Harper Alston

Harper Alston

life's a voyage that's homeward bound
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Relationship Status
Straight 12.5'' Flexible Larch Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core
The Basics
You always find the exit sign in a crowded room
Everybody wants their shot, but you're bulletproof

Full Name: Harper Katherine Alston
Gender: Female
Birthday: 27 April 2040
Age: 18
Hometown: Helensville, New Zealand
Occupation: Assistant Youth Soccer Coach (part-time), Bartender (part-time)
Education: Helensville Primary School (2045-2051), Hogwarts New Zealand (2051-2058)

Magical Information
The blood is rushing, but you're paralyzed
Defenseless, but you feel so alive

Blood Status: Muggleborn
Wand: Straight 12 1/2 Inch Flexible Larch Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core
Boggart: When approached by Harper, boggarts turn into a black, suffocating mist that envelops her and paralyzes her muscles. She defeats them by turning the mist into glitter.
Amortentia: Fresh-out-of-the-oven blackberry pie, a dewy field of grass early in the morning
Mirror of Erised: All of her loved ones, both muggle and magical, standing around her; her two worlds made one
Dementor: Harper's worst memory is getting stuck as a half-human, half-falcon hybrid.
Patronus: New Zealand Falcon
Patronus Memory: Taking her first flight as a falcon animagus
Animagus: Harper's form is a New Zealand Falcon. The lighter-coloured feathers covering her torso and neck are the same shade of blonde as her hair.

Paint the colors on top of the sunset
I can do this all for you

Hair: Harper has wavy blonde hair that curls in humid weather. It's quite thick, and she's broken a number of hair bands trying to tie it back in a ponytail to keep it from getting in her face. When she leaves it down, it hangs just past her shoulders; any longer and it becomes a nuisance.
Eyes: She has ocean blue eyes that are always darting about.
Height: At 5'10'', Harper is quite tall, something that pleases her.
Style: Harper dresses very simply, almost always in a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. She's always on the move, and she prefers her clothing to be practical and suited to the outdoors. Harper wears a lot of red as that is her favorite color and tends to avoid pinks and purples and other colors she deems to be too "girly." She's never been one to care for jewelry though she does wear a battered sports watch, several hair ties, and a friendship bracelet from Hilda on her left wrist.
Other Distinguishing Features: A long scar down the calf of her right leg from a bike accident.
Playby: Maddie Hasson
General Description: Tall and broad-shouldered, Harper has a commanding presence. Her posture is fairly good, and she has no problem looking people in the eye and saying what she wants. Combined with a bit of an RBF and a smile that looks a lot like a smirk, she can sometimes come off as intimidating to those younger than her (or stuck-up to those older than her). Her cheeks are sunburnt more often than not and despite spending a lot of time outdoors, she remains quite pale as she cannot tan. Harper is in constant motion — maybe she's drumming her fingers or perhaps she's jiggling her leg. It's nearly impossible for her to sit completely still. Her ever-present energy also causes her to tend to speed-walk everywhere. From a young age, her parents enrolled her in multiple sports as a way to burn off her excess energy, and as a result, she has an athletic build.

We'll be rolling fast, and crashing hard
Hear the mountains roar to the beat of our hearts

General Description: Harper is generally a cheerful person who prefers to look on the bright side of things. She has a smile more often than not and is usually very friendly. Though she acknowledges any negative realities, she finds it unproductive to dwell on them. If given a choice, why not adopt a more positive mindset? The alternative after all just involves self-inflicted misery. She's a big believer in the saying that those who worry suffer twice.

If there's something Harper does better than being optimistic, it's pretending to be optimistic. She's very good at putting on a calm front, and it takes a lot to faze her. If you're looking for someone who won't panic in a crisis, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone better than Harper. She'll work to calm everyone else and keep people's spirits up even if she herself is internally panicking. Of course, much of that ability stems from an abundance of confidence. She's remarkably self-assured and has a pretty good grasp of her strengths.

Perhaps she sometimes has a bit too much confidence in her strengths. Harper can overestimate her abilities, causing her to act recklessly. For example, she knows she's a strong swimmer. So that dare to try crossing that dangerous river? She'll attempt it, thinking her swimming skills will hold up. Harper trusts her instincts first and foremost and often acts on them without second thought, making her impulsive at times. It takes a lot to convince her to go against her intuition. Harper deciding to follow someone else's advice or direction (in opposition to her own instincts) is a clear indicator of just how much she trusts that person and how highly she regards their judgement.

Generally though, unless something strikes a deep moral chord within her, Harper is fairly easy-going and doesn't mind being a follower. In the past, this has meant that she's gotten into a lot of mischief by going along with her older brothers' pranks and schemes. That being said, she herself usually doesn't actively seek out trouble. In fact, outside of any negative influences, she's quite responsible and sometimes acts as the "mum friend" of her friend group. Harper is very organized and prepared for any situation. She's attentive to her friends' needs and good at mediating conflicts.

Harper does have a bit of a need to prove herself. Chalk it up to always getting overlooked in a large family of five kids while growing up. Though she loves being surrounded by other people, she wants to make it clear that she doesn't need others to survive. She can solve her own problems, thank you very much, and accepts external help very reluctantly as she sees it as a form of weakness. This reluctance, combined with her overconfidence in her own abilities, can sometimes cause her trouble.

One negative trait of hers that she wishes she could eliminate forever is her tendency to get jealous easily. Harper finds that often her first reaction to other people receiving attention or accomplishing things she wants is envy. She tries to suppress it since she knows all jealousy does is breed resentment at no one's fault but her own. But envious thoughts still flicker across her mind, and Harper desperately wishes she could stop herself from even feeling the emotion.

