Augustus Oscar Westwick

Augustus Westwick

Creepy Kid | Staring Eyes | Shy
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9/2038 (13)
Augustus Oscar Westwick

Master the art of observing
NAME:Augustus Oscar Westwick
๐Ÿ‘ Augustus: Means "exalted, venerable", derived from Latin augere meaning "to increase". Augustus was the title given to Octavian, the first Roman emperor.

๐Ÿ‘ Oscar: Possibly means "deer friend", derived from Gaelic os "deer" and cara "friend"
๐Ÿ‘ Westwick: Westwick is a village and civil parish in the English county of Norfolk, situated to the south of North Walsham.
HOMETOWN: Oamaru, New Zealand
13 September 2039

NATIONALITY:Citizen of New Zealand
ZODIAC SIGN:Virgo. As a Virgo born on September 13th, your friends know you for being reserved, sensitive and artistic. While others seem to come alive in the spotlight, you find little enjoyment with all the eyes on you. Instead, you much rather find yourself in the background where you are comfortable. At times you may feel timid or shy, but this is easily countered when you are surrounded by close friends and loved ones. With friends and family, you find it easy to share your true self, which includes a great appreciation for life's many beauties.
ELEMENT:Earth. Earth is your element and being a Virgo, you are the only zodiac sign with a fixed connection to the element. You are a grounded soul and desire the same stability that Earth provides in all matters of life. You seem to gravitate to the reliable, as opposed to taking many chances. It is this pragmatism that will help you achieve your life goals, but it also may shortchange you of some fun if you become overly cautious.
PLANET: Mercury. While Mercury is your sign's planetary ruler, you also receive planetary influence from Venus because you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign. Mercury is the planet of the mind and its influence materializes in your agile thinking and sharp communication abilities. Venus' influence can be found in your sensitivity, appreciation for beauty and desire for cooperation. Your unique planetary influences make you far more reserved than any of the other Virgo Decans. You prefer to go about your business privately and do so with great style and artistic flare. Your sensitivity is amongst your greatest assets, but it also leads to you getting hurt often, as you will always care greatly about what others think of you.

EDUCATION:Hogwarts New Zealand
FAVORITE CLASS: Herbology, Transfiguration


WAND: Straight 11 Inch Whippy Ebony Wand with Demiguise Hair Core

๐Ÿ‘ Wood: Ebony wands choose a wizard or witch who could easily be seen as an outsider, but continues to dare to be themselves. The owner of an ebony wand is not easily moved from their purpose: whether that be good, evil, or something perhaps a little more grey.
๐Ÿ‘ Core: Demiguise hair cores help create wands that are especially good for transfiguration. Wands of this core tend to need replacing before too long, their ability to cast effective spells diminishing with time.



Clay golem named Beaufort

PLAY BY:Asa Butterfield
HAIR:Short and dark brown
Bright blue
BUILD: Short for his age.
Augustus prefers old fashioned clothing styles and dark colors. His clothing style is more formal than an average child's.
Augustus often stares at others in a somewhat disconcerting way and doesn't seem to blink as often as a regular person.

PERSONALITY:Augustus is a very shy boy, who often doesn't really know what to do or say when faced with another person. He tends to prefer staying in the shadows in the background and doesn't tend to be the center of attention. Augustus is mostly known to stare disconcertingly at others for long periods of time. He doesn't do this out of malice, but simply does not know what else to do. He also doesn't seem to blink as much as others, adding to the unsettling look. While Augustus can be kind of strange and scary, he's really a sweet kid who just doesn't really know how to communicate with others. He's very very curious about other kids and likes to observe them to see how they interact with each other and how things work. He has a curiosity for many things, not shying away from anything more morbid.

Mediator personalities are true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, Mediators have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine. Comprising just 4% of the population, the risk of feeling misunderstood is unfortunately high for the Mediator personality type โ€“ but when they find like-minded people to spend their time with, the harmony they feel will be a fountain of joy and inspiration.

