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Leonardo Sebastian Orr Junior

Leonardo - Meaning. strong as a lion. Leonardo is a masculine given name, the Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese equivalent of the English, German, and Dutch name, Leonard
Sebastian - The name Sebastian means Venerable and is of Greek origin. ... The name Sebastian is derived from the Latin Sebastianus, which was used for a man from the area of Sebaste. Sebaste was a common placename in ancient Greece , being the equivalent (feminine) of the Latin Augusta
Orr - The northern English, Scottish and Northern Irish surname is derived from the Old Norse byname Orri, meaning a male black grouse
Junior - is not an official part of his name, but is due to him sharing a name in whole with his father, with his father being the senior counter part and him the junior

Leonardo is named in whole after his father, it had been an agreement with his wife after they found out they were having a baby and further when they found out they were having a boy. Leonardo’s father had been sure that regardless of the gender the baby’s name would be his, though they would’ve switch out Leonardo for Leonarda. Leonardo’s father was a very proud man who thought it would be right to name their first child after him and would’ve insisted that the second child be named after the mother. However this never happened. Leonardo doesn’t mind his name, he wishes at times it was a little more original, but he doesn’t mind sharing his name with his father, he thinks it’s a little odd that they’re named something italian despite his family being firmly routed in England. However, Leonardo’s paternal grandfather, his father’s father, had a lion patronus his duelling technique was often described as ‘lion like’ so that is in part why Leonardo came in. His paternal grandfather wouldn’t have named his son Leo, since that would be simplistic and unbecoming of a proud and noble pureblood wizard but leonardo would be. Sebastian is his grandfather’s brother name, a man who died under mysterious circumstances when Leo first left home. He always felt a close connection to him, as they were the only two children in that family. So, naturally when Leonardo’s grandfather had his own son he wanted to reflect that, and this was carried on to his grandson. Leonardo doesn’t mind where his name came from, he doesn’t mind how it sounds and how long winded it really is as a name. It is just a name.

Partly Leonardo’s willingness to accept his name despite being a copy of his father is that he goes by a lot of nicknames. His grandfather is the only person who will always insist upon calling Leonardo, Leonardo apart from in front of his father, where he’ll then refer to his grandson by the middle name Sebastian, he’d never shorten it. Leonardo can always tell how much trouble he’s in with anything and his grandfather’s general mood with how he refers to him. His father very often calls Leonardo, Leo, something which Leonardo doesn’t mind. When he interacts with muggle teachers he’ll often ask to be referred to as Leo, it’s simpler and easier. People at the muggle school have a variety of ways of referring to Leonardo, as Leo, Leonard, Seb and after one particular incident where his father picked him from school Junior. Junior is something his father will call him when he’s trying to be his most affectionate towards Leo, usually when he has bad news or wants something from him. He believes it helps remind him that they are father son, that Leonardo is his junior. Leo doesn’t mind most of the nicknames apart from Junior, given that it often means he won’t like what follows. He’ll respond to most names, Leonardo, Leo, Leonard, Seb, Sebastian. He doesn’t really care so long as he can tell they mean him and not someone else. Nicknames aren’t something he finds all that bad, so long as he isn’t being called Junior. The particular time when people at the muggle school heard it, they mocked Leonardo for it, and he was very quick to put an end to it by punching the person in the face.

Currently 10 years old. Leonardo has never been a big birthday person, it likely doesn’t help that his father often forgets his birthday and his grandfather isn’t one to be diverted from an idea. His grandfather will wish him a happy birthday and give him one present but they won’t linger on it, and whatever he has planned for the day is what they end up doing. Leonardo knows when he was very young - before his mother died - that he had birthday parties with other magical kids but he only knows this from pictures. Since then however, Leonardo has not had a birthday and of the 9 he has celebrated since coming to New Zealand his father has spent three of them around on the actual day but only remembered the once. One of his birthdays was spent at the muggle school, where his teacher made everyone sing him happy birthday and questions him over not bringing a cake. He didn’t like any of the people, but he liked actually for once someone making a bit of a deal out of it.

30th June 2043. Leonardo’s mother didn’t have an easy pregnancy, she had always been a slim woman, but definitely struggled with pregnancy, she suffered from morning sickness for pretty much the entire pregnancy. Suffered a lot of lightheadedness and fatigue. She worked through most of the pregnancy on reduced shifts. She’s never done well with being feeling useless which was how she felt while pregnancy. The birth itself was difficult, she lost a lot of blood during the process and it took over 48 hours for Leonardo to be born. He was a little before his due date but not of any great significance and in fact the labour taking over 48 hours brought him closer to the actual due date than if he had been born when the contractions started. Leonardo’s mother spent a week at St. Mungoes rebuilding her strength before they were both allowed to come home. She spent the first year of Leo’s life on maternity leave both to recover herself and to spend time with him, knowing that she could with her husband and her making enough money and saving enough to afford it. Leo was born in the early evening at St. Mungo’s on the 30th June.

Leonardo Sebastian Orr (Senior) is a pureblood wizard and only child of his parents. He was born and raised in London, England. He was dotted on as a child and raised to respect his peers, work hard and with a thirst for adventure. He was the first of his family to attend Hogwarts Scotland for at least a hundred years and was sorted in Gryffindor. Leonardo’s family were well respected purebloods and though no one in his family had gone to Hogwarts for a few generations, Leonardo did not struggle to find his place within the school. During his time at school he was relatively popular, joining the quidditch team as a chaser and achieving highly in his OWLs and NEWTs. Thanks to his father he was a duelling master by the end of his schooling, having taken part in some low level competitions. He did not achieve the positions of prefect or head boy, in part due to others in his year being of better quality for them and he was vocal enough that he expressed great respect for them. Leonardo was a good student, well rounded and active but he knew he wasn’t the best and though he did make sure that he brought his name honour he would not have ever wanted to take something from those more deserving. Upon leaving school, he immediately signed up to be an auror completing his training in just over three years. Leonardo had a strict moral code and a desire to do good in the world. He rose in ranks and was prominently involved in cases. He was severely injured when he was thirty years old during a raid on a dark magic site, which resulted in a number of deaths on the other side and him hit with a severe diffindo spells. He spent close to three months at St. Mungoes recovering from the injuries and blood loss. It was during his time there that he met Healer Enfys Parry, a woman he remembered from school. They’d shared a brief few years on the quidditch team with her being five years younger than him. She was in charge of his care and they got on like a house on fire as adults, more so than they had while at school. After he was discharged he asked her out.

Following his injury, Leonardo decided to leave the aurors and moved to the department of mysterious where he worked as an unspeakable. He married Enfys in a grand ceremony at the London Botanical gardens when he was 35. It was said by many to be as beautiful as it was grand. Despite the fact that Leonardo was a pureblood and marrying a muggleborn, his parents and pureblood extended family were all pretty happy with the union. Helped by Enfys’ beauty and the fact she was a very respected healer. They announced the pregnancy at the Christmas celebration of 20 and Leonardo (junior) was born six months later, they had had a number of early miscarriages already and had waited until things were more certain. Leonardo reduced his hours at work, and focused much more on helping his wife and son. He placed his son on a broomstick from the moment he could hold himself up. Spoke to him constantly and was very present in helping out around the house. The first two years of his son’s life passed in a blissful haze, but was all cut immediately short when his wife who’d returned to work was murdered while bringing Leonardo (junior) home from magical day care. He was devastated by the loss of his wife, and immediately upon her burial sold the house and moved to New Zealand. For the first few months upon arriving at New Zealand he was there but fell into a deep depression that left him unable to do much bar eat and sleep. His mother passed away shortly after his son’s third birthday, and this brought him back. He knew what he needed to do was avenge his wife. He started upon an independent investigative business and takes jobs all over the work to try to get closer to what happened. Leonardo started by coming home as often as he could but as time has gone on, and he feels more and more obsessed with finding his wife’s killer, he has visits far less frequently and spends less and less time. Leonardo loves his son dearly, but his wife was the love of his life and he doesn’t ever want to stop until he finds out what happened.

