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Tyler Ji-Min Lee

Tyler Lee

Adaptable | Calculating | Charming | Athletic
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
Tyler Ji-Min Lee

Someone else's success can be to your advantage.

NAME: Tyler Ji Lee
Tyler: From an English surname meaning "tiler of roofs".
Ji-Min: From Sino-Korean 志 (ji) meaning "will, purpose, ambition" or 智 (ji) meaning "wisdom, intellect" combined with 旼 (min) meaning "gentle, affable"
Lee: Korean form of LI (1), from Sino-Korean 李 (i).
HOMETOWN: Christchurch New Zealand
AGE: 11
BIRTHDAY: May 29 2036
NATIONALITY: Korean, Citizen of New Zealand
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

ZODIAC SIGN:Gemini. Being a Gemini born on May 29th, you love to communicate. Regardless of the volume of which you speak, you make sure everything you say is thoughtful and articulate. Being able to interact with those around you excites and energizes you. Your abilities rarely go unnoticed or unappreciated, as you notice certain people that openly seek your company. What others call whit or being clever, you call natural.
ELEMENT:Air. Mercury's paired element is air and it is from this element that many of your qualities are influenced. Your relationship with air is of its light, less forceful qualities. A gentle breeze or mild wind is never forceful, but more stimulating. Your mind is often stimulated by a light gust of curiosity or sociality. Embrace these qualities of air to enrich your life, but be weary of the fact that a failure to do so may result in the lethargic and aloof qualities of stagnant air.
PLANET: Mercury. Mercury is the ruling planet of the Gemini sign and because you are born in the first Decan, or part of the sign, you are doubly influenced by Mercury. As the planet of mentality, Mercury enhances your ability to communicate with a clearness of mind and rational. Your special combination of planetary influences gives you the most ingenious sense of humor of all the Gemini Decans. You have a special gift for entertaining others, which makes you quite likable. If you had one downfall, it would be your tendency to demand perfection in all that you do. While there is nothing wrong with wanting the best for yourself and those around you, it is important to stay realistic in your expectations. In love, find a partner that appreciates your quick mind and helps you to take things less seriously, as this will bring you the most happiness.

EDUCATION: Hogwarts New Zealand
WAND: Aspen Wand 12 1/2" Dragon Heartstring Core
Wood: Aspen is a renowned duelling wood, having a great history within the art and exceptional skill for charms.
Core: tThis wand core is popular with the dark wizards, but useful for all as wands of this nature seem to learn spells with more ease than other wands do. A wand with dragon heartstring will contain a great deal of power, so it is advised that the wand caster know how to handle such power.

PLAY BY: Do Kyungsoo
HAIR: Black and straight.
EYES: Brown.
BUILD: Average for his age, athletic build.
STYLE: Tyler tends to wear what everyone else is wearing, always just the right brand and right color to blend in perfectly.
OTHER DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Tyler doesn't often smile sincerely.

PERSONALITY: Calculating and thoughtful, Tyler knows that the best way to get the upper hand in a situation is to have the most information about it. He tends to watch people and observe before doing anything himself. He's always been taught to try to blend in, and he's been doing this at school since as long as he can remember. Tyler is very aware of social structures within a school, and tends to try to attach himself to a popular (or likely to be popular) person to be their friend. For now he has attached himself to his roommate Blake Irons, and hopes to become a close friend to him. He's an athletic boy and can be very charming, but he can be mean as well. When he feels like he has the upper hand in a conversation he doesn't shy away from sharing his thoughts, though he tends to avoid doing so with people he feels are 'above' him socially. He's not above bullying someone, but only when it is deemed 'acceptable' by the people around him. He can charm adults fairly easily, and is used to getting away with a lot because of it.

Executives are representatives of tradition and order, utilizing their understanding of what is right, wrong and socially acceptable to bring families and communities together. Embracing the values of honesty, dedication and dignity, people with the Executive personality type are valued for their clear advice and guidance, and they happily lead the way on difficult paths. Taking pride in bringing people together, Executives often take on roles as community organizers, working hard to bring everyone together in celebration of cherished local events, or in defense of the traditional values that hold families and communities together.

