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Misha Philip Haden

Misha - The name Misha is a Russian baby name. In Russian the meaning of the name Misha is: God like.
Philip - The name Philip is a French baby name. In French the meaning of the name Philip is: loves horses. American Meaning: The name Philip is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Philip is: loves horses
Haden - The name Haden is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Haden is: From the heath. American Meaning: The name Haden is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Haden is: From the heath

Being the first born son of his father, Misha was always destined to carry the same name as him. It had been a tradition carried on through the family for generations and he was just as the first born son the one to be called that. The name Misha in his family had been about five generations, when his father's half of the family first moved from Iceland to Russia and rather than keeping their old names opted for something a little more normalised to the Russian culture which his family lived in, the tradition carried on even when Misha's great grandfather on his father father's side moved to American following the break out of the Russian Revolution in 1917. His family had been living in a magical area outside Moscow, and being of noble blood were certain to end up suffering because of it, so even when they arrived in America, the family kept the tradition of having the first born son be named Misha and finally Misha received that name. He's never particularly enjoyed it, Misha was a good name, and he does think his name is a nice name, but he didn't like having to have shared it with so many despite the weight that it carried. He has no plans to change his name, nor does he intended to carry the name on in any son he might possibly one day have. His middle name was the thought of his mother whom while being from Russia originally had decided to chose a far more english sounding name, despite the fact that she wasn't. He likes his middle name but no one really calls him that, and it's easy for him to actually forget that he does indeed have a middle name since he so rarely tells people it or uses it. His surname much like his first name is a name that was past down to him.

In school Misha wasn't particularly sociable and so his nicknames stayed fairly limited to just a few simples ones most used by his siblings, the youngest of his siblings when she had recently been born would refer to Misha as Mi, and that was really about it. With a name as short as his own, and as simple there was never really any need for nicknames and because of the fact Misha didn't really talk to most people while in school, he therefore didn't receive any, although, he has never minded not having a nickname, and especially since he is now an adult who doesn't require anyone to be calling him by any other name than his given name. Misha would be agreeable to nicknames, to most nicknames although he is never the type to give himself a nickname.

Thirty years old, Misha had never been a huge fan of his birthday, especially as he's grown older, he'll always go out for it, grab a few people and try to have a good time. He just doesn't enjoy the gift giving part of it, or the obligation to see family, but he enjoys going out and enjoying a couple of drinks and having an all round good time wherever he ends up celebrating. Misha won't ever say it was his birthday, the only way to tell would be by the fact he would chose to drink twice as much as he would normally. It's just part of the way that he manages to have fun, and on his birthday he definitely goes at it a little harder than normal.

August 30th 2009, born in Houston Texas in the United States of America. Misha was supposed to be born at home, but mostly due to the fact that Misha arrived a week late he had to be induced and was taken to the hospital to ensure that there would be no further issues to it. He was born in the early hours of the day, after a short birthing period, he wasn't the shortest birth in his family, since they were all pretty short, a trait which follows the mother's line, Misha was born healthy but only remained in the hospital for a few hours before being allowed to go home, mostly due to his parents desire to take him home, and since there had been no complications and he was healthy enough to be taken home.

During his schooling, Misha had always been unsure of what he had wanted to be when he left school, that had been until he had been in sixth year and had been given an opportunity by his Charms professor at school to help out with the youngest kids at the school, and he loved it, absolutely loved it. Which was why he then decided to continue with charms and teaching, eventually getting a job at Hogwarts New Zealand teaching charms to the elder students, and then eventually to all the years in the school. Misha loves his job, he thinks it's the best thing in the world, watching as the faces of the students light up when they get a spell right, just the way they all learn so much and they grow up right in front of him, it's his passion in life and he would rather do that than anything else.