When Harper is down, the one thing that always brings her solace is physical activity. She loves playing sports and seeking out adventures. Harper seems to have boundless energy, and athletics has always been her primary way of channeling that energy. She loves everything about sports, from the strategy to the focus it requires. Even just going on a run improves her mood.

Strengths: confident, responsible, organized, easy-going, attentive
Weaknesses: impulsive, single-minded, jealous, hubristic, reactionary
Likes: blackberries, football, pop music, dogs, gymnastics, spy novels, swimming, the color red, ponds, science, early mornings, running, puns, riddles, roses, the sound of lapping water
Dislikes: grass stains, tea, long car rides, frosting, her middle name, cold soup, Wednesdays, being told to sit still, cats, chalk dust, messes, loud bass
Values: kindness, activeness, open-mindedness, a sense of adventure
  • She did not break her arm falling off her bike, as she told her parents. She broke it trying to do a backflip off the swings.
  • Sometimes she's a bit resentful her siblings seem to get more attention from their parents than she does
  • She also kind of resents the fact that so many of her friends get to pursue careers as professional athletes while her own dreams were cut short
  • She gets claustrophobic quite easily and was scared of the dark longer than she'd like to admit
  • She actually kind of hates 80s music. Her parents would be devastated if they knew.
  • She thinks Quidditch is a nonsensical sport and is a bit baffled by its popularity
  • She's afraid that she'll eventually be forced to pick either the magical or muggle world — and subsequently lose relationships she really cares about
  • Learn to do some flying tricks. She also thinks it'd be really cool to hang upside-down from a broomstick or do another acrobatic trick.
  • Win her town's summer football league championship
  • Play on the senior team of an Auckland football club
  • Become an animagus
  • Accomplish something (she's not sure what) that will make her stand out among her siblings
  • Get a job doing something active and thrilling (in the past, she's wanted to be a trapeze artist or a spy; these days, she's thinking auror)

Listen 'til the wind goes silent
We can let our hearts run free

History: Eileen Greenwood met Bryson Alston through a mutual friend from college. The two immediately hit it off, initially bonding over a mutual love of old 80s music. She was a new associate at an accounting firm in Auckland, and he worked as an audio engineer. After dating for a few years, he proposed to her outside the dessert place that had been the site of their first date.

After a few years establishing their careers, the two decided to have their first child and moved to the nearby town of Helensville, where they would have more space for a growing family. The two had always wanted a large family as both had been only children and come from small families. Their first child was a boy, Everett, and Eileen quickly realized she loved being a mother. After her maternity leave, she reduced her hours at work to spend more time with Everett and worked out an arrangement in which she could work from home. Another boy, Fletcher, followed two years later, and Eileen decided to quit her job to take care of the two rambunctious children.

Harper was born just a year later, and Eileen and Bryson were overjoyed at having a daughter. Compared to Fletcher, who was a needy baby, and Everett, who as a toddler was already learning to wreak havoc, Harper was easy to take care of. The only odd thing was that things seemed to disappear around her. One minute, Harper was putting up a fuss about having to eat her peas. The next minute, the small jar of peas were nowhere to be found. Eileen and Bryson didn't know it at the time, but this was Harper's magic already starting to manifest. A bit overwhelmed by raising three young children, the couple simply waved off the strange disappearances, assuming they had just lost the items in the everyday chaos of the household.

It was another three years before Eileen got pregnant again, this time with another girl, Lila. Immediately, the couple became preoccupied with the new baby. Not that Harper minded too much. She thought it was really cool to have a little sister (she would've preferred a puppy, but a little sister would do). When she got sick of Lila, she would follow Everett and Fletcher around, often into mischief. She and Fletcher in particular grew to be close, and although Harper herself often didn't purposefully seek out trouble, she often found herself in it after helping Fletcher with one of his harebrained schemes. The three of them spent their days exploring the park near their house and playing football with the other neighborhood kids. Whenever Everett tried to ditch them, thinking he was too old to hang out with them, Fletcher and Harper would gang up on him and annoy him into letting them tag along.

Two sons and two daughters was quite enough for Eileen and Bryson, but two years later, Eileen found out she was pregnant with a boy, Ryland. What was adding one more kid to the mix? Once again, their attention was diverted to the newest family member, and Harper often found herself left alone to entertain herself. She didn't actively seek out attention from her parents the way Lila did. And she wasn't as prone to getting in trouble as her brothers, who required close supervision. So she grew to be quite independent though she often did wish her parents would pay more attention to her. When they did focus their attention on her, it was often to ask her to help take care of the two younger kids. As the most responsible of the five children, Harper often mediated between fights among her siblings and babysat the two younger children when their parents were out (Everett was often off with friends and Fletcher definitely could not be trusted).

As the kids grew older, Harper found that her brothers often preferred hanging out with the other neighborhood boys. Though she did sometimes force them to let her join in (she wasn't afraid to deck anyone who tried to say "No girls allowed"), she spent more and more time by herself, reading and daydreaming. Thankfully, Eileen and Bryson enrolled her in lots of activities (mostly sports) to keep her occupied. In particular, she developed an affinity for gymnastics — she loved learning the different skills — and got better at football. The town was only big enough for one football league, so Harper often played against other boys, who she could beat quite easily.

Like her siblings, Harper attended the Muggle school Helensville Primary School. She did well in school, enjoying science in particular. Because it was a small school, everyone knew of her older brothers, which she found to be annoying since she was constantly being compared to them. She strove to be better than them at everything — academics, sports, making friends — but even when she did well, people always seemed to mention her accomplishments in relation to her brothers.

