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Evelyn Manning

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* The Manning family is a family originally from Denmark in Scandinavia. It is known that most of the family members are blonde. There are a few exceptions.

Jorgen Ansgard Manning
Jorgen is Evelyn's dad.
They have a very good relationship together.
Although he is a very busy man,
he see's his daughter as his princess and will always make time for her
when she will need him.
He spoils his daughter very much,
with everything she desires.

Thyra Agnete Manning- Thompson
Thyra is Evelyn's mother.
They don't have a very good relationship together.
While giving birth to the twins
Thyra was also fine with one child.
She had postanal depression
and didn't cared for especially Evelyn.
Evelyn misses her mothers attention,
and gave up hope of ever trying. They have a lot of fights, or ignore eachother.

Espen Mans Manning
Espen is Evelyn's twinbrother. They have a very good relationship together.
The twins are very look alike, but also their personality is much the same.
They spend a lot of time together, and love to talk together.
Evelyn will do everything for her brother and is very protective of him.
Espen thinks the same of his little sister, that was born one minute later.

Cathryn Eleonora Holmgaard- Manning
Cathryn is Evelyn's aunt.
They have a good relationship together.
Evelyn likes her aunt, because they have the same passion for fashion.
Cathryn thinks of Evelyn as her favorite niece,
and is a mother figure for her.

Olaf Ian Holmgaard
Olaf is Evelyn's uncle.
They have a normal relationship together.
Olaf is a guard and Evelyn has a lot of respect for his job. Just like her he was a Gryffindor once.
Olaf is a friendly man and Evelyn likes to talk with him.

Athena Isabella Holmgaard
Athena is Evelyn's cousin.
They have a good relationship together.
Athena looks up to her niece and likes her very much.
Evelyn likes her niece and loves spending time with her.

Christina Sofia Holmgaard
Christina is Evelyn's cousin.
They have a very good relationship together.
Christina is different than most of the family members. She has her own opinion,
and doesn't fit in the family in her opinon.
Evelyn loves her niece very much and see's it differently.

Crystal Genevieve Holmgaard
Crystal is Evelyn's youngest cousin.
They have a normal relationship together.
Between them is a lot of age difference, but Evelyn likes her niece.
Crystal looks up to her big niece.

Casper Jakob Manning
Casper is Evelyn's uncle.
They have a good relationship together.
Casper is Evelyn's favorite uncle.
Just as she, he was a Gryffindor once.
Evelyn thinks of her uncle as funny and loves spending time with him.

Agnete Irene Manning - Nielsen
Agnete is Evelyn's aunt.
They have a normal relationship together.
Evelyn doesn't speak much to her aunt, but when they do it is nice.

Emilia Viola Manning
Emilia is Evelyn's cousin.
They have a good relationship together.
Emilia looks up to Evelyn and wants to spend much time with her.
Evelyn likes Emilia and likes spending time,
but sometimes wants some space.

Fleur Elena Katherine Worth
Evelyn met Fleur in their fourth year in the Conglomerated Arts Room.
They soon had a good connection and it felt like they knew eachother for many years already.
They grew very close in this year and became best friends. Evelyn likes spending time with Fleur very much.
They share an interest in fashion and are like glue stuck at eachother often.

Fleur about Evelyn: Before we met I disliked Evelyn. Clearly one of the better dressed in the school yet I didn't make her stupid list. But, when I did meet her we became really close and I let down my walls. We always hang out when not in classes and we bonded over high fashion, something we both are fond of wearing. I love drawing her in my sketch book, she's good at posing for me. She's probably going to be my best friend for a long time (most likely my whole life!).


Amber Chou Wilson
Evelyn met Amber in their first year in the student lounge.
They became friends very quickly and Evelyn see's Amber as one of her best friends.
Amber and Evelyn share a interest for fashion and talk about it often.
If Evelyn has a problem she mostly comes to Amber for good advice.
They spend a lot of time together and Evelyn is proud of how Amber became more confident.

Amber about Evelyn: I met Evelyn during our first year,
and we got along from the start.
We both love fashion, and because of that
common ground we soon became good friends.
I love talking to her, as she always knows what
to say and helps me with my problems.
I consider her one of my best friends.

Noemie Lémieux Amor Vanity
Evelyn met Noemie at the Halloween Ball in their second year.
They became friends because of Amber and share a interest in fashion.
Evelyn thinks of Noemie as a very pretty girl and loves spending time with her.
If Evelyn has a question about classes she goes to Noemie often.
But she likes chatting with Noemie about everything too.

