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Rory Fergusson

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Rory Eòghan Fergusson

Rory -Is a Goidelic personal name in anglicised form, common to the Irish, Highland Scots and their diasporas. The meaning of the name is "red king," from ruadh
Eòghan - Possibly means "of the yew tree"
Fergusson - Is a patronymic surname meaning "son of Fergus." The given name Fergus, comes from Fearghas, derived from the Gaelic fear meaning "man," and gus meaning "vigor".

Rory's name was given to him by his mother, Rory's mother had always fancied the name Rory and after having two daughters was very glad to have a son she could name Rory, his father on the other had wanted to given him a gaelic name because he's always liked the way they were written, but lost the battle to his wife and settled on the name Rory. He got his input in the middle name given to Rory, that being Eòghan, which is written in english is Ewan, and pronounced the same way. He had given his first son the name he'd always loved and while he was no longer in contact with that son at all, he felt it would be wrong to also give that name to his second son, so instead opted for Eòghan. The surname is a long standing family name, which has remained in his family for countless generations and the importance of the name passing on is extremely high. Rory has always liked his name, he like Rory because it's simple, though occasionally difficult for some to say since it involves a slight roll in the R. He cares not for his middle name, but his surname is of huge importance to him, it everything his family stand for and he believes wholeheartedly in family.

Given that Rory's name is pretty short he's never had a nickname, his mother calls him her little Thistle, which relates back to the crest of the family being a small sunflower. Aside from that he doesn't have any other nicknames either given him to by those in his family or by any of the friends he's had over the time. Rory is a short and to the point name, and perhaps other than someone referring to him as Fergus, because of his surname but that would really be about it.

Rory is currently eighteen years old. With a birthday in the summer, prior to hogwarts, Rory used to celebrates by going to the city or going to a quidditch game, given that his uncle helps occasionally to coach the national team, it is usually pretty easy for him and his family to get tickets to go see it. He likes doing those things and spending the day doing something different and outside of his home. He enjoys doing something for his birthday and will always impress upon his mother to let him do something for his birthday. Since coming to Hogwarts, Rory has spent most of his birthdays working, which hasn't been too fun. he misses spending the time with his family and being back home for it, where the weather is always predictably bad. His birthday at Hogwarts have always passed with next to nothing happening, which really now he's older suits him perfectly fine. Since graduating he is likely to spend all of his birthdays drinking but largely alone.

July 23rd 2030, in the late hours of the afternoon at around half four. He was second child to be born of his parents, but the third child for each of them. It was a relatively easy birth, though he arrived a month earlier than he was supposed to, but there were no complications and they were able to leave the magical hospital the same day, just later in the evening. Rory was a very small baby and his parents were concerned about the trouble that apparition would have on him, and so ended up getting a train all the way back up, it was the first time in ages that any of them had interacted with muggles. Rory slept almost the entire time.

Rory is currently a student, but works in Ollivanders during the school breaks. He likely to follow in the family line of work, creating robes for wizards. He has absolutely no desire to do this, he doesn't like interacting with people in that fashion, he doesn't like having to spend time trying to be nice to them, or pretending like they're not dumb for not knowing how any of it works. He knows that it'll be the same if he does have to work for his father which is exactly what why his father got him that job in the first place. he isn't looking forward to taking over the family business, adding even worse things to something already pretty horrible. He didn't like the act of making the clothes or learning how to sew despite being quite good at it, and he never wanted the work that would come with it. He was just meant to do a little work for it and do something like quidditch too. Rory would much rather just play than work for his family, but as the oldest (still alive) born to his parents, both of them, then he would inherit it, no matter how much he doesn't want to.


Name: Morag Fergusson
DOB: April 1999
Relationship: Mother.
Occupation: Seamstress/Mother
Blood status: Pureblood

Name: Colin Fergusson
DOB: June 1994
Relationship: Father
Occupation: Robes Maker
Blood status: Pureblood

Name: Bonnie Fergusson
DOB: July 2018
Relationship: Half sister.
Occupation: Shop Assistant
Blood status: Mixed blood

Name: Graeme Fergusson
DOB: October 2022
Relationship: Half brother
Occupation: Quidditch Player
Blood status: Half blood

Name: Mary Fergusson
DOB: March 2025
Relationship: Sister
Occupation: Dead
Blood status: Pureblood

Name: Aonghas Fergusson
DOB: September 2036
Relationship: Brother
Occupation: Too Young
Blood status: Pureblood

Name: Liusaidh Fergusson
DOB: July 2042
Relationship: Sister
Occupation: Too Young
Blood status: Pureblood

Colin Fergusson, born in Bridge of Orchy, Scotland in the family home, in June 1994. Now working as a Tailor in the family robes business.
He attended Hogwarts Scotland, where he was a Hufflepuff, he had relatively average grades and more of an interest in Quidditch. Following school, he trained hard and became a keeper for the team Pride of Portree in Skye, it was then that he met his first love, Rosemary Macleod, and he knew that his family wouldn't approve of a muggle, they weren't strict as a family, they just didn't want any muggles or muggleborns in the family, so the entire relationship was kept secret. It became increasingly difficult to do so, but they produce a son, Graeme, at which point he told his father about the relationship. He left Rosemary and the son he loved very much when his son turned three, and continued to do so until his father told him to either marry her and forsake the Fergusson family or leave her and her son and become the head of the family business. He chose the latter and left her, keeping in contact until his first son was about 6 or 7. He missed him dearly but never really talked of it in the family. His father to ease up on time arranged a marriage with an old friend, Jim Abernethy who had daughter that needed married, and so in the winter of 2025 after they'd already had one daughter. In the July of 2030, Rory was born. He was very happy to have a second son, and has spent a lot of time raising the boy, showing him the ins and outs of the family, work and quidditch. He always preferred Rory to Rory's older sister Mary who was doted on by her mother. They had a second son almost ten years later, named Sean. His daughter died in the December of 2040 after she fell ill at school and wasn't able to recover, because of this death, he fears losing his other son and has decided to en-roll him in the Hogwarts in New Zealand, since a Hogwarts is better than nothing. He loves all of his children, and feels a deep of sense of loss over no spending more time with his daughter.

