happened to have a pretty cafeteria. Besides, she was sure Ilvermorny had a much more regal campus. The old medieval aesthetic of the Hogwarts castle was a bit too musty for her taste. She hadn't even realized New Zealand had castles.

She listened quietly as the principal — no, headmistress — welcomed them, scoffing slightly at the idea that she'd be stuck here for seven years. At the mention of a Forbidden Forest, Celia perked up. That was it. That had to be her way out. She would go and find this forest as soon as possible, and she'd enter it however many times was necessary to get expelled. Then her parents would have no choice but to find her a new school, hopefully one close to home in Boston.

The headmistress continued to drone on about the houses, and Celia listened half-heartedly, taking the time instead to observe the students and professors. When the headmistress got to the part about sorting, however, Celia frowned, and her boredom quickly turned into horror. "What? She's kidding, right?" Celia whispered sharply to the person next to her. "That hat is disgusting." Where were the statues? She was supposed to step forward and get claimed by a statue! Was that not how magical sortings worked? Had her mom lied to her?

To her surprise, her classmates happily took a seat on the stool and allowed that filthy, ancient hat to touch their heads. Even worse, Celia quickly realized they were being called in alphabetical order. By the time she got sorted, that hat would have touched hundreds of other people's heads. And the headmistress wasn't even sanitizing the hat between uses! She spotted someone with very greasy looking hair standing a few feet in front of her and fought the urge to retch. What if she got lice? She would have to shower as soon as this stupid ceremony was over.

It seemed to take no time at all before it was Celia's turn. She briefly considered just trying to flee but quickly dismissed that idea since there was no way she'd be able to navigate the castle or the grounds. And a very small part of her kind of wanted to see whether she would be considered courageous, clever, hard-working, or cunning. Gritting her teeth, Celia made her way to the stool and forced herself to sit down. "Please just hold it over my head," she requested as politely as she could. But seconds later, she felt the hat's grimy folds slip over her head, and she cringed, wishing the sorting would pass as quickly as possible.

"You know, kids always judge my appearance a lot, I'm not sure why they always think I'm gross or grimy, I can assure you I'm very clean..and really you wear me for a second and in that second I decide your life so you should be nice. People should be nicer to me. Kids should remember to be nice to people or sentient hats they don't know, my feelings if I had such things could've really been hurt. Oh, did you want to get sorted quickly? Sure, I'm getting there, I just want to make sure you are assure that I'm clean and not grimy..I could've done this in seconds, the answer of where you should go is easy but...I'm just taking my time. How was the weather today? Oh fine then.....Slytherin,"

See her heavy makeup and cut t-shirt
Every girl out wants to be her

Hair: Her hair is black. She prefers to keep it quite long and often wears it down. Though it is naturally straight, she'll occasionally give herself loose waves that usually fall out after a few hours.
Eyes: She has dark brown eyes. Sometimes she wishes they were a more interesting color. These days, she's often found glaring at the world around her.
Height: At 5'3'' she is a little shorter than average. She does wish she was a bit taller.
Style: Celia' general style is quite feminine though it occasionally verges on preppy. She likes fun colors and textures and while her style experiments don't always work, they're always interesting. Pinks, blues and reds make frequent appearances in her wardrobe, and she's a big fan of florals. Celia uses clothing as an armor, and when she's feeling down, her outfits and makeup are bolder and more structured. Her silhouettes are a bit more relaxed when she's happy, but she always makes sure she looks put together no matter the occasion.
Playby: Lana Condor
General Description: Celia has always been a short wisp of a girl, something that annoys her endlessly. When she was much younger, she went through a phase when she walked around on tiptoe, convinced that it would make people think she was taller. These days, she compensates with heels and eye-catching outfits. What Celia lacks in physical presence, she makes up for in the way she presents herself. She has good posture, and every movement comes off as deliberate. The only exception is her face, which is very expressive and betrays her true thoughts more often than not.

She doesn't care how she gets there
Long as she gets somewhere she knows

General Description:
The person Celia sees herself as and the person she strives to be are not the same thing as the person she actually is. She likes to think of herself as exceedingly clever and calculating, able to twist the world around her to best suit her. In some ways, this view of herself is accurate. Focused schooling in an environment that values intelligence has left her with a decent amount of smarts, and she does have a penchant for climbing her way to the top. She's been trained to home in on the highest echelon of achievement in any sphere, whether that be a class council position or top-ranking seed in a tennis tournament, and find the most straightforward path there, like a heat-seeking missile.

But Celia is not nearly as rational and self-disciplined as she thinks she is. She is ruled by her emotions, and they blind her to the bigger picture. She struggles to see beyond herself and how something made her personally feel. If something makes her feel bad, it is bad. If it makes her feel good, it is good. It's a very simplistic way of viewing the world — and on some level she senses this — but she cannot yet move beyond this framing. There have been many times when a snide remark or an automatic retort has gotten Celia into trouble. She can't help but lash out even when she knows strategically it is a bad idea.

Celia has an excess amount of pride. She is loath to ever acknowledge that she was in the wrong. Her reputation is very important to her, and though she won't admit it, she cares what people think about her. To be humiliated is one of her greatest fears, and she has a hard time ever laughing at herself. She is constantly comparing herself to others and can be very judgemental though she mostly keeps those thoughts to herself — and some friends. But it's not hard to tell when she thinks someone is lesser than herself, from the dismissiveness in her voice to the contempt in her eyes.

Structured environments are where Celia thrives. She needs a set of rules by which she can operate. Sure, she's sometimes prone to ignoring those rules, but she needs to know they exist in the first place. Such environments also help her pursue her ambitions. If she knows x, y, z are required for success, she will do x, y, z no matter how difficult the process is. Celia doesn't give up easily once she sets her mind on something. On one hand, this has helped her with everything from getting good grades to completing personal art projects. On the other hand, this tendency also translates to a stubbornness that impedes her relationships with others.