Idealistic ๐Ÿ‘ Seek and Value Harmony ๐Ÿ‘ Open-Minded and Flexible ๐Ÿ‘ Very Creative ๐Ÿ‘ Dedicated and Hard-Working ๐Ÿ‘ Passionate and Energetic


Too Idealistic ๐Ÿ‘ Too Altruistic ๐Ÿ‘ Impractical ๐Ÿ‘ Dislike Dealing With Data ๐Ÿ‘ Take Things Personally ๐Ÿ‘ Difficult to Get to Know

HISTORY: Augustus Westwick is an only child with two older cousins at Hogwarts: Edmund and Theodore Westwick. Augustus grew up in a wizarding family and was home schooled by his parents, who are both antique dealers. He has always looked up to his older cousins, though their age gap kept them from being too close. Augustus hasn't really met many kids his own age, as he grew up fairly remotely without any siblings and was home schooled by his parents. The twins were the only two kids he really knew, and he tried a lot to be like them. He shares their interest in magical creatures, with the same preference for dark creatures. But unlike his cousins, he doesn't try to scare others with scary facts. Augustus finds them genuinely interesting, and tends to try to share facts in an attempt to socialize with others.
LIKES:The forest, magical creatures, scary facts, learning new things
DISLIKES: Large groups of people, bullies, most sports
To make a friend
FEARS: Large crowds, disappointing his cousins
Augustus is a smart boy with a logical mind, he's good at remembering facts about things he's interested in. He's also very kind, even if he doesn't always know how to convey that.
WEAKNESSES:Augustus isn't very social and has trouble communicating with people outside his family. He is nervous about approaching anyone, and prefers to simply observe. He is easily intimidated.
: He would see himself learning magic alongside a group of friends and going on adventures together.
BOGGART: Being in a crowd of total strangers who laugh at ihm.


Name: Quincy Westwick
Relation: Father
Age: 33 (2016)
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Antiques Dealer
Name: Cordelia Westwick-Adams
Relation: Mother
Age: 33 (2016)
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Martial Status: Married
Occupation: Antiques Dealer
Name: Douglas Craig Westwick
Relation: Uncle
Age: 38 (2011)
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Piano Teacher
Name: Georgina Lenore Westwick-Gray
Relation: Aunt
Age: 39 (2010)
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Biologist
Name: Edmund Clinton Westwick (x)
Relation: Cousin
Age: 18
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Marital Status: -
Occupation: Student at Hogwarts Hogwats NZ
House: Ravenclaw
Name: Theodore Eugene Westwick (x)
Relation: Cousin
Age: 18
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Marital Status: -
Occupation: Student at Hogwarts Hogwats NZ
House: Ravenclaw







Credits: Name Meanings from here, Zodiac, Element and Planet from here, personality type and description from here
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Augustus Westwick

Creepy Kid | Staring Eyes | Shy
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
9/2038 (13)

Something to Brag AboutWith Kayce Davies-Dilys and Ryan FiskAotearoa Magical Wildlife Sanctuary
Scotland VisitorWith Henry Addams and Seraphina MyObsidian Harbour
Tagging AlongWith Addison BeckettBrightstone Village

First Year


"I liked Hogwarts. It was fun to learn many new things, and I liked all of my lessons. It was sometimes a little overwhelming with all the people around, but I got used to it eventually. I'm glad Ryan and Addison were there to help me, they are both nice. I'm a little sad my cousins graduated now, I didn't see them much this year."

Augustus had heard about Hogwarts from his two older twin cousins Edmund and Theodore, and the two boys introduced him to Hogwarts by taking him to the forbidden forest. Augustus had a bit of a rough start at Hogwarts, as he kept inadvertently angering people by staring at them from a slight distance. He made a few enemies this way, though he didn't mean anything bad. He became friends with Addison Beckett, as well as a few of his roommates. Though he also gained a bully in Luxen Silverback, who called him a freak. Augustus hopes he can avoid the boy next year, and continue learning things that interest him.

