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A forum devoted to the rest of the Wizarding World for which no other forum seems suited.

The Americas

America, the New World and a land where Native Wizards and Witches have been working with the nomadic and primitive muggles for centuries.Now almost entirely ruled by muggles all Wizards and Witches are advised to be most cautious when in the Americas.


Africa, a land where tribal wizards and witches have been known about and recognized for centuries, is perhaps the land with the most accepting muggles of the Wizarding Community.Africa is also home of the dangerous and feared Nundu.


The orient. A land of great history and promise, where only now are we starting to uncover the true mysteries of Magic and its history in the area.


A forum devoted to role plays in the continent of Europe. Discover the ancient magic of the land where Wizarding has its longest recorded history.


Oceania, home of Australia, New Zealand a a few smaller island nations. With a second branch of Hogwarts having been opened in New Zealand, Oceania is gaining more attention from the Global Wizarding Community.


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