Celia is definitely the type to hold a grudge. She never forgets (she finds it hard to forgive as well). If she's angry enough at someone, she would be willing to sabotage herself in order to hurt that person. She usually relies on the other party to be the bigger person and try to make amends first. That desire to be second, to be able to have all options on the table, extends to nearly every aspect of her life. She wants to have as much information as possible before acting (whether she actually takes the time to incorporate that information into her decision-making process is a different story).

As an extrovert, Celia finds herself at ease in most social situations. The presence of others energizes her, and she rather enjoys the spotlight. She wants people to know her name. Celia has a tendency to form close relationships very quickly. Loyalty is important to her, and she is quick to make alliances. Her friends' enemies are also her enemies, and she expects the same unquestioned faith from her friends. However, at the end of the day, she will always pick her own interests over her friends' interests.

Strengths: ambitious, meticulous, creative, tenacious, focused
Weaknesses: vindictive, dramatic, sarcastic, judgmental, abrasive
Likes: fashion, snow, brand new oil paints, tennis, glossy magazine spreads, divination, art museums, flying, reading, visiting big cities, indoor gardens, dueling, swimming, astrology, strawberries
Dislikes: humid weather, the color yellow, pigeons, running, graphite smudges, banana-flavored anything, school uniforms, country music, musty books
  • She adores tabloids and trashy reality television shows
  • She overheard some of the fights her parents had right before their divorce
  • The only reason she got an A+ in math in fourth grade was because she cheated
  • There's a very cringeworthy video of her and her friend floating around on the internet from when they tried to become vloggers
  • Celia tries to keep her background a secret. She is very reluctant to share information about her family or childhood.
  • To attend Ilvermorny and live with her dad
  • She has dreamed of careers in a variety of fields — business, the arts, politics — and though she knows it's unrealistic, she would love to reach the top of each field sometime in her lifetime
  • To learn how to sew and make her own dress
  • To visit the Louvre
  • To get accepted into a prestigious university

Shot to shot it's getting hot
Advance the plot and see how far it's gonna go

Everyone knew Olivia Ngo and Daniel Vuong wouldn't last. Everyone, that is, except for the couple themselves.

They'd met too young and married too soon. She, a headstrong literature student who'd fought for everything she had. He, a lost finance major who'd had everything he wanted offered to him. They met at a summer party between terms hosted by one of Olivia's friends, crashed by one of Daniel's. They had absolutely nothing in common, but the spark between them was undeniable.

On the day of their marriage, things kept going wrong. A bridesmaid got sick. Rain forced the reception indoors. The caterer arrived late. It was as if the universe was protesting, but Olivia didn't believe in signs. But in the coming years, things kept going wrong. They fought constantly, and when they weren't fighting, they were wrapped up in their careers and climbing the ranks of their respective companies. Despite their different backgrounds, both had been taught that appearance and status mattered, and so they learned to conceal their marital issues. It helped that after a few years out of college, they'd developed completely different social circles.

Celia was both an attempt to save their marriage and a result of parental pressure on both sides for grandkids. Though Celia sidetracked Olivia's career, Olivia never resented her for it and instead redirected her simmering frustration towards Daniel, who never seemed to fulfill his share of parenting duties. But for the first few years, she tamped down that anger. For once, things were going smoothly as the two learned to coexist, directing all of their attention towards Celia and their personal lives, but never each other. It wasn't an ideal solution, but to outsiders, it looked like their family was perfect.

Many of Celia's first memories center on silence. One of her parents was always working late, and she was enrolled in activities and daycares to keep her busy. Olivia was more involved in her day-to-day care and was the disciplinarian. Daniel usually didn't have much time to entertain Celia except for the weekends. The interactions she did witness between her parents were always cordial. But for the most part, everyone focused on themselves.

So no one — not even Celia herself — noticed her magic. It was fairly subtle. Objects would disappear and reappear in strange places. Birds seemed to have a strange affinity for her. Since she lived in the city, that usually meant she had to shoo away flocks of pigeons. But there was one particularly magical moment when a hummingbird stayed still enough for her to pet it. It was kind of strange, sure, but nothing seemed to signify that these instances were related to magic instead of just bizarre coincidences.

Celia went to preschool and elementary school with other muggle kids. Her parents had chosen a private school known for its enrichment program, so she spent a lot of time with kids who came from similar upper or upper middle class backgrounds. She generally got along with her classmates and was fairly popular though she always felt that as one of the few students of color at the school, there was an invisible wall separating herself and her classmates — a wall that everyone sensed but no one acknowledged.

From her teachers' attitudes to her parents' examples, Celia quickly picked up that success was the most important thing in life. She always had lofty ambitions, and on paper, she was a good student — decent grades, an ever-expanding list of extracurriculars. But sometimes her tendency to mouth off got her in trouble. For as many friends she had, she also had quite a few people who disliked her and thought her abrasive. She had a fondness for gossip and drama, and she understood that social success was intertwined with material success.

By the time she was 10, Celia had developed a close circle of friends. They fought constantly, but they were just as quick to make up. She'd discovered that she had a fondness for the visual arts (though she wasn't a particularly talented artist herself) and for traveling. After school, she had a busy schedule of extracurriculars, one of her favorites being tennis. On the weekends, she hung out at her friends' houses and begged her parents to take her to her favorite spots in the city. She was looking forward to middle school.

And then the letter from Ilvermorny came.

Daniel was the one who found it, and if it hadn't been him, then things may have turned out very differently. But on one cloudy Saturday afternoon, he fished the letter out of the stack of mail, turned it over in his hands, and puzzled at this practical joke. Who would send this to them? None of their friends had a sense of humor. Or an imagination. He was just about to throw it away when Olivia spotted it, and the look on her face told him this was no joke.