Leonardo (senior) has not yet managed to get close to whoever did it. The murder of his wife was done in the late afternoon on a quiet part of London. There were only a small handful of witness none of whom could identify a person only a green light, and since they used a killing curse and immediately apparated away there was never any evidence. Leonardo knows that his son will soon be an adult, is hopeful his son will have a good education but he knows he won’t be around to see much of it. Not when he still has work to do.

Enfys “Parry” Orr was a muggleborn witch and youngest of eight children to her parents. She was the last to be born, though her mother was pregnant a few more times, however due to her at that point late age, none of them were carried to term. Enfys was the only member of her family to be a witch and this was a badge she wore with great honour, thinking it only right, that as the youngest who had had everything handed down to her she would be the only one to get this. Enfys was born and raised in cardiff Wales. Her mother was a stay at home mother responsible for looking after all eight children and her father was an actor, working in part for muggle television in small regional roles and on the stage in Cardiff as part of an acting troupe. He was a part of countless panto’s over his life. The family never had quite enough money for all ten people, but they made it work. Enfys’s clothes were all hand-me downs and her eldest siblings contributed to the family when they could. Two of her elder siblings followed their father into acting, while others worked in shops. When Enfys turned eleven, a wizard from the school Hogwarts turned up at their home in Cardiff and she found out she was a wizard. Though they had no idea what this really meant, Enfys threw herself into magical life near immediately. Enfys attended Hogwarts Scotland and was sorted in Gryffindor. She was an exceedingly hard worker, she was impassioned about injustice, had a strict moral code and a desire to make sure that everyone was treated right. As the youngest of eight she had often been overlooked by people and hr family didn’t often have time for her because there were so many of them. She joined the quidditch team as a second year, and threw herself into sports and her education. Enfys didn’t achieve prefect position, though she was a good student in her classes, she was prone to rule breaking, going on adventures and always the first one to jump into a situation. She went to Hogwarts keen to shake off her muggle roots and make a name for herself. She was popular enough amongst her peers and was an avid dater, always keen to go out with people who were passionate and driven in the same way she was. Enfys was always said to be an exceedingly beautiful girl, and she certainly grew to be a very beautiful woman.

Enfys graduated with good grades from Hogwarts and she immediately signed up to become a Healer. She worked hard and qualified in a good amount of time. Though she had always liked adventure she put a lot of the more childish traits to the side, saving them for moments when she could and was a very professional healer. She had a good bedside manner and was particularly liked by the children she healed. She became a very well respected healer within St. Mungoes. Enfys met Leonardo when he was admitted to St. Mungoes and placed under her care. She kept things professional in the beginning, but she felt an instant connection to him, so she was very pleased when he asked her out. She remembered him vaguely from school but not particularly well. They married when she was 30 years old, in the London Botanical gardens, though she could’ve invited her family, Enfys certainly saw her marriage to Leonardo, a well respected former auror and pureblood wizard as her full immersement and welcome into magical society, so she didn’t invite any of them. She had told Leonardo about them, but had always fudged over the details of their relationship, primarily leaving out that they had been on good terms. Enfys had suffered a few miscarriages throughout their relationship prior to and after their marriage but she was very proud when they announced the pregnancy and subsequently exceedingly happy when he was brought to term. She was so proud to give her son, the same name as his father, her little Leo. She took a year out of work as maternity, more than she was technically allotted but with their status, his family’s money and her skills as a Healer it was easily achieved. Enfys returned to work when Leo was a year old, and mostly in the care of his father, since her husband didn’t return to work full time after Leo was born. They had started trying again for another baby - Enfys never wanted as many as her parents had had, but she wanted a little girl too. However this was all cut short when she was murder in the street in February of 20 . She had been taking Leonardo home from day care, and had stopped at some muggle traffic lights. She saw green and then felt nothing at all.

None, his parents had been trying for another child when his mother died, so there was no possibility of other children.

Leonardo’s Paternal grandparents (Henry Orr and Eleanor “Wood” Orr) were both born and raised in England, from respective pureblood families. Neither of them attended magical school due to the on going war and problems with Hogwarts. Neither family had been particularly big fans of Dumbledore. His paternal grandfather was a skilled duellist, potioneer and curse breaker. He worked independently and made good money. His paternal grandmother was an accomplished quidditch player on the England national team, working afterwards as a private coach for kids, teens and adults looking to get into quidditch. They both retired once their only son passed his auror training. They travelled the world visiting magical places all over, and eventually came to Brightstone in New Zealand, where they fell in love and decided to move their entire life across to New Zealand. His son and grandson joined them after the death of his daughter in law. Leonardo’s paternal grandmother died when he was three. After her death his paternal grandfather threw himself back into his old hobbies, most of which he had given up for the quieter life with his wife. He was also largely the sole active parent to his grandson, acting as father, grandfather and tutor. Over the years, Leonardo’s paternal grandfather has in leo’s mind, lost some of his. His training and lessons to Leonardo are all of the time, and ranging from duelling to quidditch to learning about the history of the goblin wars to the history of dark magic.

Leonardo’s Maternal grandparents were both born and raised in Wales respectively. Their families were life long friends and as the eldest of their respective families they married and had a total of 8 children (5 boys and three girls). His maternal grandmother was a stay at home mother, and his maternal grandfather was a stage actor from when he was eleven till he retired at 70. Of their 8 children, Leonardo’s mother was the oldest of the lot, and immediately upon becoming a witch shed most of her old life away. She was close enough with her family but gave up all muggle things. She left home when she was 17 and never looked back. She went back for some family gatherings - weddings and the like, but did not invite them to hers. She stopped going to anything after both of her parents died when she was 30 years old. They were not informed of her death.

Leonardo has a tricky relationship with his family. He doesn’t have any real concrete memories of his mother, he barely remembers her, and he doesn’t remember living in England. The relationship he has with his father is strained at best. He has been raised to believe his father is a good person, an honest and just person, but he’s not been around enough in Leonardo’s life to show him these things. He forgets his birthday, doesn’t turn up for any holidays, barely replies to his letters. Leonardo’s father swoops in and is around intensively for a period of time and then gone again. He used to look forward to seeing him, but now he’s really come to dislike them. He treats Leo like he’s three years old still, doesn’t listen to him and just assures him things will be different soon. Leonardo doesn’t hate his father, but he doesn’t know him and certainly he doesn’t like him.
Leonardo’s relationship with his grandfather is difficult too, his grandfather is the sole care giver in Leo’s life and really is the only one he can remember, but he’s also a very driven person. Leonardo had classes with his grandfather, almost every day, between 9am and 3pm with a half hour break in the middle for lunch, he teaches him something. He taught him how to fly, how to ride a bike, how to run properly, the basics of potion making, duelling (without magic), how to fight the muggle way and curses. He taught him muggle subjects too, like english, maths, chemistry, latin. Leonardo’s grandfather had a near obsessive desire to make sure Leonardo had an exceedingly broad and wide education, but he was also never structured in when he taught Leonardo things,meaning that though there are things Leo is deeply knowledgeable about, there are gaping holes in his knowledge in other places. Leonardo’s grandfather however has grown older and is less capable of looking after himself, and therefore as the years have gone on, more has fallen on Leonardo’s shoulders to do for himself. He loves his grandfather but his relationship with him is far more student teacher than grandson grandfather. There have been periods since Leonardo was about 8 or 9 where he got sent to the local muggle school for a short period of time when his grandfather was unwell to continue his education. All of which has resulted in a strained and difficult relationship. Leonardo has no other family and no one he can talk to, the muggles at the school he sometimes goes to wouldn’t really understand. He likes learning and his grandfather is an excellent teacher but it’s not really enough. Leonardo is very isolated at home.

