Elvera Le Fey

Professor Elvera Le Fey

Seer, Mother of twins, Divination 3-4
OOC First Name
Oak 14 3/4" with an Essence of Raven Feather core.
53 (11/2009)
The Basics:

Name: Elvera Le Fey
House: no yet sorted but when i am next year i hope i will be in Revenclaw
Birthday: Friday 13th November 2009 ((hang on i am not born yet))
Hometown: a small village in the south of england somewhere near glastonbury
Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: unknown, i don't know who my parents were but i do know that i am a descended form Morgan Le Fay form autherian myth
Five words that best describe your character: secretive, bookworm, clever, free spirit, antisocial

Hair Color: dark in some lights it is a red colour, in some it is black and in some it is slightly blue
Hair Style: long wavy, and a little unkempt
Eye color: one eye is a sort of violet colour, and the other is bright green. I sometimes feel a little self conscious about my eyes
Height: quite small for my age

Other distinguishing details:
my skin is pale and i alwaus have a blue stone on a re thread around my neck, this stone used to belong to my ancester Morgan, i always wear it because it is the only link to family i have and i dont feel whole without it. my i am petite and my facial features have once been descrided as "like a wood nymph"

i may seem a little antisocial a times but i am just not used to there being lots of peope around normaly it is just me and Morgause


Father's name: unknown
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): unknown
Mother's name: Morgan Le fey, ((elvera doesnt know that she is her mother she just thinks that she is her ancestor))
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Fay, Elvera doesnt know this ether
Siblings (names and descriptions): none
Other key family members:
Morgause: the old lady i have lived with for the last 10 years in an old hill, i am not sure how she is related to me if she even is but i have always called her my aunt

At Hogwarts N/A

Your best subject:
Your worst subject: Flying
Extracurricular activities: Book club, cooking club, and wild patch club
Favorite place at Hogwarts: at the lakeside underneath a willow tree
Least favorite place at Hogwarts: quiditch pitch as it makes me feel sick
Do any of the staff members scare you?:
Do any inspire you?:


Interests/hobbies: i enjoy gardening, reading, i am not very tidy and my room has always been a mess however i have always had a knock at finding things that are lost
What you might like to do after Hogwarts: i don't know
Someone you look up to: Morgause she is the only person i feel comfy around
Hey, and welcome! I hope you don't mind me asking questions about your character. Feel free to answer them however you like.

Why would you like to be in Ravenclaw house?

How did you find out about your ancestry?

If you live in England, how come you're coming to Hogwarts New Zealand?

What's the name of your home village? ((you can make it up, you know, as long as you tell us it's made up :p))

Tell us a little more about the stone, what's it like?

Just a couple for now, if I think of more, I'll ask! :p
where is mousehole hehehehehehehehehe where is glastormbley where is yore village WHAT IS ITS NAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please be more calm in your replies. Over use of punctuation is not generally well accepted out of character (such as here) as it can indicate yelling and be very distracting and in character we try to keep role plays and their punctuation to the minimum needed to convey the effect desired.

Please read over this. :)
Why would you like to be in Ravenclaw house? I really enjoy reading and I want to learn a lot about magic especially herbolagy and other natural lore

How did you find out about your ancestry? Mordred told me and i have also had a great intreats in Arthurian mythology and the surname kind of fits

If you live in England, how come you're coming to Hogwarts New Zealand? Morgause told me there wasn't enough spaces in Hogwats scotland and they sent my details to new Zealand and that is where i have managed to get in. however I dont know that Morgause didnt want me to go to HS, so she wrote to HS, and they forwarded my details on from there.

What's the name of your home village? ((you can make it up, you know, as long as you tell us it's made up )) well i live in a cave in a hollowed out hill near the village of were ((that s a real place but i don't really live near there)) ((it is not that close to glastonbury by England's standards but on the map it is day trip close))

Tell us a little more about the stone, what's it like? the stone is a blue colour and it is always warm to the touch. Morgause called it a droid stone because she said that it to the droids long before me or morgan were born she found it when she was sitting on some standing stones in her home somewhere in cornwall ((please don't ask me where because i don't know)) it was all dirt and brown but when she dropped it in some water the dirt fell off in shells and st was let all sparkly and blue and i think that it "sung" to her (i don't know what that means) any war Morgause said that Morgan pt it on a red thread round her neck. because morgan is the only family member that i know anything about i want to be like her so when i found the stone n ne of Mordred's old cases i found red chord and tid in around my neck oh yes one more thing the stone has a natural hole in it.

I hope that this is useful
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- Pets, if any: None at the moment but want to get a Raven when i start Howarts NZ
- Area of Residence: Were (south of england)
- Blood status:Unknown

(all characters:)
- What would their Patronus be? Raven
- What would their Boggart be? a masked Knight swinging a sword above its head ready to strike
- What would their Animagus form be? (If they ever were to become one): Raven again
- What would your character see if he/she looked in the Mirror of Erised? I think that if i Looked into the mirror i would probably see Morgan and I both very powerful and together
- What memory could they use to create a Patronus? The day i found my droid stone

- Write an example roleplay by your character:
Elvera walked into the shop a pussled expresion clouded her clear fair skin. her eyes were down cast like she was concentrating hard if I keep looking down people wont notice how strange my eyes are. her hair looked in need of a wash and a cut but she liked it that way the thought it gave her a wild look, make other people unsure of what they are dealing with. anyway she walked over to the bookshelf and her syes were automaticly drawn to the large leather bound volumes. the tryed to remind herself that she only had 400 galians to buy all of her schoolbooks and unform. anyway she thought, if i have any money left over I want to get a Raven with amber eyes. "now let me see" she mumbled "where would a standard book of spells grade 1 be?"