It had been Olivia's greatest secret. She was magical due to some fluke in genetics, a witch from a muggle family. Of course, she had been excited to learn about the wizarding world when she was eleven, but as any eleven year old, she had been naïve. She had no idea of the way social hierarchies in the wizarding world worked. How could she? Most eleven year olds know nothing of power and the kind of people who receive it.

It didn't take long for Olivia to learn. Ilvermorny might have been one of the least elitist of all the wizarding schools, but that didn't mean blood prejudice didn't exist. She saw its effects in the surprised looks whenever she mastered a spell more quickly than her pureblood classmates and in the whispered jokes that had slurs as punchlines. And that didn't even include all of the slights she'd faced because of her race. Ilvermorny, like any elite school in America, was very white.

So when Olivia turned 17, she decided to leave Ilvermorny and the magical world behind. It wasn't a difficult decision. By then she'd learned a lot about power and the kind of people who receive it. She wasn't going to choose a world where her blood would be yet another weight dragging her down, another obstacle to overcome in her quest for success. If she wanted to reach the upper echelons of society, she would pick the most straightforward path.

When Celia was born, Olivia was terrified her secret would come out. But as the years passed without magical incident, Olivia started to relax. Her daughter would be normal. Celia would have a shot at a normal life, unencumbered by bizarre notions of purity. Equally as important, Olivia could continue living as normal. She'd cut off all contact with the wizard world, and no one in the muggle world except for her parents had ever known about her time at Ilvermorny.

Normal disappeared when the letter came.

Daniel was outraged to hear that Olivia had been keeping such a big secret from him. But it wasn't just that. Once the first argument started up, over a decade's worth of resentment and anger — on both sides — started to pour out, fueling the flames of their conflict. The two of them fought bitterly for days, and this time, they couldn't shield Celia from it. In the end, the two decided to separate.

When it was all over, Olivia and Celia moved out, headed for Vietnam, where Olivia had a long, twisting network of family to fall back on. Her own parents had died several years prior in an accident, and the rest of the Ngo family was in Hanoi. It was cowardly, but after the divorce, after her life had fallen apart, all Olivia wanted to do was disappear in the folds of family, to be with people who would accept her without question, to heal.

Celia was much less happy about the move. In fact, she was furious. Her whole life was in America, her friends, her school, her city. She couldn't speak a lick of Vietnamese; Olivia hadn't bothered to teach her, assuming it would be useless. Before the move, she'd only visited Vietnam once, when she was very young. She'd had a whole future to look forward to back in Boston, and her mother had ripped her away from it.

She also blamed her mother for the divorce. It was Olivia's fault for not telling Daniel about magic much earlier, about the truth of her identity. The way Celia saw it, her mother had also lied to her about her own identity. Moreover, she was angry that her mother, who preached about strength and power and determination, had fled. Olivia could have chosen to stay in America, in Boston. Flying halfway around the world was a sign of weakness.

The move was, of course, temporary as Celia would start school soon again and Olivia's visa would eventually expire. But now that they were in Vietnam, Ilvermorny was no longer a practical option. Instead, Olivia enrolled Celia at Hogwarts New Zealand, the closest, most prestigious English-speaking wizarding school. Celia begged to be allowed to go to Ilvermorny because at least that was near home, near her father, but Olivia refused. The reasons for her refusal were mysterious to Celia, but Olivia knew that Daniel would be too busy to check in on his daughter or retrieve her from school if an emergency came up. Plus part of her secretly hoped that Hogwarts would somehow be better than Ilvermorny on the blood purity front.

For weeks, Celia refused to speak to her mother. And because her mother was the only one in close proximity who spoke English, she spoke to no one. She spent those weeks in Hanoi, moping around the house, pacing up and down the street where they lived — watching, observing, but never speaking. Instead, she sent lengthy texts and emails to her father, trying to get him to rescue her. She also tried to message her friends but unable to mention the existence of a magical world, she found there were gaps in communication too big to cross.

Olivia was too tired to argue so instead she started to speak at Celia. There were things Celia needed to know before she started at Hogwarts. Olivia had entered the magical world without guidance, and she wasn't about to allow her daughter to do the same.

So for the next few weeks, Olivia told stories. She spoke about the magical world and charms and curses. She was only familiar with Ilvermorny, so she talked a lot about the school's traditions, wanting to give Celia as much information as possible on the off-chance some of it might be useful. She talked about wizarding society and magical governments, wiping the rust from her memories. She spoke about blood prejudice, determined to give her daughter the head-start she had never received.

In spite of herself, Celia listened. It wasn't like there was much else to do. She'd never admit it, but parts of the magical world sounded intriguing. Paintings could talk. People could teleport. She wanted to hate magic, to return to her normal life, but she could also recognize that this was a whole new sphere of influence ripe for her taking. If what her mother was saying was true, then these were very rare powers, and the concept of success and what it could encapsulate was much bigger than she'd ever dreamed.

That didn't mean she had any plans on just accepting her fate and allowing herself to be shipped off to the middle of nowhere. Celia didn't see any reason why she had to study magic in New Zealand when there were wizarding schools in America. She could go to Ilvermorny like her mother but live with her father, the one who hadn't lied to her for her entire life. The school was close enough to Boston that she'd probably also be able to see her friends regularly during breaks. No, there was no way she'd settle for Hogwarts New Zealand. Someday, somehow, she would find her way back.

  • Olivia Ngo - Mother
    • 44 years old | Management Consultant | Muggleborn
  • Daniel Vuong - Father
    • 44 years old | Unemployed | Muggle
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First Year | 2053-2054
we two alone will sing like birds in the cage


What a Pain | Zachariah King
Celia comes across a boy who doesn't seem to care about his expensive clothes and decides to say something about it.

You Want the Same as I So Stop Pretending | Max Kiefer
After another boy enters her train compartment, Celia lashes out only to discover that the two have something in common.

