Vanity Jane Mettlestone


Name: Vanity Jane Mettlestone
Birthdate: 13/9/2047
Blood status: Mixed Blood
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Sexuality: Unknown
Hometown: Brightstone, New Zealand
School: Hogwarts NZ
Clubs: -
Curly 9 1/2 Inch Flexible Rosewood Wand with Augurey Tail Feather Core

Hair: Vanity has long, wavy hair that goes to halfway down her back. She takes good care of it. It's a light brown color, sometimes when it's more sunny out it seems more like a dark blond.
Eyes: Dark blue
Build: Vanity has an average build.
Style: Vanity's style is very feminine and preppy, she loves wearing skirts and pretty blouses. She's always wearing plenty of accessories.
Distinguishing Features: Vanity has trouble keeping her emotions off her face, her eyes generally betray how she really feels.
Play by: Danielle Rose Russel


Personality: Vanity is blunt and often rude to others. She can be very selfish, thinking of her own needs ahead of everyone else. She's very eager for attention, good or bad. She has a bad relationship with her older brother, but has a soft spot for her younger sister even if she wouldn't admit to that. When she was younger, Vanity fell into the habit of stealing small trinkets whenever she could. She has a box in her room where she keeps them, though she rarely looks at them. When it's a piece of jewelry or something, she might wear it. If anyone calls her out on it not being hers, she will deny it vehemently. Vanity is generally very bad at admitting she was wrong, even with the evidence staring her in the face. She has a temper that she can't quite control and isn't nearly as composed as she thinks she is. Vanity is a creative person who likes to draw and paint, but she doesn't flaunt this hobby as it's personal to her.


Stands up for what she believes
Good at reading others
Good memory (for gossip)
Doesn't give up easily
Loyal (to those that deserve it)
Overconfident, overestimates herself
Prone to conflicts
Being active (but she doesn't like doing this outside where she can get dirty)
Personality type: ESTP

ENTJ Strengths:

Rational and Practical
ENTJ Weaknesses:
May Miss the Bigger Picture
History: Vanity grew up in a magical family, both her parents went to Hogwarts in the UK and settled in New Zealand some years before Vanity was born. She lives with her siblings, one older brother and one younger sister. Their parents are both very busy with their jobs at the Ministry, leaving her and her siblings fairly free to do whatever they want, as their parents don't pay very close attention to them. In Vanity, this has resulted in her being kind of desperate for attention, occasionally this causes her to act out. A habit she has fallen into especially is stealing small trinkets, usually things that aren't missed. Vanity isn't very close to her older brother, finding him weird. She feels similarly about her younger sister, but does feel more protective of her.


To make a name for herself.
To have a group of loyal friends she can rely on.
To be well-known by other students.
To be stylish and make others jealous.
To be separate from her family and make her own way in the world.

Being insignificant.
Being mocked or laughed at.
Being pitied.
Being overshadowed by her classmates.
Being ignored.
It bothers Vanity that her parents never noticed her stealing, not even when she stole things from them.
Secretly, Vanity envies both her siblings for being able to be themselves without being embarrassed, even if she is embarrassed of them.

Vanity regrets not asking the hat for a different house than Slytherin, she really doesn't like the dungeons.

Personality type from here
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School reputation: Vanity would probably quickly get a reputation for being a bit spoiled and bratty, she loudly complains about anything she doesn't like. She might also be known for having nice clothes and hair, even more when she's older. Maybe there are occasional rumors about her stealing something like a piece of jewelry, but it wouldn't be very well known as she tries her best to be subtle about it. Vanity isn't a great student and doesn't care much about her classes.


Apolline Fontaine - former daycare classmate
Vanity isn't that close to Appoline but she tried to be nice to her, as she knows she's related to someone important. She's likely not thinking a lot about her now she's at Hogwarts, though.
Audrey Beauchamp - classmate
Audrey and Vanity met on the train to school and weren't off to a great start. But Vanity sees a potential friend or ally in her, if she's not too annoying. She's keeping an eye out on the Ravenclaw, not sure yet how to feel.
Teddy Pirrip - disliked classmate
Vanity met Teddy on her first day at school when she was looking for someone to complain to about the dungeons. He didn't take her very seriously and mocked her, which she didn't appreciate.
Toby Oikawa- classmate
Vanity didn't really like it when Toby butted into her conversation when she complained about the dungeons, but at least he didn't make fun of her. She feels neutral about him now.
Friday Weeks - classmate and friend
Vanity thinks of Friday as her first friend at Hogwarts. She likes the girl, but mostly because she has the feeling she can manipulate her more easily.
Milo Frogg - disliked classmate
Vanity and Milo had a run-in at Gambol & Jape's during a Brightstone weekend that ended with Vanity throwing a glitter bomb at him. He really made her mad, and she doesn't think that him paying for the damage made up for his awful words.
June Davenport - enemy, fellow Slytherin
Vanity thought June could make a good friend, but that impression was short-lived. She really dislikes the older girl now and will take any chance to sabotage her. She thinks June is a self-righteous jerk.
Morrie Ayre- disliked, fellow Slytherin
Vanity made fun of Morrie at the start of year feast in her first year, solidifying their mutual dislike. Though lately Vanity has been wondering if they might have a bigger mutual enemy in June.
Rachelle Mettlestone - Smith - mother - Ministry Worker
Vanity loves her mother and wants her attention and approval, and she's disappointed when her mother is too busy for her with work. She absolutely hates the Ministry because it seems very demanding to her and she wishes her mother would get a different job.
Wyatt Mettlestone- father - Entomologist
Vanity loves her father but feels less of a connection to him than to her mother. She doesn't get his job and why he does it, and she thinks he's a bit too much like Emery. Or rather, that Emery is too much like him.
Emery Mettlestone- brother - Ravenclaw student
Vanity doesn't really like her older brother very much. She finds him confusing and annoying and doesn't understand his interests. He's often rude to her, so she's rude back. They try to avoid each other as much as possible.
Briony Metlestone - sister - Daycare student
Vanity is a little closer to her sister than to her brother, but she doesn't really get Briony either. She's also very weird, in Vanity's eyes. But she feels more protective towards Briony, and would immediately hate anyone who made fun of her.
Relationship Status: Single
Romantic history: Vanity has no romantic history yet.
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And various others
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Y44 End of Year FeastWith ~Professor Matt Alcott-Ward, June Davenport
And various others
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Y45 Start of Year FeastWith ~Professor Matt Alcott-Ward, Enoch Goldewyn,
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Y46 S1 Slytherin House MeetingWith ~Professor Angel Castillo,
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Heta Omega Meeting S1 Y46 - New Years WishesWith Penelope Marshall, Margo Fox,
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