Elvera Le Fey

Professor Elvera Le Fey

Seer, Mother of twins, Divination 3-4, inner eye
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Oak 14 3/4" with an Essence of Raven Feather core.
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Long lost words whisper slowly to me

Still can't find what keeps me here
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The Basics:

Name: Elvera Nimue Le Fey
-Elvera: origin unclear, may mean truth, nobal protector, or, warrior of or gift of the elves.
-Nimue: Pronounced Nim-way, one of the names given to the lady of the lake from autherian myth
-Le Fey: same as autherian charictor Morgan Le fey, meaning of the blessed or of the fey.

House: Ravenclaw graduate
Birthday: friday 13th November 2009
Hometown: Picton New Zealand (near Makatu Mall) however she comes from Devon England.
Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: unknown, however it is known that her mothers line Is known as a line of female witches. and her farther did attend Hogwarts scotland but she doesn't know his blood status so she is most likely mixed blood.
Five words that best describe your character: bookworm, seer, nice, clever, Calm.

<SIZE size="150">When all this time I've been so hollow inside
(I know you're still there)

Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: long, wavy, thick
Eye color: One eye is violet, one is green
Height: 1.70 and quite curvaceous (possibly due to her love of cake) however the curves dont make her look fat, more of a 50's pin-up girl kind of shape. since returning to the school and having to head up and down from the north tower three times a day she had slimmed out a little.

Other distinguishing details: Elvera always wears a blue stone necklace. her style has some strong victorian influences though it is becoming more moden, they are simple clothes and she preferes skirts to trousers, she always wears gloves exept then she is at home, in the shop, or in her office and classroom (though she does often wear them those places anywat) this is a way she has found to block out many visions and feelings she gets of things when she touches them.
Watching me and wanting me
I can feel you pull me down

At Hogwarts

Your best subject: Runes, and Divination
Your worst subject: transfiguration
Extracurricular activities: book and cooking in first year. none any other
Favorite place at Hogwarts: as a student:north tower, and anywhere outside especially the forest as a professor: divination tower and garden
Least favorite place at Hogwarts: dungens
Do any of the staff members scare you?: none
Do any inspire you?: Professor Cyndi Kingsley
as elvera walfed into the Great hall, she was scared yet awed over the vastness of it. she looked around and saw that she didnt know many people. she knew Tasanee Ming, and Lynn N. Horikawa, from outside the ice-cream shop, but that seemed like years ago. she wated and watched as Nick started the ceremony, and she listend intently as the hat sang. when the verse on huflepuff had finished Elvera thought i would hate to be therebut she wouldnt mind out of grifindor, or slitherin, but she desparatly wanted ravenclaw.
the first name was called and she was suprised to see Zeke who she had met in bleak street, walk up to the hat. after a moment the hat caled out slitherin. i would quite like to be in slitherin, now
she thought, but she was really too nervous. time acted strange speeding up, yet it felt like it had gone on forever. she saw tasanee, go up, but of corse she would be a second year. she felt so small sorounded by all of the vastness of every where: this was partly true as she was small compared to everyone else with her dark hair streaming down her back.
sudenly through the silent noise she heard her name called out as if from miles away "Le Fey, Elvera"
she walked up trying to look brave yet the only thing she felt like doing was runnung away and being sick to where nick was standing with the hat and sat down with before taking the hat and placing it on her head. it fell down to her armpits as it as a very big hat and she was very small. at least i can't see them she thought. and then a voise started up in her ear

"I see you fitting in best amongst the wise. Yes, you belong most to the house of RAVENCLAW!"

after hearing her house be called out she got up took of the hat which she gave to her new porffeser and went to join her future class mates at the table
Fearing you, loving you
I won't let you pull me down

Selene Morgause Le Fey and Heliana Elaine Le Fey: Elveras Twin Daughters. they were born 13 minutes apart. Selene on 31st December 2036 and Heliana on january 1st 2037. they were a shock pregnancy after a brief affair. they are still too young to really know much about but Seline seems more calm and thoughtful where heliana is more vocal.

Mother's name: Morgan Le Fey
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): saying morgan is the shopkeeper of the inner eye is an underestimate to the great woman that is Morgan Le Fey. of mixed ancestry, she is a seer like many women in the family, She was home schooled whilst her twin attended hogwarts. she was trained in herb lore, natural, and old magic. after she had an affair with her sisters fiance. the two fell out and didnt speak for years. she stayed in the family tower and lived there until she fell pregnant after a one night stand with Arthur with Elvera and Eden.
Upon the birth of her daughters Elvera and news of Edens death from the midwife she went into a crazy or state or deep depression leaving Elvera in the care of her grandmother. twelve years later she finally came around and moved to new zealand to where her daughter was attending school she opened up the inner eye a shop specialising in divination and fortune telling. and started to take in lost and abandoned children.

Father's name: Arthur George
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Elvera has never met him, and thus doesnt know much about him. all that she knows about him was that he had been in the same school year as her aunt and was engaged to Gwen and when they graduated school. ofter graduation they visited the Le Fey family (morgan and Morgause) and announce it. however he ended up breaking it off after a couple of weeks as he met morgan and felt intrigued by her ways. He stuck around for the summer then vanished, only reappearing once since for one night nine months before Elvera and Eden were born.

Elvera and Morgan are very close. they are a team and work together extreamly well. Arthur she care nothing about. he has never done anyhitng for her and she thus has no thought to spare on him. as far as she is concerned she has no farther.