Misha Haden Senior, born in Austin, Texas. Currently resides in Warsaw, Poland. Was a healer in the wizarding hospital in Poland. Was home schooled by his father in Texas. First son born when he was 22. Married at 24. Second son born at 25. Things between him and his wife worsen. First daughter born at 31. Divorced at 35. Is mixed blood. Both parents magical. His great grandmother on his dad's side was a muggle born. He is Tall, well built, brown haired, aqua eyes. Lived in Texas with his wife up until the age of 32.

Elizaveta "Lubov" Haden. Russian. Lives in Moscow Russia. Is a muggle. Works part time at a local independent clothes store, run by her best friend. Went to a High School in Russia and then went to the University of Warsaw and studied English while also continuing a career in Modelling that she'd start in High School. First got pregnant when she was 20. Married at 22. Had a second son at 23. Didn't really get along that well with her husband. Had her first daughter at 29. Divorced at 33. Her parents also split when she 4. Mother died when he was 15.
She is tall, slim figure, blonde hair, blue eyes.

Younger brother, Zachariasz Haden, 23, 14/8/2012, a Healer at Warsaw's Magical hospital working specifically with the terminally ill, those locked in the wards who do not expected to get out. He's openly gay, but doesn't have a partner and doesn't really actively pursue getting a partner, he is much like Misha in his happiness with being single.
Younger sister, Czeslawa Haden, 3/5/2018, Durmstrang. She graduated school and spent the next few years travelling before settling down to married life with a Russian man, mixed blood wizard she met while visiting friends in Belarus. She does not currently have a job but she would like to work with children, with specifically young children who are pre-school age.

Misha has a daughter whom he doesn't yet know about

Misha has had several owls during his time, but his current and longest companion is a small snowy owl, which he unimaginatively named Haden, he's always enjoyed owls and finds them very useful and he likes the company that they give him when he's at home. Aside from this one type of animal, Misha has never had any other pets, and would find most others pretty silly to have.

With the fact that Misha's mother is a muggle but that his father was a mixed blood wizard, which makes Misha half blood. His father's love muggles and has made a career being a part of their world, and is hugely hateful towards anyone who is hateful towards muggles. It's just always been the case.

Misha despite having gone to Durmstrang which is known for a slight dislike towards muggles never suffered any issues and in fact would say that he really enjoys what he is. He doesn't spend much time with his muggle mother's family since the divorce and her death a few years later, but he does love muggles. During his school years Misha was less than forthcoming when he was asked about his blood type, and at least during the first few years he felt fairly ashamed of his mother, but as time went on Misha grew to live with it, and now really enjoys the kind of life he was provided with because of his blood and also shares his father's love for all muggle things.

His family has moved around quite a lot, his family lived in Houston Texas for the first 6 years of Misha's life, when his sister turned one his parents split and they moved to a small town further outside Texas for a subsequent year until his father decided to move his family to Poland because the company he was working for needed someone to go to Poland and help set up. Misha then spent the rest of his time living in Warsaw, Poland. He remembers it more and does count Warsaw as his hometown more than any place in America.

When Misha first got the job in New Zealand, he continued to live in Poland for about a year until he made the move to New Zealand. He now lives in a secluded house on the outskirts of Wellington, he likes living there because it keeps him close enough to school, but close enough to Wellington to enjoy the nightlife. His house is mostly quite bare but he has been living in it for about five or six years and it is definitely his home.

Misha was raised by his American father and a Russian mother, so he is half American, half russian, but is only a citizen of Poland, since he lived in that country for the longest time, and has never bothered to switch to New Zealand nationality. He enjoys being half american, half russian and though he doesn't spend time in either of those countries any more he always been proud of his heritage.

Misha has always been very certain of his own sexuality, he is straight, and identifies as straight, he has no feelings towards that of the same sex.

Because of his drive towards his work and the fact that as a person he much prefers just being able to sleep around, Misha is currently single. He's in his thirties and has no real desire to ever settle down and have a family. Eventually perhaps but as of right now, currently, the man isn't interested in such a thing.