Y38 Sorting Ceremony | Katherine Alicastell, Sorting Hat, First Years
Snide comments about Hogwarts's sorting process cause the hat to sentence Celia to seven years in the dungeons.

'Til Chaos Calls | Ivelisse Burleigh, Melusine de Valeriane, Lynn Chatwin
Celia didn't have high hopes for her living situation at Hogwarts, but what she encounters shocks her.

Adventure Knows No Bounds | Mirim Park, Bern Malakas, Angel Castillo
Determined to get expelled as soon as possible, Celia heads for the Forbidden Forest at dawn and encounters a crazed Gryffindor.

Some Things Don't Sit Right This Close to Midnight | Caleb Thorne
After her Forbidden Forest plan falls through, Celia attempts to break curfew but gets caught almost immediately.

A Stealth Borrow | Malkin Aster
A stained jacket sends Celia back to the dorms early, where she discovers another girl rifling through her stuff.

The Importance of Presentation | Jenna Irons
After weeks of drifting through Hogwarts alone, Celia finally meets someone who shares a similar outlook on the school.

Eager to Fly | Louis Alcott
Celia might not have any plans to attend Flying class, but that doesn't mean she won't be learning to fly.

Rock Bottom But There Ain't No Stopping | Jasper Night
Desperate to get out of Hogwarts, Celia decides to turn to a known troublemaker for some advice.

Not So Different After All | Max Kiefer
Celia has a plan to escape from Hogwarts, and though she won't admit it, she doesn't want to go about it alone.

Running 'Till We Outta Time | Max Kiefer
Celia executes her escape plan to perfection only to discover that the home she's running towards no longer exists.

Out of Time | Max Kiefer, Katherine Alicastell
After running away from Hogwarts, it's time for Celia to face the music — and a room full of very angry adults.

Exciting | Estella Fuentes
Celia receives a yellow rose from a person operating under the mistaken notion that they are friends.

The Moonlight at 3am | Pixie Longmire
The castle walls are closing in, and Celia heads out after curfew for some breathing room. She soon discovers she's not alone.

Let's Talk | Mallory Corrins
After getting caught practicing advanced spells in class. Celia tries to plea her innocence to the professor.

The Stands | Elliot Briar
Celia finds an unlikely ally after complaining about the Slytherin team's performance during the match against Ilvermorny.

Fashion Girls | Julia Black, Malkin Aster
It's Brightstone Weekend, and Celia decides to check out the only fashion boutique in a 50 mile radius with her friends.



Total House Points

Second Year | 2054-2055
I have lost the immortal part of myself


Lighting Up The Place | Ivelisse Burleigh
Armed with fairy lights and enchanted posters, Celia and her roommate try to make their dungeon dorm a little less depressing.

It's Brutal Out Here | Louis Alcott, René Tofilau
Celia heads to the pitch for some extra practice ahead of tryouts and finds two other classmates who had the same idea.

Ancient Lines | Natalia Novak
It's never too early to do a little social climbing, so Celia tries to suss out if one of her housemates is a pureblood.

Y39 Slytherin Quidditch Try-Outs | Slytherins
After a nerve-wracking tryout, Celia secures a spot on the Slytherin Quidditch team as a starting beater.

Back to Life | The Blue Lady
There aren't many things to look forward to about another year at Hogwarts, but the talking art is one of them.

Y39 Club Fair | Hogwarts Students
College apps might be years away, but Celia is determined to start padding her resume with impressive extracurriculars now.

Y39 Slytherin Practice S1 | Slytherin Quidditch Team
Celia starts to get a feel for the beater position and proves her skills at the first Quidditch practice of the year.

Mad Collaboration | Hogwarts Monthly Meeting Y39/S1 | Hogwarts Monthly Members
Hogwarts Monthly kicks off the year with a pointless, juvenile activity that does not help Celia's impression of the club.

Glory and Gore | Padme Hume
Celia wanders around the Halloween feast, looking for students to interview for her Monthly article.

Quidditch Game: Hufflepuff vs Slytherin | Reeve Buchanan, Slytherin Quidditch Team, Hufflepuff Quidditch Team
After six years, the Slytherin Quidditch streak finally comes to an end at the hands of Hufflepuff.

Y39 S1 Heta Omega | Welcome Meeting | Heta Omega Members
It's the first Heta Omega meeting of the year, and Celia is pleased to discover one of her older sisters is the club's vice president.

SDA Event S1 - Defensive Devices | SDA Members
Magical defensive devices are poorly designed, Celia discovers, and she decides she could do better.

Hogwarts Monthly: Y39 Semester 1 | Article
Instead of writing the traditional Halloween feast recap, Celia decides to critique her classmates' costumes.

Time for Showing Off | Julia Black, Malkin Aster
Celia links up with her other fashion-forward friends at the Yule Ball to hang out and show off their outfits.

Quidditch Game: Ravenclaw vs Slytherin | Reeve Buchanan, Slytherin Quidditch Team, Ravenclaw Quidditch Team
Though Slytherin defeats Ravenclaw, Celia's a little annoyed the game ends before she can knock out the other seeker.

Head Start | Indira Khatri
In a bid to unearth some good Quidditch team gossip, Celia offers to practice with one of her teammates.

Words Can Be Strong, Like the Beating Drum | Rhys Garner
Celia debates the merits of opinion journalism with one of the other Hogwarts Monthly interns.

More Reasons To Escape It All | Caleb Thorne
Celia's late-night, self-pity party in the Slytherin common room gets interrupted by a nosy housemate.

I Make My Own Fate | Mallory Corrins
In an extra Charms lesson, Celia learns a new spell and some juicy gossip about her professor's personal life.

Y39 Dueling Match #2 | Louis Alcott, Katherine Alicastell, Sydney Townsend
On the brink of victory, Celia makes a rash decision that gets her disqualified from her first Dueling Tournament.