A few months after her 11th birthday, a school official showed up to their house, bearing a letter inviting her to attend Hogwarts. The family was bewildered, refusing to believe the invitation was real until he demonstrated a couple of spells. Harper didn't think she had ever done any magic, unaware that all of the mysterious disappearances that seemed to plague her were manifestations of her magical ability. Still, the prospect of a magical world was thrilling. It was something straight out of her fantasy novels. And for once, she'd be at a school where the teachers and other kids didn't know about her family and her siblings.

But she had never been away from her family and though there were occasional moments of frustration, she loved her chaotic household. Days at the Alston house were filled with laughter and nights were filled with music. For all her complaints about her parents and the lack of attention she received from them, they still took care to ensure she felt loved. Bryson occasionally whisked her out of the house to spend a day at a nearby pond, and Eileen always showed up to her games, even if it was only for five minutes. And her siblings, in particular Fletcher, were her default best friends. So when the school official confirmed that no, her siblings would not be able to attend Hogwarts, Harper felt a bit guilty for being the only one in her family to get magical abilities. But she would be sure to keep them updated, and who knows? Maybe she'd be able to teach her siblings some magic after she learned to do it herself.

  • Eileen Alston née Greenwood - Mother
    • 51 years old | Accountant | Muggle
  • Bryson Alston - Father
    • 50 years old | Audio Engineer | Muggle
  • Everett Alston - Brother
    • 21 years old | Student | Muggle
  • Fletcher Alston - Brother
    • 19 years old | Student | Muggle
  • Lila Alston - Sister
    • 15 years old | Student | Muggle
  • Ryland Alston - Brother
    • 13 years old | Student | Muggle
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Harper Alston

life's a voyage that's homeward bound
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Relationship Status
Straight 12.5'' Flexible Larch Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core
Hogwarts Years
Harper has always found strength in her house. Whenever she needs a little extra courage, she reminds herself that she is a Gryffindor and brave.​

As Harper entered the Great Hall, she was still expecting someone to jump up and tell her this was all a prank. She looked up at the ceiling. A very, very elaborate prank. How was it possible that there was an entire magical world that she had never heard of before? Even her parents, who were very smart, had never heard of magic until just a few weeks ago. When the government official had come to their house to tell them about Hogwarts and magic and wizards, Harper had felt very dizzy. If she and everyone she knew had somehow failed to notice that there was a whole other world out there, what else had they missed?

The headmistress began to speak, welcoming them to what was definitely the fanciest school Harper had ever attended. It wasn't just a school, it was a castle. With its own forest. How cool was that? Her old school had had a small field and a rundown playground. She'd have to go exploring sometime soon. The headmistress then introduced the houses—Gryffindor's colors were the prettiest—and gestured toward a hat. A hat. That began to sing.

This is absurd. Harper tried to listen to the hat's words, but it was hard to concentrate on anything but the fact that it was singing. She was still trying to process the scene, when she heard her name being called.

"Alston, Harper."

Harper approached the stool and suddenly grew nervous as she stared out at the crowded hall. She was used to going unnoticed and had never really been at the center of so much attention. The headmistress placed the hat on her head, and Harper crossed her fingers, hoping for the best house, whichever house that may be.

"The house which. is best, always depends on whose being sorted for you that's......Gryffindor,"

Favorite Subjects
Harper finds Transfiguration to be the most logical and elegant branch of magic. She likes that the subject has rules akin to scientific laws.​

Astronomy was Harper's link to the muggle world. It is proof of constancy among chaos, a reassurance that some things span universes.​

Least Favorite Subjects
Harper signed up for the class thinking it would be similar to maths but quickly found the material more akin to personality quizzes.​

Harper would much rather be out enjoying nature than studying it. She lacks a green thumb, something sentient plants seem to sense.​

Student Defence Association (Y42)
Harper avoided joining clubs until her last year, when she realised there was no real reason not to join the Student Defence Association.​

  • Y38 - Won the "Inseparable Friends" Accio! superlative with Skylar Anderson​
  • Y40 - Fifth Year Dueling Tournament Runner-Up​
  • Y41 - Made prefect​
  • Y41 - Sixth Year Dueling Tournament Champion​
  • Y41 - Won the "Godric Gryffindor Reincarnated" Accio! superlative​
  • Y42 - Became an animagus​
  • Y42 - Seventh Year Dueling Tournament Runner-Up​
Best Memories
  • Showing Skylar the secret swing she built (Y37)
  • Meeting a centaur with Hunter (Y37)
  • Taking her first flight as a falcon animagus (Y42)
Worst Memories
  • Causing Lillith to crash her broom (Y37)
  • Quitting competitive soccer (Y41)
  • Getting stuck mid-animagus transformation (Y41)

First Year | 2051-2052
drink the wild air


Who Takes Trains These Days? | Angelina Nikolai, Alexis King, Skylar Anderson
The Hogwarts Express might seem antiquated, but, as Harper quickly discovers, it's the only way to get to school.

Y36 Sorting Ceremony | Katherine Alicastell, Sorting Hat, First Years
Harper's a bit overwhelmed by all the magic, but at least she got sorted into the house with the nicest colors.

Y36 Start of Year Feast | Hogwarts Professors, Hogwarts Students, Vex
A poltergeist interrupts the feast, and Harper is forced to defend herself in a slime-turned-food fight.

New Home, New Friends, New Everything | Hildegard De Valeriane, Hayzel West, Blake Lodge
Harper meets some of the girls she'll be living with for the next seven years and learns not to trust magical candy.

Reminds Me of Home | Marlow Sanderson
Harper's not sure how to explain Hogwarts to her non-magical family, but luckily there's another first year to distract her from her disastrous letter-writing attempts.