During his years at Durmstrang he developed a good number of crushes over the years, but the strongest was in sixth year, when he had the largest crush on a girl called Josephina who transferred into their year at the school in sixth year. While he has no clue what she's doing now and did eventually get over his crush it is still something he remembers. Misha did ask her out at one point, but it ended pretty badly and the entire experience did put him off her.

During his year of crushing on one girl, Misha had become a little more animatedly and was talking to more and more people and ended up sharing a first kiss with a girl named Beata who was in his charms classroom with him and whom he had a lot in common with. It was at the back of the herbology classrooms in a rushed way before the professor at the front of the room could actually catch them.

His first real french kiss was in the same classroom, with the same girl not too long after the kiss had been had. Misha remembers it being pretty awful, it was rushed and messy and just overall not a great experience for him, but one that he is thankful he had at that point and not later in his life.

Shortly after Misha's nineteenth birthday, he had been out with some friends and had gotten pretty drunk in the club district of Warsaw, and he ended up going home with a girl whom he had been talking to most of the night. He doesn't know who she is, or what the experience was really like, but it happened and Misha doesn't regret how it happened in the slightest. He knew that it had to happen some time and he was happier thinking that there was no way he could let anyone down if he doesn't in fact remember the experience, he just knows that it happened.

Trying to keep an eye on you ,
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Misha has dark brown hair, he's always had this colour and as has everyone else in his family, he has a pale face which usually makes his hair look darker than it really is. In school he kept his hair at a pretty long length never doing anything with it, just allowing it to sit naturally on his face, but since growing up and becoming a professor he keeps it at a shorter and far more manageable length. He doesn't usually do much to it, and he can occasionally suffer from dandruff which he always works hard to get rid of. He has always found hair a little funny and has never really spent too much time worrying about his hair.

Misha fully understands that he'd eventually have to dye his hair, considering that his father became grey when he a little older than thirty-two and Misha would hate for that to happen to him so he has been very careful to watch his own hair for greys and knows that if he does end up with any that'll make him dye his hair. Misha has no problems with dying his hair, or with people to choose to dye their hair.

Misha has hazel brown eyes, of a much lighter colour than most of his family, for some reason his eyesight is about three shades lighter than that of his parents and his siblings. Misha has always liked his own eyes, they stand out pretty easier when it's quite light in the room, they'll appear darker in darker lighting situations but generally his eyes stay pretty clear against his quite pale skin.

Despite the fact he no longer does as much sport as he used to, Misha has a strong athletic build, he stands at just over 6ft 2, all of the men in his family have been pretty tall, Misha was quite small as a child and he really did think that he was going to end up being the same heigh as his mother, who had always been the smallest person in his family, but he shot up between fifth and sixth year and then hit his full height by graduation. Over the years he's worked to keep himself in shape, but Misha does like to indulge in unhealthy things ever so often which he tries to counteract by running as often as he can managed it in the morning before school, although never on a Monday

Misha has no birthmarks but he has a number of scars littered about his body from various instances with his brother growing up but also from other minor accidents that he's had over the years. None of the scars which Misha has are overly prominent, they still pretty faded and really only if he was to say that they were there would people probably notice it. He's always believed this to be to his own advantage and he therefore has good skin.

O (+ve)
Just like his mother, Misha has blood type, O positive, this blood type is the most common blood type in the world, and he doesn't feel anything towards it. This version of blood type to him means quite literally nothing to him. He just knows what it is and figures that's the only thing he should know about it, everything else about his blood type is just pointless information.

Right handed.
Misha was writing fairly young and always with his right hand, he has always had some trouble with Russian but he's always been very good at writing, and has neat hand writing despite his family's very normal way of having awful writing. Misha has never bothered to try with his other hand to see if he can write with it, because it's always been with his right that he's written, and he's never been the type to even try with the other.

