Y44 S2 Heta Omega & Brotherhood Meeting | BBQ Bonfire!

Renata Stepanova

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open to all Heta Omega and Brotherhood members after @Jingyi Huang !

Renata didn't know Jingyi all that well, but was glad he was pretty laid back and easy to talk to for planning an event for semester two. It was a very busy semester, and outside of normal meetings Renata knew that it would be good for everyone to just have a chance to unwind. She knew that some of the girls might not like hanging out with the boys (and vice versa) but hopefully most would like the chance to be casually social. (Plus, it meant she could sneakily hang out with her boyfriend). It was a bit like a muggle school social from what she'd heard and read about doing Muggle Studies homework. She kind of wished they had a pool and could make it a full pool party but putting one together was a bit beyond her capabilities. At least they had some grilled meat and vegetables, things to put together s'mores, and plenty of hot and cold drinks to go around a fire, with a bunch of cushions and picnic blankets situated around the ground. She'd set up a few charmed lights around the place, too, so there was enough lighting to let people see what they were doing (along with the bonfire), and felt quite proud of what a nice atmosphere she'd managed to cultivate. It was a little bit windy, which didn't help, but thankfully it wasn't raining, as setting up such a large Impervious charm was beyond her capability.

"Hi, everyone!" she started, once there were enough people around, having used a Sonorous charm to amplify her voice. "Thanks for coming along! If you don't know me, um, I'm Renata and I'm the Heta president. It is really nice to have the chance to hang out with you all!" She had put effort in to making the area look nice, but hadn't really thought about what she should say. "I know everyone is really busy at this time of the year, especially the seventh years and fifth years, so we thought it would be good to take a night off, hang out, relax." She tried to ignore the growling of her stomach. "That's about it, um, not sure if you wanted to say anything, Jingyi?" She gave a slightly awkward smile as she reversed the spell, moving over towards the food area so she could help serve some of the younger students before taking time to relax herself.
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Jingyi, honestly, had quite a lot on his plate that semester so he hadn't really thought all too much about what do for the brotherhood meeting that semester. Thankfully, Renata was up for doing a little bit of a collab and pulling together both the brotherhood and the society for a meeting, which was perfectly fine with the Gryffindor. It meant less work for him and he had more or less let the Hufflepuff plan most of the meeting. Of course, he'd put in his own ideas and helped out a little, but it was getting to the end of the semester, and he was starting to feel a little burnt out by everything. But, he supposed the whole meeting was to try and ease as much of the burnout as possible, as he doubted he was the only one feeling it this time of year.

He rocked on his feet as he listened to Renata, nodding his head a little with everything she was saying. And then, the floor was his and Jingyi cleared his throat. "Um, I think you pretty much covered everything," it had sounded good enough to him and he didn't really have much else to add. "I know I'm not the only one feeling the effects of burnout this time of year, so let's all just take the time to relax and not think about school for awhile."
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While the crowd were distracted by speeches, Teddy seized the opportunity for a prank. He asked @Audrey Beauchamp to stand beside him, acting as a convenient shield to obscure his actions. Teddy reached into his pocket to retrieve one of two dungbombs he had surreptitiously brought along to the event. And with a deft and furtive toss, he threw it into the bonfire's heart, where it was hidden among the logs and embers. Slowly, he edged away from the bonfire, minimising any suspicion falling on him when the moment came. As Teddy anticipated, the noxious stench of burning dung soon permeated the air.
Jingyi didn't seem the type to give speeches either, though part of the point of this night was that it was informal. Renata wasn't a terrible public speaker, but she wasn't the best at it and was more than happy to leave everyone to their own devices for the night. She kept half an eye on things, but for the start mostly focused on making sure the younger students didn't burn themselves, along with some staff who she'd bribed with food to assist in supervising. Even though Renata was technically an adult herself, it wasn't like she could do all of this herself.

