Elliot Briar

Elliot Briar

| '54 Grad | Ollivander's Asst. |
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Half Blood
Relationship Status
Seeing Somebody
Sexual Orientation
Demi (Alice)
10 1/2 Inch Alder Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core
6/2036 (23)


Birthdate : June 4th, 2036
Hometown : New York City, NY, USA
Residence : Obsidian Harbour, Aotearoa
Blood status : Half-blood
Education : HNZ Class of 2054; Hufflepuff

Courage, Charm, Leadership, Spirituality and Protective are all qualities of this wand, Alder is the Celtic wood of astrology, so is good for spells involving star gazing and astronomy. It is good for those that don't find great pleasure in physical or attacking spells, but those that protect themselves if need be.



Play by : Lucas Jade Zumann
Hair : Dark, curly
Eyes : Dark brown
Height/Build : Of average build, if a little on the small side, Elliot tends to slouch or shrink int his clothes to make himself seem smaller
Style : Big shirts and oversized sweaters. Elliot’s clothes often make him look much smaller than he is. Comfort highlighted over style though always keeps his uniform or work clothes neat, even if the sleeves might be a little long.
Distinguishing Features : Elliot’s whole face scrunches up when he smiles or laughs


Reserved | Methodical | Patient | Compassionate | Insecure

Outwardly calm and reserved, if a touch awkward. inwardly, Elliot is somewhat neurotic and insecure, seeking acceptance and validation from his peers. A lonely child, Elliot yearned to have a chance to build connections and possess a great deal of compassion and warmth for those he’s close to. Unfortunately, it can take some time before he feels confident enough to reach out to others.

Order makes Elliot feel safe and in control when dealing with the whirlwind of activity that was living with his mother as well as helped handle the strange stillness when he visited his father. He will often plan, count, or practice his actions as a method to calm down or focus. Because of this, Elliot often struggles to function in situations without a clear goal or strategy and becomes very nervous when unprepared.

He was often stuck inside his own head as a child, and had a tendency to overthink or hesitate when considering his options. While this means he can miss out on opportunities, he prefers the feeling of control it provides.

As an adult, Elliot has grown more secure. While he still second guesses himself regularly and struggles to easily connect with his peers, he's learnt to smooth over his insecurities more often and is more comfortable taking charge and speaking up around strangers though he will still go out of his way to assure that others are comfortable, often over his own well-being.

Strengths : Organized, Reliable, Empathetic
Weaknesses : Stuck in his own head, Anxious, A push-over
Likes : Astronomy, Fantasy novels, Sour candy
Dislikes : Long distance travel, Jaffas


Elliot's parents split when he was very young, unable to reconcile their vast lifestyle differences. El grew up spending the majority of his time with his mother in New York and spending his (kiwi) Summers with his father in Kerikeri.
He's always lived in two separate worlds, the hectic, magical city life with his witch mother vs the calm, beautiful country life with his muggle father. After receiving his owl from HNZ, El had to decide if he was ready to combine those two worlds into a strange middle ground that he will need to learn to make his own.

Elliot started Hogwarts New Zealand as a reserved, anxious boy and managed to graduate seven years later still anxious, but far more assertive. After years of working hard, Elliot finished his school as Head Boy, prefect of Hufflepuff house, leader of the Wild Patch Club, and Hufflepuff house seeker and Quidditch captain. He was also grateful to leave school with a collection of very close friends, including Lily Lockwood, Lars van Houten, and long term girlfriend, Alice Holland. During his schooling, Elliot was able to find some level of direction and certainty in his life, being able to allow things he could not control or plan for wash over him rather than overwhelm him and has begun pursuing a passion in wandlore and wand-making while working at Ollivander's.

Witch - Half-blood
Personal Chef | NYC, USA​

Architect | Kerikeri, NZ​

Witch - Half-blood
Homemaker | NY, USA​

Witch - Mixed-blood
Ilvermorny (Thunderbird) | NY, USA​
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His first year was a bit daunting, but Elliot enjoyed most of his classes and a chance to be his own person. Able to come out of his shell, Elliot met some good friends amongst his fellow students, such as Lars van Houten, Madeline Kaimarama and especially Lily Lockwood, with whom he became fast friends. After getting his bearings and adjusting to classes as the year ended, Elliot has started to feel aimless with where he wants his schooling to progress and is beginning to look for more direction to branch out.

