Ivy Valentina Ashworth

Ivy Ashworth

📕Uni Student | Headstrong | Unsure | 1/4 Veela💅
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
Seeing Somebody
Sexual Orientation
Bi (Flynn)
Curly 14 1/2 Inch Unyielding Cypress Wand with Veela Hair Core
12/2039 (17)
Ivy Valentina Ashworth


Beauty may be dangerous, but intelligence is lethal

NAME:Ivy Valentina Ashworth
🔥 Ivy: From the English word for the climbing plant that has small yellow flowers. It is ultimately derived from Old English ifig.
🔥 Valentina: From the Roman cognomen Valentinus, which was itself a derivative of the cognomen Valens meaning "strong, vigorous, healthy" in Latin.
🔥 Ashworth: From an English place name meaning "ash enclosure" in Old English.
HOMETOWN: Ivy lives with her parents away from any muggle towns, in a small wizarding settlement near Wellington.
BIRTHDAY:3 December 2039
NATIONALITY: Citizen of New Zealand

ZODIAC SIGN:Sagittarius . As a Sagittarius born on December 3rd, your personality is defined by your assertive, restless and open nature. When you know what you want, you do not hesitate to share it with others. You will work hard to achieve things you wish to accomplish with certainty, although you may challenge to discover our true interests. You are restless in your pursuits, tending to explore varying topics and subjects. Your eclectic nature is paired nicely with your openness. Although they may feel you are a bit frank at times, your friends, family and coworkers appreciate your honestly.
ELEMENT:Fire. Your sign's paired element is fire and of the zodiac signs, you have the only mutable connection to the element. Fire's influence makes you changeable and adaptable, much like an open flame. Similarly, fire connects to your intense passion and enthusiasm. When something strikes your interest, you pursue it with great fortitude and spirit. As you continue to embrace fire's qualities you will achieve your goals. Be weary of fire's negative influences, which include impatience and impulsiveness.
PLANET:Jupiter. Jupiter is the planetary ruler of your sign, but as you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you are also subject to the planetary influence of Mars. Being the planet of transformation, Jupiter is connected to your pursuits of adventure and truth. Likewise, Mars, being the planet of assertiveness, is linked to your assertiveness and need for action. Your unique planetary influences make you more restless and spontaneous than the other Sagittarius Decans. You will fearlessly engage in any activity that peaks your interest, which is one of your most positive qualities. In love, find a partner that shares in your appreciation for honesty and need for adventure, as this will bring you satisfaction and happiness.

EDUCATION:Hogwarts New Zealand
FAVORITE CLASS: Charms, Defence
WAND:Curly 14 1/2 Inch Unyielding Cypress Wand with Veela Hair Core
🔥 Wood: A Cypress wand finds valour in the witches and wizards it chooses - so much so that the owners of Cypress wands have historically been expected to die an honourable death. This wand is for the brave and self-sacrificing.
🔥 Core: Much like the creature that they come from, wands with veela hair are temperamental and volatile in nature. They are good for use in divination work and with charms. Wands with this core are usually inherited.


PLAY BY: Logan Browning
HAIR: Dark brown and tightly curled.
EYES: Dark brown.
BUILD: Average built for her age.
STYLE: Ivy prefers casual clothing, but usually lets her mother dress her in more girly outfits. She doesn't mind it too much, but also doesn't see the point in it.
OTHER DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Ivy is part-veela, it makes her stand out. Other people tend to notice her because of it. Though they likely won't know why.

PERSONALITY: Ivy has a very energetic and happy personality, she loves to explore and play games, as well as cause mischief. If she could choose how to spend her free time, she would be running around in forests and exploring nature, going on adventures. She also likes to read, mostly books about pirates and knights. But can often be found with a book about History of Magic instead, that her father bought her. Ivy is headstrong and stubborn, as well as competitive. She already has a competition going with the other girls in her tutoring group, wanting to be better than them. She loves getting recognized for her achievements, and would often be the first to put up her hand in class. At Hogwarts, away from her father's influence, Ivy will probably loosen up a bit more. She will still strive to do well, but adventure calls too. Ivy is not good at losing or dealing with disappointment. She gets sulky when things don't go her way, or can get angry and lash out. But these moods usually don't last very long.