Something made even more apparent when a bad smell assaulted her senses. She looked down at the food, wondering if something had happened to it and panicking a little as she did. No, the food looked fine, and the smell was coming from somewhere else. From the bonfire, it seemed. She bit her lip, her eyes watering. Had she done something wrong with the fire? Or had someone else messed with it? Oh, she was really doing a bad job with this, she thought. "Um, please don't panic," she called, her voice wavering a bit as she failed to follow her own advice. What was she meant to do in this situation? "And, um, please don't play with the fire, uh, we'll get that fixed up..." she trailed off, looking around frantically to see if a staff member could help, or maybe Gwen knew more of what to do than she did - after all, Gwen was much more capable than she was. Or even Celia or Eugene, as much as she didn't want to bother them when she was meant to be able to handle this herself. Though both of them were head people, and much smarter than she was. She clamped her left hand to her face, covering her nose and looking a bit like a deer in headlights.
Heta Omega was totally lame compared to the SDA, though Audrey was kind of keen for a party with the Brotherhood. Even if it meant the older students would be totally boring and some were probably just going to be off kissing or something like that. At least they weren't being expected to do each other's hair. Although, Audrey's big sister was kind of cool, even if she was mostly hanging out with one of the leaders instead. She liked Isadora well enough and was glad she wasn't too boring and going on about exams and study and all of that. (Of course, Audrey found nothing wrong with studying, as she was determined to get excellent grades to show off and because classwork gave her something to do).

But Teddy had a plan, and Audrey was mad she hadn't come up with it first but was happy to be involved. Sure, her plan might have been less smelly, more showy, but this way she got to be part of a disruption while technically still keeping her hands clean if there were any issues that sprang up. She wouldn't snitch on Teddy, as such, but she wouldn't go out of her way to take the fall with him if he got caught. (Perhaps this was why she was a Ravenclaw, not a Gryffindor). "How do you think a glitterbomb would go in the fire?" she muttered quietly, covering her nose. She couldn't do it non-suspiciously now, with everyone looking at the fire, but she at least tried to put on a look of confused surprised.
Celia didn't have much use for Heta Omega anymore, and her attendance at the meetings this semester had been spotty at best. But when she heard that the sorority was holding a social with the Brotherhood, Celia figured she should check it out. She actually had friends in the Brotherhood, but more importantly, she didn't want to miss the event in case any drama went down.

As she made her way to the Great Lawn, Celia was overcome with a distinct feeling of déjà vu. The two clubs had held a bonfire party at this very spot a few years ago and she assumed the groups' leaders had run out of ideas. However, Celia had to admit that the setup tonight was much nicer, and she peered curiously at one of the charmed lights as she waited for the speeches to end. No sooner had they finished, though, when a rancid stench filled the air. Celia grimaced and immediately cast a Bubblehead Charm. Then she glanced down at her clothes and cast an Imperturbable Charm. She didn't know if it would stop the odor from settling into the fabric, but she really hoped it would because she didn't want to have to trash this outfit.

Satisfied that she could at least breathe, Celia moved even further away from the bonfire, which judging by the way everyone was staring at it, seemed to be the source of the smell. She couldn't tell if the club leaders had accidentally built the fire with manure-covered kindling or if this was the work of a dungbomb, but either way, she was highly amused — even more so when Renata started to panic. "Oh, this is going to be an absolute trainwreck," she muttered to the person next to her, not bothering to hide the glint in her eyes. She had no doubt Margo would react similarly, but it was Gwen's reaction that Celia really wanted to see before she left, and she scanned the crowd for the younger Slytherin.
June really doubted of coming to the event. She thought the club was stupid so far and a waste of her time. But it was something good to be part of. Mostly there were interesting stuff happening and it was an good chance to observe people and perhaps have an bit of an laugh. So June had left her studies for an moment and came to the great lawn. Protected for all insects with stuff to kill them in case neccesary. An bonfire party. June was not sure what she would expect from it. But for sure the clubs liked being outside it seemed. She watched Renata or whatever the girl was named and listened to her speech. It was stupid, what they had to say. If people would study at the end of the year, you were stupid. You had to prepare sooner, and not leave it all in the end. That's why people complained about the lot of work. When suddenly something happened with the fire. And June put her fingers on her nose to close it from the horrible smell. What was this? Was this fun? June was annoyed. And was gonna leave right now. And was glad she was not standing too close to the fire. But looking to the side Celia seemed to protect herself or something and June wanted to learn that too. She heard her speaking and spoke quietly back '' Not an surprise right?'' June said and sighted. '' What is this for stupid childish thing? I'm gonna leave.'' June said quickly and was about to leave this horrible smell. She hated all of those stuff, hated getting dirty. And if this was their idea, of fun. June had no energy to pretend to like it.

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