Despite having spent a lot of time in America before moving to Poland, Misha speaks English with the most subtle hint of Polish. It's barely noticeable unless someone was to really be looking for it in the way that Misha speaks. When he speaks Polish there is not one hint of an accent, since he spent most of his formative years in the country and had originally desired to work there too, though he knows he is far far happier in New Zealand and at Hogwarts. Russian is the only language which Misha speaks with a heavy accent, since his Russian is his weakest language he speaks that the worst of the three, and his accent when he speaks Russian is a clear Polish one.

Due to the way that Misha was raised by an American father, a Russian mother in Poland, Misha can speak, English, Russia and Polish fluently. He was raised learning English and Russian and learned Polish when they moved to Poland. Misha's best language is English, just due to the amount that he uses it for since he lives and works in New Zealand.

Misha has never been allergic to anything, he has never suffered any allergies to anything he has ever eaten or taken a drink of. Misha has always couldn't himself as fairly lucky that he isn't allergic to anything and has always enjoyed being able to eat whatever he liked without having to think too much about it. Misha knows that it's not that big of a deal to be allergic to something, but he likes not even having to think about it.

While fairly laid paid, Misha will always insist of wearing a shirt and tie to work, he generally gets smart trousers too for work, but they don't always end up being that formal, he's been told that he dresses how people imagine young professors to dress like, but it's mostly just because he enjoys some formality but doesn't think it's the most important thing in his life. He doesn't have much variation in his wardrobe outside of school and that inside of school, though he does spend a little more time in robes while at school than outside of it.

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There are a lot of things which he likes, primarily Misha's main interest is in charms, he has always enjoyed charms and has really built his life around the pursuit of his interests in charms, it was always his favourite class during school and it had made most sense to him to continue to teach it to others. He also really loves teaching, Misha hadn't thought he would like it at all, but it very quickly took his fancy when he helped out in class once during his school years and ultimately fell in love with teaching, fell in love with it all. He loves being in front of a lesson and begin able to teach them all that he knows about Charms. He never thought he'd be able to do something with his life that he felt so passionate about, but he is very glad that he did. Aside from that Misha enjoys going out to parties and celebrations he's always been very interest in having fun and doing what some might claim as bad especially for his age but Misha enjoys it. He also really likes playing muggle video games occasionally.

Primarily Misha dislikes being controlled by others or forced to do anything, he works very hard to maintain his life and doesn't particularly want someone to control him or what he does. He really hates it when people say that he's doing something wrong that he's just wasting his life, he really doesn't appreciate such things. He also really dislikes when people tell him that he's never going to manage to have a family or that his life isn't complete without a family. Despite his age Misha has absolutely no current desire to have a family, he knew he wouldn't stop it if the opportunity came along but aside from that he's not pursuing it and hates when people tell him that he'll run out of time. Misha dislikes when people dismiss charms, he thinks it's one of the most important subjects that anyone can study and feels like when people don't like it that they don't understand the subject. He also really dislikes when people have a go at him for teaching, he thinks it one of the best professions and really hates when people think less of him for it.

His goals in life are mostly complete, he'd like to make further progression in his work but would definitely be happy remaining where he was at Hogwarts New Zealand. Misha from the moment he decided he wanted to be a teach that was the only goal he pursued and now that he's got that Misha would like to one day have a family, but it isn't a goal he's really reaching for at the moment, really Misha is an incredibly settled person, who enjoys almost all aspects of his life.

Ultimately it would be losing his job or being unable to teach, since Misha has worked towards this goal and then at this goal for a long part of his life he would definitely fear losing it, the idea of not being able to teach any more is something which is pretty terrifying to him and so he would definitely see that as being the worst possible thing which could happen to him. Misha has no clue what he would do with his life if he wasn't able to teach.


Misha is incredibly happy with where his life is at this point in time, so really he could use any of the occasions where he is in front of a class as a memory for the patronus, he feels such happiness when he's in front of a class, he felts joy and calm, he just stares at his class and feels so completely at home within it. He has a lot of very strong happy memories but nothing brings a smile to his face more than being able to teach like he does. Even on the worst of days which is why he would definitely say that was his great memories and they are the strongest to create a patronus.