Executives are representatives of tradition and order, utilizing their understanding of what is right, wrong and socially acceptable to bring families and communities together. Embracing the values of honesty, dedication and dignity, people with the Executive personality type are valued for their clear advice and guidance, and they happily lead the way on difficult paths. Taking pride in bringing people together, Executives often take on roles as community organizers, working hard to bring everyone together in celebration of cherished local events, or in defense of the traditional values that hold families and communities together.

Dedicated .🔥 Strong-willed .🔥 Direct and Honest .🔥 Loyal, Patient and Reliable.🔥 Enjoy Creating Order .🔥Excellent Organizers

Inflexible and Stubborn 🔥 Uncomfortable with Unconventional Situations 🔥 Judgmental 🔥 Too Focused on Social Status 🔥 Difficult to Relax 🔥 Difficulty Expressing Emotion


HISTORY: Ivy is an only child who grew up in a very divided household. Her father came from a large wizarding family, but doesn't have much contact with them anymore since her married Ivy's mother. Their family sees her as a lesser status, and has not made a secret of their disapproval. Over the years, this caused resentment to grow between her parents, who now often argue and barely talk. Ivy is vaguely aware of this not being normal, but she hasn't really known anything else. Because of the tensions in her family, Ivy always strives to be as good as she can be to make her parents, especially her father, happy. He puts a lot of pressure on her to be a good and powerful witch, going as far as enrolling her in pre-Hogwars tutoring to give her an advantage in the theoretic side.
LIKES: Competing, interesting knowledge, winning, hanging out with people, joking around
DISLIKES:Bad grades, boring knowledge, bullies.
GOALS:Ivy's goal is to be the best witch of her generation.
FEARS: Disappointing her parents, her parents leaving each other or her, not being good at magic.
STRENGTHS: Ivy is intelligent and confident. She's a quick learner and is very dedicated to whatever she puts her mind to. She is social and friendly and can get along with most people her age.
WEAKNESSES: Ivy can be a know-it-all and can be arrogant and insensitive. She doesn't always think before she speaks. She's very stubborn as well, and a very sore loser.
MIRROR OF ERISED: Her holding her own chocolate frog card and an order of Merlin, her parents proud in the background.


Name: Byron Ashworth
Relation: Father
Age: 35 (2020)
Blood Status: Pure Blood
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Metal Charmer
Name: Felicita Ashworth - Vitali
Relation: Mother
Age: 35 (2020)
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Martial Status: Married
Occupation: Housewife

















Credits: Name Meanings from here, Zodiac, Element and Planet from here, personality type and description from here
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First Year


"I was thrilled to finally go to Hogwarts after all the months preparing for it. Tutoring really gave me an edge in my lessons, and I feel like I'm definitely somewhere around the top of my class. Unfortunately, other students in my year caught up pretty quickly, I have to stay on top of things to stay ahead. I'm glad I have Brooke and Delilah here too, though they're in different houses. Making new friends hasn't been as easy as I had hoped, but I guess focusing on my studies is more important anyway."

When Ivy started her first year she was full of confidence and excitement. She wanted to show everyone what she knew and what she could do, and was often disappointed in lessons when she was unable to show off her knowledge or her abilities. Ivy clashed with a few of her classmates because of her competitive nature. And all the time she spent studying and practicing meant she also isolated herself a bit from her dorm mates and other classmates. She mostly stayed close to the friends she had already made before Hogwarts, who understood the pressure Ivy was under to perform well. She's excited to end her first year and eager to see what she's going to learn in her second year at Hogwarts.