Top of the ListFirst Wand. Nailed it.
/w Ainsley Lynch
Warm Winter GiftsA free hat and new acquaintance
/w Rose Holland
The Courtyard
A Too Quiet NightEl's not the only who can't sleep
/w Clifton Ward & Peregrine White
Hufflepuff First Year Boys' Dorm
Blind Leading the BlindEl and Maddy are definitely not lost.
/w Madeline Kaimarama
The Sixth Floor
SleepyAn early morning chat.
/w Lily Lockwood
Hufflepuff Common Room
Skipping StonesA moment by the lake
/w Jasper Michaels
The Lakefront
Paint with PurposeEl enlists some help for a project
/w Lars van Houten & Isla Zephyr
The Conglomerated Arts Room
Halloween FearEl tries to offer Lily some courage. And candy
/w Lily Lockwood
The Halloween Feast
Stars and SnacksSome quiet after Halloween
/w Lily Lockwood & Onyx Michaels
The Courtyard
A Treasured Spot/w Alice HollandHogwarts Gardens
Every Rose Has Its ThornsA run in with Lily's sister
/w Lily Lockwood & Rose Lockwood
Tākarokaro Park
A Silly Little FearLily goes missing during Flying Lessons
/w Lily Lockwood & Prof. Grace Holland
The Quidditch Pitch
One Step at a TimeEl gets a hand learning to dance
/w Alice Holland
The Conglomerated Arts Room
Insecure/w Lily LockwoodHufflepuff Common Room
Hide and Seek/w Lily LockwoodThe Yule Ball
Unexpected Reunions/w Lily Lockwood & Ren LockwoodNew Zealand
Yellow is Mellow, Yellow For Elliot BriarReceiving roses
/w Kace Corelli & Keshin Tiwari
The Fourth Floor
SleepyA nap after a long Valentine's Day
/w Lily Lockwood
Hufflepuff Common Room
Just One Dance/w Lily LockwoodThe Valentine's Dance
Hitting the BooksLily and El try to get some study done
/w Lily Lockwood & Jasper Night
The Student Lounge
In Perfect Order/w Nell WrightThe Student Lounge
Repeated MistakesSome peaceful painting with Lars is interrupted
/w Lars van Houten, Blake Irons, Tyler Lee & Madeline Kaimarama
The Great Lawn
Adventure Time!This is probably a bad idea.
/w Jasper Night, Madeline Kaimarama, Clifton Ward, Sierra Woodlock, & Lauren Davenport
The Forbidden Forest
The Long GameEl starts a letter writing campaign to win over Rose
/w Rose Lockwood
Water CreaturesEl encounters a student sketching at the lake
/w Sophie Elliston
The Lakefront


Feeling slightly less anxious about this year now that he’d already done things once, Elliot felt more ready to try a few new things this year.
He ended up joining the Wild Patch Club, which he found club activities quite enjoyable, as well as entering the Wheel Barrow Race and signing up for rose deliveries, both of which, while daunting, forced him out of his shell some. He also got closer with Kace, Adorah, and Lars this year, and unfortunately had some more run ins with Blake and Tyler. With the arrival of Lily's little brother and her also starting to date, things felt a bit weird with his best friend, but Elliot and Lily still managed to stay as close as ever.
Elliot was still concerned about feeling he had to be good at everything, especially in class, but overall the year still felt like a win, with Elliot hoping to branch out even more next year.

