Sydney Townsend

Sydney Townsend

5th Year | SDA Co-President | Smarter Than You
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
11/2036 (16)
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Birthdate : November 11th, 2036
Hometown : Auckland, NZ
Blood-status : Mixed-blood
House : Slytherin

Wand : Ash Wand 14 1/4" Essence of Hair from the Tail of a Male Unicorn
Aids in communication and learning. Removes blockages that prevent the flow of words and knowledge. It is the wood of the poet and the scholar.

Play by
: Winona Ryder
Height/build : 5’3” and gangly. Sydney had a growth spurt young and hasn't grown since
Hair : Brown and straight, cut short
Eyes : Brown
Style : Eclectic and mismatched, Sydney purposely likes to dress as “anti-mainstream” as possible, often picking clashing pieces to get attention.
Distinguishing Features : Sydney is tall and gangly, but tends to slouch to make this less obvious.


Contrary | Emotional | Haughty | Insensitive | Determined

Sydney likes to speak her mind, and does so often. She uses her words to get a reaction from others, and will sometimes play devil’s advocate just because she knows it will get her attention.
Subconsciously, Sydney craves her family’s attention and if the only way she can receive it is when she gets in trouble, so be it. Coming from a successful, affluent family, her achievements growing up always seemed to be met with indifference. She was expected to do well and is only able to get her parent’s attention when she acts out. Because of this, even though Sydney has the ability to be a model student, she chooses to be as abrasive and destructive as possible.

Highly emotional and loves to play the victim, she errs towards the dramatic and often takes things overly personally. Despite this, she’s not easily able to pick up on or consider others’ feelings and usually will put herself over others.
Her criteria for friendship seems unpredictable and though highly judgmental at times, once Sydney has deemed someone “worthy” of her time, she is fiercely loyal and protective.

Strengths: Intelligent, Original, Committed
Weaknesses: Judgmental, Arrogant, Can’t admit she’s wrong
Likes: Poetry, competitive board games, loud music
Dislikes: Quidditch, Authority, Swimming/water, “The Mainstream”



Sydney's relationship with her family is fragile and often outright confrontational. While her parents often mean well, they are simply too busy to give Sydney the attention she craves, prioritizing their professional lives over their private. Instead, Sydney grew up raised by a string of nanny's and other helpers, in constant competition with her younger sister Brooke for what limited attention their parents would spare. Threatened by Brooke and tired of being constantly compared to her mild-mannered and sweet sibling, Sydney resents her younger sister and rarely treats her with kindness. Brooke, to her credit, takes this in her stride and still somehow seems to look up to her older sister. Sydney relishes the chance to leave home for Hogwarts. If she can't get what she needs at home, then maybe she can find something worth her time there.


Witch - Half-blood


Wizard - Mixed-blood
Advertising Firm Owner​


Younger Sister
Witch - Mixed-blood
Younger Sister​

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Sydney Townsend

5th Year | SDA Co-President | Smarter Than You
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
11/2036 (16)
Trophy Showcase:

Sydney’s first year was filled with plenty of new enemies, and far fewer friends. She spent most of the first semester plotting her revenge on Eric Holland after an encounter with him and Nova Valtoria before the school year, which, with the help of Daintree, finally culminated in a spectacular vengeance just before the Summer holidays. Sydney also joined the school paper, something she was surprised to find she enjoyed. Despite spending most of her time writing anonymously as the paper's Agony Aunt, Sydney liked being able to share her advice with the school at large.
One Good ThingSydney offers some unwanted advice.
/w Eric Holland & Nova Valtoria
Tākarokaro Park
A Rite of PassageGetting her first wand
/w Charlotte Owens
The Magical SportSydney crashes some Quidditch talk with her new housemates
/w Daintree Vaskevold & Lucky Valentine
Slytherin Common Room
Practicing a Bit of Peace/w Amy JewelThe Lakefront
A Worthwhile VendettaSydney plans some revenge. Ben is lost.
/w Ben Richards
The Abandoned Lavatory
Teeth and Ambition BaredFirst impressions with dormmates
/w Xio Havoc & Sylhava Versailles
Slytherin First Year Girls' Dorm
Seclusion Above the StormKindred spirits or bitter rivals?
/w Aegirine Night
The North Tower
Suitable RetributionThe price of revenge is 7 Galleons
/w Amy Ward
Gambol and Japes's
Specter in the Dark/w Anmoch MarcachThe Dungeons
All That GlittersThe plan and the payoff
/w Daintree Vaskevold & Eric Holland
Seventh Floor Corridor
Creative Exchanges/w Sophie WilsonHogwarts Monthly
Blush Red, Maybe?/w Zennon Baros, Eric Holland, & Nova ValtoriaThe Great Hall
Drawing the LineSydney tries to set some boundaries
/w Tres Bear II
Slytherin First Year Girls' Dorm
Lackluster Opponents/w Nova Valtoria & Noel WaldgraveThe Student Lounge