Make Our Own Fun | Lysander Summers, Hildegard De Valeriane, Ronald Lazarao, Skylar Anderson
Grounded with the other Gryffindors for her participation in the Start of the Year Feast food fight, Harper roasts marshmallows in the common room.

The Great Outdoors | Emori Pourroulis
Harper decides to get a little fresh air and exercise to take her mind off of the Flying class that didn't even teach her to fly.

Living in a Land That Went Astray from History | Skylar Anderson
After discovering that blood prejudice exists (via a DADA lecture of all things), Harper seeks out the only other muggleborn she knows.

Sunsets Like Home | Terrell Foley
Harper joins one of her housemates on the Great Lawn to enjoy the cool evening air after an exhausting sunset run.

Pajama Party | Hildegard De Valeriane, Marlee Haywood, Emmaline Hopkins-Vance, Blake Lodge, Nicola Harvelle, Skylar Anderson
Turns out candy and a round of Truth or Dare with half a dozen other Gryffindor girls is the perfect antidote to exam season stress.

Lately It's Been a Little Bit Wild | Hunter Robinson

While on a pre-dawn run, Harper challenges another first year to a race that doesn't quite end the way she expects.

Capturing Dances | Ajaccio Skey
Harper can't seem to find her friends at the Yule Ball, but she does meet one of the Accio! photographers.

Fashionably Late | Blake Lodge
Harper hits the dance floor at the Yule Ball with one of her roommates, but not before realizing that they come from very different worlds.

Turn the Whole Thing Upside Down | Lillith Montgomery
The girl who Harper beat in a flying race challenges her to a rematch to see who can ascend to the skies the fastest — but this time they don't use brooms.

Harmless Prank | Jasper Night
Distracted by an erratic staircase, Harper forgets that magical treats require constant vigilance.

Falling Faster but I Still Haven't Looked Down | Fenton Fuller
Harper heads down to the Kitchens for the first time to search for ice cubes after injuring herself attempting some new stunts.

Can I Join? | Lillith Montgomery
Harper receives a yellow rose from one friend and cookies from another and makes plans to hang out with both.

Yellow for a Little Cub | Chloë Thompson
Another yellow rose, along with the promise of revenge, makes its way to Harper via an older Gryffindor.

Sweeter Than This | Blake Lodge
The snack table at the Valentine's Dance is enticing, but Harper's not taking chances. Thankfully, she gets guidance from a roommate.

The Stands | Quidditch Spectators
Harper's not sure she understands the Quidditch hype, but she decides to come support Gryffindor in the finals anyways.

Out for a Run | Lillith Montgomery, Hunter Robinson
Doing laps around the castle grounds isn't nearly as bad when you have a couple of friends with you.

Living Easy | Hildegard De Valeriane
When Harper receives a care package from her parents with more candy than she can possibly eat on her own, she knows just who to turn to.

Doesn't Matter If We Take a Fall | Flynn North
Hogwarts might have a lot of things, but the one thing it doesn't have is a playground. Harper sets out to rectify that issue.

A Toast to Trouble | Penny Wills, Finn Lockley, Blake Lodge, Misha Haden
A walk back from class quickly goes horribly wrong when Harper and her roommate get sidetracked by a mysterious high-pitched scream.

Gryffindor House Meeting Y36 S2 | Cyndi Kingsley, Gryffindors
As Gryffindor gets a head start in celebrating their house cup victory, Harper makes plans with a friend.

Y36 End of Year Feast | Katherine Alicastell, Hogwarts Students
Harper savors her last few moments as a first year in the Great Hall, which has been decked out in red and gold.



Total House Points

Second Year | 2052-2053
nothing is too wonderful to be true


C'mon Let's Go | Penny Wills, Ruben Right
A new school year means another round of goodbyes to everyone at home. Harper tries not to dwell on this as she meets two Slytherins on the train.

Y37 Start of Year Feast | Hogwarts Professors, Hogwarts Students, Vex
For the first time, Harper watches the Sorting Ceremony from the Gryffindor table. It doesn't take long before chaos erupts.

The Social Event of the Season | Blake Lodge, Seraphina My, Skylar Anderson, Hildegard De Valeriane, Ivy Ashworth, Hester MacGillivray, Emmaline Hopkins-Vance, Alena Romanova
A dorm redecoration party quickly goes downhill after Harper suggests that they swap out some of the room's curtains.

Lonely Evening | Flynn North
It's a quiet night in the Gryffindor common room until Harper tries to take a seat next to one of her housemates.

Holmes and Poirot | Blake Lodge
Harper and her friend-slash-fellow wrongfully accused hatch a brilliant plan to identify the person behind the exploding potion incident.

Life's Too Short to Take It Slow | Nikko Blackwood
It only took a year, but Harper finally finds someone else who plays football — and nearly gives him a concussion.

To Bounce or Not To Bounce | Chloë Thompson
Harper successfully drags an older Gryffindor onto the common room trampoline for the first time.

What Fools Use for Reason | Tilly Drage
Harper climbs down from her perch in her favorite tree and meets a Hufflepuff with a curious taste in books.

The Year Has Barely Began... | Hunter Robinson, Cecras
A early morning Forbidden Forest expedition leads to an unexpected heart to heart as Harper attempts to give advice on being a sibling.

If It's Fine by You I'll Be Beside You | Skylar Anderson
After her best friend fails to make the Gryffindor Quidditch team, Harper tries to cheer her up.

The Stands | Quidditch Spectators
Harper supports her friends on the Hufflepuff team by coming up with personalized cheers that rhyme their name with things.

Y37 S1 House Meeting | Cyndi Kingsley, Gryffindors
Even though it's the middle of the semester, the Gryffindors have been summoned to another house meeting.