They have a family owl name Kami, it’s an owl his grandfather bought when they had moved to New Zealand to keep in contact with Leonardo and his parents when they had still been living in England. He now uses the owl mostly to keep in contact with his father, but it often returns without a note for Leonardo. It is become quite an old owl but it is still very good at delivering letters. He likes the family owl, it’s a very brutal owl, not particularly soft in any way, but it gets the job done and he likes that about it. It bites a lot and scratches a lot too but despite that Leonardo does really like the owl. He knows his grandfather intends to give him the owl for when he goes to school.

Mixed blood, with a pureblood father and a muggleborn mother he has mixed blood. His grandfather often refers to him as half blood, believing that the closeness of the muggle line in him makes him more of a half blood than a mixed blood. But Leonardo’s father says he’s mixed blood and if Leo could pick he’d pick mixed blood as his blood status.

Leonardo is deeply conflicted about his blood status, he doesn’t mind having a muggleborn mother, he didn’t really know her but from her pictures she was a pretty woman and the fact she was a healer is something which he loves deeply. He has never minded having muggle relatives - though he doesn’t know them. But his father and grandfather both being purebloods and at least on his grandfather being a very proud pureblood, it is difficult. His grandfather loved Leo’s mother but he thought of her as the exception to the muggle and muggle born rule. He is a proud pureblood man who is open about some of his disdain for muggles and muggleborns. He raised Leonardo like he raised his son to be proud of a pureblood status, despite the fact he didn’t have one. He knows Leonardo isn’t pureblood and is the first person who’ll remind him of it. Leonardo doesn’t want to dislike muggles or muggleborns, even when he spends time around muggles on the few occasions he’s at the muggle school, every time they pick on him, or someone else, all he can think of is his grandfather’s words. He knows to have respect for purebloods and can’t help but sometimes let himself believe them better than other wizards. Leonardo fundamentally doesn’t care about his blood but everyone around him seems to care so much more which he knows means his thoughts and actions don’t always reflect what he truly believes.

Leonardo doesn’t really remember living anywhere other than the outskirts of Brightstone in New Zealand, but despite this, he’ll often talk about London where he was born and spent the first three years of his life be his hometown. He hasn’t been back to England since he was three, and definitely doesn’t remember anything concrete about it, since it was where he was born, where his father was raised and where he would’ve been raised had his mother not died then he considers it his home town. Despite not remembering it, Leonardo has a deep knowledge of the city, learning all about the muggle and magical history of the place, the layout and everything else he can about it. He likes New Zealand and has never really known anything different, he thinks he wants to eventually move back.

Brightstone, New Zealand. Leonardo has lived in New Zealand and at this specific house since he was three years old. He likes being able to go to Brightstone and he doesn’t mind the neighbouring muggle town either. It’s a nice place. Leonardo likes the green of the place, he likes Kiwis, both the bird and the fruit. He likes the seasons, he finds the summers pleasant. He likes the thriving magical community and he likes people he interacts with in the town - when he does.

Leonardo wants to live in London, to him it is the reflective of what his life could’ve been if things had gone well, if his mother hadn’t died. He knows in part that it would never be able to live up to his expectations in his mind, but to him it would be the best place to live. For one it would be a city, and he’s never lived in a city and remembered it. He wants to have every magical or muggle at his finger tips. He loves how it looks in muggle films and in books muggle and magical. He thinks that iw ould just be a really fun place for him to live. He doesn’t remember it, but he’ll always talk about it fondly. He’ll talk about it with seemingly enough passion and knowledge that you’d be forgive for thinking he was from London. However, it is where he’d like to one day live.

FIRST HOME: Leonardo has only ever seen his first home in pictures. He was three when he was last there and doesn’t have solid memories of the place. It was a large magically hidden home in the west of London. It was a spacious and open house with several bedrooms and a large open garden. Large parts of the house were off limits to Leonardo as a young child and would’ve been as he grew up. They had a specific duelling space, a specific potions area, a large library and two studies one for both of his parents. Leonardo had a play room and a sort of soft play area too, the latter of which was where he had been allowed on the young kids broom. It was a room dedicated to helping Leo learn to play and move around. Just before his mother’s death, Leonardo had been very good at going over whatever assault course that the soft play would arrange itself into. He had a large bedroom, next to his parents but he doesn’t remember any of this. All he knows is from the pictures he has seen of it, and the pieces of information that his father and grandfather have given him over the years.
SECOND (Current) HOME: Leonardo’s grandfather’s house was built with magic when his grandparents moved to the New Zealand. It is spaced over several floors, including a basement for potions and an attic, which his grandfather uses for duelling and spell practice. The old master bedroom has been sealed entire off and cannot be opened. The home had four bedrooms, and now only has three because of it. If leonardo’s grandfather has guests Leo sleeps in the living room despite his father’s assigned room being mostly empty. In his grandfather’s words it is to help build character, kindness and the ability to sleep anywhere. Leonardo has a dedicated “classroom” with an attached library. This is where he spends most of his days when he doesn’t get sent to school. His bedroom is the smallest of the bedrooms, but has plenty of space for him to live. He keeps it tidy because his grandfather expects him to. An untidy bedroom in his grandfather’s mind is the sign of a disrespectful person and would make Leo do a punishment like lines or extra cleaning for not doing it. Leonardo does his half of the chores in the house, which he finds on the blackboard in the study room, though he does a lot of the same chores, his grandfather mixes it up a lot to ensure he doesn’t get too bored of repetition. The house has a large garden with plenty of open space. They use the garden to improve Leonardo’s flying skills, and most of his sports prowess. His father when he was born built in the garden a play area of sorts - with swings and a climbing frame etc., he uses magic to make it change as Leo has gotten older. So that it functions not too unlike his old play area to test his mobility and skills. Leonardo likes the house, it’s a very functional home, it fits the size of what they need and he likes the outdoor elements of it. He’s always been an active child with a lot of energy so the size of the garden has always worked well for him. He doesn’t mind doing his share of the chores in the house and he likes his room. It doesn’t really feel like a home in the way he’s heard muggles describe their homes, but his room is where he feels most at ease.

Leonardo is too young to know what he is. He thinks relationships are pointless and mostly just lead to heartbreak, so the longer he can stay away from it the happier he knows he’ll be. He knows that his grandfather’s reaction to his wife’s death was to throw himself wholeheartedly into shaping Leo to be a smart individual whose closed off enough to never get too close to people. His father’s unending passion to find out what happened to his wife at the loss of a relationship with his son doesn’t fill leo with any desire to ever find himself in such a situation.

Leonardo is single.

Leonardo has never had a crush on anyone. Not even a cartoon, book or film character.

He is too young to have had a first kiss

He is too young to have had a first french kiss

Leo has never been in a relationship

He is too young to have experienced a fling

He is far too young to have had a first time

Never seen Mona Lisa up close ,
But I've seen perfection in your smile

Leonardo takes very much after both of his parents, in many regards, primarily, both of his parents were blonde, his father is a darker golden blonde and from the picture Leonardo knows that his mother had a much light shade. His seems to bridge the middle, being a bit closer to his mother’s hair, but it has slowly darkened over the years. It is now a little closer to his father’s shade of blonde than his mother’s from pictures. He doesn’t do much with it, his grandfather is the one who primarily cuts his hair. Not something that Leonardo minds, but he cuts in the exact same manner as his father’s hair was when he was growing up. Leonardo’s hair is never long, it is mostly shaved short around his head, with the longer strands towards the top of his head. He keeps it mostly to one side, in a side parting. He doesn’t mind his hair like this. He gets it cut fairly regularly to keep it from going into his eyes and affecting his vision, but he doesn’t mind it. He has never been the sort of person that obsessed with how he looks, so his hair being a certain way doesn’t bother him. He’ll always brush it twice a day, once when he wakes up and before he goes to bed but that’s all he’ll do to it. Leonardo would’ve liked for his hair to remain closer to his mother’s shade of blonde, but it’s not like he has much of a choice in the matter yet.