Morag "Abernethy" Fergusson, born in Abernethy, Scotland, in April 1999, she works with her husband but also primarily as her mother, prior to that pursue a career in magical law. Morag is the only child of her parents.
Morag attended Hogwarts Scotland, where she was a Hufflepuff. She graduated from Hogwarts with near perfect grades and also immediately began working for the ministry in London, she worked there for two years before she fell pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, Bonnie Abernethy. She continued to work there and raising her daughter alone until early 2024 when her father brought her back up to Scotland so that she could marry him. The two got along very well, and in the very early stages of the relationship, she fell pregnant and the wedding was pushed to the winter of 2025 after the child had been born. Morag brought her first daughter with her to live with the family and changed her name to Fergusson to reflect the family she was now a part of. She had a son five years later after much trying, and very little success, and then a second son almost nine years after that, again after much trying. Morag was always very close to her daughters and her daughters were always very close, losing Mary was the hardest thing to ever happen and it broke her heart, she is desperate to have another daughter.

Half Sister, Bonnie Fergusson, born July 2018, attended Hogwarts Scotland, Hufflepuff.
Half Brother, Graeme Fergusson, Born October 2022, attended Hogwarts New Zealand, Hufflepuff, dropped out.
Sister, Mary Fergusson, born March 2025, attended Hogwarts Scotland, Hufflepuff, died in December of 2040 after a case of Scrofungulus took a turn for the worse, she was taken to St. Mungoes but they were unable to help her.
Brother, Aonghas Fergusson, born September 2037.
Sister, Liusaidh Fergusson, born July 2042.

Grandparents Fergusson;
Grandfather, Colin Fergusson, born June 1964
Grandmother, Caitlin Fergusson, born July 1964
Grandparents Abernethy;
Grandfather, Jim Abernethy, born November 1973
Grandmother, Melissa Abernethy, born March 1970
Father's brother;
Uncle, Stewart Fergusson, born December 1998
Married in Aunt, Fauna Fergusson, born December 1998
Cousin, Fauna Fergusson, born April 2020, attended Hogwarts Scotland, Hufflepuff

Father's youngest Brother;
Uncle, Angus Fergusson, born August 2000
Married in Aunt, Sian Fergusson, born October 2000
Cousin, Caitlin Fergusson, born May 2022, attended Hogwarts Scotland, Slytherin, has a son, Angus Fergusson Jnr, born December 2040
Cousin, Kilda Fergusson, born September 2026, attends Hogwarts Scotland; Gryffindor.
Cousin, Caladh Fergusson, born April 2033, attends Hogwarts Scotland; Hufflepuff.

Rory has always close with his family, he was raised in an environment where he was constantly doted upon by his parents, specifically his mother and where he was not often without a sibling or cousin to play with. he has always been very close with all of his siblings, and was very close to his elder sister before her death. He was close with his father and very much looked up to the man. It was easy to, the man was everything that Rory had hoped he'd one day. He was close to everyone in his family really, he was protective of the family members younger than him, and enjoyed the company of his older cousins, of his uncles and aunts. He liked working with them and formed a close bond with them and where they spent all of their time at the family home. Since his sister's death, his relationship with his parents has changed, with his father it is far more strained. He resents his sister for dying and leaving him to be the one the family looks to. His father has been harsher with him, and he resents him for sending him to Hogwarts in New Zealand. He feels that the distance caused a huge rift between him and all of his family who had lived on without him, especially his two younger siblings who he hasn't had as much time to get to know. He doesn't want any of the responsibility that he knows he will inherit which has put him at odds to the tradition of the family which he had once firmly believe in. He misses them dearly however, and is eager to get back to them and for things to return to normal with them.

The family has three cats, one dog and two owls. Rory has one of the cats as his own, and he named it Ferb, it's a tabby cat which he got when he was 9 years old as just a kitten, he loves his pet and cares deeply for it. He doesn't spend much time with the rest of the pets in the family, but will if he attends Hogwarts New Zealand take one of the two family owls, a black owl named Nessie. he doesn't care much for owls, but does prefer Nessie.


Rory is a very proud person, which is only added by the fact he is pureblood, he has not often until school been outside of that comfort zone, and so therefore has a very heightened sense of his own importance which relates back to him being pureblood. He doesn't like muggles or muggleborns, but this really has little to do with his blood, and just in the way he was raised, were he a mixed blood he would think the same. Rory loves being a pureblood and thinks of it as his ticket to do whatever he wants, the purity of wizarding blood has always been pressed upon him, how important it is and how crucial it is to have a pureblood line, continue the pureblood line. Both his parents have other children who are not purebloods but both stress now more than ever after loosing one child to preserve and protect the pure blood.
Rory's old opinions on purebloods do linger around, but it isn't particularly what he currently thinks, he's been following that line of thought because it's what he was raised on, it what he's always known, but he can realise that his family's views are old and wrong. His parents in his mind are both hypocrites of what they've been telling them with both having non-pureblood children. He doesn't think it's necessary to preserve lines or to be so exclusionary to other people. he won't do anything about his own opinions currently, once he leave New Zealand, he'll just go home and be able to pick up where he left, so it's pointless to change his mind that much, he just figures when he has his own children he'll teach them to be a little more open minded.

Bridge of Orchy, Scotland

Bridge of Orchy, Scotland, this is a very small town, though more accurately a hamlet in the Argyll and Bute region of scotland. It is located in Glen Orchy and they have an entire complex of houses which is hidden from the muggle world, but easily located by wizards, the Fergusson family have remained in these houses since the early 1700s and have rarely moved since, it was in the 1700s where they set up the family business of robe making and have become very wealthy from it. Supplying largely to rich wizards and witches, looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of diagon alley or Hogsmede. Rory feels like most of his family a deep connection to the land they live on. Both sides of his family are deeply scottish and he feels the connection to the country as they do. The love for it, the knowledge that it's a great place. He definitely misses his home a lot since being in New Zealand in school, missing it as deeply as he misses his family. There's just so much about his home out-with just the piece of land he misses while in New Zealand.

