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Yellow Rose for @Renata Stepanova

Raafe was glad he knew who his next delivery was, recognizing her from the few Quidditch games he'd watched (which did make him wonder if her broom had been one of the ones they'd tried to steal), though knowing her face and finding her in the castle were two entirely differently things. He'd managed to get some directions from a few portraits on the fifth floor who Raafe made a mental note to ask for advice from more often. "Hey, you're Renata right? You play on the Hufflepuff team and you definitely haven't had anyone steal your broom lately, right?" He asked as he caught up to her in the hall.
Renata's rose delivering was pretty fun, although tiring, and it gave her an excuse to explore the castle a bit more than she ordinarily would have. Which probably made it harder for people to find her, but it usually seemed to work out in the end. She wondered if she would receive any roses, so when she saw a younger student call out to her she couldn't help but smile. And then look confused at the broom comment. "Yes, that's me and, uh...I don't...think so?" Should she check on her broom once she had a moment?
"Good, that's good, definitely good not have people stealing your brooms and to not know about it," Raafe said frankly, glad to change the subject when he dug out the yellow rose her had for her. "And getting roses is even better," he announced without any enthusiasm, handing it and the note over to Renata.

Dear Renata.
Where to start? You are honey and sunshine, bright, beautiful and more wonderful than people appreciate. Thank you for being a good friend. You are always so supportive of the arts club and, well everything else. You are far more beautiful and talented and kind than you realise. I would say don’t ever change, but growing is important. Keep growing into you.
Renata wasn't sure if she should be worried about that, it seemed like an oddly specific thing, though it probably was nothing. Something like Gryffindors trying to psych them out before the championship game, maybe. She'd go check later just in case, though. She gave a more relaxed smile, which turned into a much more genuine smile when she read the note. It was heartfelt, and she hoped that Sky liked the rose and message she'd sent her in return. "Oh, this is beautiful," Renata said, earnestly, looking back up at the boy. "Thank you so much for delivering it!"
Raafe stood up a little straighter, watching the girl's reaction to the note with interest. "Well, clearly I only deliver the best notes, professional guarantee," he told her proudly. "What did it say? A poem? Stirring limerick?"
Renata couldn't help but laugh, amused by the younger boy. Even if she was still feeling some weird dread about her broom. That had taken just about all her savings, and plenty of long nights at the restaurant over the holidays, to afford. If anything happened to it she would have been completely devastated. But surely nothing bad had actually happened. "Lucky! I think the ones I delivered were not that welcome," she admitted, shrugging. It wasn't as though people had been angry, just...perhaps somewhat disappointed. "It's from my best friend," she explained. "I guess she and I both wrote each other very nice and, ah, sentimental letters with the roses."
Raafe nodded in sympathy, patting Renata on the shoulder vaguely. "Not everyone can have my steller luck. Sounds like you have good friends at least," he said, less interested when the note in question was just an overly sentimental letter, though it was nice that Renata apparently had close friends like that. "Good luck with the rest of your roses, apparently you need it," he added.

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