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08/2046 (13)
Leah was finding lessons both thrilling and tiring all at the same time. She had been so eager to spend time with more kids her own age that she had kind of forgotten about the studying part. But she was managing alright so far even if it did cut into her exploring time more than she liked. She had left her last lesson in a hurry to make it to lunch with enough time to do some reading for her next lesson but she hadn't been able to close her ink well just right. She had managed to make it down a flight of stairs while fiddling with the lid and not spilling a drop. She was getting frustrated and for a moment she forgot to look where she was going. Of course that was when she ran into someone and spilled ink down their back. "Merlin's beard!" she exclaimed and covered her mouth in horror. "I'm so sorry." she said quickly and repeated over and over again, unable to think of anything else to say.
Savannah was muddling her way through the classes she had. Certainly she didn't understand why they needed to be taught like they were, surely a professor could just give them a page number and then let them go do what they needed to to learn the subject, but Savannah had never been to school and she was willing to give this method of doing things shot. She was heading down the stairs from a class shared with Gryffindors when she felt someone bump into her back and the distinct feeling of something being on her back. She turned around sharply, to look at the girl who was now repeating apologies over and over. "Why would you do that?" she said sharply, she pulled off her robes and looked to the massive ink stain on the already old and worn hand-me down robes. "Why were walking with an open ink pot? Are you an idiot?!" her voice was sharp and annoyed. Savannah was moments away from just shouting at this girl, and it would all depend on how she reacted.
Leah felt awful and it didn't help when the girl turned on her and started yelling at her. "It was an accident!" she insisted and glanced around the corridor looking for a professor, or a house ghost, even a portrait that could save her. "I couldn't get it closed and I needed to get to the great hall." she tried to explain but her embarrassment made the air in her lungs feel thin. She did her best to take a deep breath and think. She could fix this. She could think of some kind of solution. "Let me get them cleaned for you." she said quickly, knowing there had so to be some house elf around that could help her with the stain. "And in the mean time I can let you borrow some of my robes!" Leah was a bit taller than the other girl but she didn't think that would be much of a problem. "You can even keep them." she added, hoping to sound as sorry as she felt knowing she wouldn't miss them.
Savannah rolled her eyes at this girl, her anger only growing. "I don't think you needed to get to the Great Hall that badly," her voice was sharp and anger filled every word, and it was even worse when the girl tried to offer to help her. Offering some of her robes to her. "Don't touch me!" she yelled taking a step back, even though the girl hadn't really been, just all of the words that she'd said had put Savannah in a worse mood and she just felt like the sort of person who would start grabbing her robes. "I don't need your stupid robes, if they look that awful on you they'll look even worse on me. I'll deal with this myself." she retorted with a sharp tone. Her robes could be cleaned and it would be fine, but now she felt that this girl had done it on purpose because her robes were not as nice. "Keep your charity to yourself and focus the energy on not being an idiot who can't look where they're walking." Savannah now needed to go back to her dorm, which was in the opposite direction of where she'd been heading. So she very purposefully shoved past the girl as she took a step towards her dorm.
Leah nodded in agreement with what she was saying and kept her mouth shut. The other girl was right of course and she felt just awful. She didn't need to go that badly but she hadn't been thinking. She thought she could do two things at once but she was wrong. She jumped back when the other girl yelled at her. "I wasn't!" Leah said quickly and held up her hands as if to prove her innocence. "I'm sorry!" It felt like the hundredth time she had said that but she would gladly say it a hundred more if she would stop looking at her like that. The girl's words stung a bit but she took it, knowing she was probably just upset. She didn't think her robes looked that bad but she knew she was tall and a bit awkward in them. "You don't have to take mine." she said back tracking but still wanting to make it up to her. Leah didn't understand what she meant by charity. It wasn't charity at all she was just trying to make things right. The girl turned to walk away but Leah tried to follow. "I can buy you some new ones to replace them." she offered. "Or even just give you some galleons to get your own. I really am sorry."
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Savannah had been sure the girl was reaching for her, but it didn't matter, she didn't want this person anywhere near her. Didn't want her charity, why was she even offering. Sure, it was awful that ink had been spilt on her robes, but it could be washed. It would be washed off. Magic could do that. ”Keep your damn money,” Savannah basically spat back at the girl she didn't know why this girl was offering to buy her new robes, or offering to buy them for her. Savannah was sure it meant this girl just had too much money, but she wasn't about to accept, even if she did want new robes. ”I don't need your charity, I will fix this myself,” she spoke shortly, her tone harsh and sharp. ”Just… hand over your ink bottle,” Savannah held out her hand for it. She would deal with her robes herself and make them a little even, even though Savannah was never going to like or trust this girl ever.
Leah flinched at the other girl's harsh tone. She couldn't understand why she was so mad at her for trying to help. Her parent's had sent her off to school with nearly double the allowance money they had agreed on since they hadn't bothered to check with each other before sending her off. It wasn't like she cared about that stuff anyways. It wasn't a big deal but she wouldn't listen. "You don't have to do it by yourself. I can help!" Leah offered uselessly knowing it wasn't going to change her mind but she couldn't help it. Her guilty conscious had a mind of its own. She almost fell over herself when the other girl asked for her bottle of ink. "Sure. Take it!" She was more than happy to do nearly anything she asked. She could have asked her to jump off the north tower and Leah would have considered it. Besides she had plenty of bottles in her trunk still.
Savannah almost smirked as the girl did actually hold out the ink bottle. She hadn't really expected her to, but if this girl was willing to hand out money for a just dirty robes then of course she'd be as willing to just hand Savannah the ink bottle. The ink bottle was likely something so easily replaceable for this girl. Savannah took the ink bottle harshly and without a second thought threw it against the nearest hard surface. "Don't ever speak to me again," Savannah harshly told the girl before turning and heading back in the direction she'd go to be able to get back to the dorm and to be able to get her robes cleaned.

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