The Fifth Floor Corridor

Beware as toads and grasshoppers may have escaped from the Transfiguration classroom!

Transfiguration Classroom

Transform turtles into teapots, matchsticks into needles. Conjure a chair out of thin air. Transfiguration is the place to learn many of the skills you will need for life in the Wizarding World.

Hogwarts Monthly

This is where the action is; the journalism action that is! Come here to write the news, write poems, write editorials, and much much more!

Antiquated Lavatory

An old lavatory of the castle. Nothing in this room has worked for centuries, it seems, excepting the occasional drip of water from the facet. It's dark and damp, which makes it a favourite hang out of many Hogwarts ghosts and ghouls (or students) with no place better to go.
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