Since Rory has always lived in the same house, he would always say that he wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world. He knows it is likely where he will remain for all of his life, and reasons that for that reason alone it wouldn't be a terrible idea to come to associate the place with love. It is a good thing there for that the area itself is to him visually amazing. He has had a difficult time adjusting to New Zealand and would certainly want to move back home. Despite not really wanting to follow the family path, he misses his home.

FIRST HOME: His first and likely only home for his entire life, is the complex of houses that he and the rest of the Fergusson clan live in. He loves his family and is very close with them all. It is quiet and secluded and they make enough money to live very well, he is never really without people to play with, and does occasionally play with other magical children who come to the shop his family own. It is his first home, and it's where he knows he'll spend all of his life. It's in the country he loves filled with all his family. They would all surround him, and there was always someone to spend time with. It holds all his childhood memories and he can't wait to be able to live there again permanently again.
SECOND HOME: Rory has been living in a two bedroom apartment in New Zealand since he moved to the country for school with his sister. His mother often taking care of all the needs of the apartment, stocking it up, and cleaning up whenever Rory isn't at it, and whenever he's at work. It's a relatively well sized apartment that's close to everything he would need. It's close to his work, which is good. It is the apartment that his sister now lives in as she moved to New Zealand permanently and will be the apartment Rory's young brother will use when he goes to New Zealand. It is paid for by his father and is in the Fergusson name.

Rory really likes girls, he thinks they're pretty and he's attracted to them, but he's also not bothered by boys, he's not attracted to them, but he likes them and is comfortable enough in himself to know that he's attractive to boys. He likes flirting with people, he likes the reaction he get from it, even if it's not overly great and that he's always flirted with people he has no chance with.

Rory is currently single, having broken up with his girlfriend recently.

Rory had a small crush on Estelle Styx at the beginning of his second year of school. He then started dating Anabelle, and towards the end of them dating developed a crush on Therese Rosenberg. He is flirting with a number of girls at the same time, but he only really crushes on Therese. He finds it fun to mess about with Evelyn and joke about them dating but he doesn't particularly have any crush like feelings towards her. Since breaking up with Therese, he has developed a crush on Andi Forstrom. A girl he who absolutely hates him, but someone who he likes. He knows that crushes are pretty pointless for someone in his situation.

To Anabelle Williams

To Therese Rosenberg.

His first real relationship was with Anabelle Williams, they dated for about a year beginning on the valentines of his third year to that of his fourth. he likes her, just not enough and does wish they remain friends. He can recognise now that he's older that he didn't perhaps treat her with the respect she deserved but to him what happened to them didn't matter, she was just someone who liked him and was there to keep him company at events. He hadn't liked her much more than a friend.
His second real relationship was with Therese Rosenberg. he started dating her a few months after he and Anabelle split up. This was a much better relationship than his first. He still kept a bit of distance between them, knowing that no matter how much he liked her he wouldn't be able to stay with her after hogwarts so he didn't try too hard to keep the relationship strong or going. He flirted with others girls during their relationship and often at events where she was likely to see. He was stopped short of kissing and flirting with Evelyn manning when she turned up and interrupted their conversation. Rory liked Therese a lot, a lot more than he would ever admit that he did, but he knew that he had to break up with her, mostly because their relationship wouldn't last out of school and he'd held her at such a distance that he no longer liked her in that way.

Too young

Too young

Too sad we parted ,
in yon shady glen
Rory has soft brown hair, taking much after his father in colour but mother in style, it remains very straight and doesn't often get too frizzy because of this. He likes his fair, although he doesn't spend much time with it, he alternates from having a full head of hair to having shaved sides and hair on top. He feels like there is so much he could do with his hair but that is all he can currently do with it. Rory tries to keep his hair as different from those in his family as possible with all the other people he shares with it is difficult to compete and stand out, so he usually alternates his hairstyle to accommodate this.

Never, he has never wanted to. Far too scared of what it might do to his hair should he get it dyed, he knows for one thing that other than magically he can't but would also never want to, if the spell went wrong and he was unable to change it back, he would at a complete loss over what to do about it. For that reason, Rory would not get his hair dyed for a long time, if ever, even in adulthood.

Rory has eyes much like his father's a strange combination of brown and green, which seems to be more brown than green on most days but can appear to change between the two. Rory has always liked his eyes, and he's always been glad for the perfect vision which he's always had, his older sister had required glasses from the moment she'd gone to school. Rory very much hopes this won't happen to him, he likes being able to see without and know that they would be a huge issue if he wanted to continue to play sports. Rory thinks that eyesight is more important than eye colour and though he very much likes his own he prefers that he can see almost perfectly.

Rory has no visible birthmarks on any part on his face, he has many freckles dotted all over his body and he loves the freckles that he has, though they aren't as obvious as his sister and brother's. He likes having the freckles but is also happy to have no other birthmarks and have essentially unblemished skin. Rory has no scars, he doesn't do much that it adventurous and therefore he isn't the type to end up getting hurt or ending up with scars.

Rory has always been quite a small person, he has a small thin frame, he wears large layers but he's got a thin body with next to no build. He stands at perhaps a little smaller than the average height for his age group and definitely under the average weight of his age group. He's not that great of an eater, just quite picky when it comes to food and fairly non-adventurous, so he doesn't eat too much. Though he's always been small, in his early life too. He's got very pale skin, which burns exceedingly easily much like his rest of his family.

O (+ve)
Rory has a very common blood type which he knows next to nothing about, because it has never really interested him to learn it. He doesn't care about it, because he never really assumes he'll ever need to know it. Rory rarely if ever ventures out of the magical world.

Right handed, Rory was taught to read and write by a tutor who came to the family every day and helped them read and write, teaching basic maths and other such things which would be useful to him, and though Rory took some time to actually get writing unlike his sister, he was naturally right handed and it wasn't long till he was just using his right hand for everything, and found he really liked writing.

