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Margo Fox

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09/2043 (16)
Yellow Rose for @Emery Mettlestone

Margo wasn't sure if she'd have a chance to stop by the Monthly room today with everything going on. But she had managed to make a detour and was grateful for the peace and quiet that was lacking everywhere else in the castle. She knew Emery from the paper and was happy when she saw him on her list of deliveries. She had been happy when she had seen him also stop by but had forgotten all about her list of deliveries until he slipped out without her noticing and she was forced to chase after him. "Emery!" she called out hoping he hadn't gone too far. "I have a rose for you!"
Emery had hoped to avoid more awkward rose situations after the first two, so he winced when he heard someone calling his name. He looked up, spotting Margo from the paper following him. He was tempted to walk faster, but knew she would probably just keep running after him and calling his name. He sighed and came to a stop, frowning at her. "Are you sure?" He asked.
Margo laughed a little when he asked if she was sure. "Yes I'm sure." she said and handed him the flower and the note that went with it. "I checked the list myself." she said with a confident nod. There was a lot she couldn't control but roses were a different story. "Happy Valentine's day!"
I still think we can be friends. Do you want to sit with me for lunch?

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