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Yellow Rose for @Valeria Iglesias

It was harder navigating around the corridors today, but Salem had to say she enjoyed seeing everyone squeezed together between classes showing off flowers and discussing notes. She was a little squished herself as she tried to wedge her way past the flow of 6th years who'd just exited the Transfiguration classroom, waiting for a moment before she spotted Valeria heading past. "Ah! Valeria, right? I have a delivery for you," Salem called, wiggling her rose basket with a little flourish and trying to make her way a little closer. She didn't know Valeria very well, but the girl definitely had a reputation for being pretty and popular, which Salem could easily believe by looking at her.
Going to class on a day like this was not what Valeria wanted to do, but as she headed out of the classroom she was stopped. "Oh hey Salem," she greeted casually but was very excited about the fact she was getting another rose. "Another one?" she gave an excited giggle.​
"Yep, another one," Salem said brightly, handing over the yellow rose and its note. "I bet you get a lot huh? Like, I should know but it all kind of blurred together after awhile," she added, feeling just a touch awkward around such a pretty girl.

Happy Valentine's.

- Kiara (Thompson)
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Valeria was very pleased that the person who handled all the roses, thought she would get a lot of them. Valeria giggle a little as she then took the rose and the note. It was a beautiful rose and the note was sweet too. Kiara was a sweet girl. "Thank you. They're always nice to receive. I hope you've gotten some too?"
Salem nodded a few times before realizing she should probably actually use her words. "Oh, yeah, a few! I feel sorry for everyone who has to track me down today, but at least I know they're coming, in theory," she said with a shrug. "Hopefully any others we get are good ones too, right," she added with a smile, noting Valeria's seemingly fond reaction.

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