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It had been quite a while since there had been a proper staff meeting at Hogwarts, and it seemed like the start of a new school year was an excellent time. Matt had owled all the professors well in advance, even though it meant letting them know over break. He knew it was better to be prepared ahead of time instead of being surprised the day of a meeting. He had set up the Professor's Common Room with some snacks and drinks, partly to ease the mood and partly to celebrate the start of the new school year. He smiled at his first few colleagues as they stepped in. He had stopped by the Quidditch pitch earlier to borrow something, and he kept it out of sight for now. He would let everyone arrive and greet each other before getting started. He poured himself a drink and waited for everyone to arrive.

OOCOut of Character:
This meeting is for professors and staff. Please note that IC it is mandatory, so please try to respond. I am leaving it open for a few days for people to arrive and chat with each other after break, then Matt has a fun ice breaker for everyone :p
Professor Misha Haden did not mind staff meetings, even if he had jokingly called them dull to his girlfriend. It didn't escape his notice that the nurses had been invited along to this meeting, so he was quite eager to see if she would come along. He walked into the professor's common room and began fixing himself a cup of coffee before things got started. "Good break?" he asked the headmaster conversationally.
Even though she was adjusting as time passed, there were still moments where Kahurangi had to do a double take at remembering Matt was the Headmaster. The goofy, geeky boy she had grown up alongside had become her boss, and it was a strange feeling. A good one, though. There was always a rush of pride that came along with the strangeness, and she grinned brightly seeing Matt in his place ready to run a meeting. She gave him a small wave and went to make herself a quick cuppa before things got going, giving Misha a nod in greeting too. "G'day guys."
Although she still kept mostly to herself, Maria had been doing a much better job of participating in Hogwarts life the last few years. It was one thing telling her clients not to let their trauma control them, but it was another thing to apply it to herself. But she was making it there, bit by bit. Talking about things with Aeon had helped surprisingly. Knowing that there was someone on school staff who remembered her horrendous past and didn't hate her for it had opened doors, and even though he was gone, she felt freer with those doors open. So it was with a smile that she joined her colleagues for the meeting, giving a little wave as she entered.
Gabrielle did a fine job at keeping to herself most of the time, she'd never been an especially sociable person. It did get a bit lonely sometimes, but she was better off that way. Besides, her attempt to engage more with the students had resulted in the duelling tournament fiasco. But that was students, not staff. And really, the staff all seemed fine. She owed it to her employers to at least put in a bit of an effort on that side of things. She gave a tight smile and nod as she entered the room. "Back into the trenches again, I suppose..."
Isabella Romanes could hardly believe that there was a meeting that included the other staff besides professors. She just joked about that with Misha on their walk. Isabella made sure that she looked presentable, with her blonde hair laying down her chest and back. She walked into the professors common room, and immediately crossed the room to stand next to Misha, but at a suitable distance that would be appropriate. "Try not to burn yourself, Misha," Isabella smiled as she made herself a cup of coffee, adding all sorts of things in it to make it sweeter. "Hope you are doing well, Matt." Isabella figured since Misha greeted the headmaster, might as well do so herself. She glanced at the other staff members, and saw several that were returning. Wasn't there only one new professor this term?
Professor Kalif Styx had not looked forward to a meeting. That involved actually socializing, though he would avoid it if he had to. He walked into the common room, and immediately walked to the opposite side of the room as Haden and them, and leaned against it with his arms across his chest. Whatever this was about, he hoped that it was quick.
Killian Borisyuk honestly did not love or hate the idea of a staff meeting. After the birth of his son, and a few days without a lot of sleep, needless to say, he was not exactly in the best mood when he walked into the professor's common room. More like ducked a bit. He adjusted the robes on his shoulders, and immediately got himself a considerably large cup of caffeine. He basically ran on it nowadays. It didn't help that his kid wasn't even a month old. At least everything turned out okay. He sipped his coffee and kept his distance from others for now. Last thing he wanted was to drift off to sleep and fall on someone, then again, there was a nurse in here...
Yvonne had been and Hogwarts for several years now, and yet the trip down from the towers still felt like such a chore even if there was pleasant conversation and snacks waiting for her. She had just finished doing some lesson prep before braving the stairs. At least going down was the easy part. She was greeted by several of her co-workers already inside the common room when she entered, and she smiled and waved before finding a seat at one of the tables. She had never seen the common room so packed and not even half of the faculty had arrived yet.
While Angel wasn't usually the biggest fan of receiving work related owls over the school break he decided he could forgive Matt for it after enjoying the spectacle that had been said owls encountering the girls. The owl may never be the same but Angel had a few pictures he was going to get a kick out of for a few years yet.

