Liusaidh Fergusson

Liusaidh Fergusson

most likely to be killed by styx
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Liusaidh Flora Fergusson

Liusaidh - In Gaelic the meaning of the name Liusaidh is: warrior.
Flora - Derived from Latin flos meaning "flower". Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, the wife of Zephyr the west wind. It has been used as a given name since the Renaissance, starting in France. In Scotland it was sometimes used as an Anglicized form of Fionnghuala.
Fergusson - Is a patronymic surname meaning "son of Fergus." The given name Fergus, comes from Fearghas, derived from the Gaelic fear meaning "man," and gus meaning "vigor".

Liusaidh was the first name that came to mind with both of her parents when they found out that she would be a girl. They had picked Mary for their first daughter, and given how poorly that had gone with her, they had decided to pick a much more gaelic name for her. They much like Aonghas had decided to go a little more into the gaelic roots than they had with other names. When she had been born, with a full head of ginger hair like her parents had both had when they’d been young that they had decided that the gaelic name of liusaidh. The middle name Flora was because she had been conceived when her parents had been travelling on the isles. They hadn’t had much success in having children and the relationship was stressed from the loss of their first child and daughter. They had begun trying for another child immediately after her death, but this had helped improve things between them and provided them with a child. The surname Fergusson is the family surname. There is a lot of importance placed on names within Liusaidh’s family, specifically with the surname, Liusaidh understands the importance with the surname but she had a very clear indifference to the forename. It in her mind does not matter - she likes it but really it doesn’t matter. She could be called anything and she wouldn’t care, the important part is the fergusson and people just can’t get that wrong.

Liusaidh is a complicated name to spell, but not a particularly difficult name to say, since in essence its just Lucy with a slightly different manner of saying it and spelling. However, her brother and a few other of her cousins call her Lu, she doesn’t mind if and when people give her a slightly different name. She doesn’t mind it at all. She thinks that it’s just a good and easy way to shorten it. Luisaidh likes her name but she has very little emotional attachment to it. She just doesn’t mind what people call her, for her, at the end of the day it won’t matter what people refer to her as, she’ll always just be a fergusson and that’s what matters.

Liusaidh is currently 10 years old. She is the youngest of her generation of the family and so she makes sure that every single year for her birthday it’s a big deal. It doesn’t matter whats gone on between all the other family members, she wants a big party always. She’s looking forward to Hogwarts if only to be able to have even more people her own age at the party.

Liusaidh was born in July of 2040, she was three months early than she was supposed to be, and a very small baby when she was born. Liusaidh remained at St.Mungoes for two months following her birth because of her parents concern and how early she’d been born. However, there were no further complications and Liusaidh has been fine ever since.


Name: Morag Fergusson
DOB: April 1999
Relationship: Mother.
Occupation: Seamstress/Mother
Blood status: Pureblood

Name: Colin Fergusson
DOB: June 1994
Relationship: Father
Occupation: Robes Maker
Blood status: Pureblood

Name: Bonnie Fergusson
DOB: July 2018
Relationship: Half sister.
Occupation: Shop Assistant
Blood status: Mixed blood

Name: Graeme Fergusson
DOB: October 2022
Relationship: Half brother
Occupation: Quidditch Professional
Blood status: Half blood

Name: Mary Fergusson
DOB: March 2025
Relationship: Sister
Occupation: Dead
Blood status: Pureblood

Name: Rory Fergusson
DOB: July 2030
Relationship: brother.
Occupation: Too Young
Blood status: Pureblood

Name: Aonghas Fergusson
DOB: July 2042
Relationship: brother
Occupation: Too Young
Blood status: Pureblood