- Imagine that your character keeps a diary or journal. Write a page that could possibly be found in it:
12th December
Dear M
Today I found a stone in one of Mordred's cases. I thought this was Strange ((the charicter was only 5 or 6)) because the rest of the box was full with really valuable things. Mordred said that it was a droid stone. the showed me that when i droped it into water all of the dulness fell off and it was a Lovely bright blue that was semi transparent. ((you can only see light and dark through it )). then mordred told me a story about Morgan, and how she found the stone, nd tied it on a peace of red embrodary thread. Mordred also told me that i must from now on keep it with me from now on. I decided that i would also tie it on a red pese of thread, but Mordred Said that i should tie it on red Ribbon because it will be stronger. But i think that it is because Mordred doesnt want me to use the last of the red thread.
from Elvera.
I have just been sorted and i m a Ravenclaw.
the sorting hat said
"I see you fitting in best amongst the wise. Yes, you belong most to the house of RAVENCLAW!"
a brief history of Elvera Le Fey as told to Anna via skype on the 12th June 2012

okay. so growing up we grew up with this old lady called morgause. in the coundryside of south west england.
it was a nice childhood, let me see if i can find a picture of the house (its really cool)

the summers were long and sunny they would often go to muggle and widarding markets to sell their products and the winters were cozy, where morgause (the lady) would teach her magical theory, herb lore, old magic, and they would make their products, (like skin care things, and other herbal remidies, some with a little magic mixed in)
anyway. this was how her childhood was untill she got her letter to HNZ.
well you may be wondering why is she going half way aroud the world, and not to HS?
well morgause wrote to HS asking that elvera not attend ther due to the family past, so they forwarded her name on to HNZ.
so she attended school, in her first year she had some funny visions of a dark tunnel and a tall tower. when she returned for the smmer break she found the cave and tower and there at the top was morgan her mother who snce hwe birth had gone into some sort of crazy almost comatose state.
she managed to convince morgan to return to new zealand with her, though before she left Morgause reapplied the enchantments that was on her to suppress her seer power (the magic of the school had weakened it, though the new one was stronger)
anyway the rest of her school life went on like normal she was a bit of a loner, enjoying runes and divination best of all. and she only had one real friend Eden Koshiba.
anyway, I think it was during her fourth (though it may have been fifth i loose track) year she went home one brightstone weekend (to the inner eye) and morgan revieled a bit about her past (morgans) which i will briefly say
morgan had a twin, gwen, and gwen had attened HS whilst morgan had stayed at home schooled. hust after graduation qwen brought home a guy who she sai she was going to marry. however morgan fell for the guy and him and gwen broke up. gwen ran away to america, and at the end of the summer the guy also ganished. only appearing one night since about 9 months before Elvera and eden were born.
oh and the guy was called arthur
anyway Elveras life continued, like normal, though in her seventh year she became pretty close to Eden, and they started to nitice that they were rather similar in many ways.
on graduation during the ceromony mogan had a vision of a long suppressed past the morning when Elvera was born, and another girl who the midwife had said had been still born.
It had been that news that had made her go into a crazy state for 12 years, and she and her mother had ecided that elvera as to be brought up by her grandmother, and but under an enchantmont so as not to know her seer abilities (which ran in the family, all dark haired chindren who have a twin are also seers)
of course Eden who had been aubducted by the midwife who couldnt have children of her own had a similar vision and the truth came out. Elvera had a twin and morngan 2 more daughters
the other being lilith who she had had during the crazy time and couldnt remember or only remember vaguely.
of course this news finally broke the enchantment and Elvera had her first vision in the great hall causing her to fall oer and spill pumpkin juice over herself andeverywhere else.
the next year she spent working in the inner eye with her mother.
she did theaccounts and realised that there ws no way she could get them to balence as the shop wasnt that popular, and they both worked on he phlosaphy that they should give things to those who need them.
So she managed to get herself a job in the castle as divination professor. which got them enough money. to live off (plus they didnt need to pay for her food).
and since then not really much else has happened.
the end.

what else do i know
I know she cant have children though she currently hasnt got anyone to find that out with but some how she will fall pregnant with twins (maybe after a 1 night stand or something)

and about the Le Feys
well this family has a lot of things running in it.
it is followed down the female line, as no male has stuck along long enough to make it his line.
every generation there is one seer, which means that there has to be at least 1 set of twins
it is the seer who carrys on the line, if there is a non seer then they can marry if they wish, and have a normal family,
but theseer who carrys the line wont marry, not by choise it just wont happen. something will fall through

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