Absolutely Flipping Over | Lillith Montgomery
Dressed as a hotdog, Harper meets up with a friend at the Halloween Feast and searches for a way to make their costumes scarier.

Student Lounge Sofa Rally | Solomon Tofilau, Juniper Zumwalt, Michael Newton, Emma van Houten, Lysander Summers
Harper ditches her Astronomy essay for a sofa after an older student has the great idea to charm the Student Lounge furniture.

Cut Through the Clouds | Lillith Montgomery
What starts out as an innocent challenge to try out some fun flying tricks quickly turns into a near-deadly disaster.

We Crossed the Line | Lillith Montgomery
Harper tries to find a way to break the news that she may or may not have accidentally snapped her friend's broom in half.

Can Griffins Swim? | Hildegard De Valeriane, Skylar Anderson, Emmaline Hopkins-Vance, Blake Lodge
Exam season sucks, but it sucks less when you're picnicking under the sun with four of your closest friends.

Fairy Tales | Padme Hume, Lenore Howell
Harper meets her first fairy and quickly learns that real fairies are much more aggressive than the Muggle tales would have you believe.

Tiptoe Across the Open Unknown | Marie Allard
There's a rumor that one of the statues on the sixth floor conceals a hidden passageway, and of course Harper has to investigate.

Y37 Dueling Match #1 | Brooke Townsend
The sports offerings at Hogwarts are lackluster, but Harper decides to make the best of the situation and tries out dueling.

Y37 Dueling Match #17 | Terrell Foley
Harper's second-ever duel includes a surprising amount of bantering considering the ferocity of the spells being exchanged.

Electives Fair Y37 | Hogwarts Professors, Second Years
Harper has no idea what classes she wants to take next year, but she finds a friend who reassures her.

Cunning or Courage | Penny Wills
Potions this semester is wearing on her, and Harper finds some unexpected help in the form of a Slytherin in her year.

Got to Figure Something Out | Chloë Thompson
After an unproductive Electives Fair, Harper seeks some advice on course selection from an older student.



Total House Points

Third Year | 2053-2054
waves of joy


All My Favorite People | Skylar Anderson, Blake Lodge, Hildegard De Valeriane, Emmaline Hopkins-Vance
After surviving her second year at Hogwarts, Harper celebrates the start of the break with some ice cream and her friends.

Gryffindor House Meeting Y38 S1 | Cyndi Kingsley, Gryffindors
Harper discovers that her dreams of installing a slide in Gryffindor tower might be on the brink of coming true.

On the Run | Flynn North
While trying to sneak back into the castle after a mistimed late-night run, Harper runs into one of her grumpier classmates.

A Reminiscent Dissent | Alexis King
Even after three years living in the magical world, Harper still finds herself discovering new things; this time, it's a creepy clay doll.

Wallflower in the Sun | Nikko Blackwood
Harper spends a lazy afternoon before the start of classes catching up with one of her friends.

Y38 Muggleborn (and Raised) Support Group | Hogwarts Students
An older student hosts a muggleborn support group, but things go awry when a first year tries to interject.

Let My Sanity Choke | Ivy Ashworth, Blake Lodge
A peaceful afternoon of reading gets interrupted when Harper's least favorite roommate walks in.

Wildfire in Your Soul | Hester MacGillivray
Harper gets to know one of her roommates better through a friendly pickup game of football.

The Stands | Emmaline Hopkins-Vance
There's no way Harper's going to miss any Gryffindor matches now that her best friend is on the team.

Costume-less Working | Ajaccio Skey
Harper feels a lot better about her last-minute Halloween costume when she spots someone who didn't even bother with one.

The Stands | Skylar Anderson
With Gryffindor out of the running for the Quidditch cup, Harper focuses her energy on cheering on Hufflepuff.

Sunshine Yellow | Jenna Jusentrea
Valentine's Day brings a rose and an invitation to a picnic from one of Harper's best friends.

Hide Your Feelings | Sawyer Carnahan
Harper's Valentine's Day dance gets a whole lot more interesting after a classmate dives under her table.

Been Told That I'm Restless | Hildegard De Valeriane
The Dueling Tournament is nearly here, so Harper decides to get a head start by practicing advanced spells.

Y38 Dueling Match #5 | Skylar Anderson
Much to her delight, round one of the Dueling Tournament has Harper paired against her best friend.

Heart of a Phoenix | Skylar Anderson
After a first duel that ends well all things considered, Harper decides to take a quick ice cream break.

Y38 Dueling Match #18 | Blair Silver
Harper faces off against the person who beat her friend the first round of the Dueling Tournament.

Yr38 Yearbook is Out Now! | Hogwarts Students
Harper skims the list of superlatives and discovers that she and her friends have won a couple categories.



Total House Points

Fourth Year | 2054-2055
we will go nowhere we know


Y39 S1 House Meeting | Cyndi Kingsley, Gryffindors
After leaving her sister behind at the Obsidian Harbour station, Harper seeks a distraction at the first house meeting.

An Unfamiliar View | Hunter Robinson
Disguised as Ravenclaws, Harper and her best friend meet up for breakfast and attempt to process last night's sorting ceremony.

Set the World on Fire | Ronald Lazarao
Harper invites one of her classmates to try some pepper imps, and they get to talking about their home countries.

Taking Chances | Aeon Summers
After eight months of agonizing over the decision, Harper makes the leap and asks to start animagus training.

Just One Moment of Peace | Delilah Thorne
During a fit of writer's block, Harper wanders down to the lake where she is accosted by a honking flower.

A Thousand Days of Thunder | Flynn North
Harper's detention take a turn for the worse when she discovers who she must complete it with.

