Solomon Tofilau

Solomon Tofilau

'Sully' | Life of the Party | Gambol's Assistant
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12/2036 (14)
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Solomon 'Sully' Tofilau

Birthdate : Dec 18th, 2036
Hometown : Rotorua, NZ
Blood-status : Muggleborn

House : Gryffindor

Wand :
Dogwood Wand 13" Meteorite Dust Core:
Dogwood wands are mischievous, and like the same in those who wield them. They refuse to perform non-verbal magic (and are often quite loud), and look for fun and excitement. However, in the right hands a wand with this wood should not be underestimated. This wand core works well for people who adapt easily to their surroundings while still maintaining their own personalities. Meteorite dust seems to produce wands that are useful in Divination work.

Play by
: Roshon Fegan
Hair : Dark brown, kept short
Eyes : Brown
Height/Build : Average, athletic
Style : Trendy and comfortable, with an emphasis on work-out or sportswear. Cares a lot about shoes. Sully rarely wears his uniform properly
Distinguishing Features : Sully has a wide smile with dimples.


Bold | Easy-going | Athletic | Stubborn | Childish

Lively and sociable, Sully loves to stand out and be liked. Easy to get along with, Sully excels at casual conversation and making others feel at home but can be prone to poor decisions in an attempt to be noticed or because he thinks others will find it funny, a holdover from a bigger family where you have to go big or be ignored. A fan of instant gratification, Sully rarely has patience to wait for the big payoff, enjoying having his rewards here and now and lacking the ability to really plan ahead.

Sully is also quite stubborn, but lacks conviction if his stance is questioned as he’s so concerned about others opinions about him. However, he still doesn’t like admitting that he’s wrong or unable to do something, clinging to decisions he’s made to avoid the possibility that he’s in the wrong.
Usually lucky enough to be naturally talented a lot of pursuits, Sully enjoys being good at things, but shies away from responsibility or serious efforts, dropping or disparaging things he’s not immediately successful in. Better to half-ass something than try and still not succeed.

Strengths : Confident, Outgoing, Determined
Weaknesses : Impulsive, Unreliable, Concerned with others’ opinions
Likes : Sports, Shoes, Video games, swimming, remixing music
Dislikes : Cats, Vegetables, Being ignored



Sully grew up in a larger muggle family, close to his aunts, uncles, and cousins. His grandparents are originally from Samoa, and he has further extended family still living there. Sully spent an interesting Christmas after his 11th birthday when he received his letter for HNZ. Though there are no other witches or wizards in his immediate family, Sully’s previous magical outbursts were all chalked up to either usual childhood mischief, or in the case of the truly unexplainable, simply dismissed or attributed to an old great-grandmother’s strange blood. Sully had never met his great-grandmother, but once he was made aware of the wizarding world, he can’t help but wonder if she might have also been a witch.​

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Solomon Tofilau

'Sully' | Life of the Party | Gambol's Assistant
OOC First Name
Blood Status
12/2036 (14)
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While the world of magic was still fresh and confusing, Sully settled in very well into his new school. He got along with most of his housemates, especially his roommates (barring one exception). Joining the Brotherhood of Magic, Sully had not problems making plenty of friends, most notably, Aisa, Jarica, Daintree, Amy, and Jatin. Never out of energy, Sully helped deliver roses in Semester Two, and his rather loud unorthodox technique may have earned him more enemies than friends.
While classes and the castle were all fascinating to Sully, by the end of the year it felt like he spent more of his time outside in the grounds than anywhere inside, enjoying the chance to run around and explore with his classmates.
Under the Tide/w Geraldine WieckFlorean’s
Does the Hot Chocolate Bite?/w Daintree Vaskevold & Cole ManickMakutu Dinette
Real Wizard ThingsWand shopping
/w Ainsley Lynch
Leaving Home/w Aisa Hunter&Rioghan ScairbhínNew Zealand Express
The Roaring CubsSettling in with new dormmates
/w Eric Holland, Noel Waldgrave, Ren Lockwood, & Ezekiel Lavish
First Year Gryffindor Boys' Dorm
Ouch you stood on my foot/w Ezekiel Lavish & Shale NightThe Kitchens
Falling DowntimeTaking advantage of some downtime to show off
/w Jarica Ashley
The Great Lawn
Rugby Games/w Daintree Vaskevold, Rioghan Scairbhin, Amy Jewel, & Noel WaldgraveThe Great Lawn
Reckless/w Blake IronsThe Great Lawn
Racing Off/w Rioghan Scairbin, Amy Jewel, Mark RossThe Great Lawn
Candy Pains/w Jatin TiwariFirst Year Gryffindor Boys' Dorm
Exercises in Patience/w Aisa HunterGryffindor Common Room
Magical Firstie/w Jarica Ashley & Aiden BriggsThe Yule Ball
Blast and Boom/w Phoebe HollandThe Great Lawn
A Labour of Love/w Jarica Ashely & Aisa HunterThe Valentine's Dance
Delivering Roses(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)
/w Various
Brave HeartReceiving a rose
/w Cryus Baros
Gryffindor House Table


