Rate the Sig


The height! The four model images! The font. I ended up making a couple sigs because your banner reminded me that the Jellyka fonts exist

Ohhh you captured the old school style so well! The two same sized images side by side, the colouring, the font, the BOKEH!!!!!!! I love itttt

I love the different style you made this in, transparent background and the flowers. Very pretty.
10/10 Love the pastel colors and the fairy tale vibe!
10/10 big fan of sunflowers and the bold colors :wub:

I love the colours and how whimsical it is. so pretty!
omg it moves too I love it 11/10 for real
10/10 is so cool
making this a Claire sig love fest (deservedly) but 10/10, it's bright and eye catching with a really nice colour combination (that is pleasant to look at) and shows that Ruby is exciting but can have a bit of a more serious side perhaps? Idk, I really like it!
10/10 I loooove the color scheme and the composition

i'm always in awe of your ability to make banners and avatar's match. But i love this, I love the composition and the colours are beautiful.
Ummm this is so cool 10/10, I love the gif and the way that it's like a music player thing, and the background is stunning just yes. 10/10
10/10 I love the limited colour palette (Kaitlyn is so good at those) and it’s so cheerful and sweet, I feel like it gives you a good idea of who she is!!!

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