Gryffindor Victory Party! | Gryffindors
After the Gryffindor Quidditch team's first victory in over a year, Harper joins her housemates in celebration.

Nothing But Stars in Our Eyes | Chloë Thompson
Harper heads to the pitch for a quick fly, where she gets flying tips from a friend on the Quidditch team.

Gold in the Lining | Nikko Blackwood
After injuring herself, Harper heads to the Kitchens for some ice, where she runs into a friend baking cookies.

Lovesick, Not Actually Sick | Sawyer Carnahan
Harper is searching for a rumored secret passageway and finds a brooding, lovesick classmate instead.

While We Dance Under Tangerine Skies | Open
Much to Harper's amusement, a muggle pop song that had gone viral a few years back starts playing at the Yule Ball.

When Boredom Strikes | Hayzel West
Harper takes a break from studying to hang out and talk Quidditch with one of her roommates.

I Don't Belong Here | Estella Fuentes
After running into a lost classmate on the seventh floor corridor, Harper guides her to the Gryffindor common room.

Find Me | Hildegard De Valeriane
The question of what her animagus form will be has been bugging Harper, so she turns to a Witch Weekly quiz for answers.

The Stands | Salem Lee
Harper gets some help from a housemate in cheering on the Gryffindors during the Gryffindor v Hufflepuff match.

I Push to the Limits | Aeon Summers
Harper's animagus training has been progressing a bit more slowly than she'd hoped, but she remains determined.

Y39 Dueling Match #8 | Blair Silver
Round one of the Dueling Tournament pits Harper against the person who beat her last year.

Y39 Dueling Match #22 | Ronald Lazarao
After a successful round one, Harper finds herself dragged into a grueling second match that ends in defeat.

No Rose Without Thorns | Tilly Drage, Ivy Ashworth
During a long break in between classes, Harper and a couple of her classmates speculate about the rosebush memorial.

When Procrastination Hits | Issac Jacobs
Harper and a housemate receive dirty looks after they accidentally disturb some intensely studying students.

Y39 End of Year Feast! | Hogwarts Professors, Hogwarts Students
Once again, Gryffindor has won the house cup, which Harper considers the cherry on top of another successful year.



Total House Points

Fifth Year | 2055-2056
we are born believing


A Whole New World | Estella Fuentes
Worlds collide when Harper hosts a classmate from Hogwarts for the first time and teaches her to use a laptop.

Y40 Start of Year Feast! | Hogwarts Professors, Hogwarts Students
Harper congratulates one of the newest Gryffindor prefects and jokingly makes some celebratory, rule-breaking plans.

Gryffindor House Meeting Y40 | S1 | Cyndi Kingsley, Gryffindors
Harper is shocked to learn who Gryffindor's head of house chose to serve as the other fifth year prefect.

Drifting Through the Days | Aubrey Miller
Study plans get pushed to the side as Harper and a roommate lament the lack of sports offerings at Hogwarts.

Got Wings to Waste the Hours | Genevieve Fuentes
With a wave of her wand, Harper swaps a spider for a butterfly, leaving a younger Gryffindor impressed.

Speech With a Fury | Natalia Novak
A Daily Prophet headline about a pureblood-only school sparks an argument between Harper and a schoolmate.

Y40 Muggleborn (and Raised) Support Group | Muggleborns
Finally feeling confident about her place in the world, Harper tries to reassure younger muggleborns.

All These Little Clues | Nikko Blackwood
Harper tries (and fails) to suppress a crush on one of her friends; thankfully he doesn't seem to notice.

The World Goes on Around You | Stan Beckett
A package of football magazines leads to some friendly banter as Harper and a housemate defend their favorite teams.

A Simple Study Session | Oscar Davies
OWLs are still a semester away, but Harper decides to get a head start on her Herbology revision.

Glossy Brooms | Blair Bianchi
Harper gets to know one of her classmates better as they polish the school's stock of brooms.

In This World It's Hard to Get It Right | Chloë Thompson
An older student draws on experience to give Harper some advice on coping with a crush on a friend.

New Faces | Casper Beckett
Following her roommate's advice, Harper decides to head down to the arts room to search for a cork board.

Happiness Isn't Just a Feeling | Emmaline Hopkins-Vance
In an attempt to figure out her animagus form, Harper attempts the patronus charm with disastrous results.

I Keep On Believing | Aeon Summers
After downing a vial of Felix Felicis, Harper has her first real breakthrough during her animagus training.

Yellow for a Gryffindor | Kaia Stark
Harper's Valentine's Day gets off to a great start when she receives a yellow rose from one of her friends.

I'll Start With You | Stefan Kozlov
Even though she's mostly over her crush on her friend, Harper can't help but feel giddy when she gets a rose from him.

Sparkles of Yellow | Molly Burke
A yellow rose signed with just an initial makes its way to Harper, and she puzzles over who could have sent it.

Yellow Rose Over Lunch | Rosie Archer, Aurora Archer
A pair of rose deliverers seek Harper out to give her a yellow rose and a thank you note from one of her classmates.

Mostly Thorns | Delilah Thorne
Harper and a classmate gently poke fun at the kitschiness of the Valentine's Day Dance decorations.

The Stands | Lumio Skey
The final Gryffindor Quidditch match of the season is a bittersweet one as it's the last game for half the starters.

Y40 Duelling Match #11 | Alison Urquhart
Harper's first round of the Dueling Tournament is an eventful one after she sets her opponent on fire.

Y40 Dueling Match #26 | Ronald Lazarao
Thanks to a bye, Harper achieves her goal of making it to the third round of the Dueling Tournament.

Y40 Dueling Match #29 | Flynn North
After four years of entering the Dueling Tournament, Harper finally makes it all the way to the last round.