Colin Fergusson, born in Bridge of Orchy, Scotland in the family home, in June 1994. Now working as a Tailor in the family robes business.
He attended Hogwarts Scotland, where he was a Hufflepuff, he had relatively average grades and more of an interest in Quidditch. Following school, he trained hard and became a keeper for the team Pride of Portree in Skye, it was then that he met his first love, Rosemary Macleod, and he knew that his family wouldn't approve of a muggle, they weren't strict as a family, they just didn't want any muggles or muggleborns in the family, so the entire relationship was kept secret. It became increasingly difficult to do so, but they produce a son, Graeme, at which point he told his father about the relationship. He left Rosemary and the son he loved very much when his son turned three, and continued to do so until his father told him to either marry her and forsake the Fergusson family or leave her and her son and become the head of the family business. He chose the latter and left her, keeping in contact until his first son was about 6 or 7. He missed him dearly but never really talked of it in the family. His father to ease up on time arranged a marriage with an old friend, Jim Abernethy who had daughter that needed married, and so in the winter of 2025 after they'd already had one daughter. In the July of 2030, Rory was born. He was very happy to have a second son, and has spent a lot of time raising the boy, showing him the ins and outs of the family, work and quidditch. He always preferred Rory to Rory's older sister Mary who was doted on by her mother. They had a second son almost ten years later, named Sean. His daughter died in the December of 2040 after she fell ill at school and wasn't able to recover, because of this death, he fears losing his other son and has decided to en-roll him in the Hogwarts in New Zealand, since a Hogwarts is better than nothing. He loves all of his children, and feels a deep of sense of loss over no spending more time with his daughter.

Morag "Abernethy" Fergusson, born in Abernethy, Scotland, in April 1999, she works with her husband but also primarily as her mother, prior to that pursue a career in magical law. Morag is the only child of her parents.
Morag attended Hogwarts Scotland, where she was a Hufflepuff. She graduated from Hogwarts with near perfect grades and also immediately began working for the ministry in London, she worked there for two years before she fell pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, Bonnie Abernethy. She continued to work there and raising her daughter alone until early 2024 when her father brought her back up to Scotland so that she could marry him. The two got along very well, and in the very early stages of the relationship, she fell pregnant and the wedding was pushed to the winter of 2025 after the child had been born. Morag brought her first daughter with her to live with the family and changed her name to Fergusson to reflect the family she was now a part of. She had a son five years later after much trying, and very little success, and then a second son almost nine years after that, again after much trying. Morag was always very close to her daughters and her daughters were always very close, losing Mary was the hardest thing to ever happen and it broke her heart, she is desperate to have another daughter.

Half Brother Graeme Fergusson, born , attended Hogwarts New Zealand, Hufflepuff
Half Sister, Bonnie Fergusson, born July 2018, attended Hogwarts Scotland, Hufflepuff.
Half Brother, Graeme Fergusson, born October 2022 attended Hogwarts New Zealand, Hufflepuff.
Sister, Mary Fergusson, born March 2025, attended Hogwarts Scotland, Hufflepuff, died in December of 2040 after a case of Scrofungulus took a turn for the worse, she was taken to St. Mungoes but they were unable to help her.
Brother, Rory Fergusson, born September 2037.
Sister, Liusaidh Fergusson, born July 2040.

Grandparents Fergusson;
Grandfather, Colin Fergusson, born June 1964
Grandmother, Caitlin Fergusson, born July 1964
Grandparents Abernethy;
Grandfather, Jim Abernethy, born November 1973
Grandmother, Melissa Abernethy, born March 1970
Father's brother;
Uncle, Stewart Fergusson, born December 1998
Married in Aunt, Fauna Fergusson, born December 1998
Cousin, Fauna Fergusson, born April 2020, attended Hogwarts Scotland, Hufflepuff
Father's youngest Brother;
Uncle, Angus Fergusson, born August 2000
Married in Aunt, Sian Fergusson, born October 2000
Cousin, Caitlin Fergusson, born May 2022, attended Hogwarts Scotland, Slytherin, has a son, Angus Fergusson Jnr, born December 2040
Cousin, Kilda Fergusson, born September 2026, attends Hogwarts Scotland; Gryffindor.
Cousin, Caladh Fergusson, born April 2033, attends Hogwarts Scotland; Hufflepuff.
Children of siblings:

Nephew, Fraser Fergusson, born October 2048 to Graeme Fergusson (half brother) and Maya Corby