While Sydney may have finally found some potential friends in the likes of Samantha Jacobs and Jasper Night this year, her feud with Eric Holland continued strong. Petty pranks soon escalated and began impacting their schoolwork, resulting in disrupted classes and Eric passing out in Herbology. The two had a chance to settle their differences via the school dueling tournament, but their match was cut short when Eric resorting to physical violence and Sydney’s poor sportsmanship resulted in both their disqualification. After a year of struggle with both her professors and peers, Sydney finally had her year capped off when someone sent a howler in front of the whole school embarrassing her at the end of year feast.
Suitable InspirationJasper and Sydney may not have a common enemy, but they have a similar goal.
/w Jasper Night
Gambol and Jape’s
Going all OutLeda has a proposition.
/w Leda Layton
Slytherin Second Year Girls’ Dorm
OpinionsSydney shares some honest thoughts with a new student
/w Jacinta Ingo
The Dungeons
The Unrestricted RouteSydney and Samantha try to reach the restricted section the hard way
/w Samantha Jacobs & Irene Holland
The Library
(X) (X)Eric and Sydney's feud escalates.
/w Eric Holland and Various
Reflection Not Regret/w Noel Waldgrave & Aisa HunterThe Abandoned Lavatory
Engaging in the Extraordinary/w Lidiya KozlovaThe Library
Well Deserved/w Minnie CalidaThe Yule Ball
Emily's Meet and Greet/w VariousFlourish and Blott's
House Rebellion/w Juniper Steele & Apollo BixbyThe Student Lounge
Uplifting Advice/w Analei Louw & Emilia ManningHufflepuff House Table
Twisting Turns and Secret Passageways/w Aegerine NightThe Dungeons
A Spot of Mischief/w Samantha JacobsThe Seventh Floor Corridor
Y34 End of Year FeastSydney receives a rather embarrassing howler
/w Eric Holland, Nova Valtoria, & Various
The Great Hall


After the embarrassing incident at last years end of year feast, Sydney spent very little time in her house or dormroom, not able to trust her roommates were not the ones responsible for the howler. While Sydney made little progress identifying who the culprit was this year, she was able to make more connections than she would have in past years, strengthening her friendship with Samantha and Jasper and possibly even making new connections in the likes of Emily Hastings and Simon Thorne.
Interruptions and Train Rides/w Samantha Jacobs & Amy JewelThe Hogwarts Express
Melancholy Moods/w Audra WorthThe Library
Horror Stories/w Emily HastingsThe Library
What Do We Have Here?/w Simon Thorne & Daintree VaskevoldSlytherin Common Room
Common Interest/w Ren LockwoodThe Great Hall
Third Year Yule Ball Pre-Party/w Daintree Vaskivold, Tres Bear II, Adorah Zumwalt, & VariousThe Student Lounge
Isn't That Nice/w Simon ThorneThe Yule Ball
Brewing Opinions/w Samantha JacobsSeventh Floor Corridor
Sunshine Below/w Emily MadisonThe Dungeons
Waiting for a Knight/w Molly Lamb & Tyler LeeThe Valentine's Dance
With a Splash and a Boom/w Jasper NightThe Lakefront
Complementary Pursuits/w Zennon BarosThe Courtyard


Starting her fourth year, Sydney was almost disgusted to realize she was settling into something resembling a routine. But there was no escaping she had found a comfortable niche, with her work on the Hogwart's Monthly, SDA, and her limited but trusted collection of friends with Simon and Samantha. Her routine was shaken up by the arrival of her younger sister Brooke, who Sydney did her best to resolutely ignore. Sydney's relationship with Samantha also grew more complex, to the point Sydney was no longer able to deny that she had feelings for her friend. This meant that Sydney had to take it upon herself to distance Sam from any unwanted suitors, namely Ren Lockwood, who had been 'wooing' Samantha since Second Year. Placing herself between the pair, Sydney worked hard pretending to be Ren's friend, intercepting gifts and wasting Ren's time in the hopes it would keep him away from Samantha. Unwilling to make a move yet, Sydney still hoped her affects for Samantha might be returned, especially after receiving a Pink Rose on Valentine's but ultimately their relationship was left fractured when Ren confronted them both about his missing gifts, both Ren and Samantha leaving broken hearted and Sydney left fuming.

Discussing Strategies/w Augustus WestwickThe Student Lounge
By The Numbers/w Simon ThorneSlytherin Common Room
Practical Demonstration/w Ava LancasterDuelling Chamber
Worth Wasting Time/w Samantha JacobsThe Library
No Expectations/w Eric HollandThe Duelling Chamber
Fourth Year Study Session/w Daintree Vaskevold, Solomon Tofilau, Minnie Calida, & Padme HumeThe Student Lounge
Just a Favour/w Samantha JacobsThe Yule Ball
Mistakes May Have Been Made/w Ren LockwoodThe Entrance Hall
Rose Petals and TeaReceiving a Rose
/w Selene Le Fey
The Courtyard
Ruminating on Roses/w Samantha JacobsThe Hogwarts Monthly Room
Keep Your Enemies Closer/w Ren LockwoodSlytherin House Table
The Studies of Unexpecting/w Samantha Jacobs & Ren LockwoodThe Library
SDA End of Year Party and Awards/w Various members of the SDASDA Duelling Chamber

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Sydney Townsend

5th Year | SDA Co-President | Smarter Than You
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
11/2036 (16)
Trophy Showcase:

Compartment Stand-Off/w Brooke Townsend, Simon Thorne, & Delilah ThorneThe Hogwarts Express
SDA Exhibition Duel/w Tyler Lee, Prof. Lydia Drage & variousThe Duelling Chamber
Y37 Prefects' Meeting/w variousThe Prefects Common Room
What Do You Want/w Samantha JacobsThe Student Lounge
Additional Study/w Prof. Kalif StyxProfessor Styx Study
SDA Event Spell Demonstrations/w Tyler Lee, Eric Holland, Lysander Summers, & variousStudent Defense Association
Before They Turn the Lights Off/w Nell WrightThe Hogwarts Monthly
Who wants Juice in Their Face/w Liusaidh Fergusson & Bobbi BacuzziThe Yule Ball
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