A View of Something FamiliarEl runs into Kace and Acacia at a fancy party back home
/w Kace Corelli & Acacia Dunn
The Americas (NYC)
A New FriendLily picks out a new pet
/w Lily Lockwood
The Magical Menagerie
Odd One OutChecking in with Ren and Lily at the start of the new year.
/w Ren Lockwood & Lily Lockwood
The Fourth Floor Corridor
Brushing UpElliot enjoys a chance to help a younger student
/w Amy Jewel
Hufflepuff Common Room
Things Changing, Things Staying the SameCatching up with Lars
/w Lars van Houten
The Courtyard
A Guiding StarStruggling with Astronomy, El finds a potential friend
/w Nixon Mercury
The Great Lawn
Far From HomeBonding over accents
/w Aonghas Fergusson & Clifton Ward
Hufflepuff Second Year Boys' Dorm
Ups and DownsElliot tries to congratulate Lars after the Quidditch game, until Blake arrives.
/w Lars van Houten & Blake Irons
The Great Lawn
First DanceLars' first Yule Ball isn't exactly smooth
/w Lars van Houten, Lily Lockwood, & Ren Lockwood
The Yule Ball
Lost in Constellations/w Adorah ZumwaltFlourish and Blott's
Planned EscapesLily and Elliot actually plan to meet up this holidays
/w Lily Lockwood
New Zealand (Kerikeri)
A Temporary Truce/w Tyler LeeThe Library
A Small Piece of HomeLars has a gift for Elliot
/w Lars van Houten
The Courtyard
Waiting UpElliot definitely has not been waiting up for Lily after the Valentines Dance..
/w Lily Lockwood
Hufflepuff Common Room
Adventurous Astronomers/w Adorah ZumwaltThe North Tower
You Did It!Taking a moment after the Wheelbarrow Race
/w Kace Corelli, Lily Lockwood, & Amaya Michaels
The Great Lawn
[x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x]Delivering Roses
/w various
[x][x][x][x][x]Receiving Roses
/w various
Crushing CuriositySome questions about Lily's pink rose
/w Lily Lockwood
Third Floor Corridor


An eventful year for Elliot both in school and in his relationships. Elliot joined the Hufflepuff quidditch team as their alt. Seeker, and despite the usual anxiety and stress he felt around his classwork, was able to earn the most house points in his house. Elliot’s personal life was also highly eventful, with Elliot somewhat trying to help Kace navigate his family issues, reassuring Lily with her own romantic woes, and also Elliot’s new budding relationship with Lars. After kissing in Semester One, Elliot finally plucked up the nerve to talk about it with Lars and the two began dating, becoming Elliot’s first ever real relationship. Elliot’s still terrified he’s going to mess things up with him and Lars, but he’s been doing his best to do and say whatever he needs to to make Lars happy.

Holiday Scoop/w Adorah ZumwaltFlorean’s
A New Endeavor/w Lily Lockwood & Odette HarperQuality Quidditch Supplies
Send in the Clowns/w Baron Corelli & Jenna ToubiaThe Entrance Hall
A Burden/w April WardThe Quidditch Pitch
Know One’s House/w Corey EdogawaHufflepuff Common Room
Downpour/w Lars van HoutenThe Hogwart’s Garden
Dying to Get Away/w Nixon MercuryThe Three Broomsticks
A Bit of Payback/w Lily Lockwood & Tyler LeeThe Dungeons
Raincheck/w Lars van HoutenThe Courtyard
An Overdue Catch Up/w Lily LockwoodHufflepuff Common Room
Hufflepuff Victory Party/w VariousHufflepuff Common Room
Post-Match Moment/w Lars van HoutenThe Quidditch Pitch
Yule Doppelgänger/w Kace Correlli, Baron Correlli, Amaya Michaels, & Jenna ToubiaThe Yule Ball
The Thought That Counts/w Lars van HoutenThe Yule Ball
The Hideaway Club/w Kace Correlli, Baron Correlli, Wendy Bell, Tomas Wode, Amaya Michaels, & Katy MillerThe Americas
Unwritten Rules/w Abian Hunter & Lily LockwoodHufflepuff Common Room
Like Constellations/w Lars van HoutenThe Conglomerated Arts Room
Missing Winter/w Jenna JusantreaHufflepuff Common Room
[x][x][x][x][x][x][x]Delivering Roses
/w various
[x][x][x][x][x]Receiving Roses
/w various
Final Rose/w Kace CorelliGryffindor House Table
Hold Onto Me/w Lily Lockwood & Lars van HoutenFourth Floor Corridor
Mates and Meetings/w Madeline Kaimarama & Sebastian KaimaramaThe Great Lawn
Ducks in a Row/w Adorah ZumwaltThe Lakefront


