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Chaos Zhefarovich II

havoc's son • smooth talker • sheltered • 5th year
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Curly 15 Inch Hawthorn Wood with Vampire Blood Core
Oct 31, 2044
Chaos Zhefarovich the Second had several things to look forward to. First of all, he was a fourth year and was glad that his father let him come back to Hogwarts New Zealand. It took a bit of convincing, but he was back, and his siblings would be attending eventually. He enjoyed the time he had with his brother and sister, but he was not sure if either one would be attending school when he was there. Chaos was a little disappointed. It would have been nice to attend the school when Simon and Nicolette would be there but he asked for siblings too late. And it took a while to even get Simon before he wanted another, and hoped for a sister. Low and behold he was lucky. At least he did not get a dog. Chaos pushed all these thoughts aside as he walked down the corridor. He bumped into someone during his absent-minded walking. He turned to mutter an apology that he wouldn’t mean but saw the first year - no, second year now, that he talked to at the dance the previous year.
"Head down, if you don't make eye contact with anyone they wont bother you.' Thought Ophelia. She made her way down the corridor watching for shooes to help her navigate where she should and shouldn't walk. She was pretty good at not bumping into people, but when they also weren't watching where they were going... It lead to moments like there, where she had smacked into someone and her books that she'd just checked from the library flew from her hands. "Hey!" She said irritated, until she saw the familiarity in the older boy. "Oh, it's you. I thought you'd be more aware of your surroundings." She said plainly.
Chaos was not sure where his head was at, but it was not in the right state of mind if he couldn’t figure out why he was not watching where he was going. Worst of all, he could not think of anything to say when she pointed out he should have been more aware of his surroundings. He shook his head and informed, "I was in the middle of thinking about my siblings." Chaos waved it off like it was nothing since it honestly wasn’t. "How are things with you? Figured out what you are going to do about your mom dating a professor?" He just forgot who she was dating, but Chaos honestly did not focus too much on it. It wasn’t his business, and would only get involved if she asked him to.
Ophelia raised a brow. "Must have a lot going on with them to get lost in thought over them." She said pointedly. But he changed the subject and she scowled noticeably. "What can I do? I'm just a child and mother knows best or some nonsense like that. She'd probably just tell me how happy he makes her." She said sounding disgusted by the thought. "If I am ever that stupid over a man I hope the hags take me." She said, clearly grossed out by the idea of relationships already. Boys were gross and stupid as far as Ophelia could tell.
Chaos would not elaborate on his siblings. He felt no need because the subject he wanted to talk about was far more interesting. Her mom was dating the Charms professor, for upper years. Of course that would be more interesting than his little adventure into his mind. "If she was a good mother, she would listen to the concerns of her daughter. If anything, you should look into reasons why she should leave him. Any dirt on him can be uncovered, one way or another." Chaos was not sure if there was any to be found, but there had to be something, right? "You say that now, and I'll hold you to it until your fifth year. I'll wager 25 galleons that if no one asks you to the Yule Ball, you'll sulk." Chaos smirked, since girls loved dances, right?
Ophelia heard his remark about her mother and it both felt validating and also didn't sit right with her. "At least she had the foresight not to make me a mixed blood." She remarked. "Though she is testing the waters with him, I don't think he's a pureblood." She wasn't sure exactly where she got the blood supremacy part of her personality. Maybe from this school where it seemed like people with pure blood got the better grades. After all, wasn't there a fair number of them on the trophies? She made a face when he said something about the dance. "If I had my choice I'd not go to another one again. Waste of time." She said honestly. "Maybe you're just hoping that by my fifth year I'll want to dance with someone because you want to dance with me." She threw back at him, in an even tone.
Chaos raised his eyebrows, as he was a little shocked from her wording alone. That was unexpected since he could have sworn that the Dragonova family weren't supremacists. So, Ophelia spitting that out was different. However, wasn't her mom a Romanes? They came from the Romanes and Cardosi, so they could go either way. Sometimes, it was hard keeping up with the pureblood families. "No, I don't think he is. But she might not want any kids with him, so you might not worry about that. I just know that the patriarch of my family is not a fan of him at all." Chaos wished he knew the details, but all he had to go on were rumors. Wasn't Haden one of the professors that busted his uncle Chaos? Seemed like it. "At least we agree on that aspect," Chaos smiled subtly. But her accusation did make him chuckle - a real one too. "Don't waste your breath on that dream. It'll never happen. I hate those stupid events." Chaos only witnessed one, and that was enough for him. Even the food was subpar.
Ophelia shook her head. "It doesn't matter if she's having kids or not. Being with someone of the wrong status still looks bad. Makes her look desperate." She said with a scowl. He said he could agree with her though and Ophelia shrugged. "I mean, you're a Zhefarovich, aren't most of you blood supremacists." She said, feeling like she knew enough about the family to know a majority of them weren't fans of muggle-borns. He called her idea a dream and she rolled her eyes. "A nightmare, if you want to be technical." She said, though he was not a nightmare at all. He was okay to talk to so going to a dance with him, so long as the music wasn't too loud, could actually be fun. "We can be anti-dance together." She joked. "So where were you heading before this?"
Chaos raised his eyebrows how Ophelia referred to her mother. If he thought even just a fraction of that, he would likely be filleted alive. He would not remark on it though since he was not that type to argue over someone else's parents. "I would say roughly 65 percent. Not everyone followed the beliefs so strictly. Our new ruler has more of a family oriented goal. But if you piss him off..." Chaos shook his head, not wanting to really think what Styx would do. She soon said that it would be more of a nightmare but then how they could be anti-dance together. Seemed like she was putting the two of the together but he wouldn't point that out yet. He could use it later should she disagree. "I was heading back to the Gryffindor common room. It isn't like I can show you what that looks like though."
Ophelia was surprised by the low percentage he gave her. She had honestly thought it was more. She viewed things the way she did because she thought muggles were incompetent. If she were to break a bone in the muggle world it would take months and maybe even surgery to heal. How could they live like that? When he said he was heading back to his common room. "As you were then if you'd like. I'll catch you around." She said with a smile, not bothered to part ways.
Chaos took note of her smile, wondering if it was real of fake. It was somewhat hard to tell. He just nodded and went on to the Gryffindor common room to get caught up on his studies. Ophelia Dragonova, what an interesting girl. He would have to keep up with her down the future to see just how entertaining she would be.

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