Ivy was practically shaking with excitement as she walked into the great hall with her future classmates. It was finally real, finally happening. She had been preparing to go to Hogwarts for so long, that it was almost hard to believe that it was really time now, that she was really here. Ivy had prepared for this, reading Hogwarts: a History her father had lent to her, but it hadn't prepared her for the true brilliance of Hogwarts castle, and Ivy's eyes were wide as she took in the great hall. She knew that each of the tables belonged to one of the houses, and that the ceiling was enchanted, but it was something else to see all the students staring at them, and seeing the stars twinkling above. Ivy lined up for the sorting, listening to the song with a smile on her face. She had known about all the attributes for each house too, and had no idea where she would go. She knew her father had been a Slytherin, and knew he would have liked her to be in the same house as him, even if he had never said so. But to Ivy, all the houses sounded good. Except maybe Hufflepuff, they didn't sound like the sort of people that made history books.

Ivy was lucky with her last name, and was one of the first to be called over. A brilliant smile spread over her face as she was told to step forward, and she made her way over to the stool with relative calm. She took her seat, closing her eyes tightly. This is the start of my adventure, she thought to herself. Then it was time for the hat to decide how that adventure would begin.

"Well this is difficult......You would do well in any of our houses, excel in most of them, but which is the right one....hmmm...difficult indeed but alas, Gryffindor,"

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First Year Marks
1st Year PotionsO
1st Year History of MagicO
1st Year CharmsO
1st Year TransfigurationO
1st Year AstronomyO
1st Year HerbologyO
1st Year FlyingA
1st Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
Grade Point Average5.8 (Between an E and O)
House points earned during year: 444
First Year Photos


Second Year


"I still really enjoyed my lessons and enjoyed being good at them, but I also am a bit disappointed in my classmates. Making friends is still difficult, because a lot of my classmates are rude, especially when I try to help them. It's also annoying that I'm not shining as much as I want in classes, I'm not standing out enough but I don't know how to do better."

Ivy felt a bit frustrated in her second year, as she continued not to stand out too much from her classmates. She felt like they were often picked to answer questions instead of her, and though she worked hard, she never managed to truly impress her teachers. The Gryffindor got into a big argument with her roommates, only salvaging her relationship with one of them, somewhat. She also joined the SDA and participated in the duelling tournament, though that also didn't really win her any friends. While she knows working hard at school is important, Ivy is starting to feel a little lonely as well. Sometimes she wonders if she should spend a little less time studying and a little more time talking to others, if only she could find more nice people to talk to.

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Y37 Duelling Match #2Duelling Tournament
With Penny Wills
Duelling Chamber
Y37 Duelling Match #10Duelling Tournament
With Liusaidh Fergusson
Duelling Chamber
Y37 Duelling Match #22Duelling Tournament
With Terrell Foley
Duelling Chamber
Following Into DisasterWith Delilah Thorne, Hester MacGillivray and Sawyer CarnahanThe Dungeons
FrictionHildegard de ValerianeGryffindor Second Years Girls Dorm
Y37 End of Year FeastWith ~Professor Katherine Alicastell, Flynn North,
And various others
Great Hall

Second Year Marks
2nd Year PotionsO
2nd Year History of MagicO
2nd Year CharmsO
2nd Year TransfigurationO
2nd Year AstronomyO
2nd Year HerbologyO
2nd Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
Grade Point Average6 (O Average)
House points earned during year: 498
Second Year Photos


Third Year


"My third year was fine if a bit frustrating. I've been working as hard as I can but it never seems to be enough. I'm glad I at least spent a bit more time with my classmates, though a lot of them are still pretty annoying. I'm glad I made up with Sawyer, though I'm still a bit confused about what happened there. My grades were as good as ever, but I know my dad will be disappointed because I didn't get most points for my house."

Ivy bonded with Flynn on the train to school, causing her to slowly see him as a friend. She grew closer to Sawyer Carnahan this year too, charmed by his awkward humor. Ivy developed a bit of a crush on him. She still spent most of her time with Delilah and Brooke, eventually confiding her secret about being part-Veela in Delilah. She plans to tell Brooke too but isn't sure how to do it just yet. Near the end of the year, Ivy participated in a game of spin the bottle. It was embarrassing and chaotic, but she mostly enjoyed herself.