Elliot’s Fourth year was turbulent to say the least. Between his cousin Katy coming to Hogwarts for a year, becoming starting seeker for the Hufflepuff team, and the ever impending pressure of their approaching OWL year, Elliot was feeling a lot of pressure from day one. This year also brought some unpleasant revelations regarding his relationship and feelings regarding Lars. Breaking up with him was one of the hardest things Elliot had ever had to do, and the boys spent the rest of the year dealing with the emotional fallout damage to their relationship. Throwing himself into his extra circulars as a distraction from issues with his relationships, Elliot spent most of the year feeling distant from his fears, though he was able to at least become closer with his roommate, Aonghas.

The Changing of the Seasons/w Lily Lockwood, Clifton Ward, Nell Wright & Lars van HoutenNew Zealand (Northland)
Hitting the Road/w Katy Miller & Lars van HoutenThe Hogwarts Express
Fly the Worries Away/w Aonghas FergussonThe Quidditch Pitch
Underneath It All/w Bada YeongHufflepuff Common Room
Important Questions/w Katy MillerThe Student Lounge
Seen a Ghost/w Lucas FletcherThe Halloween Feast
Down Time/w Lily LockwoodHufflepuff Common Room
Bad Omens/w Eutropia VetrovThe Courtyard
Sunshine Warmth/w Lars van HoutenThe Conglomerated Arts Room
Us and the Stars/w Lars van HoutenThe Courtyard
In Need of Distraction/w Katy Miller & Chaser Reeves RosendaleQuality Quidditch Supplies
Start with the Familiar/w Lily LockwoodHufflepuff Fourth Year Girls' Dorm
[X] [X] [X] [X]Delivering RosesVarious
Told You I am Down/w Elio Zephyr & Rowan BarosThe Courtyard
Consenting to Mindlessness/w Aonghas FergussonHufflepuff House Table
Beware the Quiet Ones/w Professor Katherine AlicastellProfessor Alicastell's Office
Concern and Control/w Aonghas FergussonHufflepuff Fourth Year Boys' Dorm
Branching Paths/w Professor Landon CarterProfessor Carter's Lounge
Rat Out/w Adorah ZumwaltFirst Floor Corridor
Yr 35 Pride/w Poppy Perkins, Mhairi Olaf, & VariousThe Great Hall
Passing on Knowledge/w Lucas FletcherThe Quidditch Pitch
Lonely Hearts/w Alice HollandHufflepuff Common Room
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Elliot's fifth year brought with it a whole new world of difficult responsibilities and stresses to navigate. Elliot took up a position working at Ollivander's, was awarded the title of prefect, as well as becoming one of the new co-leaders of the Wild Patch club. While he was grateful for the recognition, these new duties coupled with the arrival of his OWL year left Elliot feeling stressed and busy for most of the year. While he did his best to keep up, ultimately Hufflepuff's Quidditch season seemed to suffer the most, with Elliot having a terrible showing as seeker all year resulting in Hufflepuff's sad last place in the cup. Elliot was at least able to see the beginning of his relationship mending with Lars, as well a sudden new romance with Alice that had been quietly brewing under the surface for years. After surviving his OWL year and even managing top points earner for Hufflepuff, Elliot is hopeful for the coming years, feeling like he has more direction and responsibility than before.