He slipped into the Professor's lounge, making note of who was already here (The rather imposing and hard to miss presence of Professors Styx and Borisyuk) and notably, that he'd beaten Josephine, something he looked forward to teasing her about. "Kia Ora, all," Angel said, allowing himself just a minute amount of swanning about. "Ready for another year of Slytherin taking the house cup?" He asked brightly, mostly directly the question at Kahurangi, though he had to imagine some of the other professors and staff had some level of skin in the game too.
Professor Kingsley stepped into the common room and took a look around, politely greeting her colleagues but otherwise keeping to herself. She found a seat and waited for the meeting to begin, hoping it would be quick. No one had died the previous year, no dangers had befallen the school, so she hoped that meant there wasn't too much that needed discussing.
Eleanor was new to the job, so she was very nervous about everything. The new professor walked into the professor's common room, already there were a lot of professors and staff members in the room waiting for the meeting to begin. Eleanor smiled shyly at her co-workers before taking a seat at one of the tables, as she waited for the meeting to begin.
Emmaline always enjoyed coming back to Hogwarts. It had been her home as a student and now as a professor. There was just a comforting sense of self when she found herself wandering the corridors. This year would be her second year as a professor; a position she was starting to feel more comfortable with. She was seen as a professor, for the most part, instead of simply a student who had taken classes from many of her fellow professors. It was nice to have a sense of belonging to a group instead of stuck in-between, not quite sure where she belonged. Still, entering the Professors' Common room always felt odd. But they had a meeting and Emmaline was nothing but responsible. She entered the Common Room to see many of the professors had already arrived. She smiled at them as a group, not sure where to stand. She decided to grab a cup of coffee to pass the time until she could find out what this meeting was about.
Professor Spencer definitely felt a sort of way this school year. The last of his children would be graduating from Hogwarts as the end of the year. Sutton had already made her mark as a librarian. Zee and Kita had graduated last year, entering into the 'real world'. Now Eston was the last to remain. Warren certainly felt old. He knew the everyone had to graduate and get older, but nothing would prepare this father for it. He tried not to dwell on it. He had other duties he needed to complete to get ready for the school year. The first being a professors' meeting.

Warren entered the Professor's Common Room, greeting the few familiar faces. "Hope everyone had a good break" he said to no one in particular. He was not as close to his colleagues as he wished to be. Maybe this year would change that. Maybe once all his children graduated he would participate more in the activities. He never wanted to embarrass them while they were at school, even though it always happened anyway. Warren wondered to the snack table to grab a cup of tea as he waited to see what the Headmaster ha planned for them today.
Leif had only just started as a professor but he thoroughly enjoyed the job, having spend most of his first semester in making sure his lesson plans were up to order and his students were doing well. He hadn't put nearly as much attention into getting to know his coworkers but he was sure there'd be plenty of time for that yet. Walking into the staff lounge he shot a friendly smile to whoever looked his way before standing to the side of the room, leaning against the wall with crossed arms as he waited for the meeting to start.
Joseph knew a lot of his colleagues were quite alright with keeping to themelves, but he'd be lying if he said it wouldn't be nice to get to know them a little better. Which was a difficult thing seeing as he spend most of his time outside on the grounds and in the forest, working with the creatures around the school. He was surprised they were invited to a staff meeting but honestly didn't mind. If he had been looking for an opportunity to socialize more this might be it. Joseph had made sure he didn't smell of creatures before making his way to the staff lounge and taking a seat.
Professor Noel Waldgrave.. that sounded pretty good. He was on his way to meet most of his new colleagues, like properly. So far he has stayed on Adorah's side and had decorated his offices and all to his own taste. He wondered if there would be people around, who he got lessons from when he was an student. He did knew he was one of the youngest professors around. But he didn't mind. As he arrived he spotted already some professors inside. Seeing the headmaster and gave the man an friendly smile and nod as he walked further. Professor Haden was still around it seemed, the Ravenclaw head of house Professor Kahurangi was there too.. Noel didn't always got on the right foot with her he remembered. But vaguely. And he spotted Styx.. he was there too. Also he spotted Professor Kingsley who his own head of house had been. How nice it was that they were now both working here. Noel hoped to talk to some more and he than spotted an man he didn't knew. But he didn't seemed as old as most. And gave an friendly smile. '' Do we just wait for everyone to be in, or is the headmaster gonna give an speech?'' He than asked with an smile to the man. He saw everyone was just waiting or standing at sides. And heard some people talking to eachother.