Farewell Party | Cyndi Kingsley, Gryffindors
The Gryffindor Head of House throws a farewell party in honor of the graduating seventh years.

From the Start to the End to the Start | Chloë Thompson
After four years of friendship, Harper and a graduating friend return to the place they first met for one last Hogwarts hangout.

This Very Strange World | Hunter Robinson
Harper almost learns the hard way that the magical world has carnivorous flowers that don't like being bothered.

The Study Guide that Keeps Growing | Emmaline Hopkins-Vance, Rosemarie Chatwin, Estella Fuentes
OWLs are just a few weeks away, so some of the fifth years decide to head to the library for extra studying.

Y40 End of Year Feast | Hogwarts Professors, Hogwarts Students
The last feast starts on a solemn note when the Headmistress reveals three students were nearly killed in the forest.



Total House Points

Sixth Year | 2056-2057
is there world enough for me?


Don't Know Where My Soul Is | Niklaus Easterling
Armed with a handful of her own feathers, Harper heads to an owl shop to try and figure out her animagus form.

But It's My Home, All I Have Known | One-Shot
Soccer tryouts go horribly, and Harper is forced to reckon with all the things that the magical world has taken from her.

Y41 Start of Year Feast | Hogwarts Staff, Hogwarts Students
Harper tries not to feel jealous as she watches her best friend's siblings get sorted while her own are at home.

Matching Badges | Ivy Ashworth
The mystery of who got the other Gryffindor prefect badge comes to a close as Harper spots her roommate holding it.

Prefects Meeting Y41 S1 | Head People, Prefects
Harper explore the prefect common room and discovers she and her partner have some mutual friends.

Politics of Aligned Worlds | Aine Thompson
While listening to a satirical radio show, Harper and a younger muggleborn discuss the magical-muggle divide.

New Year, New Spells | Tilly Drage
Now that she's given up soccer, Harper is on the lookout for new activities and hobbies to fill up her time.

Looking for a Happy Place, Little Piece of Grace | Nikko Blackwood
One of Harper's friends is named Quidditch captain, and she tries to surprise him with a small celebration.

Everything Is Fine | Estella Fuentes
Harper cuts ties with a friend who cheated on and ghosted her other friend; it's a mess, to say the least.

Making Friends | Aubrey Miller
In search of a distraction, Harper heads to the dorms, where she comes across a heartbroken roommate.

Unsteady as the Seasons | Flynn North
Harper and a classmate discuss the Minister for Magic election, and she discovers he is the son of one of the candidates.

These Clouds in My Head | Jacqueline Styx
After her last animagus instructor quits teaching, Harper seeks help from the upper levels Transfiguration professor.

Life in Letters | Chloë Thompson
Even though her friend has now graduated, Harper refuses to let the distance affect their friendship, and they exchange letters.

It Is What Is on the Inside That Counts | Penny Wills
After another fruitless animagus lesson, Harper flees to an abandoned bathroom where she finds a friend in distress.

The Stands | Salem Lee
Despite a newly developed aversion to all things sports, Harper still makes her way to the stands to support her friend.

Gryffindor Victory Party! | Gryffindors
Harper gets a lesson in annoying people after she attempts to pester her friend's cousin during the Quidditch victory party.

Y41 Duelling Match #11 | Liusaidh Fergusson
For her first match in the Dueling Tournament, Harper debuts a new strategy and turns herself invisible to great effect.

Y41 Duelling Match #19 | Penny Wills
Harper is paired against a friend for the second round, and she starts to learn the limits of her dueling strategy.

Y41 Duelling Match #23 | Brooke Townsend
It's the final round of the Dueling Tournament, and with the help of invisibility, Harper wins the entire thing.

Steady On, With No Sense of Navigation | Ryan Fisk
An older student interrupts Harper's animagus practice after she conjures a noisy flock of spotted owls.

Eyes Like Tides, Spilling Salt and Pride | One-Shot
Harper's animagus training is not going well, and in an act of desperation, she forces a transformation.

The Sound of the Bird That Mourns | Charlie Abberline
Stuck as a half-bird, half-human hybrid, Harper must be coached into undoing the transformation by her Transfiguration professor.

This Cage That I've Made | Cyndi Kingsley
The Gryffindor Head of House threatens to take Harper's prefect badge away after her botched animagus transfiguration.

Picking Up the Pace | Rosemarie Chatwin
Harper finds a classmate practicing animagus transfigurations unsupervised and warns her of the consequences of getting caught.

If I'm Scared, I'll Go in Scared | Charlie Abberline
After panicking during an animagus lesson, Harper is told that her lessons will be suspended until she deals with her fears.

Ready to Sink or Swim | Sawyer Carnahan
Harper attempts to give one of her friends relationship advice though much of it is tainted by her own biases.

I'll Grow a Set of Wings and Free Fall | Felix Carnahan
A younger student comes across Harper practicing with canary cremes, and she gives him advice on animagus training.

Now Is the Start | Isadora Novak
Tired of looking backwards, Harper decides to outline some goals for her future and solicits help in drafting a bucket list.

Nothing to Lose | Charlie Abberline
After months of meditations, reflection, and practice, Harper asks to resume her animagus lessons.

Y41 Graduation Ceremony: Guests | Graduation Guests
Thanks to her prefect status, Harper is able to attend graduation, and she cheers on her graduating friends.

Y41 Yearbook is Released! | Hogwarts Students
After spending much of the semester grappling with her fears, Harper is surprised to learn she won a superlative defined by bravery.

Y41 End of Year Feast | Hogwarts Professors, Hogwarts Students
It's been a long year, and while Harper is a little apprehensive about returning home, she's also ready to face her future.