Heart to Heart/w Lily LockwoodNew Zealand
Y36 Prefects Meeting/w Lars van Houten, Kace Corelli, & variousPrefects' Common Room
Friends?/w Rita SmileFourth Floor Corridor
Slytherin vs HufflepuffThe Quidditch Pitch
Collided/w Lars van Houten & Blake IronsThe Hospital Wing
Consolation/w Lily LockwoodThe Hospital Wing
Out of Mind/w Lars van HoutenThe Fifth Floor Corridor
The Flying Type/w Aras RagouskasThe Quidditch Pitch
The Great Bee House Swarming/w The Wild Patch club membersThe Wild Patch
Half-baked Encounters/w Mordred CavenaghThe Kitchens
An Overdue Dance/w Alice HollandThe Yule Ball
Quiet Contemplation/w Professor Kahurangi Josephs & Beckett HarringtonThe Entrance Hall
For Better or For Worse/w Analei Louw & Abian HunterThe Hufflepuff Common Room
To Bee Here with You/w Alice HollandThe Wild Patch
[X] [X] [X] [X] [X]Delivering Roses
An Excuse to Talk/w Lars van HoutenPrefects' Common Room
[X] [X] [X] [X] [X]Receiving Roses
Pink Panic/w Lily LockwoodThe Hufflepuff Common Room
After a Storm of Petals/w Alice HollandThe Hufflepuff Common Room
There is No Right way/w Alice HollandThe Valentine's Dance
Away with Quidditch!/w Liusaidh Fergusson, Giselle Rosenberg, Violette Holland, & Aonghas FergussonFourth Floor Corridor
Raranga Harakeke/w The Wild Patch club membersThe Wild Patch
In Your Nature/w Rosemarie ChatwinThe Wild Patch
Passing Judgement/w Diana HollandThe Library
Delivery/w Lily LockwoodHufflepuff Fifth Year Boys' Dorm
Y36 Graduation Ceremony/w VariousThe Graduation Ceremony


Elliot's sixth year was an emotionally turbulent one to say the least. Things started off positively, with Elliot and Alice officially starting their relationship together. At school, Elliot was made Co-captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, which proved to be just one more stressful responsibility he had to add to the pile, especially when Hufflepuff's quidditch season ended about as badly as it possibly could, much to Elliot's disappointment. The second semester came and brought with it a slew of relationship troubles. Elliot spent most of the last half of the year with Alice's lingering graduation hanging over his head, not to mention issues with Lily and the discovery of Lars and Blake having gotten together making things just that much more complicated as the year came to a close.

Leap of Faith/w Alice HollandObsidian Harbour
The Family Business/w Emmett LancasterObsidian Harbour
The Motions/w Aonghas FergussonSixth Year Hufflepuff Boys’ Dorm
Cracking Heads/w Tilly Drage, Finn Lockley, Lillith Montgomery, Hazel West, & Bobbi BacuzziThe Quidditch Pitch
The Finer Details/w Bobbi BacuzziHufflepuff Common Room
It’s Over Isn’t it/w Lily LockwoodHufflepuff Common Room
Navigating Responsibilities/w Lars van Houten, Blake Irons, & Sierra WoodlockThe Student Lounge
With Experience/w Adorah ZumwaltTākarokaro Park
Down But Not Out/w Abian HunterHufflepuff Common Room
Something Wicked/w Alice HollandHalloween Feast
Yule Ball Dance Lessons/w Alice Holland & variousThe Great Hall
Final Yuletide Dance/w Alice HollandThe Yule Ball
Holidays at Home/w Alice HollandNew Zealand
Making Time/w Lily LockwoodMākutu Dinette
Not Quite Like a Story/w Alice HollandThe Valentine's Dance
Failure/w Lily LockwoodThe Hospital Wing
After the Game/w Tilly Drage & Seraphina MyThe Entrance Hall
Finish What You Started/w Seraphina MyThe Great Lawn
Regret and Repercussions/w Tilly Drage & Prof. Landon CarterProfessor Carter's Lounge
Resolutions/w Tilly DrageHufflepuff Common Room
His Past, Your Future/w Lars van HoutenRavenclaw House Table
Time to Talk/w Lily LockwoodSixth Year Hufflepuff Boys' Dorm
Dwelling on the End/w Alice HollandThe Graduation Ceremony


