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Abby had always liked the artwork that was always displayed in the Hogwarts corridors. They were always different than she was used to of course. The moving portraits had always intrigued her. It wasn't what she was used to when she was at home. The Gryffindor always liked always around the corridors to look at the different paintings. She would always shyly wave at them as she wanted to be nice to those in the paintings. Today, she wanted to look at one of the corridors and look at the portraits for any sort of inspiration.

There was one particular portrait in the fifth corridor that Abigail loved. However, when the girl arrived, she frowned a little in disappointment when she noticed that the person that was in that particular portrait seemed not to be there. It had made her a little disappointed, as she wanted to use that particular frame as inspiration.
Margo needed a break from studying. She felt like all she had done for the past few days involved reading or writing essays. The garden was calling to her and she wondered if any of the things in the Wild Patch greenhouse was ready for her to harvest. But despite her rush to get outside to the fresh air she took the long way down and was enjoying the more scenic route through the castle when she found Abigail who was staring at one of the portraits. She figured she could spare some time to chat so she walked over. "Visiting a friend?" Margo asked playfully. She was no stranger to the portraits and would sometimes stop to ask them about themselves. But she hesitated when she actually looked at the portrait and it's subject didn't seem to be there. "Or not." she mumbled to herself, not feeling the need to point out the obvious.
Abigail whipped her head around, a little startled by hearing a voice. Though she was relieved that is was just Margo. "Oh, well, I was trying to," Abby says with a small shrug and chuckle. "But it seems like she disappeared. I'm not sure where she's gone" Abby says sadly. She wasn't sure when the person was going to be back, as she wanted to try and get some inspiration from the painting. But she guessed she could find another portrait to get inspiration from. Abby moved her full attention to Margo. "How about you? What are you up to?"
Margo found herself stuck staring at the painting as if it's subject would suddenly appear at any moment. But she blinked a few times and frowned. "Can the paintings just disappear?" she asked worriedly. She knew they could move around but leaving all together? That didn't seem likely. Besides it was far more likely they had just gone to a different painting for the day. "I was heading to the gardens. I've been doing homework so long I think I've forgotten what fresh air is like." she joked.

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