Augustus' eyes were wide as saucers as he stepped into the great hall. There was so much to look at, Augustus had no idea where to even begin. He quietly followed the group of first years until they stopped walking, then let his gaze travel over all the students sitting in the great hall and staring at them. Nervously, Augustus stepped behind a taller student so he wouldn't be as visible. He didn't enjoy being stared at by so many people at once. He listened to the headmistress, turning his gaze to her curiously. What she said wasn't very new to him, as his cousins had told him most already. His gaze turned to the Ravenclaw table at that thought, where it wasn't too difficult to make out Edmund and Theodore. If Augustus had thought it would be a comfort to see them, he was soon cured of that idea. The two of them were staring straight at him, making him feel even more nervous. He really didn't want to disappoint them.

Augustus decided to focus on the boys he had met on the train, as well as Addison. They were the only other people in the hall he knew. He grew increasingly nervous as the hat finished his song and started sorting other children, especially as his name would make sure he was one of the last to be called. Augustus didn't react much to any of the other people being sorted, though he did observe all the reactions carefully. He was trying to figure out how to react to his own sorting, though he had no idea what he wanted. It would be nice to be in Ravenclaw with his cousins, but was he smart enough? They always knew so much more. Augustus was sad to see the student he had been partly hiding behind go up, now feeling more exposed. He started fidgeting with the sleeves of his robes which were slightly too long. When his name was finally called, Augustus looked alarmed even though he had known it was coming. He took a deep breath, then walked up to the stool quietly and took a seat. He resisted the urge to hide his face behind his hands as he waited for the hat to be placed on his head.

Lonely WandBuying his wandOllivander's Wand Shop
A Small FriendWith Zoe Tsuji and Theodore WestwickMagical Menagerie
Odd BeginningsWith Ryan Fisk, Finn Madison, and Arthur SwordNew Zealand Express
Flock TogetherWith Ryan Fisk, Sigurd Rumblehorn, Alexander Rogers, Theodore Hoshino, and Arthur SwordThe Courtyard
Looking OutWith Blythe LevickThe First Floor Corridor
On the StepsWith Addison BeckettThe Great Lawn
Do I have salad between my teeth?With Leia HumeThe Library
Looking for OdditiesWith Ryan Fisk, Finn Madison, and Arthur SwordThe Fifth Floor Corridor
Taking Things InWith Juniper ZumwaltRavenclaw Common Room
A Cluster of WestwicksHalloween Feast
With Theodore Westwick, Edmund Westwick, Analei Louw, and Nicole Fisk
Great Hall
WatchingWith Emmy CooperThe Great Lawn
Adventure for TwoWith Addison BeckettThe Forbidden Forest
Blue, White, Silver and GoldYule Ball
With Nikko Blackwood and Addison Beckett
Great Hall
Friends of Family are FamilyWith Addison Beckett, Allison Beckett, Stanislaw Kurek, and Asher BeckettBrightstone Station
Containment BreachWith Ryan Fisk and Elizabeth AddamsThe Student Lounge
Good to KnowReceiving a Rose
With Paige Thompson
The Fifth Floor Corridor
A Slithering DanceValentine's Dance
With Leia Hume, Luxen Silverback II, and Juniper Steele
Great Hall
Watching the WaterWith Leia Hume, The Golden Eel, and Luxen Silverback IIThe Lakefront
Peculiar InterestsWith Addison BeckettThe Lakefront
Hide (From Responsibilities) and SeekWith Iris van Houten, Connor Holland, Ryan Fisk, Nicole Fisk, Augustus Westwick, Poppy Perkins, Nikko Blackwood, Knox Ivers and Freya SongThe Fourth Floor Corridor
Deep MysteriesWith Zoe Tsuji and The Golden EelThe Lakefront

First Year Marks
1st Year PotionsE
1st Year History of MagicE
1st Year CharmsE
1st Year TransfigurationE
1st Year AstronomyA
1st Year HerbologyE
1st Year FlyingA
1st Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsE
Grade Point Average4.8 (Between an A and E)
House points earned during year: 300

First Year Photos

Second Year


"Many things were the same as in my first year, but I feel more at ease at school now. I still don't really understand everyone, but I think I now have a few people who kind of understand me. Addison always helps me out, and Ryan is nice and has good ideas. I'm sad me and Addison fought this year, but glad we made up again. I'm curious about what we'll learn in our third year."

