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Rory's life had not at all gone to plan. If his life had gone according to the plan which had been set out for him, he'd have been married a while, probably with a couple of kids and maybe things would've been fine. But he hadn't. He had taken the real long way round to this point in his life. But he knew now that he would rather this, rather marry someone he actually loved than someone who he might learn to love. He loved Therese more than anything, was so pleased to have her in his life, and today he had married her. She had been a vision of beauty, was an amazing woman. Rory couldn't imagine spending his life with anyone else. He had helped prepare this and was wearing his family kilt and colours. The colours were a mixture of ones she liked and ones he did. It was well put together, and he was happy with the family that had come to it. His parents had not been invited, he didn't need them with their negativity. No. This was not a day for them. The ceremony had been tasteful and simple. All they needed was their love for each other. He was so pleased she was his wife.

The food had been good, and then the bad had started up. He glanced at her as their first dance ended and eagerly leaned in to kiss her. They would need to mingle and speak with friends, but he knew it was as important to take little moments with her and just enjoy each other's company. Rory knew this was not how his life had first been laid out, but this was perfect. She was perfect, and oddly, he was glad that in his first year working a job he hated, he had met her. Perhaps if he hadn't they would've had, and both their lives would be different. But this was not the case. The case was he loved her, had married her and would spend the rest of his life dedicated to ensure she was happy.

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Rory & Therese wedding! Please allow Jamie with Therese to reply first, and then anyone who knows/knew the couple is welcome to join them. If you're unsure as to if you can post just let myself or Jamie know and we can let you know
Therese had been dreaming of this day since she was an child. She knew life was no fairytale, but liked the thought of it. And her life was actually really close to it. Seeing the good in everyone even when they hidden it so far away. She had an positive look on the world and even out of the most hardest stuff she could find something good. Her future husband was not an person everyone understood while back at school. Who would have thought she would marry the man who bought her, her first wand. She still smiled thinking about it. Back than she didn't knew what the future would hold for them, but she did felt something, and knew he was special. But on the age of eleven, she didn't thought like she did now ofcourse. Rory was the love of her life, and even though they had been going through hard times, they found their way to eachother. And especially Rory accepted his love for her, and Therese had given him time. She did felt sad about the relationship Rory had with his parents. Her own parents would be here today on this beautiful day, but Rory's wouldn't. As an empathetic person it was hard to let go, but Rory had made sure they had to focus on themselves. And that was what they had done at the ceremony which had been amazing. Rory in his traditional kilt, Therese in a white dress. And the brunette had to wipe away a tear out of joy from it all.