Liusaidh is very aware of her family’s strange set up and relationships with each other. She doesn’t really care about it, she doesn’t think it affects her all that much really. She has a good relationship with her parents, has a good relationship with her cousins, grandparents and everyone else in her life. SHe has a good relationship with Bonnie and a good relationship with Aonghas. She also had a good relationship with Rory when he was still around and gets along with Graeme whenever they see him. She doesn’t really care about the problems in her family, they aren’t hers to deal with and she loves her brothers and her whole family. She has noticed the strain put on her brother and she tries to support him however she can, but it doesn’t really affect her much and she’s happy to just ignore all of it and just had a good relationship with everyone. She can be a small strain on some of these relationships because of her attitude, she doesn’t really care about anything, and will just do exactly when she wants whenever she wants so she doesn’t always act in the best fashion which both of her parents find draining. She has more energy than the rest of her siblings combined.

The family has three cats, one dog and two owls. Liusaidh doesn't particularly care about the pets, she'll play with them and have fun with them but she doesn't like having to deal with them.

Liusaidh is pureblood.

Combined with her family name, being pureblood is something that she does care about. She cares deeply about this status, knowing that it means she won’t need to worry about anything in her life, she can get poor grades, she can mess around and do what she wants, her parents will find her love if she wants it and she’ll have a job regardless. She finds it freeing to not have to worry about any of that, and therefore follows deeply on the importance of her marrying pureblood. She doesn’t think it needs to matter to others, that her own friends can be whatever they want but the importance of those around her will directly correlate to how pureblood they are.

Bridge of Orchy

Bridge of Orchy, Scotland, this is a very small town, though more accurately a hamlet in the Argyll and Bute region of scotland. It is located in Glen Orchy and they have an entire complex of houses which is hidden from the muggle world, but easily located by wizards, the Fergusson family have remained in these houses since the early 1700s and have rarely moved since, it was in the 1700s where they set up the family business of robe making and have become very wealthy from it. Supplying largely to rich wizards and witches, looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of diagon alley or Hogsmede.

Liusaidh is a big fan of her home town. It’s a place she’s always known and a place she has come to greatly love it, it’s got everything she could want or need, the space to do whatever she wanted, annoy whomever. She likes the house with all of her family, she loves that she can turn to any one of the people around her and they’ll do something, she loves interacting with tourists and strangers, she loves the muggles that pass through. She doesn’t mind what some people would call bad weather.

Liusaidh has never lived anywhere else in her life, and she would not want to live anywhere else. She loves her home, she loves being able to just see all of her family, she loves the area that she lives in, it has a secruity and familiarity that she would never find elsewhere. She can do what she wants when she wants. She has already taken a spot of land on the property where she'll intend to build her own. property that would function in the same way as her parent's home.

Her attraction is still developing but she knows she’d only like those that were pureblood, that it didn’t likely matter the gender but if they weren’t pureblood it wouldn’t matter to her.

too young





Too young

Too young

A crush gives no guarantee ,
Only a hope about a life for ever

Liusaidh is the only child of her parents to have the same dark red hair as her mother had once had. Liusaidh keeps her hair long, enjoying the feeling of her hair flowing behind her. She keeps it most down, with only occasionally bothering to do anything with it. She just likes having long, ginger hair. Being one of the few in her family to have it too is something she likes. Liusaidh really enjoys standing out in this manner. In being visible in such a way. She doesn’t let anyone else touch her hair or do anything with it, she likes dealing with it entirely herself. Liusaidh has never had her hair short, not since she could decide what she does with it. SHe also doesn’t particularly mind getting it dirty or getting things in it. SHe’ll always get her parents to use magic to get it out to clean it up so she doesn’t think it’ll ever matter. Liusaidh loves her hair.

She would never. She’d wear wigs or get some temporary colour, but she wouldn’t ever dye all of her hair, and certainly not with the muggle version. She would absolutely hate it. She likes her hair colour as is and so any mention of doing anything to harm it in that way where it could be permanent is something she’d never do.

