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Although the spelling and grammar side of things still stressed her out, Giulia was finding herself more and more enjoying the day to day of actually putting the Hogwarts Monthly together. It was exciting getting to read all of the articles as they came in, and organising the layouts for each issue. She had just finished reading Aine's submission for the next issue, mulling her thoughts over as she left the clubroom. She hadn't really had a good grasp of the house system when she arrived at Hogwarts, having expected to go to Beauxbatons, and while Ravenclaw had grown to feel like home, it was interesting to think about the structure in more depth. She scratched a couple of notes on a piece of parchment as she walked, jotting down a few details she wanted to follow up on in her own time.
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The semester was wrapping up, and Akihiro had been meaning to catch Giulia. He'd chosen a present for her and had his father send it, and it had arrived that morning. It was the perfect excuse to talk to her and give him the chance to ask her over for the break. Things still felt a little awkward since Halloween, and he wasn't sure why. He'd just have to reassure her, he thought, though it also felt a bit like things were smoothing out on their own. He'd been out looking for her for a minute, smiling when he finally spotted her. "Jewel!" He called, hurrying up. He came to a stop beside her. A quick glance on the way over told him they were alone for now- so when he caught up he hooked a crooked finger under her chin, turning her head up and stealing a quick kiss, brushing his thumb over her cheek after with a fond smile. "Hey, I've been looking for you."
Giulia was pulled away from her thoughts by a familiar voice, face lighting up all at once as she turned to see Akihiro. Even with how strange things had been the last few months, she couldn't help feeling like the sun was shining on her every time she saw his face. She beamed as she leaned in to kiss him, smiling warmly back up at the Slytherin. "Why?" She asked curiously, wondering what could be going on.
Akihiro chuckled. "Well, usually just because I can. But today, I have a gift for you, and a seperate question not related to the gift." He told her, shifting to try and slip his arm around her. "Do you have a few minutes to spare for me?" He gave her an easy smile, his hand slipping around the gift in his pocket. It was a little square box, almost flat. He ran his thumb over it, wondering how it was going to look, if she might like it.
Giulia's eyes widened, heart fluttering slightly as he spoke. "A gift?" She asked quietly, leaning automatically into his touch. Her birthday was a few months gone by now, and she wasn't sure what else it could be. "Of course I do." She smiled, nervous and excited at once.
Akihiro smiled, pulling the box from his pocket. "The gift, first," He offered, showing her the box and opening the lid to reveal the necklace. "I saw this in a magazine and I just had to get it for you," He told her, watching her face to see her reaction. This had felt more like her than the one he'd wanted to buy- and he was trying to trust that little instinct, trying to see if he'd been right.
Giulia's eyes widened as Akihiro revealed the gift, transfixed. "It's beautiful..." She breathed, reaching for the box with one hand. She had never been one for wearing much jewelry, but she knew she would never be taking this necklace off. Somehow Akihiro always made her feel like a princess.
Akihiro smiled, pleased that she seemed to really like the necklace. He took it out of the box and motioned for her to turn around. “Here, hold up your hair, I can put it on for you?” He offered easily, wanting to both be helpful and be a proper gentleman.
Giulia felt like a princess as she lifted what was left of the hair she had trimmed earlier in the year, turning slightly for Akihiro to reach the back of her neck. This was the kind of thing that happened in fairytales, in romantic movies, certainly not in her own life.
Akihiro smiled, hooking the necklace carefully behind her neck. Once it was in place, he stepped around her, his hand lingering gently on her back. "There we are. Do you like it?" He asked her, with an easy smile on his face. He offered out his other hand for hers.
Giulia touched the charm resting lightly on her collar as it settled into place, heart racing beneath. Things like this didn't happen to girls like her, and every day it got harder to believe Akihiro really loved her. She smiled sheepishly as he took her hand, squeezing his gently. "I love it." She breathed, leaning in to give him a soft kiss.
Akihiro thrilled a bit, he always loved attention from Giulia and stealing kisses in public like this were a special treat. He kissed her back quickly, rubbing his thumb against her hand. When she'd pulled back, he couldn't help the dumb smile on his face. "So the other thing, I was just wondering if you wanted to come over to my place for the break?" He asked her.
Giulia's face hurt a little from smiling as she pulled back, free hand still resting lightly on her necklace. She was so caught up in the thoughtfulness of the gift that it took her a moment to process what he said next. "Oh!" She said in surprise, heart skipping a beat. "Yes! I mean, um, I'll need to go to France at least for a bit, to see my mum, but yes! Please!"
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Akihiro smiled brightly when she agreed. "Oh, of course," He hugged her, humming contently. "That'll give me time to go home and dust everything off." He teased gently. "Just wait until you try dad's cooking- it's the absolute best." He pulled back, reaching up to twist a bit of hair around his finger. "Where were you off to, anyway?" He asked, wondering idly if he might be able to steal away for a while.
Giulia smiled warmly, heart fluttering as she leaned in to the hug. She chuckled softly at the comment about his dad's cooking, imagining it already. "I can't wait." She said sincerely. She shrugged in response to the question, reluctantly breaking the hug. "I just finished in the office, I was going to see if there's anything left in the Great Hall." She slid her hand into Akihiro's linking their fingers shyly. "Come with me?"
Akihiro chuckled and followed her along easily. "Of course," He agreed, squeezing her hand gently. "You do know that my days are always better when I spend it with you," He murmured, already trying to decide what it was he wanted for lunch.

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