Pyrrhic Defeat | Sydney Townsend
An older student offers Celia some advice after watching her disastrous Dueling Tournament debut.

Electives Fair Y39 | Second Years, Hogwarts Professors
As far as Celia's concerned, the Electives Fair is an opportunity to start schmoozing with her future professors.

We Say Our Lines, We Do the Time | Leonardo Orr, Poppy Perkins
Forbidden from leaving the school grounds, Celia decides to spend her Brightstone Weekend practicing dangerous spells.

Y39 S2 | Brotherhood and Heta Omega Bonfire Party | Heta Omega Members, Brotherhood Members
A bonfire party gets off to a less than stellar start after Celia criticizes one of her housemates.

The Stands | Quidditch Spectators
Celia arrives at the international match eager to see Ilvermorny destroy Hufflepuff. She is greatly disappointed.

Hogwarts Monthly: Y39 Semester 2 | Article
In her inaugural column, Celia takes on the Hogwarts school uniforms policy and the lack of opportunities for self-expression.

Release Party | HM Meeting Y39/S2 | Hogwarts Monthly Members
The Monthly staff celebrate another successful issue, and Celia strikes up a conversation with the author of a critical poem.



Total House Points

Third Year | 2055-2056
look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent


Y40 Start of Year Feast! | Katherine Alicastell, Hogwarts Staff, Hogwarts Students
The announcement about who will serve as the new Slytherin Head of House leaves Celia horrorstruck

Y40 S1 Slytherin House Meeting | Angel Castillo, Slytherins
Celia spends much of the first house meeting of the year sulking over her never-ending streak of bad luck.

Combat, I'm Ready for Combat | Louis Alcott
On the run from Vex, Celia takes refuge in an abandoned classroom. It's not long before someone else joins her.

Y40 Slytherin Quidditch Tryouts | Slytherins
Feeling smug that she has already secured her position on the team, Celia attends tryouts to see who will join her as a beater.

Private Runway | Jenna Irons
As they gossip and judge their classmates' outfits, Celia and a friend make plans to start their own sorority.

Falafel, How I've Missed You | Iman El-Halaby, Manaia Te Rangi
The food at Hogwarts is usually bland, boring, and British, so the smell of spices in the Great Hall is a welcome surprise.

Two Sides of a Coin | Gwen Goodwin
A younger student warns Celia that some students at Hogwarts have been less than pleased with her Monthly articles.

Slytherin Quidditch Team Practice Y40 S1 | Slytherin Quidditch Team
The first Quidditch practice of the year brings several surprises, including new captains and an unusually talented alternate.

Losses and Wins and Fails and Falls | Leia Hume
Getting disqualified from the Dueling Tournament last year has lit a fire under Celia, and she is determined not to let it happen again.

Risking It All | Ivelisse Burleigh
Celia heads to the pitch to get some extra practice in and comes across her second favorite Slytherin seeker.

Lost in the Colors | Casper Beckett, Sebastian Kane
After pointing out to a boy in the arts room that he is making a mess, Celia is rudely attacked with paint.

Y40 Heta Omega Welcome Meeting | Heta Omega Members
Celia learns that her "big sister" for the year is the Head Girl, and the two try to find things they have in common.

What's a Girl To Do When She's Not Strong? | René Tofilau
To prepare for DADA, Celia decides to go boggart hunting, and it goes about as well as one might expect.

Quidditch Game: Slytherin vs Gryffindor | Reeve Buchanan, Slytherin Quidditch Team, Gryffindor Quidditch Team
Even though Slytherin won its match against Gryffindor, Celia is left feeling frustrated by her failure to hit the seeker.

Painful Disappointment | Ivelisse Burleigh
In an attempt to make herself feel better after the Quidditch match, Celia seeks out a teammate who did a lot worse than her.

Easy Question, Easy Answer | Louis Alcott
After carefully weighing the pros and cons, Celia agrees to go to the Yule Ball with one of her classmates.

Hogwarts Monthly: Y40 Semester 1 | Article
For her second column, Celia criticizes the administration for not consulting students before filling the Slytherin Head of House position.

High Stakes | Louis Alcott
Celia attends the Yule Ball with an arrogant Gryffindor and finds she doesn't completely hate the experience.

Slytherin Team Practice - S2 | Slytherin Quidditch Team
Celia has just one goal in mind for the first Quidditch practice of the semester: Send her roommate to the hospital wing.

Someone Has a Crush On You | Felix Carnahan
A pink rose makes its way to Celia on Valentine's Day, and she is pleasantly surprised by both the sender and the note.

Lovely Day for Love | Maisie Morvay
Popularity no longer seems like a distant goal after Celia receives a red rose from one of the most popular girls in school.

Acting Tough | Julia Black, Timothy Black
While Celia is happy to spend Valentine's with her friend, she is less enthusiastic about hanging out with her friend's little brother.

Y40 Dueling Match #5 | Louis Alcott
After an agonizing wait, Celia finally gets a rematch against the person who knocked her out of the Dueling Tournament last year.

Y40 Dueling Match #18 | Atlas James-Cade
Celia is on cloud nine after beating the former dueling champion, and she makes quick work of her next opponent.

Y40 Dueling Match #25 | Caleb Thorne
It only took her two years, but Celia has finally claimed the Dueling Tournament champion titled for herself.

Exclusive Membership | Jenna Irons, Maisie Morvay, Molly Burke
Celia and her friend interview prospective members for the new, exclusive sorority they co-founded.

Ribbons in Our Hair and Our Eyes Gleamed Mean | Jenna Irons, Evangeline Moss
Interviews for the Elite Sisterhood continue though the next applicant comes with a couple red flags.

Quidditch Game: Slytherin vs Ravenclaw | Reeve Buchanan, Slytherin Quidditch Team, Ravenclaw Quidditch Team
Despite a solid start, the match against Ravenclaw quickly goes downhill when Celia accidentally hits one of her teammates.