Liusaidh has an eye colour very similar to her siblings a dark green almost brown colour. SHe’s always enjoyed the colour of her eyes, which are slightly muted against her pale features and ginger hair. She doesn’t mind that they don’t stick out as others with much paler or blue eyes do with her complexion or her hair colour, but those are certainly things that she doesn’t need. She doesn’t care that much about it. She likes her eyes, and she likes the way that she looks. She likes her eye colour and wouldn’t really wnat to change it, she could if she wanted to and it wouldn’t really change anything about her, she would still have her status and she would still be able to do what she wanted and get what she needed.

Liusaidh has freckles on her nose and several on her face, some around her body. She has more freckles than any of her siblings - aside from her eldest brother, Graeme. She doesn’t mind having freckles, since even though she has more than most of her siblings they aren’t so visible and she thinks they just help frame her face and gave her more character. She has a few scars, since Liusaidh is fairly careless, trusting that magic would always solve everything. She doesn’t have any visible birthmarks

Liusaidh is an active child, who spends a lot of her days running around, playing sports and doing various other active activities. She is of average height for her age, much like her siblings were at the same age. She is an athletic person and is exceedingly active.

O (+ve)
As part of going to New Zealand for school it was necessary to figure out her blood type just on the off chance she was in a muggle part and got injured. It is unlike to ever happen, but her father didn't want to take any unnecessary risks.

Right Handed
Liusaidh began writing when her parents began doing lessons with her at a young age, she was pretty quick to pick the quill up with her right hand and begin writing. It didn’t take her long to get to writing and to become pretty good at it. She writes exclusively with her right hand, has never once picked a quill with her left hand.

Much like her siblings and her family Liusaidh has a thick scottish accent. Her is perhaps more neutral than her siblings but it is still harsh and thick and Liusaidh makes no allowances for those around her. If someone can’t keep up she’ll leave them entirely behind. She might give a pureblood person a little more time, but it wouldn’t be much more. She speaks very fast too.

Liusaidh is fluent in both english and gaelic and she can muddle her way through scots too. She had the most encompassing of all language educations, largely she was very interested in it, she had fewer siblings around her when they were at school and her cousins were mostly all older so, for her she just got the biggest focused education - even if Liusaidh didn’t really pay all that much attention to it. She liked learning them, but it doesn’t really matter to her, and knowing she’s going to New Zealand, she’ll need them even less.

No known allergies

Liusaidh has a very carefree style, but she’ll only dress in things which she thinks are worthy of her status, her clothes will all be branded, her clothes are ones from high end magical and muggle clothing stores. She doesn’t mind how she uses them, she’ll tear them, she’ll get dirt on them, she’ll get paint on them and she’ll do whatever she pleases to them. She’ll always just get new ones, she’ll always just have more clothes to be able to wear. The clothes themselves don’t matter much to her. She doesn’t particularly care how she looks because no matter what she has the status to go with it. She can wear whatever she wants. She will wear whatever she wants. She does prefer more casual clothing, over formal clothes, but she also will wear nice formal clothing whenever she can.

Ludovica Martino

Independence was what you needed ,
After someone to share your life with ,

Liusaidh loves fun, she loves chaos, she loves doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants to. She likes lakes, streams, she likes the outdoors, she likes having adventures, flying and doing things that are fun. She loves quidditch and she loves both watching it and playing it. She loves her family, she loves her status and loves her families money. She loves messing around, she likes talking with people she likes having fun. She likes playing knights, she loves having fun with fires and getting into grand adventures.

Liusaidh dislikes not getting to do what she wants. She dislikes people who try and stop her, she dislikes when people try to give her into trouble. She dislikes when it’s too hot outside, she dislikes when its too cold outside. She doesn’t like the ocean or the sea. She doesn’t like people who spend their time worrying about everything. She doesn’t like fighting and she has no hands on experience of one, but she just doesn’t like it. She doesn’t like people who are boring and will always try and make them have fun like her. She doesn’t like sand and she really doesn’t like centipedes.

Liusaidh wants to get married, have a few pureblood children and continue working and in the family. Liusaidh knows that it’s better to not have large goals, that she doesn’t really need them, that she’ll always have a job with her parents and that’s all she needs to aim for. She wants to get married and have children, because that’s the thing she needs to do in her family. She doesn’t mind just doing that. If it means she can keep doing things how she wants to, she’d be fine with it.