Noemie about Evelyn: I met Evelyn during
a Halloween feast in our second year,
i instantly noticed what a beautiful person she was and over
time we forged a bond over fashion,
magazines and boys. She is a kind friend with whom I am very pleased
to spend any and all time with.

Aaron Briar Walden
Evelyn met Aaron in the Owlery. They spend some time together and talked about home.
Aaron is Lucas his best friend and so they see eachother a lot. Evelyn likes Aaron and likes to talk to him about everything and especially about Lucas.

Aaron about Evelyn:

Rama Mowry
Evelyn met Rama in their first year in the student lounge.
They talked some and Evelyn thought of Rama as an interesting girl.
Evelyn see's Rama as one of her friends, and wants to believe Rama see's her like this too.
She see's it as a challenge to let Rama like her.

Rama about Evelyn:

Rory Eòghan Fergusson
Evelyn met Rory in their first year in the library. Evelyn didn't liked him there and was even irritated.
But in their fourth year they started to become friends. Evelyn thinks Rory is handsome and more grown up.
She likes cheering for him at a Quidditch Game.

Rory about Evelyn: Evelyn tried to take a book that was very clearly mine. She's someone I butt heads with, but ultimately realise she's not that bad. She's beautiful at the very least, and if she wasn't always dating someone else, I would've asked her out already.

Flavio Juan Morales
Evelyn met Flavio in their second year at the Gryffindor Table in the Great Hall.
Flavio brought her a rose for valentine and she thought he was cute.
She see's Flavio a lot because of Amber and has a dream that Amber and Flavio will end up together.
She see's Flavio as one of her friends.

Flavio about Evelyn: I have always thought of Evelyn's confidence as intimidating, but since we met in our second year, we occasionally talk and I have learned she is really nice. I consider her a friend and I would like to spend more time with her.

Anabelle Williams
Evelyn met Anabelle in their fourth year in the dungeons.
They had saw eachother with classes before, but never really spoke.
Anabelle and Evelyn have lots of friends in common and have become friends.

Anabelle about Evelyn:

Merrill Rowan Piper
Evelyn met Merrill in their first year in the bedroom of the girls.
She didn't talked much and didn't notice her that much. In their third year
they started to get irritated when she started dating Lucas.
Evelyn doesn't like Merrill because of how she bonds with Zenia.
She thinks that Merrill is faking her true identity.

Merrill about Evelyn: Evelyn is the most annoying, snobby,
and bratty person I've ever met. I can't believe I thought we could be friends.

Desislav Zhefarovich
Evelyn met Desislav in their third year in the Conglomerated Arts Room.
She hated him for throwing paint all over her.
Evelyn doesn't think he is funny and his pranks aren't.
She was glad when he left the school.

Desislav about Evelyn: Who's Evelyn? Oh, her. Yea, I don't like her very much.
Evelyn wouldn't know fun if it was wearing one rainboot, a loafer, and dancing the tango.

Zoe Katsaros
Evelyn met Zoe in their third year at Obsidian Harbour, together with Zenia.
Evelyn doesn't like Zoe for her dating Lucas, and the fact she is the twin of her enemy.
She thinks Lucas deserved way better.

Zoe about Evelyn: Zenia can't stand her for some reason.
I don't know what to think about Evelyn right now. She's not done anything to me.


Zenia Katsaros
Evelyn met Zenia in their first year in the girls bedroom.
From day one they already got into a fight. When Zenia ruined her make-up for Evelyn it was clear.
Zenia is her biggest enemy and the person she hates the most. She feels like the girl makes her life
a living hell. Whenever and wherever she see's the girl she feels irritated and angry.

Zenia about Evelyn:


Noah Kingsley
Evelyn met Noah in their second year at the Owlery.
They soon had a nice talk and Evelyn was under the impression learning
he was the son of the minister and from her head of house.
When she got to know him better she fell in love with him and his personality and they started dating.
Noah is her first boyfriend and Evelyn likes him very much. She has never been that happy in her life before.
They have dating a long time at Hogwarts.

Noah about Evelyn:

Lucas Woodlock
Evelyn met Lucas in their first year at The Courtyard.
They thought of eachother as interesting very quickly
and he became her best friend for the first years at hogwarts.
When Lucas started to get romantic feelings for Evelyn their friendship broke.
They have down and up moments in their friendship.
But Evelyn would always want Lucas as her friend, she loves the attention she gets from him.
In their fifth year Evelyn started to get real feelings for Lucas. But he rejected her.
They started dating in their sixth year. He is her true love.
Lucas about Evelyn:

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