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Crowded Places, Beautiful FacesWith Ana Sofia BurleighThe Student Lounge
Two Steps Forward, One Step BackWith Seraphina MyGryffindor Common Room
Gryffindor House Meeting Y38 S1With ~Professor Cyndi Kingsley,
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Gryffindor Common Room
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Sizing UpWith Brooke Townsend and Delilah ThorneThe Student Lounge
Let My Sanity ChokeWith Harper Alston and Blake LodgeGryffindor Third Years Girls Dorm
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With Sutton Spencer
Great Hall
Bitter ThoughtsYule Ball
With Sawyer Carnahan
Great Hall
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Pink for LionReceiving a Rose
With Kaia Stark
The Great Lawn
Yellow for a LionReceiving a Rose
With Oscar Davies
The Third Floor Corridor
Rosy Rosy RoseReceiving a Rose
With Elara Chatelain
Gryffindor Third Years Girls Dorm
Cheer Me Up ButtercupWith Flynn NorthThe Student Lounge
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Hurt Feelings to Start the EveningValentine's Dance
With Brooke Townsend
Great Hall
Sunny DayWith Niklaus Eliot EasterlingThe Courtyard
Spin the Bottle Y38With Brooke Townsend, Delilah Thorne, Ryan Fisk, Hildegard de Valeriane, Flynn North,
And various others
Abandoned Classroom
Y38 Duelling Match #7Duelling Tournament
With Brooke Townsend
The Duelling Chamber
Apologies, Excuses, ExplanationsWith Sawyer CarnahanThe Library
Y38 End Of Year Feast!With ~Professor Katherine Alicastell,
And various others
Great Hall

Third Year Marks
3rd Year PotionsO
3rd Year History of MagicO
3rd Year CharmsO
3rd Year TransfigurationO
3rd Year Ancient RunesO
3rd Year ArithmancyO
3rd Year HerbologyO
3rd Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
Grade Point Average6 (O Average)
House points earned during year: 532
Third Year Photos


Fourth Year


"My fourth year was a bit of a mess. I tried to change this year, focus less on school and more on being social. I also tried to change my appearance a bit, I think I succeeded in that. I went to the yule ball with Sawyer, but for some reason he decided to pretend to have kissed me. He lied about it, and it really hurt me. I tried to balance schoolwork with a social life, but it was pretty difficult. Near the end of the year, I had a confusing talk with Flynn. I don't know what to think about it, but I know he doesn't actually like me. I probably just tricked him, even if I didn't do it on purpose."

Ivy had a conflicted year in her fourth year. She tried to focus a bit more on being social and a bit less on getting the perfect grades, which resulted in grades that were good but not perfect. This caused her father to be angry with her and barely talk to her anymore. So she tried to bond with her mother a bit more, choosing to spend time with her doing hair, make-up, and going clothes shopping. This only seemed to anger her father more. At school, Ivy found out after the Christmas break that Sawyer had lied about kissing her. Confronting him wasn't as satisfying as she had hoped, and she really resents him for it. She figured out she likes Flynn near the end of the year, but as he confessed similar feelings to her Ivy got scared. She convinced herself he couldn't really feel that way about her, and she rejected him.