After the food, she was looking forward to dance with her husband. How nice it was to call him husband now and to carry his name combined with hers. This was only the start of an amazing life together and who knew what the future would hold. Therese had an wish for children, and they would sort that out together later on. The first dance was romantic and she hold him and kissed him back. After the dance ended she whispered in his ear. '' You make me the happiest woman in the world.'' The Swedish girl spoke and put an kiss on his cheek. And smiled as she noticed her family around them and some familliar faces.​
Rory smiled at her words, feeling them just as much as she did. Well, that she made him the happiest man in the world. A man thankful for all that he had been through to be able to get this, get her at the end. He leaned out a little and smiled, glancing around at their friends and family. "We have some mingling to do, and we need to keep Giselle and Liusaidh as far from each other as if humanly possible," he said in a quiet tone, knowing that his sister and Giselle were not on good terms at all.
Graeme was happy for his half brother. He had been a part of Rory's journey towards this moment and glad to finally see it come together. He was happy that he had found love, safety, and security in someone so good for him. It was nice, too, to bring together, to spend some time with Abby and the boys and the girls in a more carefree environment. The boys great in their kilts and the girls were sweet. He glanced towards Abby, remembering that he was supposed to have married her already but the kids, the babies had gotten in the way a little. "This was sweet," he commented as the first dance ended to Abby.
Fraser loved weddings, they were just the most fun one could have. Aonghas' wedding had been amazing, Liusaidh's one had been more stifling and formal, but Rory's Rory's one was fun too. He had enjoyed it. Rory was his favourite uncle. Aonghas was just a little on the boring side. Plus Rory played quidditch. Auntie Liusaidh was his favourite overall, but he just found her so much fun to be around. He had enjoyed wearing his kilt and spending time with Zerrin at the wedding. The dancing was just about to get started. "The dancing's the best part," Fraser said to Zerrin.
Olivia was so pleased that she could wear an nice dress today. It was special and her mother was all happy, but all the attention went to Therese today. Not that, that was something different. Together with her mommy and daddy and Alice she would see her big sister getting married. Therese was the oldest one and the first one to get married. The ceremony and all really took long and Olivia had asked her mother a few times how long it would take. But she had to be quiet her parents said. She could not have her toys or favorite book yet. She sometimes looked at her sister and Rory but was pleased when she could finally play some. And found an corner where she could sit with her toys and favorite storybook to look at the pictures. Her parents would be busy with others, so Olivia could play by herself. And she could entertain herself a long time. Starting by sorting the toys she had from small to tall.
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Weddings seemed to be something the blonde did made social contacts. It hadn't been that long since another Fergusson had married, her friend Aonghas. Which she didn't had spoken to in a long time. This time it was his brother who married her cousin and after the long absence of contact because of her parents wishes. She was glad that she and Camille were invited and they had reunited with the family again. Therese always had been kind to her. Lauren did not knew how she felt about seeing Aonghas again. He had been her best friend, and perhaps even some more after all from her side. Something she never had felt before, an person she had trusted with an big secret and he proved that he was to be trusted. But perhaps that was why it was hard to keep in touch. Although Lauren had let go of all and focused on herself. She smiled shortly seeing Therese, she really seemed happy and the wedding was lovely. Lauren watched Camille along side her and her sister didn't had said a word yet, she just seemed to take it all in. When the dance was done Lauren saw Camille following her and hide some behind her dress. So she watched her sister and smiled shortly. '' I see an delicious cake staring at us. '' She said and saw that Camille had interest, food always seemed to be something she liked. She pointed not too far from them and made an gesture that she could take one. Camille seemed to doubt it for an moment, but slowly made her way to the table to get an piece. That was good, the glue had been broken an bit between them.
Together with Lauren she witnessed her cousin getting married. Camille stayed at her sister side and watched it all happening. After the dance she and Lauren moved to where some kind of celebration was. And Camille just hoped they would go home quickly. There were all old people, adults and she didn't dared to speak to them. And felt like an stranger, although it was mostly her own family. But recently they had been in contact again and for Camille it was the first time meeting them. So they were kind of strangers to her. Their parents always spoke bad of them and kept them away, so that was all she knew. Thankfully it was an happy joyfull feeling around here. And when her sister suggested getting cake, her eyes went through the place Lauren pointed at. It did seem really nice. She had something to do, and had her mouth full so perhaps people would not come and ask questions. So she looked behind her for an moment and doubted. Why couldn't Lauren come along? But it was not far away the table thankfully so she moved slowly to the table to get an piece of cake.
Zerrin was excited to be going to a wedding. It was fun, and he enjoyed himself. He was sticking close to Fraser, nodding and laughing as his brother spoke. "The dancing is great, but you gotta admit the snacks are awesome too," He countered with a playful wink. "That cake was epic," He sighed, patting on his stomach contently.