Facing Fears | René Tofilau
Celia has done her best to try and move past her boggart meltdown, but a certain Hufflepuff refuses to let her forget.

Hogwarts Monthly: Y40 Semester 2 | Article
Annoyed that she didn't get to duel until her second year, Celia makes the case for letting first years enter the Dueling Tournament.

Quidditch Game: Slytherin vs Ilvermorny | Reeve Buchanan, Slytherin Quidditch Team, Ilvermorny Quidditch Team
Any interest or goodwill Celia has towards Ilvermorny is wiped away when the team's beaters knock her out.

Bitter Pill | Ivelisse Burleigh
Somehow organ contusions and possible internal bleeding are not the worst parts of Celia's hospital wing stay.

Y40 S2 Slytherin House Meeting | Angel Castillo, Slytherins
The Slytherin Head of House calls a meeting to address recent rumors about an attack in the Forbidden Forest.



Total House Points

Fourth Year | 2056-2057
I have immortal longings in me


Y41 Start of Year Feast | Hogwarts Staff, Hogwarts Students
The school year starts off with a shocking announcement about the dangerous beast that was found in the forest last semester.

Crown on the Ground | Ares Kuya-Tine
In a bid to shake off the rust after a long break from flying, Celia heads to the pitch and finds one of her least favorite teammates there.

Y41 Slytherin Quidditch Try-Outs | Slytherins
Celia spends most of the Quidditch tryouts aiming bludgers at her least favorite teammates in a bid to knock them out.

Nobody Asked Me | Liusaidh Fergusson
The Slytherin Quidditch team roster has been posted, and Celia is outraged at some of the names that made the cut.

The Clash | Rhys Garner
In an effort to find a quiet place to sort through her op-ed ideas, Celia heads for the Monthly newsroom but finds it occupied.

All I Ever Wanted Was the World | Mallory Corrins
A conversation with a Charms professor sheds light on some of the struggles Hogwarts teachers face.

Elite Sisterhood Recruitment | Jenna Irons, Sloane Ari, Yuelia Rossingol, Valeria Iglesias
The Elite Sisterhood might not be an official club, but Celia and her friend still plan to recruit members at the Club Fair.

Story Writing | HM Meeting Y41/S1 | Hogwarts Monthly Members
Celia derails a Monthly meeting when she questions the editor's leadership and demands that they discuss story pitches.

Y41 Slytherin Practice | Slytherin Quidditch Team
As always, Celia spends much of Quidditch practice trying to hospitalize her least favorite teammates.

Taking the High Road, But I Might Need To Go Low | Louis Alcott
Celia has suspected for a while now that a certain Gryffindor is avoiding her, so she decides to confront him.

Y41 Slytherin House Meeting S1 | Angel Castillo, Slytherins
Celia is irritated when she realizes her Head of House summoned everyone for an early morning meeting about a trampoline.

Y41 Heta Omega Welcome Meeting | Heta Omega Members
To Celia's amusement, she finds that her Heta Omega "little sister" for the year is an Elite Sisterhood reject.

Quidditch Game: Gryffindor vs Slytherin | Reeve Buchanan, Slytherin Quidditch Team, Gryffindor Quidditch Team
The match against Gryffindor is an eventful one filled with bludger hits, and Celia manages to land a few of her own.

Spin the Bottle Y41 | Fourth Years, Fifth Years
Though the crowd at the Spin the Bottle game isn't exactly promising, Celia decides to stick around for the gossip.

Hogwarts Monthly: Y41 Semester 1 | Article
Celia urges eligible students and staff to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming Minister for Magic election.

Whatever They Do, We Do It Better | Lilisette Earnshaw
While putting up posters for her Minister for Magic candidate, Celia comes across a volunteer for another campaign.

Got a Lot to Say, No Time to Play | Aleena Thorne
The Minister for Magic election is just a few weeks away, so Celia does some last-minute canvassing in Brightstone.

Y41 Slytherin Quidditch Practice Semester Two | Slytherin Quidditch Team
Though Celia doesn't have high hopes for the next game, she knows she has to do her best during practice.

Y41 Slytherin House Meeting S2 | Angel Castillo, Slytherins
Now that the headmistress is gone, Celia is in a better mood than usual and wonders if her head of house is next.

Lost and Lovely Lunar Years | Caleb Thorne
Celia foists an unwanted Lunar New Year gift from her dad onto one of her most annoying housemates.

Quidditch Game: Slytherin vs Hufflepuff | Reeve Buchanan, Slytherin Quidditch Team, Hufflepuff Quidditch Team
The match against Hufflepuff is abruptly cut short when Slytherin catches the snitch within the first few minutes of the game.

CHAMPIONS | Slytherins
Celia spends the Slytherin victory party trying not to seethe too obviously over her roommate's success.

Y41 Duelling Match #6 | Caleb Thorne
For her first round in the Dueling Tournament, Celia trades hexes and taunts with last year's runner-up.

Y41 Duelling Match #22 | Valeria Iglesias
Celia is up against someone new for the final round, but they don't put up much of a fight and Celia quickly secures the title.

Quidditch Game: Slytherin vs Beauxbatons | Reeve Buchanan, Slytherin Quidditch Team, Beauxbatons Quidditch Team
After another match that ends after just a few minutes, Celia becomes convinced the snitch has been cursed.

Hogwarts Monthly: Y41 Semester 2 | Article
Celia makes the case for a more international and diverse curriculum in her latest Hogwarts Monthly column.

Y41 Yearbook is Released! | Hogwarts Students
Though Celia is pleased she won the "Future Minister for Magic" superlative, she wishes she'd won a few others as well.

Y41 End of Year Feast | Hogwarts Staff, Hogwarts Students
Celia and a housemate speculate over who the next headmaster or headmistress of Hogwarts could be.



