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The pages of the Monthly were printed and ready to distribute, the ink on parchment beautiful in a bittersweet way. Hogwarts Monthly had nestled itself firmly at the heart of Nell's Hogwarts experience, and now it was all about to come to an end. Her final issue was written and printed, with nothing left to be done but distribute the news to the people of Hogwarts and enjoy their reactions for the last time. Before that though, Nell was determined to enjoy just one last moment with her team.

She had decorated the newsroom and set up some snacks and music, as well as some comfier chairs than their usual desks. If they were going to celebrate, they were going to celebrate in style. Once the team was assembled, Nell couldn't quite keep the tears from her eyes as she addressed them all. "Hi everyone, I just wanna say a few words quickly. This is, um..." Nell couldn't hold back a small tremble from her laugh as she quickly wiped her eyes. "As you know, this is the last issue that Cyzarine and I will be working on with you guys. I hope you'll forgive me being a little self-indulgent and... and throwing this little going-away party for us. It's also a party to thank you guys though, running the Monthly has been... has been the best part of my time at Hogwarts, and I'm going to miss you all so much. I especially want to thank Poppy for all her hard work as my assistant, and I hope you'll all join me congratulating her on taking the position of Editor for next year. I have absolutely no doubt you're all going to do amazing work with her at the helm, and I hope somebody will remember to owl me a copy of every issue, so I can keep up with your writing." She wiped her eyes again, heart breaking a little at the thought of saying goodbye. "So, um, that's all I had to say. Thank you guys so much, and enjoy the party!"
Charlie was one of the first ones down to the monthly room, surprised that there was a party and pleased that he got a chance to socialize. He was determined to be more active in this club in the upcoming year. He couldn't be shy and quiet forever. He listened as Nell spoke to them, smiling shyly at her. He hadn't gotten the chance to really know her. Once she had finished talking, Charlie considered going up to the older girl.

He hung back, debating his plan for several moments. He had never been very good at talking to girls in general, especially pretty and powerful girls like Nell. He hung at the edge of the room a moment, fidgeting nervously. He took several deep breaths before walking up to her. "Excuse me, miss editor?" He smiled shyly, trying to catch her attention. @Nell Wright
Estella was looking forward to the next Hogwarts Monthly meeting. She had made a few acquaintances from there, but no close friends, and the meetings were always a good chance to get to know people a little better. She entered the room, smiling around at the party that had been set up. She wondered why Nell put in so much effort until she began speaking. Estella completely forgot that it was Nell's last year and she couldn't help but feel a little bad about it. She could tell Nell was upset, and so she gave her a reassuring smile, knowing that the new leader would pick it up and keep it running well. The Hufflepuff made her way over to grab a drink before walking past her on her way to the other side of the room. She was standing with a younger Hufflepuff boy. "Don't worry, I'll send you owls of the issues." Estella told the Ravenclaw reassuringly. She knew it would be sad for her to miss out on them.
Poppy couldn't help but fidget with the hem of her sweater as waited for the rest of the monthly staff to arrive. She was glad to have the issue out and ready for the rest of the school to read but she couldn't help but feel a little freaked out every time she realized that this was the last issue she would be Assistant Editor. And after this it would be all on her to get the monthly out on time. Poppy was busy hovering over the snacks hoping they would distract her when Nell started to speak, and when the older girl thanked her she felt her face flush. She held up a hand and gave a small wave even though everyone knew who she was. When Nell was done she let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding and went back to the snacks.
Nikko hadn't contributed to the monthly too much this past year but his mind had been elsewhere. But he was still happy to celebrate the release of that semester's issue. It meant that the semester was almost over and it was almost time to go home. He took a seat at one of the desks and rested his head in his hand as Nell started to talk. He hadn't gotten to know the older Ravenclaw very well but he liked her and thought she had done a really good job. It would be weird to have someone else in charge now but he knew he would get over that quickly.
Rhys hadn't been as active in the paper that year as he thought he would, missing out on writing an article for the second-semester edition as he had wanted to focus completely on his exams. But, next year was going to be different, and he really hoped that he would get the chance to write one of the Quidditch articles for a change and Charlie wouldn't keep stealing them first. But, for now, he just sat quietly in the club room listening to what their Editor had to say as her farewell. But even after that, he didn't move, instead, pulling out his sketchbook to sketch the room and the people in it. Maybe he could give it to Nell as a farewell, a memory to look back on her last meeting.
In the countdown to the end of the semester, Sydney had almost forgotten that seventh years graduating could actually affect her. She hadn't cared much about an older student since Ava graduated, but as she joined the HM staff for their end of year party, she realized she'd grown rather fond of Nell over the course of working with her too. And not because she'd kissed her that one time. At least not entirely because of that.