Leonardo has not been allowed to dye his hair, for one, he doesn’t think it would be a good use of his time and it would need to be done frequently enough. But his father has always expressed a dislike for people who dye their hair when they don’t need to and his grandfather is definitely of the same opinion. During one of the occasions he was at muggle school they had a “crazy hair day” and one of the other kids sprayed coloured hair spray into Leonardo’s hair, which had resulted in him getting into a massive amount of trouble and spending his weekend cleaning the roof of the house as punishment. He always tried to be aware of school events following this incident. Leonardo’s grandfather does not want Leo to dye his hair and would absolutely be against it. If it were done by magic he’d be the first to undo the spell and if it were done by muggle means Leonardo knows he’d likely shave it all off. Leo doesn’t care about his appearance and has never been bothered with the fact that he’s not allowed to dye his hair, it is not something that interests him, even though he would like his hair to look more like his mother’s shade of blonde.

Leonardo has dark green eyes in this regard he takes after his father and his father’s family all of who have greenish eyes. He knows from pictures his mother had blue eyes like much most of her family, but Leonardo very clearly takes after his father in the colour of his eyes. The shape however are very like his mother. Leonardo has a picture of them as a family on his bedside at home, where he often notes to himself that he looks like his mother in most ways, but the eyes are most like his father. He doesn’t mind it, he likes how his eyes look, they don’t stand out too much but are a nice enough colour that he isn’t saddened by not having them be like his mother. He knows that in many ways he looks like her, and that’s enough for him.

Leonardo has a number of freckles on his face and scattered on his body. He doesn’t have any birthmarks at all. He has however had an active childhood, with him beginning to fly on a broom from a very young age, from the amount of sports and things that he does, so he has a number of scars. The most prominent of which is a scar along the side of his stomach. When leonardo was about six years old, his grandfather used the play set to create a very elaborate assault course for him. This was something he had done a lot as Leo grew older, but it was also the anniversary of his wife’s death and he hadn’t been paying as much attention as he perhaps should’ve in it’s creation because it was a little more complicated that Leo wasn’t quite able to handle, so at unfortunately one of the highest points he feel off and tried to grab on to something which only cause him to fall more awkwardly. His grandfather had been vaguely supervising this, but Leonardo had gotten on to his feet and back to where the man was. Though they were able to treat it in time, it did scar. It is a rather long but it’s a lot better than it was when it first scarred. There are numerous others, little burns on his hands from his first attempts at cooking, little cuts on his legs from running in wooded areas. Stuff from falling off his broom. He’s never been the sort to be afraid to hurt himself. He falls on the side of reckless at times but it’s mostly because he just doesn’t think. Much like most of his family he is a head first sort of person.

Leonardo is of average height and weight for his age, he’s more lean than most others, but he is a healthy kid. He is very active with at least part of every other dedicated to some sport or activity, without mentioning all of the time he spends on his own. He’s an avid runner, an avid flyer and generally just a quick and capable person. His father was of average height while his mother was more on the petite side. Leonardo has never minded how he looks and has never even given much thought to how he is in better shape than a lot of others his age. But he just isn’t the sort of person to sit still for long, he is always doing something. So this has translated into his body. Leonardo is a quick mover and has fast reactions. He always moves with purpose and is very in control of what he is doing at all times. He’s always liked his ability to be agile and fast, he likes sports and he likes being active so it’s never been something that bothers him. He always wants to keep active as he grows older because he knows it’s better for him to be so.

AB (-ve)
One of the only old stays that his mother had from the muggle world was blood type. She knew that there could be circumstances where he would be cut off from the magical world and in need of blood so it was better to know it than to be blind to it. When he was born he made the healer do a test to know, she had been more than sure he would share her blood type but she didn’t really want to get something like that wrong. He was the same as her and it is something that Leonardo has always known, despite the fact that it wasn’t her who told him. Certainly he doesn’t ever remember her telling him. His father was the one that said it to him, mentioning it and the reason he knew it as some after thought to the discussion they’d been having at the time. What was clear was that it wouldn’t have been him who’d told him if his mother were still alive, and had the discussion that brought it about not come up, leonardo would not have known it or why his mother would’ve wanted him to know it. His grandfather had said that it was pointless information to have, that Leo would never be in the muggle world and therefore never need it. This is despite the fact that because of his grandfather he does occasionally find himself in the muggle world. It’s always his thought that no matter where he was Leo would never be entirely cut off from magic and therefore would always access a magical hospital.

Right handed.
Before her death when Leonardo was very young, his mother had begun teaching him to write, giving him a pencil, pen or quill and had taught him to hold it. He took them all in his right hand. He picked up how to write fairly early on and his grandfather has always claimed that his handwriting has suffered because of it. Leonardo’s handwriting is a mess scrawl, that can be legible to most but for anyone who might had difficulties wouldn’t. He writes in cursive as his grandfather taught him to. He likes writing in cursive though it does make it even more difficult to understand at times. If he tries hard enough usually he can make his handwriting neater and more legible, but he doesn’t often try that hard just enough to be sure what he gives as homework is understood and the rest of the time, it’s just his usual messy handwriting. Leonardo has never cared much about how his writing looked, so long as the written work can get graded he’s happy.

Despite having spent a large part of his life in New Zealand Leonardo has much more of an english accent than a Kiwi accent. The primary figures in his life are his english father and english grandfather and he has not spent enough time around other Kiwi people to pick up any of their phrases or linguistic twangs. Leonardo has a dulled english accent, there’s perhaps a hint that he isn’t necessarily from England but lots of people have difficulties placing where the accent is from. Leonardo makes more of an effort to sound english when speaking to his father and grandfather, he knows they wouldn’t mind if he didn’t bother, but he just wants to be a little more like them, to be more involved and just thinks it’s better to. He speaks very politely, tending to over explain things and use longer terms when he doesn’t need to.

Leonardo primarily speaks english, it is his native and first language. He is taught a lot about english and his grandfather has made sure he had a good reading level and comprehension with English. He secondly speaks and understands Latin. He is still learning it, but if the language were still alive he would be able to hold his own in a conversation. Latin was a language Leonardo’s grandfather got taught and then taught to his son, so it only made sense to carry on the line of it. Leonardo has struggled with latin a lot, struggling to form the sounds that it needed at times, but he’s worked hard to improve it. It still needs work to get it up to what would be considered a fluent level but it is good.
Leonardo can speak, write and understand some amount of Maori, since they were living in New Zealand his grandfather decided it would be necessary for Leoonardo to know some of the native language of the country, if only because it is in his mind respectful. Leonardo’s skills are very rudimental, his pronunciations and writing are fairly poor but his reading is much better. Sounds have always been a great struggle for him in Latin and this happened too with Maori. He is slow at comprehension and slow at speak, he is no where near capable of holding his own in a conversation.
Out of the three languages he can speak, he would most like to get rid of latin, he doesn’t really see it’s purpose and it to him, just an outdated and dull language. He likes learning Maori - despite struggling with it - because the tutor his uncle hires is an affable and friendly person. He comes to the house every two weeks and they spend the afternoon learning. He’s a good teacher and Leonardo likes him, he likes to think his tutor likes him too, but he’s never sure of it. Leonardo wishes he were better at Maori but aside from that he has no further desires to pick up any other languages. Though he’s sure if his mother were alive she’d have taught him some Welsh and he could admit it would be nice to know Welsh and have a connection to her and her family.

Leonardo has no known allergies.

