Jenna Irons

Jenna Irons

💕 spoiled princess 💕 nightmare 💕 blake's sister
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Blood Status
Half Blood
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
Curly 15 1/2 Inch Rigid Vine Wand with Doxy Wing Core
11/2040 (11)
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The Basics
Name: Jenna Gabriella Irons
Meaning: Jenna – Fair phantom, Gabriella – God is my strength
Birthdate: 20/11/2040
Zodiac: Scorpio
Strengths: Loyal – Passionate – Resourceful – Observant - Dynamic
Weaknesses: Jealous – Obsessive – Suspicious – Manipulative – Unyielding
Being a Scorpio born on November 20th, your friends and family know you for a strong will and a stronger nurturing nature. You apply dedication to all aspects of your life, especially when you feel a challenge is worthwhile. Likewise, you will also take determination into helping others, which explains why there are many times when you sacrifice your own needs for those of others. These qualities make you a valued friend and highly sought after companion.
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Birthplace: Auckland, New Zealand
Blood Status: Half Blood
Wand: Curly 15 1/2 Inch Rigid Vine Wand with Doxy Wing Core

Length: A little on the longer side of things, wands of this length are slightly more uncommon and not easily forgotten by others.
Style: Great care was taken in crafting this wand's wood to spiral to its point, giving it a beautiful aesthetic quality.
Wood: Strongly tied to the witch and wizard they choose, vine wands are often held by witches and wizard who dream of something bigger beyond the mundane for their lives.
Core: Doxy wing cores produce unstable wands. They are excellent for hexes and jinxes, and for those who plan on practicing dark arts.
Flexibility: Rigid: A difficult wand to control and sometimes broken under little force, but powerful in a fight.
Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Hair: Jenna's hair is a nice mid-blonde, naturally straight and on the thinner side, falling slightly further than her shoulders.
Eyes: Jenna's eyes are blue-grey, with long lashes.
Build: Slender and tall.
Complexion: Pale, with a few sparse freckles and moles.
Style: Jenna always stays up to date on the latest fashions, and her outfits wouldn't look out of place on most catwalks.
Distinguishing Features: Jenna has a very loud voice, and is often heard coming before she's seen.
Playby: Avalon Robbins

Personality: Jenna grew up with a very particular view of the kind of person she was expected to be; pretty, successful, and ruthless. She has always idolised her mother who fits that archetype to a T, and works hard to be the kind of person her mother would be proud of. While she has friends she's never afraid to step on them in order to get ahead, and she weaponises gossip and secrets whenever she can. Whether her cruelty and conniving is genuine or learned, she's no less vicious.
-Jenna is extremely driven and committed to his goals, and once he starts working on something he won't stop until she accomplishes it.
-While there's always an edge of cruelty to it, Jenna is very good at making friends with people she decides are worth her time, and keeping them close.
-Jenna has excellent taste, and a good sense of design.
-Jenna's blatant ruthlessness can cost her friendships and relationships, and makes her a very difficult person to be around.
-Jenna was raised with a very limited view of how girls and boys can and should behave, and finds it difficult to look outside that framework.
-Jenna's coldness to other people and cynical view of relationships makes it very difficult for her to trust, and she tends to keep things bottled up rather than handle her feelings in a healthy way.
-Jenna draws most of her self-worth from her appearance and social status, and finds it difficult to find value in the things that are more intrinsic to her without outside validation
-she just sucks bruh
Horseback riding - Jenna has ridden horses all her life, and is a confident and capable rider and showjumper. Although she tries not to let it show in any way that might affect her reputation, Jenna is a capital letters Horse Girl.
Piano - Jenna has been in piano lessons since she was little, and she's Okay at piano.

