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17 (29/09/2044)
Michael had been trying to not be embarrassingly bad at Quidditch, but he also wanted to do a few other things at school too. He had joined the paper, but wanted to find something to write about. He was walking the hall, tapping the walls to see if he could find any secret passages or something.
Marnie was happy to see Michael wandering around, beaming before giving the wall he was apparently listening to a responding couple of taps to get his attention. "Michael! Hey, what are you doing are you listening for something can I help is someone stuck in the wall?"
((comes back to OSW several days late with starbucks))

Michael recognized the voice and gave a wave. "Hi Marnie, nobody's stuck, I'm just looking for secret passages," he explained. "No idea what I'm actually looking for, though. Wanna help?"
"Oh boy, do I!" Marnie said excitedly, joining Michael and pressing her ear to the wall. "So we just hit stuff until we find something?"
"That's, uh, what I'm guessing." Michael looked a little sheepish. "Maybe it's like, tilt a portrait to the side and find a secret switch?"
"I'd quite prefer if you don't tilt anyway," Blue said primly, keeping an eye on the two students who'd woken her up from her nap with their knocking. "Though I have heard something about that suit of armor in the alcove there I suppose," she added after a moment, expression softening.
"Ohh you're right, I bet if anyone had hidden a switch it'd be behind a portrait-" Marnie started, cutting off and blushing when one of the portraits took offense. "Oh thank you, that sounds promising too this is exciting I bet the portraits know all the school secrets, right?" She said, immediately changing tacks.
As much as Michael was starting to get used to talking portraits, he still felt a bit surprised when one spoke up. "Sorry to disturb you, miss. Uh, ma'am." He bowed his head as politely as he could. "Thanks for the tip," he added, quickly, nodding at Marnie before clearing his throat. "We're, uh, reporters for the Hogwarts Monthly...I don't suppose you have any, uh, statements about secret passages in the school?"
Blue's smile softened further as the boy apologized, nodding in acceptance. This was why she liked Ravenclaws so much. "Reporters, really? I've never been interviewed before," she said quietly, feeling a bit flustered. "I imagine there's a lot of passages I don't know about since I don't really have any legs," she offered vaguely.
Marnie was caught off guard when Michael introduced them as reporters, belated remembering that was actually true and trying to put on a serious listening face as the portrait responded. "Ohh I bet you know all the castle secrets though you've probably been here forever! Did you ever meet one of the professors when they were still a kid?" She asked, trying to remember if she could remember how old the school here was, their plan to find a secret passage momentarily forgotten.

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