Leonardo’s clothes are mostly given to him by his grandfather, who usually resizes things with magic and fixes them with magic. He doesn’t get new clothes all that often, and his style has been described as largely vintage. It’s not due to a lack of money in the family, simply that his grandfather doesn’t really believe in waste. He’ll wear anything he’s given and has no particular style or preference when it comes to clothes. He’ll make an effort to make the clothes look nice, but will never complain about them. Despite there being a lot of money in the family, the fact he dresses like he does and wears pretty much the same clothes over and over, makes a lot of the kids in his muggle class when he does turn up believe him to be poor. Leonardo’s grandfather makes him wear a shirt, tie and smart trousers for most of the lessons and tutoring he receives wanting to instill in him the attitude of dressing right for work. Leo has not spent much time in muggle shops or magical ones and knows he’d be pretty at a loss over what to buy. He doesn’t know what styles he likes or what items he likes. He enjoys dressing properly, but given that he’s active he likes things he can run easily in. Leonardo does feel frustrated at times when one of his shirts tears or becomes too small for him and he has to go and ask for the shirt to be fixed, but he doesn’t have enough clothes to not have them fixed and resized whenever he needs it. His father has on multiple occasions encouraged Leonardo’s grandfather to take him shopping for clothes citing his mother’s desire for Leonardo to never have hand me downs, but this usually results in him being allowed one item of clothing new but an old one must be donated in its place. He doesn’t mind giving away the old items, but he’d just like more for himself. His current clothes are not flashy and can be described largely as boring and functional.

Otto Farrant

we fell in love and we built a home ,
Though we may never see the streets of Rome ,

Leonardo has a few key likes, he likes sports, any sort of it, he’s just a very active person who is always looking to do something. He specifically enjoys quidditch, he specifically enjoys running assault courses, long distance running, cycling and karate. He enjoys camping, something he does often enough in the back garden and more intensive camping in local forests. He likes learning Maori and enjoys going to muggle school. He likes his grandfather and the education he provides him (though not all the time), he likes cooking, though he’s not yet good at it. Leo likes reading enough and likes potions. He likes getting praise for his work, and he enjoys being liked by others. Leo likes singing to himself.

Leonardo dislikes a good number of things, he doesn’t like the long days he faces at home, he finds the constant lessons quite tiring no matter how good they’ve been for him overall. He dislikes being the one to cook for himself and dislikes when his grandfather is not himself. He dislikes sparring and learning to fight with his grandfather because he doesn’t want to hurt the man but it means he never is very good at it. He doesn’t like learning about dark magic. He hates how he knows his own sometimes obsessive behaviour is the same as his father’s and grandfathers. He hates how his father has just for all intents and purposes abandoned him for his revenge desires. He hates that at times he wishes it was his father who’d died. He dislikes having to do homework twice because it’s not up to standard. He hates that his grandfather’s house doesn’t feel like home but feels like school. He hates he’s always so behind his muggle school mates that they think he’s not capable of anything.

Leonardo currently, really just wants to have fun and relax. His days - even when he goes to muggle school - are so often filled to the brim with things he needs to do. When he needs to tidy his room, when he needs to do the dishes, because there’s a room that needs cleaned, then there’s school or going to to the tutor room and doing the work there. There’s sports in the afternoon and evening, then making his own dinner. Cleaning up after himself and getting an early enough night. So, really his goals aren’t that particularly big he’d just really like the opportunity to have fun for more than an evening or more than just when he gets to do quidditch or go for a run. He wants to have real fun with friends and learn how to relax properly. He doesn’t have goals of what he wants to do with his life yet, he just wants the opportunity to have fun first. In his mind, if he doesn’t pursue this goal he’ll forever be unable to find true happiness in his life.

Leonardo’s greatest fear would be to see a version of his mother telling him that she doesn’t love him. There are people in his life that love him but are pretty terrible at showing it to him, so he doesn’t believe that he is particularly loved by those around him. He questions whether he is even liked by soome of them, but to be outright told by the one person whom he always always been sure had loved him would be ultimately devastating for him. He holds on to the fact she did love him, had always loved him. He doesn’t really know what it feels like to have the be physically present but it is something he truly believes is present in his life.

Likely not unlike his father Leonardo would have a lion patronus. He is perhaps less like a lion than his father was, but he still has a strong affinity to the animal and the link to both his name and his father. If it wasn’t a lion, he thinks it would be some sort of bird like a humming bird. He would rather it be a lion however. Even if his relationship to his father is complicated he would like to keep it as any relationship and connection to his father is better than nothing, and part of Leonardo believes that if his father saw that he had a lion patronus he might want to spend more time around him. That he would see him as his son properly and perhaps even forget all about his revenge. Leonardo knows this is a somewhat absurd thing to think but a lot of the time he can’t particularly help it.

Despite not particularly enjoying muggle school, and all but had a tantrum over having to go, he really enjoyed his first day. He was joining mid-year, and hadn’t been to school before. His only teaching had been done by his grandfather, so he just didn’t know what to expect but, it had been so different. He had been introduced to the class, made to sit with someone, spoken to kids his age, he was able to go out to the playground and actually get to play football with kids his age. Though his experiences of school were never as good as this first day, it was truly something that changed his life, he’d very much been in his grandfather’s pocket before, reluctant to go out into the world and seemingly happy with the isolation he was often in with his grandfather but seeing how others interacted, how much fun he could be having, and how nice it was to talk to people his own ages he’s always wanted that, it made him more adamant that he’d go to Hogwarts when he became of age, and that part of his goal in life would be to learn to relax and have fun more. Leonardo hold that memory and that day dearly, the feeling it brought him, the simple day at school was just what he needed and would certainly be strong enough to create a patronus.

Leonardo always holds that his worst memory that a dementor would pick at would either be his mother’s death, since he was there but doesn’t really remember what happened. Though he knows that he doesn’t need to know what happened for it be dragged out by dementors. Or a memory he does remember. He’d still been quite young at the time, it was perhaps when he’d turned about five, and he’d come to realisation that his father sticking around for short periods of time wasn’t really the norm. That his father came in short bursts of affection and then left again. He had been feeling lonely and the first real indicators of loneliness when his father had turned back up and they spent a blissful two weeks together, his father took him to different amusement parks, play parks, the beach and spent time with him throughout, so when he was meant to set off again, Leonardo lost it with him, kicking, screaming for his father to come back, noting that he didn’t even look at him as he left, that he offered nothing to him to explain it. That his grandfather had just yelled at him fore acting out, that he’d be sent to his room. He had just been so angry and frustrated and above everything else, sad, he wanted his father around and he didn’t know why he was leaving at the time and was just frustrated by everything. He knows in the grand scheme of trauma it’s not that bad but it certainly felt bad to him and it started him on the thought that his father didn’t love him.

Leonardo would likely admit that he believes he should’ve died instead of his mother. He blames entirely his father for making him feel like that, but it is unhelped by the occasional comment that his grandfather will occasionally pepper in about how great of a person his mother was, how great of a couple they had been, how beautiful they were. How his son was throwing things away for this quest. Leonardo just doesn’t feel particularly included in his family and he doesn’t know how to feel around them so often that it would’ve been easier for everyone if he wasn’t. In the back of his mind he knows that his mother probably wouldn’t have felt the same way but he just, at times, feels so at fault for what happened and he’s never really been able to talk about it, which has certainly not helped his feelings towards it. It isn’t something he would ever talk about outloud, it is something which he holds in his heart but it would take a great deal to ever get him admit it.

Though he does sometimes think that if it hadn’t happened they’d all be one big happy family, he’d likely in the mirror see primarily his mother at his side, in all of the beauty that he’s been told of her and see in pictures and he’d have friends, people in the background who want to spend time with him, people who he can tell are his friends and people who actually care about him. He would see his grandfather’s house but it would be filled with life, there would be hoops for quidditch and the sun would be shining on all of it. He deeply missies just the elements of his life which he thinks would be fun. Seeing something like that in the mirror of erised would not bring him any joy and it would just fill him with equal parts sadness and longing for what that life could look like. He’d be easily to enamoured by it that he’d never leave.

There are no smells which would stand out in particular, there would be an outdoorsy smell, something close to grass or mud. There would be perhaps a small quidditch smell, but there wouldn’t be much more. He would perhaps smell a little his own room, but it would blend in quite well. He doesn’t really know what sorts of smells remind him of home because his grandfather’s house functions far more as an odd boarding school than a home.