Rory has a very thick Scottish accent which he has picked up from his father, he can be struggle to be understood in most places and he's never once had to alter his accent, because his parents would've always dealt with them. Rory thinks he speaks a very clear kind of english and because his family all sound like him, and though most of his family lose parts of their accent as they grow older, Rory has one of the thicker accents in the family after all the time he spent directly with his father who after Rory has the thickest accent. He has grown to dislike his accents in many cases and annoyed with the amount of people who struggle to understand him. he has tried to tone down his accent but can't really do it, having spent the first significant part of his life around people who sounded like him. It is un-helped by his anger bringing it out stronger, his use of certain words and phrases uncommon to new Zealand and the fact he digs his heels in about the accent as others comment upon it or laugh at it.

Rory speaks both English and scottish Gaelic, his father got a tutor in so they would all know both of them, and Rory doesn't speak a lot of scottish gaelic given it's a very uncommon language but he definitely likes the fact that he actually can speak it, he thinks it gives him an advantage over others, and he thinks it'll always be an interesting fact about him. His english has always been very good, given that he is in an english speaking country. He also by proxy of his accent can speak bits, read bits and understand bits of scots. It's more of dialect now, some view it even as an accent more than anything, but he can speak it and uses the odd word from it. His use of gaelic is quite low, he keeps it up because he likes the connection it gives him to his ancestors who spoke it and how common it was for him as a child especially in the songs his mother sang.

Rory is not an adventurous eater and therefore he wouldn't know if he's allergic to anything, and Rory is happier not knowing what he might be allergic to and not being adventurous will ensure that this will continue. He has no current allergies but it remains to be seen if he's allergic to anything.

Rory's style is fairly simple, he'll wear thick and heavy jumpers with simple t-shirts and skinny jeans. He'll usually match that with trainers of some muggle brand that his mother buys him. He doesn't have much style beyond that, he usually wears t-shirts and jumpers which are much too big for him, and isn't often caught without one. He does however wearing a varying amount of colours, from pinks to greens in his jumpers and with his trousers he has grey, black and blue. He'll always vary the colours, and is quite often spotted wearing his Scotland Quidditch team jersey. One of his staples is a thick grey jumper which he wears with pretty much everything.

Alvaro Mel

Where the broken heart ,
knows no second spring ,
Rory likes flying and quidditch, he likes being with his parents and enjoys the attention he gets from both, he likes his family and would always remain loyal to them even if he doesn't really want to follow the family like. He likes watching birds, and finds sewing despite not being very good at it very soothing. He likes going for walks and spending time with his cats, he likes playing, he likes going to see quidditch games, he likes going to see muggle football games and he likes helping out around the house. Rory loves the night sky.

Rory is not particularly academic, if he doesn't need to know something he won't learn it. He doesn't like having to sit down for long periods of time and just reading or learning, he always needs to be doing things with his hands. He doesn't like when the weather is too hot, or when the winds are too strong, he doesn't like the winters much because of how dark they can be. He dislikes roughhousing and dislikes muggles. He doesn't like bugs or going on adventures (although secretly he'd like to be change this) he doesn't like travelling by apparition and he really hates being lied to.

Rory has no idea what his goals are, he's always been given everything, so he's just expecting to be given everything as he moves on through life and therefore assumes he won't need any goals. He isn't even sure what he wants when he leaves school, or what he wants to be. If he even wants a family, or good grades, Rory just doesn't know. As he has grown older his goals have become more pronounced and he's been more aware of them, but since a lot of them aren't things he'll ever be able to do, he pushes them all down pretty deep. He rather pretend to people to be goal-less than admit the goals aren't ever going to happen because his future's already set.

Losing another one of his siblings, after already losing one, Rory isn't sure he'd like to lose another, he has grown up being very close to all his siblings and wants them to live forever with them, and most of all he doesn't want to be the next sibling to die, so really losing any of those people would be what he would see. Though he does resent his sister for dying he doesn't want to lose another.


There are no stand out memories where he would say that it was the happiest he'd ever felt to be able to create a strong patronus but certainly when he got to fly a broom for the first time. Despite being a little afraid of it, he very easily got over this fear and was able to glide through the air in no time at all, he knows that quidditch runs in the family but he'd also say that flying was one of the greatest experiences he has so far done.

Being awoken at five in the morning to go to London because his sister had died in the early hours of the morning. Prior to that, Rory had encountered very little loss and had suffered very little and this just awoke him slighter he just doesn't understand how anyone could think that losing someone was simple or that it could get better, because he can see it in his parents that it won't. He spent a lot of his time with his remaining siblings and spending time with his very young brother who doesn't in the slightest understand what was happening. It was just a very difficult time for him and his family.

Rory had always thought his sister would eventually take over his position and become the head of the company and the family, since she actually was looking forward to it and had the skill needed to do it, but if he had to admit something it would be that he's annoyed with his sister because it means he's in pole position now to take it over, and that really wasn't what he wanted. Rory would've been happy to just do something else, anything else.

He'd be going to Hogwarts Scotland, the thought of having to go to Hogwarts New Zealand, isn't great, even if the two schools are incredibly similar to the one he was supposed to go to it would still be a huge loss to him that he has to attend the sister school. So, in the mirror he'd see himself in those halls with that uniform on, with those professors, who the family he has at that school, and continuing on the name of Fergusson in it's halls. Rory knows he'll be happy at the other school, but he'll always desire to have gone to the other one.

Likely one of the smells he would smell would be heather, and thistle, freshly cleaned clothes, or the smell of a room of thread, things he associates with his childhood and growing up. He doesn't have many smell preferences but these would be some.

Easily his mother, Rory has spent the most amount of time with his father and while he's very close to both of his parents, he is most close to his mother, and he looks up to her a lot, and thinks the world of her. He doesn't want to follow in her footsteps. He used to look up to his father, up until he was sent to Hogwarts New Zealand and the fall out that surrounded that. He doesn't believe his father did the right thing, and he doesn't agree with him being pushed down a path he does want. His mother does a lot of the same, but he's a mother's boy.