Total House Points

Seventh Year | 2057-2058
we are born not once, but again and again


To Go Back to the Younger Days | Chloë Thompson
After watching her first professional Quidditch game, Harper meets up with one of her friends who plays on the team.

Time to Pick up the Pieces of My Scattered Mind | Charlie Abberline
During her animagus lessons with her former professor, Harper gets a glimpse at life in magical law enforcement.

One Last Time | Blair Bianchi
Harper joins one of her classmates for the last first-day-of-school ride aboard the New Zealand Express.

Y42 Start of Year Feast | Hogwarts Staff, Hogwarts Students
As Harper sits through her last start of the year feast, she realises that she is ready to move on and graduate.

Prefects Meeting Y42 S1 | Head People, Prefects
While Harper is happy to see that one of her friends is Head Girl, she is less thrilled to discover her patrol partner is a blood supremacist.

You're Gonna Find Your Start | Nikko Blackwood
Harper writes to one of her friends to congratulate him on making a professional Quidditch team and to hear about life on the outside.

Keep On Sending Those Words | Chloë Thompson
Though her friend might no longer be at Hogwarts, that doesn't stop Harper from turning to her for advice.

Dangerous but Fun | Isadora Novak
Harper catches a younger student brooding by the cliffs, and rather than reprimand her, Harper decides to join her.

Y42 Club Fair | Hogwarts Students
As part of her Hogwarts bucket list, Harper decides to join a club and signs up for the Student Defence Association.

Okay, Fine, Maybe I'm Just a Little Nostalgic | Aubrey Miller
It might be Harper's last year at Hogwarts, but it's never too late to make a new friends, and Harper finds one in her roommate.

Awaken My Mind | Aine Thompson
A request for transfiguration help from a younger student turns into a discussion about the nature of magic.

Gryffindor House Meeting Y42|S1 | Cyndi Kingsley, Gryffindors
Instead of the usual reminders, the Gryffindor Head of House encourages everyone to get involved in school life.

Everything You Want Is a Stone's Throw Away | Charles Abberline
Harper's animagus lesson gets off to an exciting start when her instructor tells her he plans on starting the process himself.

Leave My Shadows Behind | Emmaline Hopkins-Vance
It's always difficult to find time to hang out with her very busy friend, so Harper decides to join her on a prefect patrol.

The Stands | Quidditch Spectators
Gryffindor is playing Ravenclaw in their first match of the season, and Harper goes to cheer on her house and friend.

A Little Wild on the Inside | Open
Harper combines her two favorite things, bad wordplay and transfiguration, to turn herself into a harpy for Halloween.

Famous Forehead Game | Cyndi Kingsley, Gryffindors
The Gryffindor Head of House hosts a famous historical figures guessing game for house members.

SDA Y42 S1: Question & Answer Session | SDA Members, Charles Abberline
To Harper's amusement, the Student Defence Association invites a former hit wizard for a question and answer session.

Let the Wild Come In | Delilah Thorne
One of Harper's bucket list goals is to spend a day skipping classes, and she decides to invite a friend to join her.

The Stands | Salem Lee
Gryffindor's last game of the season is a brutal one, and Harper joins a housemate to cheer the team on.

In the Dark, the Stars — They Found Me | Charles Abberline
After years of studying and setbacks, Harper finally completes her animagus training and discovers her form.

One Last Summer Yule | Liusaidh Fergusson, Brooke Townsend
It's Harper's last Yule Ball, and she joins a couple classmates in speculating what Yuletide celebrations might look like as an adult.

Nobody Knows the Trouble We've Seen | Rhiannon Archer, Jenna Irons
What was supposed to be a pleasant trip to the wildlife sanctuary goes south when sirens start going off.

One More Summer Before I Grow Up | Nikko Blackwood
Feeling stuck between two worlds, Harper turns to an older muggle-raised friend for some perspective.

Chloë and Juniper's Housewarming Party | Various
Harper is invited to a friend's housewarming party and discovers a lot of recent Hogwarts alumni are in attendance.

Made With Adrenaline | Flynn North
The Dueling Tournament is fast approaching, and Harper heads to the SDA room to get some extra practice.

Y42 Duelling Match #11 | Ares Kuya-Tine
For her first dueling match, Harper decides to deploy several transfiguration spells to catch her opponent off guard.

Y42 Duelling Match #19 | Flynn North
In an extremely destructive duel, Harper attempts to defend her title from a three-time dueling champion.

Blossoming Alone | Delilah Thorne, Natalia Novak
Harper and a friend are reflecting over the ways they've changed over the years when Harper's prefect partner interrupts.

I Learn My Lessons From the Birds | Open
Harper is chatting with some owls while in falcon form when someone mistakes her for a delivery bird.

A Glimpse of What Is to Come | Charles Abberline
Student and teacher trade places as Harper guides her former animagus instructor through the process.

Y42 Graduation Ceremony: Graduates | Matt Alcott-Ward, Seventh Years
Seven years after her sorting, Harper makes her way to the front of the Great Hall to collect her diploma.

Y42 End of Year Feast | Hogwarts Professors, Hogwarts Students
Harper tries to soak in her last night at Hogwarts but is distracted when she notices a younger Gryffindor crying.



Total House Points


Helensville, NZ (2058-present)

Assistant Youth Soccer Coach (2058-present)

Bartender (2058-present)

Animagus Instructor

Best Memories

Worst Memories


Gap Year | 2058-2059
life's a voyage that's homeward bound


Graduation Party | Medley Staff, Class of '58 Graduates

New Place, New Faces | Caden Cavanaugh

Some Things Never Change | Nikko Blackwood

Tufts of Red | Charles Abberline
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