If asked, Leonardo would say his father, he would say that he looks up to his pureblood father for the good grades he got in school, for becoming an auror, for being a good auror, for marrying well and to someone who matched his talents. He would say that to realise when to step away from a career path and focusing on keeping himself alive were all admirable traits. He would say that he gains more respect for him and his undying passion to find out what happened to Leo’s mother. He would say that he has a bold spirit and a courage that Leonardo would only hope for. None of this would be true and he certainly doesn’t look up to his father. He’s not sure he really looks up to anyone specifically, a lot of the adults in his life haven’t proven themselves to be worth looking up to. He isn’t sure if he should look up to someone his age, but that would really require him to know people his own age. Leo could maybe admit he looked somewhat up to the various teachers that he’s had at muggle school over the years, but he doesn’t think a casual like for teachers as a profession is really a good enough reason to look up to someone.

Leonardo holds no religious beliefs. His pureblood family on the father’s side have never held any muggle beliefs and regard them as pretty silly, and he doesn’t know enough about his mother’s side to be able to say how they fell. He has asked his father and his grandfather about them, but they seemed to know next to nothing about them. He has learnt about most of the major religions, during a brief few weeks, where his grandfather became for lack of a better word obsessed with muggle religions he gave Leonardo a very thorough history and teachings lesson on most of the major religions. He didn’t mind learning about them, but has never managed to believe in any of it and was pretty pleased when his grandfather moved on. It wasn’t so much that he disliked the subject matter but it was deeply tainted by how his grandfather was teaching it. So he’d rather not revisit it.

Cancer - though it should be noted he does not believe in star signs, no matter how much they might come up in certain magical subjects.

Those born under the sign of Cancer, ruled by the mysterious Moon, are one of the zodiac's enigmas. It is fair to say that most Cancers are a bundle of contradictions. Compassionate and caring with friends, family and lovers, yet they can cut to the bone with their jealous remarks and ever-changing moods. Endearingly eccentric on one hand, and on the other, insecure about how others see them. Like their astrological symbol - the Crab - Cancers can appear hard and insensitive on the outside. However, for those of us who know and love a "Moon Child", we understand that deep below lies a softness and sensitivity that makes them so very special. Nurturing, protection and caring for others underline the life principles of this water sign. Life doesn't stand still for this sign, even if they remain in one place, because they live so much in their internal oceans of emotions. Up and down like the proverbial yo-yo, most Cancerians feel one way one minute, then sometimes totally different the next. But this characteristic is part of their charm. Love and romance matter more than anything else to this sign. No other sign romances better, equally though, no sign takes it so badly when romance turns sour either. This sign is one of the most magic of all and once their magic has reached you, they are the most beguiling companions.

The first indication that Leonardo had magic came just shy of his seventh birthday. He had been frustrated with a number of things and unable to express his emotions particularly well, which had resulted in him spilling his water all over the floor in an act of rebellion. All that had come from it was Leonardo being told to tidy the whole kitchen, a task he had to do fairly often, but he was so frustrated and angry that as soon as his grandfather left the room he near screamed and suddenly the entire room was spotless. His grandfather - who had thought something was wrong - rushed in and noted that he was a) fine and that b) he’d done magic. He was on kitchen duty for the rest of the week but they celebrated him having magic.

Leonardo is at the base a very isolated, lonely and serious person. He has become exceedingly independent and is particularly good at pushing aside emotions which in his mind are unnecessary for a situation at hand. The only time he’ll let loose or appear to have fun is when he’s playing quidditch or running around doing something sporty, but it usually is a little infrequent for him to ever reach that level to let loose. Leonardo is a hard working person, who is the sort to work at something until it’s done, he follows much with the rest of the family as a deeply passionate and driven person. He wouldn’t say that he gets as obsessed as others in his family do, but he has spiralled fairly close to that on several occasions. He hates that part of his family as it hasn’t even brought him any good in his family. Leonardo never wants to be in that position where obsession controls his life entirely. It is part of why he avoids enjoying things too much because he’s always worried that he’ll spiral and end up obsessed with something. He is however very drive by his own goals, always works hard and is at times near stubborn.

His stubbornness can bring him the most amount of difficulties as it so often blends in the worst way with his slightly obsessive nature. He will work at things, do them over and over until he gets it right, he will not accept getting it wrong, he will not accept being unable to do things and will drag his heels in hard at times over it. He’s worked himself to the point of near collapsing from exhaustion when he couldn’t get something. He doesn’t always notice his stubbornness leading him to be more obsessive, usually only picking up on it when he’s already knee deep. His father and grandfather are also deeply stubborn people, but other than occasionally disagreeing with either of them on laws or morals his stubbornness does not often appear as a fight against what he’s told to do or authority figures. He’ll question things often, but he is unlikely to be stubborn about it unless he feels really passionately about a subject matter, something he hasn’t really come into contact with yet.

Leonardo is a serious person, he’s never really been around other children - the interactions in muggle school are few and far between, and they lack the depth necessary in the important years for Leo to not become serious. He has always been his own support system and he’s never really had time for fun and play as others had. As he grew older, his grandfather’s health could be tricky, so that was when he was sent to muggle school and largely had to fend for himself. He has in many ways had to grow up a lot before he was supposed to. He doesn’t resent his grandfather for this, though he does think his grandfather is to blame. Leonardo very much puts the blame on his father who is the reason for the situation in the first place. Leonardo is very lonely and very isolated, apart from the occasions where he goes to school, and the few occasions that a tutor comes to the house are the interactions he gets with people who are not family or friends of his grandfather who range from being friendly to Leonardo to occasionally mean - specifically about his muggleborn mother. He is often not aware when people are speaking to him, specifically when he is at school, and it’ll usually take using his name to get a reaction. He is not a loud person, he doesn’t speak all that often and is very much a person who doesn’t necessarily draw attention to himself. Leonardo feels very lonely, if asked to describe himself by a teacher he would call himself serious, but in related he would want to say he is lonely, because he is. Leonardo has always managed fine on his own but he does not like it.

He is however, despite all of that, if given a chance a bold person, he is the sort of person to help others if they ask for it. He is the sort of person who would love to go on and have adventures. He is the sort of person who is firm in their beliefs and fights for what he thinks are just causes. If pushed in the right manner he can be quick to anger and despite all of his seriousness, he doesn’t always think things through, especially when he feels he can fix something or when he believes himself to be right. He can be fairly reactive when people use phrases or say things that he doesn’t like, especially when they’re in relation to him and his family. Leonardo isn’t sure how loyal he would be to people, he’s never been given the change to be. Leonardo thinks that he can be difficult to get along with, and difficult to get to know, but really it’s only because of a lack of opportunity. Leonardo is a sensitive enough person, but he’s not the sort to outwardly show it. He’s much more like to push it away. He’s fairly responsive to other people’s moods, but this is likely only true when he knows someone well enough.

Leonardo is a kind person, he wants to show people that he can be kind, that he can be interesting, that he’s likeable. He deeply seeks company but is terrified he wouldn’t know what to do if it happens or that if it does it won’t last. He is not particularly trusting of people and has never been a person often trusted. He has never had any reason to think someone might be on his side of things.

we may never sleep under Northern Lights,
But I've seen the stars flicker in your eyes ,

Leonardo very informally attended the local primary school, particularly when his grandfather is very unwell or wants to focus on something else. The name of the school is South Island Primary. It is a small school, in a town where most people know each other, Leonardo has always been the odd one out at the school.