Quickly In, Quickly OutWith Flynn NorthFlourish and Blott's
Y39 S1 House MeetingWith ~Professor Cyndi Kingsley,
And various others
Gryffindor Common Room
Fairest of Them AllWith Blake LodgeGryffindor Fourth Years Girls Dorm
Gryffindor Victory Party!With Lysander Summers, Flynn North,
And various others
Gryffindor Common Room
With a TwirlHalloween Feast
With Brooke Townsend
Great Hall
A Slow MetamorphosisWith Delilah ThorneThe Student Lounge
SDA Event S1 - Defensive DevicesWith Juniper Zumwalt, Sydney Townsend,
And various others
The Duelling Chamber
Preoccupied MindWith Stefan KozlovThe Sixth Floor Corridor
Spinning in SunlightYule Ball
With Sawyer Carnahan
Great Hall
Facing FactsWith Sawyer CarnahanEntrance Hall
A Smile on the DialValentine's Dance
With Estella Fuentes
Great Hall
Resentment and FrustrationWith Flynn NorthGryffindor Common Room
Y39 Duelling Match #9Duelling Tournament
With Brooke Townsend
The Duelling Chamber
Y39 Duelling Match #21Duelling Tournament
With Liusaidh Fergusson
The Duelling Chamber
Y39 Duelling Match #28Duelling Tournament
With Flynn North and Tilly Drage
The Duelling Chamber
No Rose Without ThornsWith Tilly Drage and Harper AlstonThe Rosebush
Y39 End of Year Feast!With ~Professor Katherine Alicastell,
And various others
Great Hall

Fourth Year Marks
4th Year PotionsE
4th Year History of MagicE
4th Year CharmsE
4th Year TransfigurationE
4th Year AstronomyE
4th Year HerbologyE
4th Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsE
Grade Point Average5 (E Average)
House points earned during year: 366
Fourth Year Photos

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Fifth Year


"My fifth year started on a sour note, as I didn't get the prefect's badge I had been hoping for. I knew the competition would be a lot, but it still frustrated me that someone like Liusaidh Fergusson got one when I didn't. At least I got to talk to Brooke about it. But my year improved a lot as I grew closer to Flynn and started dating him. I really like him, even if my friends don't always understand it."

Ivy's year started off rough as she was very disappointed not to be a prefect, but as she slowly got over it, she grew closer to Flynn North after he confessed his feelings to her. Ivy struggled with his confession, sure for a while that the only reason he thought he liked her was because of her Veela powers. When she finally voiced that to him, he reassured her that wasn't the case. Ivy was elated and relieved. It took her a bit longer to get together with Flynn after that difficult conversation. It took her some time to find the right words, but at the end of the year she finally put her own feelings into words.

Y40 Start of Year Feast!With ~Professor Katherine Alicastell,
And various others
Great Hall
Gryffindor House Meeting Y40 | S1With ~Professor Cyndi Kingsley,
And various others
Gryffindor Common Room
No Accounting For TasteWith Brooke Townsend and Delilah ThorneGryffindor House Table
Close Encounters of the Painful KindWith Flynn NorthGryffindor Common Room
Burning SadnessWith Nikko BlackwoodGryffindor Common Room
Constant MotionHalloween Feast
With Liusaidh Fergusson
Great Hall
Barbie WorldHalloween Feast
With Blue Hoshino
Great Hall
SDA Event Y40 S1 - Dark Creatures vs. StudentsWith Juniper Zumwalt, Flynn North
And various others
Student's Defence Association
Attempting to Make FriendsWith Ana Sofia BurleighThe Student Lounge
Closer and More PainfulWith Flynn NorthThe Trophy Room
Drawing A LineWith Delilah Thorne and Sawyer CarnahanThe Student Lounge
Ice in SummerYule Ball
With Ana Sofia Burleigh
Great Hall
Perfectly Perfect YellowReceiving a Rose
With Molly Burke
The Library
Reds for RedsReceiving a Rose
With Lumio Skey
Gryffindor Common Room
Reddd RoseReceiving a Rose
With Juniper Zumwalt
Gryffindor House Table
On The Same PageValentine's Dance
With Flynn North
Great Hall
Farewell PartyWith ~Professor Cyndi Kingsley,
And various others
Gryffindor Common Room
Y40 Duelling Match #9Duelling Tournament
With Flynn North
The Duelling Chamber
Not as DifficultWith Flynn NorthThe Lakefront

Fifth Year Marks
5th Year PotionsA
5th Year History of MagicO
5th Year CharmsE
5th Year TransfigurationA
5th Year HerbologyA
5th Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsA
Grade Point Average4.5 (Between an A and E)
House points earned during year: 208
Fifth Year Photos


Sixth Year


"I was surprised to get a prefect's badge at the start of sixth year, as I didn't get one last year. It was pretty nice, though I felt for Brooke for still not getting one. She was kind of a jerk about it sometimes though. I spent a bit more time with Delilah than Brooke this year, I feel like she's probably my best friend. Besides Flynn, of course. But that's different."

