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Isaiah had made sure to save the best name on his list for last, although his plan certainly wasn't fail proof, seeing as he might've run into his friend before having found all the other kids on his list. That hadn't happened though, so he could definitely still say he had been planning it. "Yo, Wes!" He called out when he noticed his friend down the hallway, grinning as he caught up with him. "Got a rose for you, bro."
Much to Weston's disappointment, Hogwarts had not cancelled classes, even though it was rose delivery day, which was practically a school holiday. Part of him knew he should be glad he had class today since he needed all the extra help and prep he could get before NEWTs. But it was also hard to focus on anything but roses, and he wasn't sure how he was supposed to sit still for a whole hour when there was so much going on today.

Skipping class was not an option for Weston, so he resigned himself to the long walk up to Ravenclaw to pick up his books. He was almost there when he heard a familiar voice. "Zay!" he greeted joyfully, slowing down so that his friend could catch up with him. His smile widened when he saw the rose. "Oh, cool, I got you one too!" he said, assuming Zay was here to personally deliver the rose. "Did you get it yet?"
Zay was glad to catch up with Weston, even more so when he noticed him. "Yeah, I got it. Thanks, dude." He grinned before holding out the yellow rose for his friend to take. "This one isn't from me though, so if you haven't gotten that one yet you should keep an eye out for other deliverers." He laughed.

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"No problem!" As if he wasn't going to send Zay a rose. "Oh, you're delivering?" Weston asked as he took the flower and note. He wondered if he should have also signed up to deliver, but it seemed kind of difficult. The castle was enormous. "How do you even find people?" Weston unfolded the note, now very curious to know who had sent it since it wasn't from Zay. He grinned when he saw that it was from Indi and chuckled as he actually read the message inside.

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