He first went when he was seven years old, joining the class half way through the year, and has attended intermittently since then until he will go to Hogwarts. He was never there for more than two to three weeks at a time, and would be gone for months at a time following it. He knows that his grandfather feed the school some lie about anxiety, depression and general unwellness to allow him to attend the school whenever was most convenient for him. Leonardo has never been able to get his grandfather to admit it but he’s sure that he placed memory charms to get them to agree to it. He has never wanted to attend, although he enjoys some aspect of the school, he finds it frustrating because of the fact that he’s never really there long enough to make proper friends. Most of the people in his class are the same ones from when he first joined and though on the first occasion they were mostly friendly and he had started to make friends, they’ve never made such an effort since that first occasion of it. He might have more interactions, do more structured work and get to do sports but it has only really meant he wants to go to hogwarts even more. After arriving half way through the year, Leonardo always made sure his grandfather sent him for at least the first week of a new year so he’d always know where to go without needing to go to the school office.

There were no houses at this school. Leonardo likely wouldn’t have been able to tell you which house he was in if there were, he is just not that interested in the actual school structure. He just turns up whenever he needs to, goes where he needs to and leaves when he needs to.

Leonardo had been really nervous and against going to the muggle school. He had tried to reason that there was no need for him to go, that on the days his grandfather wasn’t feeling well or doing something else that he could continue his own education and spend the days productively, but his grandfather was against it citing that he couldn’t trust that Leonardo would actually take care of his own learning and learning about muggles and muggle life was an important part of magic as well - to make someone more grateful for the life they had. Leonardo had two separate meetings with the head teacher and his grandfather before he was allowed to go. He started on a Monday about a week after his seventh birthday. He was very nervous about starting, very nervous about interacting with other people, of accidentally saying something about his magic. He had recently had his first case of accidental magic. Leonardo was early on his first day, his grandfather whose time-keeping skills were usually good had forgotten about what time muggle school started and dropped Leonardo off an hour early. Leonardo was sure this was to apparate pretty close without anyone noticing. It took a while for anyone to appear and Leonardo had just sat on the wall at the entrance of the school until someone from the office noticed him and welcomed him in. He had brought paper and a pencil with him, but not much else - in fact his grandfather had incorrectly presumed they would provide lunch for Leonardo. He thought the school was pretty amazing, the size of it, the classes, the outdoor areas. He liked the way the walls were lined with the work of the classes, pictures of the kids and just filled with things. He thought he’d never see so many people. Leonardo enjoyed in the morning watching the other kids play, wanting to get involved but too nervous to. He was brought to the class and found the room airy and bright in a way in tutor/school room at home was never. He found the school uniform uncomfortable but it became less so when he noted that everyone was wearing it. Leonardo’s teacher was nice and he appreciated on that first interaction with the class that they didn’t immediately dismiss him. He had a good first day, a positive one, but it didn’t particularly last.

There were never very many grades to be achieved in the younger years of the school, but Leonardo has missed most of the tests that he was supposed to do. He just wasn’t ever around for them. His grades at the school range from passable to terrible. Since he doesn’t complete the homework - with rarely ever being there - doesn’t know what the class is covering ever and just struggles to follow along. When he is at the school, his grades pick up quickly enough and his teachers would always describe him as a child of great potential if he just applied himself at all. In schooling with his grandfather he often gets grades on the various subjects they teach, and anything less than 90% and he has to do it again. But, this is never something that his muggle school would see. Both they and Leo know that if he was there more steadily and more often that he would achieve much more highly. But, none of it will matter given that he’ll be going to a magical school and not sticking around at the muggle one.

Leonardo found the classes he took all interesting enough, there were a lot of subjects that his grandfather would also teach which usually helped when he had less time to try to pick everything up. However, the one class that wasn’t at all like those with his grandfather were the physical education (sports) classes. He played quidditch, learnt to fly, was proficient at running and good enough at fighting but in physical education at school, which disappointingly was only once a week, they would do a whole range of muggle sports, from rugby to basketball to cricket. All sports which Leonardo ended up being fairly good at. He was often included in the first picks for a team when he turned up and was always quick to pick up the sport. It was also the only time he was really “accepted” by those within his class. His teachers always gave him praise for his work in the class and always spoke most highly of him in that class. He liked it a great deal, he thinks it’s the sort of class that he could teach if he were muggle. Leonardo has always had a good passion for sport and this just translated really well to this class.

Leonardo started at the muggle school by enjoying all of his classes, but he grew to really dislike a good number of them. Primarily he disliked a class that centered around politics and the way society was. His grandfather had gone over some aspects of it in the past, fleeting details, but he it was hardly ever about New Zealand, or the oceana continent. This provided Leo with huge problems going into these lessons. He’d always be at a disadvantage because he was hardly at the school, but it was made worse because he would seem near clueless about aspects of muggle democracy, of muggle laws, and societal norms of muggles. He knew that the teachers thought he was being intentionally dumb in the class, given that it was the one subject he really struggled to pick up and when compared with others, they just thought he was disinterested in it he was being disruptive. Leonardo’s dislike for the subject when in his final year at the school before Hogwarts the teacher he had, had an absolute dislike for him, one he was pretty clear about specifically when this subject matter came up. Leonardo has ended up with detentions, letters home and sent out of the room more times than than normal because he lacks the knowledge in the subject and the teacher just thinks he’s lying. This has certainly coloured his dislike of the class.

While Leonardo has had terrible attendance at school, missing most of the year whenever he goes to school, but when he is at school he would never skip classes, he isn’t interested in getting into trouble over something so mundane, he knows his grandfather wouldn’t be happy about it and it wouldn’t help him. It is also important to note that Leonardo would never skip because he wouldn’t go alone, and because he has nowhere to go. He doesn’t know muggle areas all that well, he doesn’t have any pocket money either muggle or magical and he lives to far away to return home. So when Leonardo did attend the school for however long he did, he would always be the first one at the class and the last one to leave.

Leonardo would’ve liked to join some of the sports clubs but he knows that he couldn’t. They wouldn’t want someone who couldn’t dedicate the time to it, and after the first few stints at the school most of the other students cottoned on to the fact Leonardo wouldn’t be around ever to do the clubs. But, Leo never actually tried to join any of them.

Given his rather poor attendance Leonardo never received any positions at the school, though for every year that he was at the school he received the award for lowest attendance. An award he is sure is reserved for him and only existed when he joined the school. Somewhat ironically Leonardo has never been at the school for the awards ceremonies, but he knows the sort of reaction there would be to him not being there to get an award about poor school attendance. His grandfather and father however, he knows, expect him to do much better at Hogwarts in achieving positions.

Lay me down in the ground by my hometown,
A thousand cheers when the tears on your parents' roof ,

Curly 11 Inch Flexible Cypress Wand with Billywig Stinger Core

Length: A fairly average length for a wand, not at all uncommon or very special.
Style: Great care was taken in crafting this wand's wood to spiral to its point, giving it a beautiful aesthetic quality.
Wood: A Cypress wand finds valour in the witches and wizards it chooses - so much so that the owners of Cypress wands have historically been expected to die an honourable death. This wand is for the brave and self-sacrificing.
Core: Billywig stingers make for temperate cores, but they are mildly useful when used to heal. Wands with this core tend to what they want to do, making them good for people who are flexible in nature.
Flexibility: Flexible: Not easily broken, this wand performs under strenuous circumstances with little effort - though how well it performs is ultimately up to its weilder.


Hogwarts New Zealand





Leonardo Orr had never been surrounded with more students or further from his grandfather in his life. He had always been close enough or in smaller classes, but there were so many students he felt almost a little overwhelmed with it. Of course he had known there would be so many other students here but he had figured it wouldn’t be that bad, but in fact it was quite. Leo had been waiting for this for a while, the prospect of going to Hogwarts had been keeping him going over the last few months when his grandfather had decided to study the mundane properties of mud and soil. Leonardo knew it would be useful for herbology but he also thought it was very boring. Leonardo’s father had supposed to come see him off at the train but it hadn’t been much of a surprise when he didn’t. He’d missed his birthday too. But it didn’t matter, he was here now, and he was going to start learning and meeting people, he was going to make a friend for sure. It would be impossible that in a school with so many he wouldn’t make at least one friend. He just maybe had to watch the other kids and figure out how they managed it and he’d get it too. In the crowd he spotted that boy from the park but he didn’t go to him or offer even a hint of a smile, he was sure that the both would find more interesting people to spend time with. If anything, his lack of self belief in people wanting to be his friend would be why he’d end up with none.