Ivy had a relatively quiet sixth year. She enjoyed having her prefect's badge and was happy to patrol with her boyfriend. She also dragged him to the Halloween Feast and Yule Ball, happy to spend time with him. Their relationship is very steady, after the rocky start they had. She grew a bit closer to Delilah this year, comforting her after she had been splinched in apparition class. She isn't sure if she feels ready for her final year, but she's ready to try her best.

First Night JittersWith Senna OverbyGreat Hall
Matching BadgesWith Harper AlstonGryffindor Sixth Years Girls Dorm
Gryffindor House Meeting Y41| S1With ~Professor Cyndi Kingsley,
And various others
Gryffindor Common Room
Prefects Meeting Y41 S1With Lucas Fletcher, Leia Hume, Flynn North,
And various others
Prefects Common Room
SDA Event Y41 - Just Some PracticeWith Flynn North,
And various others
Student's Defence Association
Not Exactly MatchingHalloween Feast
With Flynn North
Great Hall
On the Same LevelWith Delilah ThorneRavenclaw House Table
Fitting TogetherYule Ball
With Flynn North
Great Hall
Sunny Days and DalliencesWith Brooke Townsend and Delilah ThorneThe Hogwarts Garden
Salt in The WoundWith Delilah ThorneThe Hospital Wing

Sixth Year Photos


Seventh Year


Second To LastWith Ana Sofia Burleigh and Delilah ThorneNew Zealand Express
Y42 Start of Year FeastWith ~Professor Matt Alcott-Ward,
And various others
Great Hall
Prefects Meeting Y42 S1With Ares Kuya-Tine, Emmaline Hopkins-Vance, Eugene Nestor,
And various others
Prefects Common Room
Anywhere Else Is HollowWith Flynn NorthGryffindor Common Room
Decorating for a Final YearWith Tara HawthorneGryffindor Seventh Years Girls Dorm
Gryffindor House Meeting Y42|S1With ~Professor Cyndi Kingsley,
And various others
Gryffindor Common Room
Y42 Duelling Tournament #12Duelling Tournament
With Brooke Towsend
The Duelling Chamber
Y42 Duelling Match #17Duelling Tournament
With Flynn North
The Duelling Chamber
Y42 End of Year FeastWith ~Professor Matt Alcott-Ward,
And various others
Great Hall

Ivy had already cried twice today, which was mildly embarrassing. At least no one had seen her. She now hoped she could control herself during the ceremony, but she felt kind of overwhelmed. She sat with her classmates, glancing at Flynn who seemed entirely unbothered by it all. She wished she could be more like that sometimes, but she couldn´t. All Ivy could think about was how much she was going to miss Hogwarts. She kept having random sad thoughts, like how she would probably never see some of her classmates again, or how she would never see the stars sparkle on the Great Hall ceiling again. It was silly to get sad about stuff like that, but Ivy's brain seemed to conspire against her in trying to make her cry again. She focused her attention on the headmaster and the head boy and girl once the speeches started, though if she was honest a lot of it was lost on her. She noticed Liusaidh booed the headmaster, as well as the head boy and girl. She probably figured they weren't going to kick her out at this point, though Ivy still didn't understand how that girl never seemed to get in trouble. Ivy rolled her eyes as Flynn joined her, nudging him lightly. But before she knew it, she was being called up on the stage, her name being one of the first. She got up and walked over to the stage, shaking the headmaster's hand before exiting the stage. She took her seat again and cheered and clapped for Flynn, a surprised laugh escaping her at his announcement. He always surprised her.
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After Graduation


Graduation PartyWith Hero Obasi, Harper Alston, Delilah Thorne, Flynn North-McGowan,
And various others
The Medley



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