Adorah Zumwalt

Adorah Zumwalt

Adopted - Astronomy Fanatic - Anxiety Ridden
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Too Young to Care
Vine Wand 12 3/4" Dragon Heartstring Core
3/2037 (12)

Adorah Iris Zumwalt
”It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

Adorah origin: Latin meaning "Beloved One." Given to her by the nuns she was cared for in the first two years of her life.
Iris origin: Given to her by her adopted parents as she was without a middle name. Means "rainbow."
Zumwalt origin: Adoptive family's surname. The Germanic name meaning woods or forest.

Surface Details

Nickname: Ada by family and close friends
Blood Status: Unknown
Birthday: March 20, 2037


Playby: Rowan Blanchard
Hair: Dark brown, long
Eyes: Hazel, large and round
Body: Lanky and awkward, still growing into it
Height: 4'5"
Distinguishing features: Adorah has a large birthmark that covers the majority of her upper right arm and a purplish blue scar in the shape of a circle running around her left arm in the forearm area. No one knows why she has the scar and why it hasn't faded in the 11 years since she has been found.
Style: Adorah is used to hand-me-downs from her older siblings. Her mother is very crafty and also makes a lot of the family's special event clothing and dresses. She tends to be in comfortable, faded clothing when not in her robes or uniform.


Personality: Adorah has been sheltered and hidden most of her life. While she was social in the early years, an incident that caused her family to relocate (described under "History") caused her parents to keep her in their new home away from most strangers. As they were unsure what caused the incident, they were worried that it may be repeated. Due to this seclusion, she's not very comfortable with meeting new people or making friends. She tends to speak before thinking and talks a lot since she's been away from people other than her family for a few years. Adorah is very inquisitive and finds strength in knowledge. She has read a lot of books for someone her age (maybe some that were a bit above her comprehension) and enjoys discussing history and the arts. She has an openness and vulnerability about her that can put her in uncomfortable situations, as she is not always the best reader of social cues. She is an extrovert at heart and tends to be strong willed when it comes down to what she believes is right.
Zodiac: Pisces, water sign. They are friendly and find themselves in other people's company. They are selfless and willing to help others and tend to be full of empathy.
Most prominent personality trait: Adorah is a Class-A perfectionist. She is afraid of disappointing others and works hard to please.
Best traits: She is practical and objective which tends to make her the voice of reason. She is also very honest and curious.
Worst traits: She is very impressionable and reserved, which can lead to her hanging out with the wrong people when prompted.
Secrets: -
Fears: Adorah has a fear of not being accepted by her peers.
Special Skills: Advanced pianist, can type 95 WPM, knows very little to nothing about pop culture (muggle or magical)

Magical Breakdown
Wand: Vine Wand, 12 3/4", Dragon Heartstring Core
Vine Wood: "Vine wands are among the less common types, and I have been intrigued to notice that their owners are nearly always those witches or wizards who seek a greater purpose, who have a vision beyond the ordinary and who frequently astound those who think they know them best. Vine wands seem strongly attracted by personalities with hidden depths, and I have found them more sensitive than any other when it comes to instantly detecting a prospective match."
(via Pottermore)
Dragon Heartstring Core: "As a rule, dragon heartstrings produce wands with the most power, and which are capable of the most flamboyant spells. Dragon wands tend to learn more quickly than other types. While they can change allegiance if won from their original master, they always bond strongly with the current owner. The dragon wand tends to be easiest to turn to the Dark Arts, though it will not incline that way of its own accord. It is also the most prone of the three cores to accidents, being somewhat temperamental." (via Pottermore)
Patronus: Unknown
Boggart: Unknown
Mirror of Erised: Adorah would see her biological parents in the mirror, as she has always longed to know who they are to some extent, but the desire has increased as she has entered into the magical world.
Education: Hogwarts New Zealand (Years 1 - )
House: Ravenclaw
Dreams: Adorah hopes to find a way to fit into the Wizarding World. She also wishes to find her birth parents, especially if they end up being magical.
Goals: At Hogwarts, she hopes to make a few lifelong friends, be honored with being a Prefect, and achieve high levels in all her OWLs and NEWTs. She is still unsure about what her career goals are.


Ada was adopted at the age of two by the Zumwalts. She was found abandoned at a St. James Church in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany when she was an estimated 2 weeks old. Her birthdate is an estimate. A note was attached to her that read "Adorah, dearest, it is safer this way. Love Mama." She still has the note in her posession, along with a necklace that was found around her neck. She was moved to the Rothenburg Orphanage, where she was cared for by the staff until Mary and Kurt Zumwalt brought her home. They lived on the outskirts of Berlin, where Mary was a teacher and Kurt was a pediatrician. When Adorah was six, they adopted their final child, Juniper, on a trip to Canterbury. Juniper and Adorah did not initially get along. This led to Adorah working to develop friendships with the neighbor girls Julienne and Sarah.