The crowd stopped and Leo looked to the front as the headmistress and sorting hat got started. He was hanging near the back, standing stock still completely straight posture just listening along with a serious expression. He did feel nervous but he wasn’t going to show it. He did think that the hat was silly in its singing but some students appeared to enjoy it, a lot of students seemed excited by this, the older students all seemed eager. Was watching students get sorted that interesting? With that in mind, and knowing it would be a moment till his name was called. He wasn’t quite sure he got what was interesting but it wasn’t bad. Leo was trying to commit some of these names and faces to his memory, trying his best to know who everyone was, after all he might end up in a house with them and therefore it would be useful to remember who they were. He was so focused on learning that his own name caught him by surprise.

“Orr, Leonardo,”

Straightening out his uniform Leo walked with quick purposeful steps to the stool. He looked out at the hall and felt immediately overwhelmed with the people but he just kept his expression neutral and focused his attention on keeping himself calm as the hat was placed on to his head and the decision was to be made. Leo was sure though, that no matter where he ended up he’d be just fine.

First Year





None yet





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Leonardo isn’t sure what he would like to do when he leaves school eventually. His life has always been very day to day and he’s never thought so far ahead as to what job he’d love to do. He does think being a quidditch player would be pretty neat, that he could absolutely see himself as a player but he’s never thought that hard about it. There’s nothing yet that he’s learnt about which pulls his attention so much in anything he’s learnt that he’d love to do. He is sure he could duel and go into that with his grandfather’s connections but Leonardo doesn’t particularly want to. He thinks it’ll be fun to actually duel but not enough fun to make a career out of it.

Leonardo is currently too young to have a profession of any kind.

Currently Leo is too young to have any form of school employment and he is fairly certain that his grandfather would never let him do it even when he’s at Hogwarts. He’d like to have a job, and thinks it would be a good idea for him to earn some money when he’s old enough and at Hogwarts but he isn’t sure how likely that is to happen.

Unemployed - Too young








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Leonardo Sebastian Orr was born on the 30th June 2043. He was born in the late evening a little after he was due. Leonardo was not a particularly large or small baby, of average size for most children, perhaps a little small than was expected. He was born at St. Mungoes Hospital in London where he subsequently spent five days as his mother recovered from the tricky enough birth. He was brought home, to a magical house hidden in the west end of London, in a secluded neighbourhood surrounded by muggles and magical people alike. During the first year of his life, his mother was with him full time, and his father reduced his hours at work to be there as much as he could. He was well cared for, read stories every night and received plenty of love and care. He interacted with some of the local muggle and magical kids in his age range. When he was ten months old he started walking, and it was then his father immediately put him on a broom and began teaching him how to fly, however, he was never allowed to fly without his father there to help him and the brooms were always put out of arms reach.

When he was a year old he joined the local magical day care centre that was close to where his mother worked at St. Mungoes. His mother returned to work full time, but his father kept his reduced hours, being the one to pick Leonardo up from daycare most days. He continued to strengthen his walking abilities, and his flying abilities during this period, with him beginning to speak, with his first word being mama. His mother took great care to speak to him in Welsh as well as english and he’d begun to pick up both languages. At the efficient rate of a young child. His father created the soft play area, where he was often found, helping his son play in the area, and using his magic to create safe assault courses for a young child to do. He encourage him climbing upon furniture and running around quickly, since there was enough magic in the house to protect him and Leonardo’s father was never that far behind. During the Christmas when Leonardo was one, they travelled to New Zealand to spend the period with Leonardo’s paternal grandparents, both who whom showered Leonardo with gifts. His grandmother was particularly taken by the young baby. His parents were exceedingly attentive to their baby and there was scarcely a moment when Leo was left alone, even as he slept.

Leonardo’s second birthday passed without incident and life seemed fairly normal. He was speaking more, with more sentences, managing a little more in Welsh as his mother had taught him. He was playing more actively, enjoying the challenges his parents set him. In the february as he was beginning to approach his third birthday everything change. He was being brought home by his mother from day care when she was murdered. While he didn’t witness the attack, he was with her at the time. He doesn’t remember any of what happened, with zero recollections of that day. His father picked him up from the auror department at the ministry where he had been left and brought him home. From that day on however his father would be increasingly more removed from his life. They remained at the London home for a week before his father had sold the house and most of the stuff in it and moved him and his son to New Zealand where leo’s grandparents lived. His grandmother immediately assumed care of Leo, providing and helping him as he cried for his mother. His grandfather was also very present in it, providing as much care as he could too while trying to support his son. Leonardo’s father stayed for a few months, but as soon as he had one lead he left.

Just after his third birthday, Leonardo’s grandmother passed away after what healers claimed was something akin to a heart attack. Leonardo’s father returned to help his grandfather briefly, but largely only came back to be able to legally set up his business. He stayed for just over a month before he left again. Leonardo’s grandfather who had been living a very relaxed lifestyle because of his wife, rekindled old hobbies. He sealed up the master bedroom and turned his old reading room into a classroom library for Leo. After his father left, leonardo’s grandfather began doing classes with leo, doing as his father had done for him when he’d been learning from home rather than at school. The lessons were every day for most of the day. He started giving Leo chores when he was four, things that he could learn to do with adult supervision. They had sports afternoon every second day, and he was taught a range of subjects. Leonardo’s grandfather from even that early point would get obsessed every so often with specific subject matter and teach this unrelentingly to Leo. On a few occasions he’d get so stuck on teaching Leo something, he’d forget to have lunch. Leonardo grew up from the point when this started, and was raised to really think of himself as at school when he’s at home.

Leonardo’s grandfather always struggled around the anniversary of his wife’s death, and just after Leo turned seven, he knew he needed time alone, so leonardo was signed up to muggle school and with some magic and lies from his grandfather the school never questions Leonardo’s poor attendance. Leonardo from the point he was seven was in and out of muggle school, never staying more than three weeks, and usually gone then for months at a time. Leonardo’s grandfather once sent him for two days because Leonardo had gotten something wrong in his homework. Leonardo’s grandfather was not a particularly harsh man, he was just very focused and had a very firm set of beliefs. However, when he was teaching him, they were building on everything they had learnt before, doing more of potions basic, magical theory basic, dark magic basics. He was taught how to ride a real broom, ran long distance, learned to fight, and generally in his grandfather’s view was working towards being a rounded individual before going to Hogwarts.

As the years have gone on, Leonardo’s grandfather has given him more chores and more household responsibilities. Leonardo is responsible for all his own morning and evening meals. He has a good chore list where he can get asked to do anything the house needs and is at times in charge of his own either revision of sports afternoons. His grandfather will always review it after, but he has expressed to Leo that as he heads off to school it will be good for him to be capable of looking after himself. Leonardo is a very independent and capable person because of this. As much as he’d like for someone to look after him at times, he knows that practically it’ll be good for him to know how to look after himself. Leonardo knows at times he shares his grandfather’s obsessive nature, since if he’s unhappy with something and trying to fix it he won’t stop until it’s done, something that has resulted in leonardo being stopped by grandfather late at night if he’s over doing it. In this time, the only time off that Leonardo tends to get is when his father visits. This is not often and there are occasions when even when his father visits he has to follow the same schedule as any other day, but usually that’s when he gets to spend the time with him. However after leonardo turned ten, he has stopped enjoying these visits at all, and has on more than one occasion opted to go to muggle school instead of sticking around.

Leonardo received his hogwarts new zealand letter when he turned eleven, though they had been expecting it. He had expressed a desire to go to Hogwarts once he’d both gone to muggle school and then had a few instances of accidental magic. He is very much looking forward to what going to a real school will be like in comparison to his home and muggle school. He can’t wait to go.

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