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Sydney had had her doubts about taking Divination this semester. It wasn't exactly something she would consider a credible pursuit, being so open to interpretation and with its tendency to attract frauds and theatrics. But she had to admit after talking to Professor Le Fey that there might be something worth exploring there, if only to engage with a professor who actually might know what they were talking about some of the time. And it had the added benefit of giving Sydney unfettered access to some of the professor's best teas without being questioned, something she was highly looking forward to.

She'd also been pleasantly surprised to see that Samantha must have had a similar thought to her after spotting her in class. Sydney had left the room, loitering on the seventh floor hoping to catch Samantha on the way down to pick her brain. "Samantha, I see we both had the same thought with divination," She said in greeting, syncing up with Samantha as she went past. "Any thoughts about this? I'm hoping it'll be interesting, but at least we get good tea out of it," She said with a wry grin, nodding her head up to the divination tower in explanation.

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