Total House Points

Fifth Year | 2057-2058
boldness be my friend


Where I'm From, It All Goes Wrong | One-Shot
After one of the most blissful summers she's had in years, Celia receives an unexpected offer from her mother.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World | Ivelisse Burleigh
Celia discovers the second prefect badge went to her arch-nemesis in what she is convinced was an act of nepotism.

Y42 S1 Slytherin House Meeting | Angel Castillo, Slytherins
After wrangling first years, Celia attends the house meeting, where she notices something is off with one of her roommates.

Preemptive Precautions | Angel Castillo
Celia's already terrible first night back takes a turn for the worse when her head of house calls her into a private meeting.

A Clearly Broken System | Kita Spencer
After an insulting meeting with her head of house, Celia returns to her dorm and tries to rub her new badge in her roommate's face.

Prefects Meeting Y42 S1 | Head Students, Prefects
Celia interrogates one of the seventh years, trying to figure out how the worst beater in the school got the head boy badge.

Y42 Slytherin Quidditch Try-Outs | Slytherins
After last year's revelation that Quidditch team members can't lose their spots, Celia wonders if there's any point to holding tryouts.

Sweet Gestures | Louis Alcott
Celia splits a macaron with the headmaster's nephew as she tries to pump him for information about his uncle.

Been Hearing All These Things About You | Rhys Garner, Matt Alcott-Ward
The new headmaster walks in on Celia discussing his appointment with one of the other Monthly staffers.

I'm Gonna Run This Nothing Town | Caleb Thorne
Celia goes to the Trophy Room to reflect on recent events and runs into one of her least favorite classmates

Maybe I'm Hungry for More Than I've Got | Mallory Corrins
Fifth Year means a new slate of professors, but Celia still intends to visit her old Charms professor.

Slytherin Quidditch Practice | Slytherin Quidditch Team
The first Quidditch practice of the year goes awry when Celia and the head boy get into a screaming match.

Passionate Debates | HM Meeting Y42/S1 | Hogwarts Monthly Members
The Hogwarts Monthly editor kicks off the school year by encouraging a little debate among the staff.

Choking on Apologies | Aine Thompson
One of the other Hogwarts Monthly staff members tries to apologize to Celia with disastrous results.

Y42 Heta Omega Welcome Meeting | Heta Omega Members
Celia drags herself to the first Heta Omega meeting of the year to find out who her "little sister" will be.

Quidditch Game: Slytherin vs Hufflepuff | Reeve Buchanan, Slytherin Quidditch Team, Hufflepuff Quidditch Team
Another Quidditch match ends after just a few minutes, giving credence to Celia's theory that something sinister is afoot.

From a Tender Age I Was Cursed With Rage | René Tofilau
Frustrated by the painfully short Quidditch match, Celia returns to the pitch to try and channel her rage.

Responsibility | Jordan Harris
Celia and her prefect partner go out to patrol the castle grounds where they discuss house traits and stereotypes.

SDA Y42 S1: Question & Answer Session | SDA Members, Charles Abberline
A former hit wizard answers questions at the SDA meeting, and Celia wonders why anyone would work in law enforcement.

Lounging in the Sun | Seamus Reid
Taking advantage of her lack of exams, Celia goes to lounge by the lake and finds one of her teammates already there.

Hogwarts Monthly: Y42 Semester 1 | Article
Celia likens the Restricted Section in the Hogwarts library to censorship and argues the school should get rid of it.

Slytherin Practice S2 | Slytherin Quidditch Team
After a less than ideal winter break, Celia is eager to get back on the pitch and wastes no time hitting her teammates.

Quidditch Game: Ravenclaw vs Slytherin | Reeve Buchanan, Slytherin Quidditch Team, Ravenclaw Quidditch Team
After four years, Celia finally accomplishes her goal of single-handedly knocking someone out during a Quidditch game.

Quidditch Game: Slytherin vs Ilvermorny | Reeve Buchanan, Slytherin Quidditch Team, Ilvermorny Quidditch Team
Celia is robbed of her chance to get revenge against Ilvermorny when their seeker catches the snitch at the start of the match.

Y42 Duelling Match #15 | Caleb Thorne
After being forced to sit out the first round of the Dueling Tournament, Celia is hungry for a violent victory.

Y42 Duelling Match #18 | Valeria Iglesias
Celia wins the tournament for the third year in a row, which she believes proves definitively that she is the best duelist in her year.

Debts for Your Soul to Pay | Seraphina My
Life-changing news about Celia's father makes its way to Celia via a frontpage story in a muggle newspaper

To Stop the Warden Calling Your Name | Gabrielle Moncrieffe
Celia skips the Valentine's Dance to do some personal research but gets interrupted by a nosy professor.

Passing of a Title | Liusaidh Fergusson
The Slytherin Quidditch captain pulls Celia aside to pass down the title. Unfortunately, it comes with a couple caveats.

My Fate Is Losing Its Patience | Open
Determined to spend the summer away from her parents, Celia applies for a fashion designer internship.

Hogwarts Monthly: Y42 Semester 2 | Article
After years of stewing over the Hogwarts curriculum, Celia puts thoughts to paper in a Hogwarts Monthly column.

Y42 Graduation Ceremony: Guests | Graduation Ceremony Guests
Celia attends graduation for appearance' sake and silently bids the seventh years good riddance.