Dedicated Strong-willed Direct and Honest Loyal, Patient and Reliable Enjoy Creating Order Excellent Organizers

Inflexible and Stubborn Uncomfortable with Unconventional Situations Judgmental ? Too Focused on Social Status Difficult to Relax Difficulty Expressing Emotion

HISTORY: Tyler is an only child of two wealthy magical parents. They moved to New Zealand when he was very young, and Tyler has no memories of living in Korea before that time. He also grew up using his English name and thinks of it as his own name. Growing up, his parents encouraged him to fit in with his classmates. Tyler attended a very posh school where the population was mostly white, so blending in wasn't easy for him. His charm and adaptable personality made it easy for him to make individual friends, though, and at an early age he realized that if he made the right friends, he would fit in by default. In a new group of kids, he tends to seek out whoever seems to be the most confident and popular and tries to befriend that person. He always wears the exact right clothes and knows exactly what is cool and what isn't, and isn't afraid to let others know when they're doing it wrong (as long as those others aren't more well-liked than him). He grew up in New Zealand, and while he is aware of his Korean roots he doesn't feel as close to it as his parents do.
LIKES: Winning, sports, hanging out with friends, being the center of attention
DISLIKES: Standing out, having to do things he doesn't want to
GOALS: Tyler's goal is to be popular and well liked at Hogwarts, as he sees this as an achievement.
FEARS: Tyler is afraid of being an outcast and ending up alone.
STRENGTHS: Smart, funny, charming, knows how to manipulate people.
WEAKNESSES: Tends to think the worst of others, has a hard time making genuine connections.
MIRROR OF ERISED: Himself as the most popular boy in school, head boy and Quidditch captain to boot.


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First Year

Credits: Name Meanings from here, Zodiac, Element and Planet from here, personality type and description from here

Tyler Lee

Adaptable | Calculating | Charming | Athletic
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care

First Year

Tyler hadn't been sure what to expect from Hogwarts, but it didn't entirely surprise him either. It was a bit strange to go to school in a literal castle, but it was also kind of cool. He did thing it could have been nice if it had been upgraded a little bit over the past few centuries, but he wasn't going to complain about it. Not out loud, anyway. He had considered trying to find some people to befriend on the train ride, but it had felt a little early. He didn't know enough about his classmates yet to figure out who to align himself with, and he had never been bad at entertaining himself. He had read through some of his course books for the year, so he could at least appear to professors to have an interest in learning their subjects. He knew making a good impression on teachers was an important part of school life, at least in his experience. When he had been done with that, he had simply read a novel until the train had arrived at Hogwarts.

He kept his hands behind his back as he walked into the great hall with his fellow first years, glancing around at the other kids. There were a lot of them, and he was glad they would be sorted in four different houses. At least he would only be sharing living spaces with a few of them, which would make it easier to establish himself in some small way. The sorting hat's song wasn't great, but he had the feeling it would be stuck in his head for a while. He sighed softly and waited for his name to be called, glad not to be too far in the back of the alphabet. When it was called, he stepped forward calmly and took a seat. He didn't really have a preference for a house, but he hoped it would be a place where he could both fit in and thrive.

"Your calculating nature will serve you best in...Slytherin!"


The Key to Success

Buying his wand

Ollivander's Wand Shop

A Necessary Step

With Norton Gillespie

Flourish and Blott's

Two Steps Ahead

With Jasper Night and Blake Irons

Slytherin First Years Boys Dorm

A Marvellous Place to be Lost

With Deepa Pillai and Seren Dipity

The Trophy Room

Awkward and New Times

With Mordred Cavanaugh

The Student Lounge

Sunshine and rainbows!

With Sierra Woodlock

The Courtyard

Not the Same

With Bada Yeong

The Student Lounge

First Year Marks

1st Year Potions


1st Year History of Magic


1st Year Charms


1st Year Transfiguration


1st Year Astronomy


1st Year Herbology


1st Year Flying


1st Year Defence Against the Dark Arts


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