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Abby was trying to focus on the wedding- it was nice, being out, but she was preoccupied keeping Holly and Floraidh content and not fussing. They were sitting now, with Floraidh sitting at Graeme's feet babbling while Abby was rocking Holly to sleep. "Mm," She offered a soft agreement to Graeme. "It was. Holly's all worn out already." She tucked the blanket she'd wrapped Holly into around her a bit more. "They're going to sleep well tonight," She teased, her attention mostly on their youngest daughter. @Graeme Fergusson
Eddie hadn't gone to a wedding in a rather long time, and so to say that he was nervous was an understatement. What made it even more nerve wracking was the fact that he didn't know either the bride or the groom and he was simply there for Abner who was there for one of his employees. He was glad though that he was getting to spend a bit more time with Abner. He placed a hand on the man's knee during the ceremony, appreciating how lovely they made the ambiance of the room and how much the pair of them seemed to be in love. It was then time to get up and dance, but Eddie wasn't about to embarrass himself in front of a bunch of people he did not know. He stayed close to Abner, smiling slightly at people who walked by.
Liusaidh had been surprise to be invited Rory's wedding. She hadn't spoken to him pleasantly in years, and yet he wanted her there. Liusaidh knew there had been a point when she was much young and he'd been mostly just at school that she had once looked up to him. When they had been close, but they weren't. Despite feeling like she shouldn't be there, Liusaidh had come along to the wedding and stayed with Aonghas for most of the time. She had a drink in hand, spotting her nephews and nieces. he thought it was wild that in a blink of an eyes Graeme had gone from one kid to four. She finished her drink and went to get another one.
Aonghas had been very happy for Rory, knowing how hard things had been. He had been the best man, and enjoyed being involved in every step. He knew that inspite of the things which had gone wrong, his older brother remained loyal to the family. Aonghas thought it silly but it didn't matter. There was Katia somewhere about the place and their children were somewhere too. He was having fun and in amongst the crowd, spotted Lauren. he hadn't spoken to her in years and decided to go say hello. She was with two younger girls but it didn't phase him. "Lauren, hi," he said with a polite smile. "Been a little while,"
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Abner was excited to be at a wedding. Especially one where he could be openly there with Eddie. He thought the ceremony was beautiful, and while he wanted to dance, he had the feeling Eddie wasn't comfortable with it. That was alright, they could dance by themselves in the living room later. He smiled at his love, offering out his hand. "How are you holding up?" He murmured, leaning in a bit. "Would you want some wine?" He offered gently. @Eddie Kane
Eddie perked up a little as Abner spoke to him. "Oh, I'm good. This is so lovely." he told him truthfully, looking around at all of the decorations. At the mention of wine, Eddie nodded. "Of course." He smiled, taking Abner's hand and heading towards the beverage table. He picked up two glasses and filled them, before handing the second one over to his boyfriend. "Cheers to... true love." He clinked his glass with Abner's, happy to just be there with him.
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Sofia was exciting for her cousins wedding. And how scary she was to really bond with someone, she did brought a date to here. A plus one was allowed. So she and Leif were dressed up for the wedding. During the ceremony she watched Leif for an moment, he did seem to look strange. But she wanted to be silent to follow it all, so would later ask. Therese and Rory seemed very nice together, and although it was not an person she had expected beside her it did matched. An man in a suit was really handsome and so was her date. When it was time for a party Sofia smiled to Leif. '' Is everything alright?'' she than asked. They were hanging out some time now and it was nice, so she could tell different facial expressions. And wondered after a drink if he would like to dance. If he could dance, that was the question too.

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Gabriel thought it was nice to go out with his girlfriend. They were both working hard, but things were fine between them. He admired his girlfriend for what she all did and sometimes wondered how she could deal with him. But here they were together and witnessing his cousin getting married. The couple both played quidditch as well, so Gabriel sometimes had to play against them or runned into eachother. When the ceremony was done they made their way to the feast. The blonde boy watched his girlfriend. '' Want something to drink Soph?'' He asked her with an smile.

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Ugh her father and Sofia actually had wanted to stay at home. But thankfully Therese wanted to invite her. They were all afraid she was gonna ruin this day or something. And ofcourse Giselle was not feeling the best ever, but a wedding a party? It ment nice drinks as well. But it was an bit different that her whole family was hanging around, and she was sure Sofia would watch her. But she would perhaps be too busy with her date, so that was more helpfull. She sat next to her dad and close to Gabriel and his girlfriend. It was cute and all, but also confrontation that she would never be so happy. She couldn't. And if she would marry, her mother would never be there to witness it. When the first dance was over the blonde already had found her way to the bar and ordered an martini. And as she looked around she suddenly spotted an familliar redhead. And than remembered Therese was gonna have the same lastname as Lius, who was here. Why were their paths always cross. She sighted as she noticed Liam next to her, he was alone as well. '' Come drink with me? Make me forget that I want to punch someone?'' Giselle said and rolled her eyes. And put her arms on the bar and than her head. Lying down sighting.
Sophie loved Gabriel and she loved their life together. But even after so long together, his family intimated the crap out of her. It was so big and she could never keep track of all his cousins. She desperately hoped she wouldn't mix any of them up tonight. She looked at Gabriel, smiling slightly at his kind offer. "Sure." She said. "Your cousin looks happy." She added though she wasn't sure if she would ever want to be in the center of attention like that. Amber was supposed to get married soon too, though Sophie suspected her sister was nervous. She had been planning it for what felt like ages.

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Adorah felt a little anxious about attending a wedding, mainly because she'd never been to one. By the time her older siblings started getting married, she was not on speaking terms with most of her family, and while, she, Juniper, Bridgit, and Emmi were fine, her sisters were far from ready to get married. So, today, she was going to her first wedding with Noel and was completely unsure how to even act. The former Ravenclaw had pulled out one of her old dresses from a previous Yule Ball. She wanted to be presentable for Noel's family, and she hoped the dress wasn't too much.

