Slytherin Practice S2

Liusaidh Styx

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Liusaidh had all of the team meet on the first day back to practice. "Right get in the air, we've got one game between us and victory," she told them before releasing everything. She didn't want to waste any time, and nor should they. If they failed it wasn't like she would have to hold on to that legacy, but really Liusaidh didn't want to fail.
Seamus soared up into the air ready to get started on this practice. It was a shame therefore that he missed the first bludger he was aiming for.
As always, Celia was not happy to be back at school. She was not ready to reenter a life stuck in the Dark Ages. The only thing that made the situation marginally better was that Liusaidh had scheduled a Quidditch practice on the first day back. Flying was one of the few things Celia had missed, and she was eager to get back into the sky. Plus, hitting people with bludgers tended to make her feel better.

Celia was well accustomed to Liusaidh's non-speeches by now, and she wasted no time getting into the air. She cracked her bat at the first bludger that came her way and frowned when it missed her target. Clearly she had some rust to shake off.
Liusaidh kept the ball to herself and made her way to a set of hoops.
Ive hopped onto her broom and started looking for the snitch.
As soon as Liusaidh was close enough she tossed the quaffle lazily and it sailed easily through.
Indi grabbed the quaffle after Liusaidh made her shot and tucked it under her arm before flying off.
Indi made quick work of flying around the pitch until she was finally at the hoops again. With a well practiced movement she tossed the quaffle through the hoop.
Celia rounded on another bludger and sent it soaring towards @Ivelisse Burleigh. She felt a little better when she saw the ball hit the seeker, but she knew she would need to be quicker in a game.

Bludger Hits said:
Ivelisse x2
By now, Ive had gotten very good in trying to show as little reaction as possible when she got hit by a bludger. Mostly because she didn’t want to give the beaters that satisfaction, but it helped in games too. She clenched her jaw even tighter after the second hit and quickly changed directions so it wouldn’t look like the bludger had knocked her too much off her course.
Avery took to the sky, scouring the air for the snitch.
Ive continued searching.
Avery shot off toward the other side of the pitch.
Liusaidh caught the ball after the keeper threw it back out following Indi's goal.
Avery kept his eye out for bludgers.
Liusaidh threw the ball and was pleased to score again.

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