It would be her mother or father telling her that they’ve lost everything, their money, their status, the purity. She would hate to lose any of it, and she knows that she could never lose the fact she is pureblood, but her worst fear is to suddenly have lost everything she has, because she really likes everything that she has. She knows it’s unlikely to happen, and she trusts that her brother will continue the legacy wherever he can.


Liusaidh would probably say that any of the occasions where she went to fly around the grounds, where she went for any walks around the town, where she had fun. She is a generally happy person because those around her are merely background to whatever she’s doing. She is happy and since she knows there are few consequences to her actions, it doesn’t matter. So she finds being happy and happy memories easy to come by, even if they aren’t always happy to those people around her.

Though she doesn’t remember it well, and it isn’t something that has affected her all that much, the departure of her brother sicks out as one of her worst memories, it was the first time she’d really seen consequences to actions taken by people. She doesn’t mind what happened any more, she misses her brother but she’s perfectly content with what has happened, but the night itself, the argument, him being cast out of the house, that scared her more than anything else and is certainly her worst memory.

She would admit that she’d really like to be head of the family, that she thinks she would manage a whole lot better than her brother and she’s the only one left of her siblings who actually believes in her family.

Liusaidh is perfectly content with her life, she would desire and see her family as they are, with a few of her own family, with their continued wealth and status. She wants to have a family of her own one day and cotninue the legacy of her family so she would see just that. Things the same and continuing on into the future.

Liusaidh loves the smell of coffee, its a smell that she really associates with her family and her family home, since it just moves so firmly around the house. She doesn’t enjoy the taste of coffee but she loves the smell of it. She likes how strong it is. She also loves the smell of a wood or coal firm, the peat smell that came sometimes come with it. It’s a smell which dominates over the cold winter months and she loves it. She loves an open fire.

There is no one in particular that she looks up to, she looks up to her family as a whole for what they provide her, and the opportunities that they leave her. She loves and respects the legacy she will inherit. There isn’t anyone specifically now who has it and who has worked to achieve it, they all play their parts in the family to do that.

Liusaidh holds no religious beliefs. She likes the old norse and viking gods but she doesn’t believe in any of it. She doesn’t care about it really. People around her can believe in it if they want but she isn’t going to believe in it and doesn’t care if others do. It doesn’t affect or colour her life in any matter - so she doesn’t take an interest in really even learning about it.


Those born under the sign of Cancer, ruled by the mysterious Moon, are one of the zodiac's enigmas. It is fair to say that most Cancers are a bundle of contradictions. Compassionate and caring with friends, family and lovers, yet they can cut to the bone with their jealous remarks and ever-changing moods. Endearingly eccentric on one hand, and on the other, insecure about how others see them. Like their astrological symbol - the Crab - Cancers can appear hard and insensitive on the outside. However, for those of us who know and love a "Moon Child", we understand that deep below lies a softness and sensitivity that makes them so very special. Nurturing, protection and caring for others underline the life principles of this water sign. Life doesn't stand still for this sign, even if they remain in one place, because they live so much in their internal oceans of emotions. Up and down like the proverbial yo-yo, most Cancerians feel one way one minute, then sometimes totally different the next. But this characteristic is part of their charm. Love and romance matter more than anything else to this sign. No other sign romances better, equally though, no sign takes it so badly when romance turns sour either. This sign is one of the most magic of all and once their magic has reached you, they are the most beguiling companions.

Liusaidh has a very careless and carefree personality, in essence, she jus doesn’t really care about most things, she’ll rely on magic to fix things and doesn’t really mind who she hurts along the way. So if she wants to speak in a fake language all day she will, if she wants to fly indoors she will. Liusaidh in raised in a household where she can get away with it. Where she can act like that and no one will question it or give her into trouble. She also knows that no matter what she does, who she annoys that she’ll be fine, that with her parents status and money she’ll always be just fine. There will always be a job for her, there will always be someone for her to marry if she wanted it. Liusaidh works hard in the shop and does know that she has to respect the trade that they do, but this is the only place she will do that. Liusaidh is loyal to her family and will extend some loyalty to purebloods but it’ll likely still be fickle. She’s a nice enough person when she tries but she doesn’t try all that often and she knows that when she goes off doing whatever she wants most people don’t care to join her. She’s a pretty happy person, she’ll do what she wants whenever she wants and she’ll always try to have fun. She doesn’t really care about her education and she isn’t overly worried about succeeding in school. She respects purebloods above everyone else, and will say it if she needs to, she doesn’t really care about consequences.