Total House Points

Sixth Year | 2058-2059
one may smile, and smile, and be a villain


I Hear Your Voice Aloud in My Heart | Simone Moreau-Chen

Hustle for Your Hunger | Evelyn Manning

Accidental Bump Ins | Molly Burke

Y43 S1 Slytherin House Meeting | Angel Castillo, Slytherins

Y43 Slytherin Quidditch Try-Outs | Slytherins

To Find Them a Fortune | Rory Fergusson

My Methods Are Controversial | Senna Overby

Spying on Try-Outs | Seamus Reid

Couldn't Understand You if I Tried | Louis Alcott

Mirror Images | Gwen Goodwin

Accidents Happen | Georgia Astor, Rion Pendleton, Cameron Roswell

Please, Don't Let It Be Sandpaper | Aine Thompson

Everything I Want, Yeah, You Know I'm Gonna Get It | Mallory Corrins

Prefects Meeting Y43 S1 | Head Students, Prefects

Slytherin Quidditch Practice Y43 S1 | Slytherin Quidditch Team

Elite Sisterhood Makeup Lessons | Elite Sisterhood Members

I Heard It's Lonely at the Top | Indira Khatri

The Stands | René Tofilau

Starting Fires Wherever We Go | Elara Chatelain

Walking on Ice, But Nobody Breaks It | Crystal Holmgaard

HM Meeting Y43 S1 | Hogwarts Monthly Members

Heta Omega S1 Event - Camping Trip! | Heta Omega Members

Quidditch Game: Hufflepuff vs Slytherin | Reeve Buchanan, Slytherin Quidditch Team, Hufflepuff Quidditch Team

Seeing Red With Eyes Known to Start Fires | Ivelisse Burleigh

When All Our Luck and Money's Gone | One-Shot

SDA Y43 S1: Maze Challenge | SDA Members

Hogwarts Monthly: Y43 S1 | Article

When She Smiles, All Her Teeth Are Made of Razors | Caleb Thorne

Slow Day | Simon Thorne

Slytherin Quidditch Practice Y43 S2 | Slytherin Quidditch Team

Like Two Fists and a Heart Attack | Rion Pendleton

Quidditch Game: Ravenclaw vs Slytherin | Reeve Buchanan, Slytherin Quidditch Team, Ravenclaw Quidditch Team

Yellow Rose for a Green | Rosie Archer, Aurora Archer

You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone | Niamh Erikson

Friendly Rose for an Not So Friendly Girl | Crystal Holmgaard

Pinks for Greens | Noelle Maxwell

How Dull | Seamus Reid

Y43 Duelling Match #10 | Valeria Iglesias

Y43 Duelling Match #18 | Caleb Thorne

Here Comes the Pandemonium | Elara Chatelain, René Tofilau, Isaiah Thompson, Xiuying Huang

When the Wreckage Flies | Jenna Irons

Feels Like I’m Living Some Sick Déjà Vu | Louis Alcott

Hogwarts Monthly Year 43 S2 | Article

Y43 Graduation Ceremony: Guests | Graduation Ceremony Guests

Y43 End of Year Feast | Hogwarts Staff, Hogwarts Students



Total House Points

Seventh Year | 2059-2060
these violent delights have violent ends


Fires Burn Until Human Beings Learn | Sydney Townsend

Y44 Start of Year Feast | Hogwarts Staff, Hogwarts Students

I Am Not Your Queen, I'm Your Dictator | Ivelisse Burleigh, Vanity Mettlestone

Y44 Slytherin Quidditch Try-Outs | Slytherins

You're Wild | Dante Styx

My Power Is Endless, the Victory Relentless | Eugene Nestor

Heard You Moved | Seamus Reid

Slytherin Quidditch Practice Y44 S1 | Slytherin Quidditch Team

Prefects Meeting Y44 S1 | Eugene Nestor, Prefects

Y44 Club Fair | Landon Carter, Hogwarts Students

All I See Are Tomorrows | Mallory Corrins

Maybe I Got Mine, But You'll All Get Yours | Gwen Goodwin

Never Accept Mediocrity | Yuelia Rossingol

Sweet Like Sugar Venom | Crystal Holmgaard

The Stands | Hogwarts Students

Fresh Takes | HM Meeting Y44 S1 | Hogwarts Monthly Members

I Hunt the Grounds for Empathy | Nolan Burke

The Worst Isn't Over | Caleb Thorne

Heta Omega Y44 S1 Meeting - Let's Think Positive! | Heta Omega Members

Am I the Only One Looking for Substance? | Avery Lancaster

I'll Keep Turning Up | Seamus Reid

Great Minds Think Alike | June Davenport

Quidditch Game: Hufflepuff vs Slytherin | Reeve Buchanan, Slytherin Quidditch Team, Hufflepuff Quidditch Team

Cattitude Complaints | Molly Burke

The Pressure's on Me, and I Don't Want to Break | Xiuying Huang
East of Eden | Open

SDA Y44 S1: Capture the Flag | SDA Members

Nothing Can Come of Nothing | Veronique Chatelain
Hogwarts Monthly Y44/S1 | Article
Look At Me, I Made It | Adorah Zumwalt
Slytherin Quidditch Practice Y44 S2 | Slytherin Quidditch Team

Hurricane | Adorah Zumwalt

What a Shame My Tongue's Not Tied | Killian Borisyuk

I Dance Better | Seamus Reid

Meeting Expectations | Toby Oikawa

Y44 Duelling Match #11 | Caleb Thorne, Gabrielle Moncrieffe, Veronique Chatelain

Y44 Duelling Match #19 | Terror Zhefarovich, Anisha Khatri, Gabrielle Moncrieffe

Got Me Spinning Like a Ballerina | Seamus Reid
It's Okay To Be Vindictive, Sometimes | Aine Thompson
Quidditch Game: Ravenclaw vs Slytherin | Reeve Buchanan, Slytherin Quidditch Team, Ravenclaw Quidditch Team
Bombastic | Slytherin Victory Party | Slytherins

Everything You Lose Is a Step You Take | Louis Alcott

Dates and Cakes | Seamus Reid

Reaching for the Glory | Avery Lancaster

Y44 S2 Heta Omega & Brotherhood Meeting | BBQ Bonfire! | Heta Omega Members, Brotherhood Members

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