Augustus met some new people in his second year, and also spent more time with a few of his classmates. He was glad to avoid Luxen Silverback this year, and happily spent most of his time with his best friend Addison Beckett. The two got into a fight when he went to the Yule Ball with another girl in his year, Elizabeth Addams. But they thankfully made up soon after. Augustus has spent more and more time at the lake, trying to catch more glimpses of the mysterious creature he knows he spotted in the water before.
Strange Things for Strange KidsWith Lucille RedfrontRavenclaw Common Room
Discussing StrategiesWith Sydney TownsendThe Student Lounge
Worm CharmingWith Ryan Fisk, Poppy Perkins, and Lysander SummersThe Great Lawn
Ravenclaw House Meeting Y36/S1With ~Professor Kahurangi Josephs, Ryan Fisk, Finn Madison,
And various others
Ravenclaw Common Room
To Be ThirteenWith Addison Beckett The Hogwarts Garden
Undead DuoHalloween Feast
With Addison Beckett
Great Hall
Confusing but EnjoyableYule Ball
With Addison Beckett and Allison Beckett
Great Hall
Great Day for a SwimWith Sofia White, Lily Harbour, and The Golden EelThe Lakefront
Trying to UnderstandWith Addison BeckettThe Cliffs
Yellow XiphiidaeReceiving a Rose
With Vader Hume
The Great Lawn
TogetherValentine's Dance
With Addison Beckett
Great Hall
Ravenclaw Book Exchange Y36/S2With ~Professor KahurangiJosephs, Ryan Fisk,
And various others
Ravenclaw Common Room

Second Year Marks
2nd Year PotionsP
2nd Year History of MagicE
2nd Year CharmsE
2nd Year TransfigurationA
2nd Year AstronomyA
2nd Year HerbologyA
2nd Year Defence Against the Dark ArtsE
Grade Point Average4.3 (Between an A and E)
House points earned during year: 205

Second Year Photos

Third Year


"My third year was pretty quiet, which I liked. I spent al ot of time with my friends, mainly with Addison and Ryan and a few of my roommates. I enjoyed my third year, especially because I had classes with everyone and that meant it was easier to avoid answering questions. I also enjoyed doing fun experiments with Ryan."

Augustus' third year was a nice one for him, as he mostly enjoyed his lessons and did his homework quietly. He mostly spent time with a few of his friends or by himself, occasionally taking walks on his own near the edge of the forest. He's hoping to do a bit more with his roommates next year, though he's also still a bit intimidated by them. He also wonders about Addison sometimes, as she has been acting a little strangely around him lately.

On a MissionWith Sawyer CarnahanThe Lakefront
Back to the FamiliarWith Addison BeckettRavenclaw House Table
Ravenclaw House Meeting Y37/S1With ~Professor Kahurangi Josephs, Ryan Fisk, Finn Madison,
And various others
Ravenclaw Common Room
Boo!Halloween Feast
With Jordan Harris and Hattie Thorne
Great Hall
Try, Try AgainWith Addison BeckettThe Seventh Floor Corridor
Different PagesYule Ball
With Addison Beckett
Great Hall
Ravenclaw Trivia Night Y37/S2With ~Professor Kahurangi Josephs,
And various others
Ravenclaw Common Room
With Some BackupWith Addison BeckettThe Lakefront
The Chocolate Frog MazeWith Ryan FiskThe Great Lawn

Third Year Photos

Fourth Year


A Dire NeedWith Nicole FiskGladrag's Wizardwear
Shooting for the StarsWith Ryan FiskObsidian Harbour
We Meet AgainWith Leia HumeThe Lakefront
Ravenclaw House Meeting Y38/S1With ~Professor Kahurangi Josephs, Ryan Fisk, Finn Madison,
And various others
Ravenclaw Common Room
Meeting of the MindsWith Ryan FiskRavenclaw Fourth Years Boys Dorm

Fourth Year Photos
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