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Hiro walked into the Professors meeting with a smile on his face. He certainly didn't feel like a newbie at this anymore, more and more newer and younger Professors being added to the staff roster. And it was interesting to see who had been added in this year, spotting the new DADA Professor almost immediately. Sometimes it felt like the Professors were getting younger and younger. Or maybe that was just him getting older and older. But he didn't pay it much mind before moving away from the door and finding a seat to settle into.
Stefan Archer enjoyed his role in the library a good deal. It had been a solid job for him. He did his hours and then went home. He was able to just be flexible around his time with it, and still for the time, spend time with his daughters. Stefan couldn't believe they were sixth years now, on the cusp of being adults and achieving so highly. He stepped into the professor's common room, and stood towards the back of the crowd, waiting to see what this meeting would be about.
Sarah was never one for meetings that were long and full of information that didn't need to be said. They weren't students after all. Luckily the current headmaster seemed to be pretty quick with the details. Sitting on one of the more comfortable chairs Sarah looked around to see if she noted anyone new to her. Adorah was still not present and she hoped her fellow Astronomy Professor would make it soon, she was wondering how her holidays had been. "Kia ora, Angel," Sarah replied as the man entered the space greeting everyone. "I'm hoping Ravenclaw will do well this year." Sarah had been in the house back when she went to school and always hoped the best for her house.
Adorah had been finishing up some organizing of her office when she realized she might miss the staff meeting. Dashing down to the ground floor, she found her way to the common room, stepping inside as she tucked her curls behind her ears, hoping her hair didn't look too wild from the numerous flights of stairs. She spotted Noel quickly, glad he found his way to the meeting. He was obviously capable, but she wanted to make sure that they both were providing a good impression to their colleagues and former instructors. Adorah spotted her fellow Astronomy professor and took the opportunity to chat before things picked up. "Hi," she said to the woman, acknowledging that there were other professors around, too. She still felt awkward calling some of them by their first names and just hoped to avoid it whenever possible. @Professor Sarah Harrington
Ignacio was no stranger to staff meetings nor keeping to himself during said meetings, but in tune with his decision to go out of the comfort zone he had willingly created for himself over the last few years, he had decided to try and be more social with his colleagues, and be more present in each of the meetings he needed to attend rather than keeping to himself. With this in mind he arrived to the staff meeting that day, politely smiling and nodding to a few of his colleagues before approaching the refreshment table to pour himself a cup of water. He spotted Killian in another spot in the room and wasted no time approaching the part-giant. "That's a lot of coffee for a meeting. You holding up okay?" He said lightly, gently prodding the man with his shoulder.​
Lena had almost had to bring the girls to the castle, finally finding a sitter at the last minute, causing her to feel extremely rushed. She was much happier in a lot of ways, but being a single mom was rough. Her mother had been such a help at first, but she had found her own path, and Lena wanted her to enjoy being a grandparent.

The blonde apparated just outside the barrier, finding her way into the castle and the common room. It was already bustling with her coworkers, but she could see not everyone had arrived. There was at least one new face, although she vaguely recognized him from somewhere. She didn't see Quinn anywhere and decided to grab a quick snack before the meeting began.
Elvera made her way down the stairs the sound of her soft boots on the stairs as she made her way to the staff room. She loved the divination tower and how far it was away from the school it helped keep it clear or negative echoes however when she was running late for a meeting because he she had been absorbed reading the journals of one of her ancestors she had uncovered in a trunk she had found at her house over the break she missed the days when she had an office on the so I do floor with a vanishing cabinet linking them.
She entered the staff room a little short of breath and noticed that most of the faculty was already there. She slipped in ending up near to kahurangi and angel just as angel asked if they were ready for another year of slytherin winning she smiled hello. I wouldn’t be so sure. My sources say there will be a different winner this year she said though she really had no ideas on the house competition.

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Killian attempted to focus on everyone that was coming in, but many of the conversations did not concern him until Ignacio approached him, and started to chat. Even prodding him, which luckily did not budge the part-giant. He drank a bit more of the coffee and cleared his throat, "My son was born on August 24th. Haven't slept through the night in a while." Killian was glad that he had his brothers that would step in when he was at the school, but he could step away to check in on his newborn, he assumed. Amethyst was at home with him right now though. Considering the height difference, he decided to just get down on one of his knees to nearly stand the height of others. "You can probably outrun me today, until my energy rebuilds." That was his attempt of a joke, but he was always a stick in the mud regardless.
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