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Liusaidh Fergusson

most likely to be killed by styx
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Blood Status
Pure Blood
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
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too young to care
Knotted 12" Flexible Chestnut Wand with Kelpie Hair Core
7/2040 (12)
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Knotted 12 Inch Flexible Chestnut Wand with Kelpie Hair Core

Length: A fairly average length for a wand, not at all uncommon or very special.

Style: The knots of this wand's original wood remain clearly visible - earthy, this style of wand is perhaps most traditional and closest to nature.
Wood: 'Chestnut Drones' says the old poem - but Chestnut most commonly takes on the attributes of the core that it holds within it - though it may have a unique attraction to those wizards and witches who excel in herbology, taming beasts, and flying.
Core: Although a popular wand core in the past, Kelpie hair has fallen out of favour in recent years. It is useful for transfigurations.
Flexibility: Flexible: Not easily broken, this wand performs under strenuous circumstances with little effort - though how well it performs is ultimately up to its weilder.

Liusaidh had demanded she get the wand where her brother used to work, so of course she got what she wanted. She wanted a good wand, but really knew she just needed one. She wanted to get it quickly. She liked the wand a lot when she saw it, it was a little different than some before and she liked a lot about it. She likes it even more because of the of the wood, and because of the core. The girl liked kelpie because it was a creature associated with Scotland and though she isn't that driven by her country as her siblings she still liked that element of it a lot.

Hogwarts New Zealand

Liusaidh has never been that impressed by places, since it doesn't really matter. She'd seen the other hogwarts just by the proximity of living close to it, and so this one was just a bit mehh in her mind. It was different from the other one, and different in ways that were fun, but in the end she doesn't really care about it. It's just a building, just a school, and just a whole set of rooms and hallways that she's going to have a whole host of fun in.


Liusaidh had a little pressure on her to be sorted directly into Hufflepuff, like her parents and the brother that. mattered did, but she didn't really care about where she ended up, she knew that it wasn't going to matter in the long run while she was at the school or even after. She holds tradition a little higher than. most other things. but not enough to feel any deep affiliations towards houses or things of that nature. She was pleased where she ended up but she would've been pleased no matter what.

Liusaidh was eager, though it wouldn’t matter where she got sorted, she was still eager to find out. The train ride had been as she expected - boring. Though she felt it was a little better than if she’d gone to the Hogwarts much closer to her, where she’d have travelled all the way to London to then be all of an hour and half from her house. But, it was still boring and she knew that she needed to get through a little without trouble. Of course if she got in trouble now, it wouldn’t really matter, her father could get her into Hogwarts easily. Liusaidh was pretty keen, she didn’t care about much but there was a certain element of what they were doing that she did care about. She cared enough about herself that she wanted to be in front of everyone and sorted. She wanted to get started on her school career and figure out where she was going to have the most fun. She’d met a few of the other students already, some of them had familiar faces and she knew of others from other people. Specifically the girl who was related somehow to some that her sister had once dated. It all felt very mundane and boring but she liked the girl, and hoped somewhat that they might be friendly enough. Liusaidh didn’t need friends, but she knew it would be good to help this whole school thing be a little better. It would make it a little easier. But she knew that though she had a connection to this girl, through family and extended friends, she would happily move on without her. She knew that her sister had friends in areas that were….well, her sister wasn’t her full sister and that meant something to Liusaidh.