Love triumphs over all for this sign, which is ruled by the heart and operates from this dimension too. Leo's are born fortunate. Charismatic and positive-thinking they attract not only an abundance of friends and opportunities, but manage to survive life's stormy times with style and good humour. Once a Lion is committed to a relationship, they are totally devoted and faithful. Should their heart or trust be broken they never forgive or forget. When a relationship breaks down (even a long standing one) they can disappear into the sunset without a backward look. Leos can cut ties, and leave others heartbroken, but usually there is a good reason why they have broken a tryst. For a Leo, when a relationship is over, really over, it is over for good. There are three levels of soul-evolution of the Leos. The highest is represented by the Sphinx; wise beyond their years and great teachers to others. The second is the Lion, King of the Jungle, ruled by ego but always protective and sustaining of those they love. The last is the Lion Cub, immature and undeveloped, frightened by anything new. These Leos cling to others (in the mode of the child not wanting to leave its mother's side).) They can't bear to be alone.

Rory has been given everything he could possibly want in his life, his parents are extremely over protective of him, and give him everything he could want, and help him through everything. He has had everything handed to him and therefore knows little about the world or how it acts. He expects things to be done for him, and he so far not had the best track record for friends. He's more than a little gullible and not that inquisitive, he doesn't like adventures or doing dangerous things because he finds them pretty scary. He can easily be persuaded into doing things unless it's something he really disagrees with where he might put his foot down. He doesn't really like muggles and can be fairly elitist in his thinking about them. He's not very studious, and never really actively seeks knowledge he's far more likely to wait for it to fall on his lap than anything else. As he's grown up he's become more outwardly angry, and prone to violence, he tries his best to not be, but he can't help it. He's more flirteaous than ever before and finds that an easy way to get along with people. He's trying to be a better person, and less purest but he struggles a lot.


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Style: Great care was taken in crafting this wand's wood to spiral to its point, giving it a beautiful aesthetic quality.
Wood: Strongly tied to the witch and wizard they choose, vine wands are often held by witches and wizard who dream of something bigger beyond the mundane for their lives.
Core: The animal is known for its healing qualities and unbridled beauty, so it is no surprise that wands with unicorn hair are particularly successful at performing healing spells. Wands with this core bond with their first caster, making wands with this core not good as hand-me-downs. These wands are useful with charms and transfigurations.
Flexibility: Sturdy: A solid wand for any witch or wizard - easy to use, and highly dependable.

Rory's wand finding was an experience and a half, mostly because his father came and took him home for the occasion, opting for the wand store in London to pick the wand, since the rest of the family had, and his father held the store in a much higher regard than he did the one in New Zealand. Rory took forever to find his wand, and eventually when he found it, it was half just relief and also joy, because the wand was finally his. He loved it's feel, it's length and the way it looked, he liked the core, since he loved unicorns, and he loved the wood, though he didn't understand what it meant, his life was not mundane but at eleven and the oldest legitimate heir to his father, he had his life all planned out. So, he thinks that was talking to that, but the wand itself he would deem as perfect.

Hogwarts New Zealand

Since Rory had always wanted to attend Hogwarts in Scotland, the fact that he was attending the one in New Zealand had greatly influenced everything that he thinks about the place, he doesn't think it'll be as good, and he's very nervous about going, and upon seeing it, he was just let down, it wasn't what he wanted and Rory liked getting what he wanted. He didn't like how it was so similar to what he'd come to know Hogwarts Scotland like, and he hates the fact he is the first of his family to attend this school. He hates the way it looks and that it was modelled after the one in his own country. Rory doesn't like the look of it, and he doesn't ever expect to like the look of it, to him the school will never be good, so his first thoughts on the place were not positive.


Rory was incredibly nervous about sorting, since in his mind, there was one house for him and the plan was to be sorted into it, the plan was was to get into hufflepuff like the rest of his family, and the thought of not being anything else other than that as the time dwindle down got worse and worse, but he was sorted into Slytherin, and he doesn't like it, he doesn't think it's the house for him, that he's suited to what the house is about, and is extremely bitter about the fact that he's in the house that he doesn't ever intend to try in the house because of this factor. Rory hates being a slytherin, not because of what the house is supposedly for, there have been slytherin's in his family, he just didn't want to be one.

Rory Fergusson had no idea why he was still in this country on the other side of the world, but even worse than that he was now at the school in the country, the boy knew that his sister had died during her semester at the school in his own country but he didn't entirely understand why that meant he was supposed to be in New Zealand, and at school in this country. His older half sister hadn't had anything happen to her during her time at school, so he had just assumed that in the immediacy after it had taken place that his father had been momentarily over reacting, but he clearly wasn't just momentarily overreacting, since Rory was currently walking with his first year class in New Zealand rather than all the way on the other side of the world with his rightful first year class in Scotland, with kids he'd know, and the family members he cared about. Rory was stuck in New Zealand for the next seven years, and currently the only better thing about it was the fact the weather was just a little bit nicer than what he was used to in the depths of winter, the boy had in his time in the country tried to make a few friends, but he hadn't managed overly well to actually solidify any of the friendships he had tried to make, the boy knew that he'd probably scared most of them away, and if his mother was here he could hear her saying that none of them deserved his friendship. This was the first time the boy had ever been entirely alone, separate from the rest of his family, in New Zealand he had Bonnie but at school he was alone, and this fact entirely terrified the young boy who had never experienced being alone, and really as he walked the halls to the Great hall (that would be nothing compared to it's scottish counter part) with unfamiliar accents surrounding him, he was suddenly homesick and missed his sister deeply, she had always told him that when he finally attended that she'd show him around, make sure he got his books okay, make sure he knew which teachers were which, but he was alone at a school he didn't even want to attend.
The boy so far from home glanced around the hall as he brushed a hand through the brown hair, brushing it out of his eyes, and then reaching down and touching the little tartan bow tie that his sister had given him at the train station and then put on him, he didn't have a school tie yet, and she had told him that it would be good to carry a little part of his home in this new home he was joining, and he had thoroughly loved the gesture and the little bow tie made him feel a little calmer. Rory moved through the crowd so that he stood at the front, with a surname like his it wouldn't be long until he ended up being sorted and he needed to be up front, within the crowd he spotted the people he had met, but he didn't hold their gaze very long as the professor whom he assumed was the headmistress began speaking, she addressed the school as a whole welcoming back the students and the scottish boy took this occasion to glance around at the other students that were in the years above them, before letting his gaze shift back to the professor at the front who had told them what they would be doing but Rory felt this was unnecessary who wouldn't know that this was the process by which students were sorted. Rory listened to the hat's song, but his mind wasn't at all on this, now that the hat was singing that meant that it was coming down to him being sorted and Rory had a very strong plan of where he wanted to be, he wanted to in Hufflepuff, he wanted to be like his parents, he wanted to be like sisters, his cousin all of whom had been hufflepuff. The boy thought he would fit in perfectly with the other students in Hufflepuff, but there was no guarantee of him getting this and the boy wasn't ready to face such a reality, not being in Hufflepuff to him would just add insult to the misery he already felt at being so far from his home. Rory was adamant that he was going to be a hufflepuff, he'd told any one who'd asked, he could deal with Hogwarts New Zealand, but he didn't think he could deal with not being in Hufflepuff. The song came to an end and the Scottish boy gave the hat a small round of applause like everyone else, and then just focused on what he was to face next, sorting, he was to be sorted, and the boy grew increasingly nervous about it, he was fidgeting with his hands, visibly and he was sweating slightly, his breaths coming in shorter puffs, as he attempted to stay calm and then just all too soon for his liking,
Fergusson, Rory
The boy looked up nervously and then began walking up, wiping his hands slightly on his robes as he made his way to the stool, Rory was a relatively small boy, he wasn't that tall, and he was naturally thin, and his small stature was very visible as he made his way to the stool and sat down, the hat being placed on his head the moment after, he couldn't help but just think of his sister and how much better this would've been if he could've been back home and just looked over to the hufflepuff table where he'd see her for moral support, but instead he was staring out at a sea of people he didn't know with no friendly face in the crowd.