Elliot's final year started with the nerve-wracking confirmation that he had been selected as Head Boy. Thankfully, he had Alice to lean on, even if it was only via owl with her having graduated. Elliot spent most of the year trying to allow him to enjoy his final time with his friends and classes, though it was often hard not to get caught up in early nostalgia around the school. Thankfully, he kept plenty busy, finally managed to win another Quidditch game and secure Hufflepuff a joint second place in the second semester, along with his usual Wild Patch, organizing the rose giving, and prefect duties. Elliot was able to face his looming graduation with almost zen acceptance, realizing that he couldn't control his future and could only do his best to brave his way through it, though it was overshadowed by the unpleasant realazation that his father had been dating a wizard without telling him. His tense relationship with his father aside, Elliot was able to finish his last year on a high note, keen to step into the real world to join Alice and continue his work at Ollivander's.

Top of the Year/w Ainsley LynchOllivander's
A Fergusson-Hensel Reception/w Alice Holland, Aonghas Fergusson, & VariousNew Zealand
One Last Time/w Lily Lockwood & Tyler LeeHogwarts Express
A Different Kind of Harvest/w Eleanor HopeThe Owlery
Ratted Out/w Clifton WardSeventh Year Hufflepuff Boys' Dorm
One Last Halloween Dance/w Cyzarine HadenHalloween Feast
Prefect's Meeting Y38 S1/w Selene Le Fey & variousPrefect's Common Room
Hoping to Help/w Lily LockwoodThe Hogwarts Garden
WPC Meeting - Hordes of Horklumps/w The Wild Patch ClubThe Wild Patch
Commiseration Present/w Lily LockwoodHoneyduke's
Commiseration Chocolate/w Lillith MontgomeryHufflepuff Common Room
Lunar Stake Out/w Ryan Fisk & Allison BeckettEntrance Hall
Headfirst/w Blake IronsStudent Lounge
Divining Questions/w Professor Matt Alcott-WardProfessor Ward's Office
A Bit of Clarity/w Selene Le FeyHeadpeople's Lounge
Bookends and Holidays/w Lily LockwoodThe Yule Ball
A Gryffindor, A Hufflepuff, A Ravenclaw, and A Slytherin Walk into a Bar/w Lumio Skey, Kiara Wood, & Max KieferThe Hog's Head
Revealing the Memories - Time Capsule Opening/w Eleanor Hope, Alice Holland, & variousTākarokaro Park
Halcyon Holidays/w Lily LockwoodHoneyduke's
The Beginning of Something/w Miles Cresswood & Oscar BrooksBrightstone
Overdue Celebration/w Lily Lockwood, Connor Holland, Tilly Drage, Lucas Fletcher, René Tofilau, Kasim Safir, & Amy JewelHufflepuff Common Room
[X] [X] [X] [X] [X]Receiving Roses
[X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X]Delivering Roses
There is Love in Friendship/w Selene le FeyValentine's Dance
Line of Succession/w Lysander SummersThe Wild Patch
Something, Something, Stars, Something/w Adorah ZumwaltThe Fourth Floor Corridor
WPC Meeting - Weatherproofing/w The Wild Patch ClubThe Wild Patch
An Olive Branch/w Clifton WardSeventh Year Hufflepuff Boys' Dorm
Complicated Reunions/w Alice Holland & Oscar BrooksGraduation
Not the Last Goodbye/w Lily Lockwood, Lars van Houten, & Katy MillerGraduation
End of Year Feast/w VariousThe Great Hall
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Excuse Me/w Maisie MorvayOllivander's2054
The New Normal/w Alice Holland & Lily LockwoodNew Zealand2054
Unlikely Friends/w Emmett LancasterOllivander's2054
Everyone At Home/w Alice Holland, Claudia Holland, James Holland, Diana Holland, & The Holland FamilyNew Zealand2054
Real Grown-Ups/w Lars van HoutenMakutu Dinette2055
At Wit's End/w Miles CresswellOllivander's2055
Must Be a Dream/w Lars van Houten, Blake van Houten, Alice Holland, & variousNew Zealand2056
The Truth/w Lillian LockwoodNew Zealand2056
Simple Shopping/w Diana HollisVibez2058
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