Beauty and Fashion - Jenna takes great pride in her appearance, and spends a lot of her free time on it.
Personality Type: ESTJ (The Executive)
Executives are representatives of tradition and order, utilizing their understanding of what is right, wrong and socially acceptable to bring families and communities together. Embracing the values of honesty, dedication and dignity, people with the Executive personality type are valued for their clear advice and guidance, and they happily lead the way on difficult paths. Taking pride in bringing people together, Executives often take on roles as community organizers, working hard to bring everyone together in celebration of cherished local events, or in defense of the traditional values that hold families and communities together.

Strengths: Dedicated, Strong-Willed, Direct and Honest, Loyal, Patient, Reliable, Enjoy Creating Order, Excellent Organisers
Weaknesses: Inflexible and Stubborn, Uncomfortable with Unconventional Situations, Judgemental, Too Focused on Social Status, Difficult to Relax, Difficulty Expressing Emotion
History: Jenna comes from a well off family on both sides. Her mother is a witch, and owns her own cosmetic potion business, and her father is a muggle and owns a gym. From a young age, Jenna learned the kind of woman she would be expected to grow into from her mother. She grew up overhearing catty gossip from the other room, learning tips and tricks to make herself pretty and appealing, and being constantly reminded that she came from a family of winners, and would always be expected to be the same. She absorbed all of this and took it on as law, dedicating herself to always being the best. She was both popular and hated all through primary school, working hard on the image she had chosen to portray, and has always done her best to stay one step ahead.
Health: Jenna is in excellent health.

Goals: For everyone to always see her as the queen bee she feels she is.
Fears: Failure and rejection.
Secrets: Jenna struggles sometimes with the thought that she doesn't really know how to make her own decisions.
Regrets: None. Always be moving forward.

Colour: Pink
Food: Ice cream
Smell: Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume
Music Genre: Pop
Animal: Horse

Name: Marcus Irons
Date of Birth: 8/2012 (40)
Blood Status: Muggle
Occupation: Gym Owner
Name: Vanessa Irons
Date of Birth: 4/2015 (37)
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Occupation: Cosmetic Potion Developer
Blake Irons
Date of Birth: 2036 (16)
Blood Status: Half Blood
Occupation: Hogwarts New Zealand Student
Zodiac information from here and here. MBTI information from here.

Jenna Irons

💕 spoiled princess 💕 nightmare 💕 blake's sister
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Half Blood
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
Curly 15 1/2 Inch Rigid Vine Wand with Doxy Wing Core
11/2040 (11)
Trophy Showcase:
First Year
Hogwarts. At last. Jenna had been hearing about it from her parents all her life, though since Blake had left for Hogwarts he had always been less interested in recounting the stories of Hogwarts life she begged for. She had really pressed him for details this holiday, ignoring the obvious discomfort her older brother showed the more she asked about school. But Jenna needed to know everything. She had to make this count. She needed to know who was cool and how to meet them, ASAP. She had done her best to get it out of him, but Blake's info had been disappointing as ever, and Jenna thought that if she had to sit through one more tedious Quidditch story she was going to scream.

But now she was actually here, and it was finally her turn. The architecture of the school was impressive, sure, and she found herself staring at the ceiling of the Great Hall for a moment longer than she had expected to, but once that second had passed, Jenna was far more interested in the people around her, scanning the faces both of her new classmates to be, and the older students who lined the tables around the school. Who were the cool girls, where was she going to find her people? Wherever they were, Jenna was sure she would find them just fine. She was ready for her life to finally begin. She kept half an ear out as the names were called, not wanting to be caught off guard, and when her name was called she brushed her hair back and grinned, walking with every ounce of confidence she could muster towards the hat. Jenna knew all about this process, and hoped it would be over as quickly as possible. The other houses sounded... fine, for people who weren't her, but Jenna knew she belonged with her brother, where the winners were. She smiled in self-assurance as the hat settled comfortably on her head, and awaited its verdict.

"Unfortunately, where you want to go hasn't 'won' in a number of years....but perhaps that was because they lacked you.....Slytherin"
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