FIRST YEAR: Rory despite misgivings and his definite feeling of being mis-sorted greatly his first year at the school. It wasn't what he expected it to be but it was still enjoyable to him. He made a few friends, has a few enemies and people he doesn't like and was greatly able to utilise his friends to get him what he wanted, the boy barely did a shred of homework. He ended up attending the Yuleball with Flavio, whom he would consider to be his closest friend. He tried his best with grades but he was bored in most classes and paid little attention.
SECOND YEAR: In his second year he wasn't too happy about the increasing amount of enemies he was making because of his friendship with Flavio. He was still getting the other boy to do his homework and some of his other work. He joined the quidditch team in this year and became an alternate. He didn't get to play but he was very happy with this position. He continued to be part of various clubs in the school, and took part in a duelling tournament where he was knocked out in the second round. Rory's grades remained the same and at the end of the year he got a job at ollivanders.
Third Year: In his third year, after an awful time working, he became a full member of the slytherin quidditch team. He was happy with this position and the ability to play a lot. He continued with several clubs and attended the school events as he always did. He continued to use Flavio for his school work, but was beginning to think perhaps he shouldn't, it was just too tempting for him to not. He once again did the duelling tournament as was knocked out of the second round of it.
Fourth Year: By this time, he realised that he wasn't going to be able to leave Hogwarts any time soon, that he'd have to settle in for the last few years. He began to do his own work, definitely not enjoying it. He liked quidditch much better and was dating Anabelle during the beginning of this year. He got rather bored of her and broke up with her on Valentines day. He just didn't see it going anywhere. He had been also lightly flirting with other girls during the year. He grew to have a crush on Therese and asked her out towards the end of the year. He did surprisingly better on his exams than he thought.
Fifth Year: Rory was not surprised when he didn't get prefect, his numerous run ins with the head of house and other professors were always going to disqualify him from it. The teen didn't much care, though he would've liked rubbing it in other people's faces. He worked a little harder during this year, and was for the first time visited by his family during the break. He's been dating Therese Rosenberg, but he's still flirting with other girls.
Sixth Year: His sixth year was largely uneventful, he was left largely to his own devices, keen to get a few better grades and thinking a lot about what the future was sure to bring him.
Seventh Year


Rory was sad and nervous, with everything that had occurred in the days, weeks and months before it, he didn't know how he was going to cope with the future. How he would manage. He also felt particularly lonely given that only his brother attended, with the rest of the family, not even responding to his messages. He wore his kilt and let himself not mind some of the elements of the event. but he could find any joy in it, he was just too concerned for the future.

Rory’s hands didn’t seem to want to stop shaking, it had started that morning and seemingly didn’t want to stop. Getting it seemed increasingly annoying as the day had gone on. As the ceremony had approached. It felt dumb that after a year of worrying about it, he was finally at the point of graduating. Of course his future was as unsteady, he didn’t have a place to live, no home, but he had a couch he was welcome to crash on. Hogwarts had become his proxy home when he was at the school, but after being kicked out of his actual home, Hogwarts had become far more of a home, almost because he had no where else that he could go. Now, he was at the end of his schooling, this was his last day of it really and he still didn’t have a real home that he could go to. It also wasn’t like the old adage of home is where the heart is because Rory no longer knew where his heart really was. He didn’t know what the future held for him, he didn’t know where he’d be in a week’s time. He was crashing on Flavio’s couch but he knew that would be a short term solution. He couldn’t outstay his welcome, all the accusations of bully and taking advantage of his friend were likely to return. But, it just meant that he was leaving hogwarts, without a firm home, a firm future and just hoping for the best. He would be on his own. The slytherin - soon to be graduate - was sat in his seat in the great hall. He’d invited his family, on the off chance maybe they’d changed their mind but of course he could easily spot that they weren’t there. The only one of his family to come was Aonghas and that was probably because they were at school together and his parents wouldn’t know that Aonghas had gone. Not even Bonnie had turned up. His half sister was clearly picking her side in all of this.