She raised her glass to Nell in a quiet toast as their soon to be ex-editor finished her address to the team, raising a challenging eyebrow to Poppy instead before taking a sip. Poppy wasn't incapable, but she had a bumbling air about her that Sydney hoped wouldn't lead to flubs when it came to the paper. "Big shoes to fill," she said blandly, stepping up to Poppy and sipping her drink again, though she kept her eyes on Nell where she was talking to some other members of the club. It wasn't really intended as a serious comment, Sydney did actually think Poppy could manage, but it was fun to make their new editor squirm a bit if she could. @Poppy Perkins
Poppy had just turned around to face the group after busying herself with the snacks long enough. She nearly jumped when she saw Sydney looking at her quite intensely. She blinked at the older girls comment and wanted to say something about having big feet but thankfully bit her tongue before she could say anything equally embarrassing. Instead she nodded quickly and gave her a shy smile. "I'm looking forward to doing my best." she said finally. "We've got a good team." she added with another smile. Poppy knew Sydney well enough that her words would have little effect on her disposition but she wanted to make sure she knew she was appreciated. @Sydney Townsend
Samantha couldn't believe how fast the year went by. It felt like that it was only just yesterday she was only just a first-year joining clubs and being clueless. But now the girl was in her Sixth year heading onto her Seventh and last year of Hogwarts. Samantha smiled at the club members who were in the room, as she walked in and took a seat on one of the free chairs. The Hufflepuff didn't really know anyone in the club or consider as a friend, aside from the girls in her year, she knew. The Hufflepuff was a bit sad to see Nell leave, though she didn't really know the girl well, it was still a bit sad to see people leave. The girl clapped along with the rest of the club when Nell had announced that Poppy was taking over as Editor next year. Sam didn't really know Poppy, but Samantha thought that the Ravenclaw would be able to handle it. When Nell had finished speaking, Samantha made her way to the snack table to grab a few snacks, made her way back to her seats and started to nibble on her snacks. The girl wasn't sure how long she was gonna be here, but she thought to stay here for a bit and maybe interact with one of the members.
Nell had barely caught her breath after her speech when Charlie and Estella approached her and she wiped her eyes quickly, giving the two Hufflepuffs the most cheerful smile she could manage. "You can call me Nell." She said to Charlie with a small laugh, giving the boy a warm smile. "What is it?" She looked up when Estella offered to send her the new issues, smiling warmly. "Please do!" She said cheerfully. "I can't wait to see what you write next, I'll be so sad not to work with you anymore. Make sure you help Poppy out as much as you can, alright?" She added, feeling a rush of fondness for the girl who had worked so hard for the Monthly.
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Charlie smiled shyly, looking between the editor and the other girl. "I-i-i-i um, I just, uh, just wanted t-to say, um, t-thank you," he managed, blushing furiously. He turned and scurried quickly away, completely forgetting if there was anything else he had wanted to say. He was terrible at speaking to girls. He almost knocked into @Nikko Blackwood as he hurried to get away. He apologized quickly and moved to sit at one of the farthest desks from Nell in the room.

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