As she entered the wedding with Noel, she clasped his hand tightly, feeling a little nervous. She knew Therese a little since she and Juniper played on the same quidditch team, and then of course, she was Noel's cousin. But other than that, she wasn't sure who else would be here that she knew. She'd met some of Noel's family, but not all, and then there was the groom's side. She figured there'd be some people from school around, but there was no one she knew of that she would feel comfortable having small talk with, even if she had considered herself to be much more comfortable socially than she used to be. Adorah grabbed herself and Noel a drink before quickly finding him again and handing him his. "It's really beautiful in here," she said to him, admiring the decorations. @Noel Waldgrave
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Leif wasn't sure what exactly was going on between Sofia and him or whether they were officially dating, but whatever it was it had been enough for her to invite him to her cousin's wedding. Which was a nice change of pace for him, to be around a bunch of people he didn't know. At least that's what he thought the day would bring. The reality was something completely different and when he noticed the names of the couple to wed he wondered if he should just leave. Sofia had invited him, sure, and he didn't want to hurt her but he did wonder whether it was alright for him to be here. Or perhaps thinking Therese might be bothered by him being there was a cocky thing to do. It had been years and, if anything, the thing that had always disappointed him most was that they had never been able to pick up their friendship after their breakup. So maybe it was a good thing he had somehow found his way into this wedding. He was glad to see her so happy at the very least. And Sofia was good company to have with him. "Yeah, totally fine. Just a little.. surprised." Leif nodded when Sofia asked him a question once the ceremonial part of the day was over and things were a little more casual. "Turns out I, uh - I used to know your cousin." He added with a small shrug to indicate it wasn't a big deal. @Sofia Rosenberg
Liam went solo to the wedding of his cousin. He had met a girl who really seemed to get his attention, but it was not like they were together. Liam liked being free and was not much of an relationship person he believed. Perhaps there would be pretty girls at the wedding. Which were ofcourse not his family, although he believed his family had a lot of handsome people including himself obviously. Sitting close to Gabriel and his annoying girlfriend and Noel and his girlfriend he watched his cousin and Rory. He knew them both from quidditch and Rory had been an Slytherin as well. After the dance the party started and he made his way to the bar for an drink. And than noticed his cousin Giselle next to him. He grinned for an moment as she made an comment, but she didn't seem to be having fun looking at her body language. He didn't mind something to drink so nodded. '' Sure. But who's the one you are not wanting to punch? ' Liam than asked showing his white teeth. '' I now wonder.'' And ordered himself an beer to start with.
A wedding was an good excuse to enjoy and celebrate the love of two people. And Noel was glad he could introduce his girlfriend to the family members who didn't knew yet. And since he had an big family, that would definitly be the case. It was nice seeing some family members again and especially Camilla and Lauren who were free to follow their own path now. He enjoyed the ceremony which was nice and wondered if he would ever marry one day. He could see himself and Adorah together for sure. But you never knew what the future would hold. After the ceremony he and Adorah made their way to the party and took the drink from his girlfriend and gave an kiss on her cheek quickly. '' It's actually my first wedding. But they did their best for sure.'' Noel than answered back. And than took an sip of his drink. '' You look beautiful. I think I've seen it before am I right?'' Noel than complimented his girlfriend and tried to remember if she wore it before. But since he did the same with his suit, he figured perhaps girls did too.

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Therese put her arm around her husband and watched at their friends and family. She agreed it would be good to chat some with the people. And she grinned for an moment mentioning his sister Liusaidh and Giselle her cousin. Therese had heard they were not an good match. And she knew Giselle was in a bad place. Which made her even more caring for the girl, like she always did for people. '' It seems like they are far away from eachother, so I hope Liam keeps her company for now.'' Therese answered meaning Giselle at the bar with Liam. And than watched around to see who she wanted to chat with first, or they. She noticed her sister in the corner playing and smiled shortly. '' We should say hi. Who'd you like to go to?'' Therese asked him. She could see her family whenever she liked but knew things were more complicated on his side.

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Running into Rory at the mall had been where he told her he would get married. Evelyn was really happy for her friend. And the girl Therese really did seem to make him happy, so that was good. She was glad to be invited and watch her friend getting married. And she could bring someone so had asked Amber, since they knew eachother also. She believed they weren't always on good terms, but Evelyn knew when you grew older some stuff didn't seemed that important anymore. It was an nice excuse for an nice dress so the blonde had designed her own dress ofcourse, which happend to be in the house colours of Gryffindor her previous house during Hogwarts, and enjoyed the ceremony.

After the ceremony she made her way together with Amber to the feast. And looked around to see if she saw more familliar faces. But not so quickly. '' He seems so happy right?'' Evelyn than said to Amber and watched the couple. She knew Amber was gonna marry too and could not wait for that.

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