Rory shoved his shaking hands into his pockets, keeping his gaze firmly in front of him, he’d worn the kilt, the family tartan, it felt a bit like a lie and he felt a little like an imposter wearing it, but he’d be damned if he wouldn’t wear his kilt at this event. Rory was worried, he’d never been without some kind of safety net in his life and he was walking out into a world with only a few friends to turn to. Though his lack of friends was his own fault - he had never been particularly nice to people, since he’d never thought he’d be sticking around after this. There was a small feeling in the back of his mind, like every single moment his heart beat hard and fast in his chest, a small amount of fear. He was jealous of all the smiling faces, jealous of how pleased and proud everyone seemed to be about their future and Rory was just trying to make it through the day, because he would just have to take each day at a time. He’d packed all of his stuff into one backpack, using magic to make it bigger on the inside, but he was packing only the things he would need. Leaving to his brother, his suits, the family family tartan he was wearing would be passed. The other gifts and things. Rory was taking the clothes he would need, some of his books, his quidditch things and a small selection of pictures of his family. They’d wipe him out from all their pictures but he didn’t need to do the same. The speeches were over before Rory could really begin to pay attention, and the names were being called. He heard his name, and he made his way across the stage. His hands shook as he took the diploma, unable to stop them from doing so. He was a graduate now. He just had to say his proper goodbyes to Aonghas and then take a leap of faith into the future.

As of his third year, Rory had become a full member of the slytherin quidditch team as a chaser.



Potions: P

History of Magic: A

Defence Against the Dark Arts: P

Charms: A

Transfiguration: P

Astronomy: P

Herbology: P

Flying: P


Potions: A

History of Magic: A

Defence Against the Dark Arts: A

Charms: A

Transfiguration: A

Astronomy: A

Herbology: P


Potions: A

History of Magic: A

Defence Against the Dark Arts: A

Charms: A

Transfiguration: P

Astronomy: A

Herbology: A

Muggle Studies: P

Arithmancy: A


Potions: A

History of Magic: A

Defence Against the Dark Arts: E

Charms: E

Transfiguration: A

Astronomy: A

Herbology: A

Muggle Studies: A

Arithmancy: A


Potions: E

History of Magic: E

Defence Against the Dark Arts: E

Charms: E

Transfiguration: E
Muggle Studies: A
Arithmancy: E​

Apparition: Pass



Potions: E

History of Magic: E

Defence Against the Dark Arts: E

Charms: E

Transfiguration: E

Astronomy: A

Herbology: A

Muggle Studies: A

Arithmancy: E

NEWT Grades
Potions: EHistory of magic: EDefence Against the Dark Arts: ECharms: O
Transfiguration: EMuggle Studies: EArthimancy: E
Rory's best class is a difficult thing to answer he finds most classes boring and doesn't do any of the work he really needs to do. He like casting spells and will practice doing spells but will not do much of the theory, which is likely why Charms would end up being his best class, he doesn't do much of the theory but his strength is in spell casting which he has no issue with and is a large part of the class.

Given his aversion to theory it is obviously any class where he has extended theory that Rory finds awful, of that there's astronomy and history of magic two classes where he does far more theory than he would ever care to have to do. Overall though he doesn't so much have a worst class as in subject but really any individual class within any subject which is filled with mostly theory is going to be a class that Rory will hate.

On the steep sides of Ben Lomond ,
On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond,