His parents divorcing stays pretty strong in his head as the worst day of his life, Misha had never been particularly family oriented but his parents splitting up was one of the worst experiences even if he could admit now that it had been for the best. He just remembers all the arguing and all the fights and is just reminded of how horrible each of those made him feel and how hopeless it all felt. Misha obviously realises as an adult that it hadn't been his fault and that things were better when his parents had split but it doesn't stop those memories of that time being some of the worst memories in his life.

Misha really enjoys the smell of freshly made coffee, he finds it the most amazing smell in the world and a person who makes coffee for him in the morning would be greatly thanked. He just really enjoys fresh coffee and the smell which it gives his apartment. He also loves the smell of vodka a little bit of a contrast to the coffee and not a smell most people like, but he enjoys what alcohol does and he is the sort of person who would really enjoy how freeing it makes people. He also really enjoys the smell of swimming pools, the chlorine smell of muggle swimming pools, he doesn't know what it is about them, but he really loves that smell.

His mentor at school, was the man who prompted Misha to go into teaching by helping him in the first class he ever took part in. He was a man who took to Misha well and then helped instruct him on teaching a class and being a good students too. Misha always thinks of this man as a sort of father figure and though he hasn't seen him in a long while he appreciates everything the man did for him and hopes to one day do him proud in his own teaching.



Virgos are often put down badly by many astrologers and written up as being fussy and narrow-minded. But when a Virgo shines, there is practically no sign to match their inner light. An in-tune Virgo is a treat to meet. When a Virgo is confident within themselves they are the most successful, structured and creative of all the signs. Many Virgos can be found working in the "service to others" industries, ranging from welfare work, doctors, school-teachers through to practising natural forms of healing like massage, herbal remedies etc. One of the most magical characteristics of the Virgo is no matter how many times life or romance turns sour on them, they still manage to maintain faith in others, refusing to become cynical. There is ingenuity around this sign, a kind-heartedness, which unfortunately is sometimes played upon by others for their advantage. Virgos can often become victims of relationship power-games, where they are mistreated. Creative and sensitive, Virgos are delicate people who, like rare and special orchids, require individual treatment to fully blossom into their true unique beauty. Shy, they are happy to allow others to take centre-stage and often generate their time and energy into making those they love happy or successful.

Misha could be best described as easy-going, he thoroughly enjoys going out drinking and to clubs and he works incredibly hard but he has a relaxed attitude towards his classes and thoroughly enjoys being able to just teach, he's not the type of person to overwhelm his students with work. Misha likes taking it easy and he generally dislikes having to go around giving students into trouble but he will of course do it. He loves teaching, but he's not a huge fan of children, he operates an open door policy and really tries to treat his students with the same respect he expects to be treated with.


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Ivy Wand 13" Essence of Gargoyle Tooth

This wand brings determination, strength and courage to its bearers, however it is a wand for the sly, cunning and ambitious, those who deem kind and welcomingly are not welcomed by this wand. It is the excellent adapt for dark magic and for those that find pleasure in watching people suffer.

Durmstrang Academy of Magic

Misha had never seen such a building before in his life, he had seen lots of varying castles from his time living in Poland, but he had never seen a school that just looked so noble, it stood so proud amongst the scenery the boy had wondered at the time as to why no one else had ever picked up on it before, why the muggles didn't see it. He thought it was the most amazing building he'd ever seen.

Graduated, therefore no such year


It was one of the proudest moments of his life, he couldn't help but feel so proud of what he'd achieved, he had already planned out what he was going to do with his life and he just needed to get started on it, which was why he really what he wanted to do, lingering around was not in his plan, Misha just felt so happy to be able to finish with school and move on with his life on to what he wanted to do with it.

The only position which Misha achieved was becoming a prefect. He thoroughly enjoyed the responsibility of being a prefect.


Muggle Studies

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