One unfortuante day two years later, Adorah had a magical outburst that caused the accidental death of Sarah. It was the first definite form of magic anyone had seen from Adorah, and the family relocated to New Zealand shortly thereafter. Mary stayed home with all the children, and Adorah was kept on a tight watch ever since. The only socialization Adorah had from the ages of 8-11 was her family. She developed a close relationship with Juniper, who is now her best friend. When Adorah's letter from Hogwarts arrived, her family was at first very confused and frustrated. However, her mother assisted her in acquiring all the supplies and taking her to the train. During the first semester of Year 1, she received a letter from her mother requesting not to come home for the holidays and to not write unless it was an emergency. Currently, Adorah is trying to figure out the best way to redevelop the relationship with her family.

Biological Mother: Unknown
Biological Father: Unknown
Biological Siblings: Unknown

Adopted Mother
Name: Mary Schmidt Zumwalt
Birthdate: June 30, 2001
Blood Status: Muggle

Adopted Father
Name: Kurt Zumwalt
Birthdate: December 15, 1993
Blood Status: Muggle

Adopted Siblings
Name: Zoey Zumwalt (Alexander's twin)
Birthdate: December 25, 2027
Blood Status: Muggle

Name: Alexander Zumwalt (Zoey's twin)
Birthdate: December 25, 2027
Blood Status: Muggle

Name: Margaret "Maggie" Zumwalt
Birthdate: January 13, 2031
Blood Status: Muggle

Name: Bridgit Zumwalt
Birthdate: July 26, 2032
Blood Status: Muggle

Name: Stefan Zumwalt
Birthdate: May 17, 2035
Blood Status: Muggle

Name: Emilia "Emmi" Zumwalt
Birthdate: February 23, 2037
Blood Status: Muggle

Name: Juniper Zumwalt
Birthdate: April 3, 2038
Blood Status: Magical (Unknown)

Adorah Zumwalt

Adopted - Astronomy Fanatic - Anxiety Ridden
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
Vine Wand 12 3/4" Dragon Heartstring Core
3/2037 (12)
Year One - September 2048 - May 2049

Roleplay Title
Characters Involved
An Unexpected MeetingAlice HollandAdorah chooses to sit on the floor of the Great Hall and is greeted by Alice.
Another Run InSamantha JacobsAdorah runs into Samantha at The Three Broomsticks on a Brightstone Weekend after she knocked Samantha off her broom in Flying Lessons.
Mounting PressureRose HollandRose helps Adorah reach a book on a
Anger IssuesAvaria LockwoodAdorah walks in on Avaria's breakdown in the Congolmerated Arts Room and tries to help.
The First GameSamantha JacobsSamantha and Adorah learn how to play Wizard's Chess together and get to know each other.
Dedicated ExplorationAudra Worth
Time for a Lil' SnackAiden BriggsAdorah and Aiden have both snuck down to the Kitchens for a late night snack after hours.
An Unfortunate OwlLauren DavenportAdorah receives an owl from her mother telling her not to come home for the summer holidays and to not write unless necessary.
DecoratingNell Wright
Why Do Work?Daniella Walker
Common Room Vandalism
Alexis Kramer
Adorah finds carvings and magical marks from former Ravenclaw students along the baseboards in the Common Room.
Classical ConversationsXio HavocXio walks in Adorah playing piano in the Congolmerated Arts Room.
Packages and PresentationsSamantha Jacobs, Emily Hastings, Chloe Llewelyn-WhiteAdorah meets a few of her future classmates on the New Zealand Express.
Yellow Rose DisturbancesSigny ForstromSigny delivers a rose to Adorah from Alexis Kramer.
Canvas in BloomMolly LambAdorah and Molly meet for the first time in the Congomerated Arts Room and show each other their talents.
Red goes BlueMark RossMark delivers a rose from Elliot Briar.
Breakfast with the BigMazikeen RoeAdorah has breakfast with her Heta Omega big Mazikeen.
Lost in ConstellationsElliot BriarElliot and Adorah meet for the first time looking at books in Flourish and Blotts.
Adventurous AstronomersElliot BriarElliot and Adorah meet again during the second semester to discuss Astronomy.
Happy Birthday to MeAmaya MichaelsAdorah meets Amaya at the Valentine's Day Dance.
Perusing the ShelvesProfessor Kahurangi Josephs
Let's try this againChloe Llewelyn-White
This Place Better Stay TidyChloe Llewelyn-White, Minnie Calida, Aegerine Night, Emily HastingsThe Ravenclaw first year girls meet for the first time in their dorm.

Final Grades

Semester 1 ClassesGradeSemester 2 ClassesGrade
FlyingODefense Against the Dark Arts
HerbologyOHistory of Magic

House Points Acquired: -
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