Liusaidh followed the rest of the students into the great hall, she was bouncing along trying to look at all the faces in the room. She immediately spotted her brother at the Hufflepuff table. He looked like his usual grouchy self, she swore down she hadn’t seen her brother smile in years...nothing she did made him smile, so she had to imagine that he was just a grouch. He didn’t know or realise how much they fun they could have, there were no consequences for their actions. Or was that just her? She pushed her way to the front of the crowd of students, not bothering to even glance at who she had pushed past. She looked at the hat and then at the headmistress, she wanted to just get started, but of course there was the song, the song that they had to sit through first. Liusaidh nodded along with the song, it wasn’t good, but she thought it was fun. She knew she’d grow tired of hearing a song like it every year, but if it was similar enough perhaps by the end of school she would’ve figured out all of it and be able to sing along to it. When it ended Liusaidh cheered loudly, shouting for an encore but of course she didn’t really want one and no one was ever going to give her one. Instead they were beginning to be called forward. Thankfully her name wasn’t too long into it. She would’ve hated to wait any longer than she had to to get sorted.

Fergusson, Liusaidh

Liusaidh stepped forward, she made sure to give the whole school a little twirl before she took a seat on the stool to get sorted. Her gaze immediately found her brother again. She didn’t have a house preference of course, but Hufflepuff was where most of her family had ended up - bar her disowned brother, but he didn’t matter. She wouldn’t care about breaking tradition, it wasn’t like any of it would matter at all. She just hoped the decision wouldn’t take the hat too long to make.

Second Year

(Y36) First Year: Liusaidh got off to a good start in her schooling, she was placed into slytherin and immediately got into a game of truth or dare with her fellow first years. She annoyed most of them. During her year she gained a minimum of two detentions, one for jinxing Giselle Rosenberg and the other for talking back in charms class. She didn't do too badly in most of her classes only barely passing in Charms. She was diappointed about the lack of duelling and is looking forward to that in her second year. She made a few friends and likely she knows a few enemies. After finding out that Gryffindor had a trampoline Liusaidh made it her mission to get professor styx to listen to her demands for one in slytherin. It started as a bit of joke and very quickly became something more. She got a petition together and asked for it via a red rose to Professor Styx and at the end of the year he said he would let them have one in the following year, but only if they all behaved. Liusaidh didn't thin they'd at all get close but they might. She had a lot of fun in her first year only got in one fight. In the yearbook superlatives she won the title of most likely to be killed by Styx, which she may take as a bit of a challenge.
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(Y37) Second Year:

Weekend Detention - Firing a trip jinx at Giselle Rosenberg during the quidditch game - Thread.
Post class Detention - Asked a disruptive question about being disruptive in Charms class - Thread




None yet

First Year Grades
Potions: AHistory of Magic: ADADA: ACharms: P
Transfiguration: AAstronomy: AHerbology: AFlying: A

Too young

Liusaidh knows that none of the classes will be her best class, if only because she really doesn't care about being the best or doing well in any of her classes. She just always wants to get to end of it. She knows that she could fail everything and she'd be fine or pass everything and she'd be fine so to her there's no best class because she'll give all of them the exact same energy. There is also no part of her that wishes for something different, she hasn't yet found any class that she wants to do so badly that she wants to get a high grade on it. Or wants to do well in it.

Though she does not technically have a best class and for those reasons also doesn't have a worst class, she does have classes she dislikes, and it's mostly that she doesn't care for the lessons. She doesn't particularly like history of magic because of how theory based it is, she doesn't like herbology or potions because she could just get someone to look after plants for her and she can just buy potions so there is no need to do it herself. She doesn't hate the classes themselves she just hates the lessons that feature theory or feature things she's never going to use. She'll be okay with transfiguration theory more so than others because at the end of the day they would then be learning about magic and spells that would then be useful for her.

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Liusaidh would rather never work a day in her life, but if she has to she knows she'd rather work for her family's company, that way she won't have to do that much actual work or try that hard at it. She would however just really rather not bother. She's never had high ambitions of working, knowing that she could always work for the family so why try for anything else.


Liusaidh is too young to have a real profession, she will be a student. She does help out occasionally in the family shop, helping keep the place clean, occasionally taking a few orders and helping her family with the sewing. It’s the only place she won’t treat with the same indifference as she does with other places.

Liusaidh is too young to have a real job outside of school, but she will work in parents shop like she did prior to school.









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