Rory was the second child born to his parents, and their first son. Between him and his older sister at the time there were five years between them. In that five years, his parents had tried and failed to have any children, they were desperate to have at least two children, to have a back up child in case the first past away or decided against following the family line. Already living with them was his half sister from his mother's first marriage with whom Rory shares a close bond. Rory was born to two scottish pureblood parents, and lived with the rest of his family on their estate attached to the family business. They live in a small, magically populated town, that has a high level of muggle frequency due to it's position as the gate way to the highlands. Because of this, Rory was not often allowed to leave his family's land. It was protected against muggles and only if he was in the store when any walked would he interact with any. His parents had both had children with muggles and had been forced into this marriage to produce some pureblood off springs, where neither was particularly interested in doing. It was made worse by the difficulty they had in having any children, but when Rory was quite young, it was only his mother than leaned heavily upon the notion and importance of blood purity. His father while involved was very removed, left frequently, was very work centred, spending more time with Rory's older sister than him.
Rory was doted on by his parents, since he was their second child and had less responsibility on his shoulders it wasn't as necessary to spend time on his education and upbringing. His mother would often do the work he'd been set by the tutor, and was very affectionate to him. She would let him get away with anything he wanted. She taught him about pride in their family, both sides of it, the importance of their status both in terms of wealth and of blood. She taught him about scottish heritage, and the two clans that his family were a part of. She told him about the split in most clans between the magical groups and the non-magical groups. She frequently took Rory on walks in the nearby hills, visiting Hogsmede and seeing Hogwarts Scotland from the outside. She took him to the historic sites at times when there wouldn't be any one else, and raised him to have a great deal of pride in all aspects of his history. His accent grew thicker due to his parents, both of whom had thick accents, but it was never an issue to him while growing up. He was taught gaelic by a family tutor to ensure he would be able to understand and speak it. It is the only language that Rory would sing in. He had high hopes of being able to go to Hogwarts in Scotland, like his sisters.
When he was seven his parents had a third child, a second son, Rory didn't feel threatened by the appearance of this boy in his family. He was quite excited to not be the only boy in the family. His mother continued to spend a lot of time with Rory giving him whatever he wanted, but his oldest sister began to also do that for him when she was about the house. He was very spoiled, but as he grew older, his parents allowed him to venture more into the muggle world, and he visited both Glasgow and Edinburgh, eventually visiting the magical area of London with his half sister. They have a very close bond that grew as both got older and his oldest sister graduated school. Rory had by this point grown quite fearful of muggles, he didn't like talking to them and didn't quite know what they were like. He would get others to do things for him if he needed to interact with any, and just thought of them of weird people. He spent more time in the family store as he grew older, knowing that he would likely end up working there, but he knew that he had far more choice that his sister ever had about it. By the time he was ten, his parents had already lined up a few candidates for his sister to marry.
It was at this point that tragedy struck the family, and his sister fell sick while at school and the infection spread too quickly before anyone could stop it, and she died in St. Mungo's hospital in 2040. Her death was a huge blow to the family. Rory didn't quite know how to understand it, he doesn't talk about her, or think about her all that often, but he's always held some resentment towards her as he got older about her death. His father was distraught and began projecting all that he had once only had for her onto Rory. He drew back and became more purest, more and more against muggles. Pressing the importance to Rory that he was a pureblood and he couldn't forsake that. His father was fearful of losing Rory too and so rather than sending him to Hogwarts Scotland like had been planned, he decided to send him to Hogwarts New Zealand, having already paid for his other son (Rory's half brother, whom he didn't know about) to go. Rory was deathly against this, he didn't want to go anywhere but Hogwarts Scotland. Where he knew other kids going, where he knew he would be understood. He told his father he didn't want to go, but his father made it clear Rory had no choice but to attend the school. Rory was sent to New Zealand with his oldest sister, who was to look after him until Rory got passed the age his sister had made it to.
Before leaving however, his father took him to Ollivanders in London to purchase his wand. Rory understands and always understood why his father chose to send him to New Zealand, he had pressed enough the importance of preserving the Fergusson line, and that Rory's life was now paramount. He needed to live, he was of the greatest importance now to the family. Rory didn't like New Zealand at all when he arrived, he didn't like the apartment he and his sister had to stay at, he didn't like how people spoke, he didn't like how they didn't understand them, he didn't like how much he had to interact with muggles and muggleborns. However, he didn't spend long in New Zealand before he began school. Rory's family had been a long line of Hufflepuff's, and he was keen to keep that tradition going, feeling that the sorting hat would see the importance of him following the family and place him in the correct house. It was much to his anger that rather than hufflepuff he was sorted into Slytherin. Rory was rather worried about this placement but his father in his letters hadn't seemed bothered by it.
School was difficult for him, he had a few friends with whom he could get them to do everything for him. He didn't do his own homework, didn't do any of the reading and didn't really involve himself much in it at all. Thinking that he'd only be there that first year, and his father would see the error and send him to the correct school. He felt he made a firm friend in Flavio Morales, a ravenclaw in his year, but others around him began picking up on how Rory treated the other boy and were vocal about their unhappiness. Rory found it difficult to make any other real friendships, he was rather clueless about how to make friends who weren't just mostly his friend already due to being raised together, and he was left by the end of his first year rather dejected and more firmly than ever in his position of believing his own importance. He was unable to return home for any other occasion than his birthday, and by the end of his first year, his mother had had another baby. A little girl almost called the same as his dead sister.
During this break, Rory's father spent a lot more time with him, teaching him about how to run the store, what was important and the different elements that Rory needed to learn. But Rory wasn't really interested in the store. He wanted to practice flying on his new broom and spend time with kids his age. He returned to school after the break feeling disappointed by his holidays and though his parents had continued to press his importance he didn't really want any of what would follow him after school. The fact he had a job and probably a wife lined up upon leaving school, made Rory spend even less time doing his own work, using his friends to do it, pulling passes but not good passes. He joined the quidditch team as an outlet for his magic and something to do, since Hogwarts was nice when he could spend time with his friend, but he had few he could spend it with. He was beginning to grow taller, develop more and develop far more of an anger. Outwardly mean towards muggleborns, being a little less clueless. If others wouldn't realise his importance and the importance of his blood and status he could at the very least put down others. At the end of this year, his father sent him an owl telling him he'd gotten him a job working at the Ollivanders in New Zealand and he'd be working there over the winter break. Rory was exceedingly disappointed in this, he knew his father was doing this so Rory would have to learn work ethic, would have to know how to work in a store, would be ready upon leaving school to join the family business. He wasn't happy with it, but knowing he had no choice did so. Because of this, he didn't get to go home for the holidays and his patience in dealing with the first years was very thin.
Rory despite his dislike of Hogwarts New Zealand was very happy to finally return to the school when the holidays came to an end. He was happy for the break from working, since he barely did any of his own work in school. During this year, more people started to take issue with how he treated his friends, particularly Flavio. Rory saw no problems in it to begin with, but eventually as the year progressed used Flavio less and less for his work. He continued on the quidditch team, and started dating Anabelle Williams. He wasn't particularly more involved in the school, and continued to be outwardly violent towards certain students. He was beginning to realise that perhaps he shouldn't be, but he couldn't help as his anger took over and he just had outbursts of mocking or violence. His antics, finally resulted in him getting into trouble from his head of house. Rory had for a moment hoped that the professor was just kick him out the school, so he could finally go home. But no such luck. Rory could figure that he was at Hogwarts New Zealand for the long run. It was during this year that playing quidditch resulted him finding out about his father's other son, a half blood former hufflepuff who played for the Scottish national quidditch team. Rory was in disbelief about this fact, the fact his father who had done a one-eighty about muggles had a half blood son. He couldn't really understand why his father was pushing on to this path when he himself hadn't followed it in the beginning.
Working again over the break hadn't been fun, but during this time, he had met his half brother, and had been openly hateful towards him. He resent his sister for leaving him in this position of being the one to inherit the business, the one that had to carry the line, and he resented his half brother for the mere fact that he existed and threw everything that his father had been spouting to him back at him. Rory had grown to hate almost every part of working in ollivanders, almost every part of New Zealand. The only saving grace that as he grew older he found it easier to flirt with girls and gain friends in that capacity. Returning for his fourth year, was the all important year, should Rory live through it, then his father might relent, he could go home for his birthday, relax a little, so Rory stopped using Flavio for his work, focused on his quidditch, flirted with people and worked a little harder in his class. He tried his best to stay out of trouble but trouble seemed to keep finding him. Which lead to him punching Tristan Collins and getting into trouble for it. Despite this, he had one of his better years. His half sister was allowed to leave after the christmas break and Rory felt hopeful that he could finally transfer out and go to Hogwarts Scotland. The year ended and Rory wrote to his father about it, but his request was turned down, he was to stay at Hogwarts New Zealand. It has left Rory exceedingly bitter, and if his younger brothers ends up getting to go to Hogwarts Scotland he's not going to happy about it. However, as this year had progressed he'd broken up with Anabelle and found himself questioning the path he was on more than ever. Realising that none of the girls he was flirting with were purebloods, and not particularly wanting his parents to decide who he had to marry. He doesn't want to follow the path, but hasn't yet figured out how to not.

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