Sully continued to thrive at school his second year. While not the best student, Sully still managed to coast through most of his classes, enjoying practical classes more where magic came more easily than others. He continued bonding with his housemates, especially Jarica and Aisa, who (despite Aisa's disagreement) Sully would consider his closest friends. Sully continues finding fun new ways to explore the school and its magic, and definitely got into more than a few bouts of mischief this year.
Here It Goes Again/w Mark Ross & Noel WaldgraveThe Hogwarts Express
Improving on the OrdinaryFootball with magic, what could go wrong.
/w Amy Jewel
The Great Lawn
Bang For Your Buck/w Chloe ThompsonThe Great Hall
Quiet and Social/w Samantha JacobsThe Courtyard
Squash Tennis/w Daintree Vaskevold & Guiliana JohnsonThe Sixth Floor
Background Buzzing/w Eric HollandGryffindor Second Year Boys’ Dorm
Styx and StonesSully's not one to back down from a dare, even if the target is perhaps one best left alone
/w Prof. Kalif Styx & Aisa Hunter
First Floor Corridor
Yule Be Sorry/w Aisa Hunter & Clifton WardYule Ball
Summer Reunions/w Jarica AshleyThe Three Broomsticks
Turbulent Emotions/w Aisa HunterGryffindor Common Room
Talks to Deliver/w Alexis KramerThe Courtyard
Surprise Sully/w Jarica AshelyGryffindor Common Room
(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)Delivering Roses
(x)(x)Receiving Roses
Second Year Study Group/w Daintree Vaskevold, Aisa Hunter, & Tres Bear IIThe Abandoned Classroom

Eager as always to get back to the magical world, Sully wasted no time throwing himself into mischief again this year. He clashed repeated with Eric throughout his first semester, but Sully finally decided he needed to get even with his roommate after Eric ruined his otherwise excellently planned Halloween Fear Challenge with his angry outbursts. Sully was able to execute his masterplan on Eric with some help from his roommates at the end of the semester, though understandably his relationship with Eric is now even more perilous, even after Professor Kingsley had to interfere after the prank. Between his pranks though, Sully was able to make some new friends, getting close with Chloë Thompson and his roommate Knox now that he had returned to school, as well as managing an alt spot as Chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team.
Want vs Need/w Chloë ThompsonGladrags
House Rep/w Athena HolmgaardGladrags
In a Bubble/w Aisa Hunter & Simon ThorneThe Hogwarts Express
Welcome Back Rugby Game!/w Daintree Vaskevold, Amy Jewel, Noel Waldgrave, Eric Holland & Various othersThe Great Lawn
Test of Courage/w Daintree Vaskevold, Noel Waldgrave, Aisa Hunter, Eric Holland, & VariousThe Dungeons
To the Top/w Chloë ThompsonThe North Tower
Snapshots/w Aisa Hunter, Violet Fields, & Adorah ZumwaltThe Yule Ball
A Slippery Situation/w Noel Waldgrave, Jatin Tiwari, & Professor Cyndi KingsleyGryffindor Common Room
The Wormining/w Eric Holland, Noel Waldgrave, Ren Lockwood, & Professor Cyndi KingsleyThird Year Gryffindor Boys' Dorm
Late to the Party, but With Snacks/w Knox Ivers & Eric HollandThird Year Gryffindor Boys' Dorm
[X] [X] [X]Receiving RosesVarious
Candy Hearts/w Knox Ivers & Andrea TurnerValentine's Dance
Valentine's Confusion/w Aisa HunterGryffindor Common Room
Birthday Party/w Jarica Ashley, Aisa Hunter, & Jasper NightConglomerated Arts Room

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