Siblings (names and descriptions):
Eden silverback - Twin, Scitorari member (although Elvera doesn't know) they attended school together, though they didnt know they were twins until they graduated. which was a bit of a surprise. a year after graduation Eden had a daughter Aine, and a few years later married and had a son Luxen 2. unfortunately she and Lilith fell out shortly after Liliths wedding and haven't spoken since

Lilith Patil - Younger sister, Auror, Lilith did attend hogwarts until she transferred into beauxbatton elvera didn't know her at this time. she then transferred back toHNZ for her seventh year. she met her future husband at beaux. the year after graduation she married Praneil before getting her dream job as an auror. She and Eden haven't spoken since.

Elvera loves both of her sisters and gets on well with both of them. She is a little upset that they refuse to talk to each other but knows that it is for them to sort out. She is also a little upset that Edens job means she is away from home for extended amounts of time, and Lilith's job is so demanding she doesnt have much time spare.

Other key family members:
Gwen De Nero, Aunt, Morgans Twin sister and Mayas mother. she was the daughter of the generation not to get the seer gift, she attend hogwarts scotland and was in Ravenclaw house. she and morgan stopped talking after Morgan ruined her engagement and she ran off to america only reappearing years later after chance had caused morgan to meet her daughter maya elvera likes her aunt though doesnt really see her that often.

Gwen De Nero, cousin, Auror, she grew up in salem and attended Hogwarts scotland as a ravenclaw. She is a very sweet lady and she and elvera get along well and enjoy each others company (and cooking)

Morgause Le Fey: Elveras Grandmother. an incredibly strong woman her own mum was in a mental asylum when she was younger and she was brought up by her dead dads muggle family (he dies in ww1) she managed to sneak into the woods near the asylum and meet her mum where she was taught old magic. when the asylum was closed she bought some land in the woods and built her house a mound in the earth. She brought up Morgan, Gwen and Elvera. and worked making herbal healing products to sell in muggle and magic markets. in April 2036 She passed away after a battle with cancer.

Nieces/nephew:Aine Le Fey, Padme Patil, Luxen Silverback II

Adoptive family
Adoptive sisters: Sapphire Bookchild, Ruby Clow, Netayna Abramovitz, Lamia Lewis
brother-in-laws: Alexander Silverback,Praneil Patil

Hunting you, I can smell you alive
Your heart pounding in my head


Interests/hobbies: reading, practicing and perfecting her seer ability, watching the world go by (all with a cup of tea and a cake). She loves spending time with the students and helping people who need it.

career: working in and co-owning the Inner eye, Divination professor
Someone you look up to: thats a hard one and there are a few options
-Cyndi Kingsley: my most inspiring professor as school a very nice co-worker
-Morgan and Morgause Le Fey: my mum and grandmother. Elvera is very happy to be growing up and following in their footsteps. they are both great women in their own ways.
-Eden Koshiba:Yes she is my twin, but your twin can still inspire you right, She is just so strong, and always open to love and people


Dementor: the feeling of emptiness she had for the six months after she had been told she was not able to have children.

patronus memory: her dayof graduation, leaving school, finding out she had a twin and sister, and that she had actually inherited her mothers seer ability. or finding out that she was pregnant or when her babies were born.

Patronus form: a raven


lyrics, Haunted, by Evanescence
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Professor Elvera Le Fey

Seer, Mother of twins, Divination 3-4, inner eye
OOC First Name
Oak 14 3/4" with an Essence of Raven Feather core.
44 (11/2009)

Early life
elvera Le Fey was born on the early hours of the morning just before dawn. so close t dawn in fact that her twin sister eden was born just after daybreak. however Elvera and eden didn't actually meet until they first started school as eden was abducted and adopted by the midwife. this caused Morgan (Elveras mother to loose her grip on reality and she started to go a little insane. thankfully morgause (Morgans mother and Elveras grandmother) came in to help and the two adults decided it would be best for all involved if Elvera was brought up with Morgause not knowing about her mother or sister. as both of the adults thought that Elvera had a hight likelihood of inheriting her mothers seer gift they put an enchantmen on her to suppress that gift so that she would not be bothered with visions of her mother or her sister.

Elvera had an enjoyable childhood living with Morgause who she called her aunt but believed her not to be related to her at all. in the summer she would spend long hours outside playing by her self and learning many branches of natural magic (like herb lore) in winter she and Morgause would stay inside and she would learn to read, write, cook, sew and fix clothes. as well as many other things necessary for a young girl.

First year
In her fiest year at the castle shedidnt realy mix with many people and spent most of the time worying about the strange dreams she was having. this dream was a vision as to where morgan was as the high levels surrounding her interfered with the enchantments on her causing them to sometimes weaken and allow her to see something. she started to develop a friendship with hoshi, especially when hoshi saved her when she fell of the cliffs at the end of the year

over the summer Elvera went back to england and visited avalon where she met her mother for the first time and found out that it was morgan le fey, the prison she had always presumed to be her ancestor

second year
Elvera went back t the castle a little scared at what had happened to her over the summer. she became more reclusive and barely spoke to anyone.
one day she met zazuka up in the north tower and ended up telling her everything after this she tried not to worry so much and to try and make some more friends. however her few attempts didn't work out too well

third year
Elvera started the year wanting to make a fresh start, her chosen subjects were divination, arithmancy and ancient runes.
she excelled and was good at runes, however she didn't find arithmancy as interesting, but useful none the less.
she also had her first romantic relationship, with a centaur called Spike Time to relax, another meeting

fourth year
this year was a big year for self discovery, she found out about half her family, her cousin and aunt, she also found out a lot about her farther and her mothers childhood and teenage years.
elvera continued sneeking out so see spike, however this relationship fizzled out at the end of the year The waking of the trees. retry

fifth year
this year was a slow year for Elvera,this was due to her not feeling her best and rather tired, she wasn't ill in a noticeable way just a lethargic, the blamed it on stress for her OWL's however near the end of the year when she had lost tones of weight one of her dorm friends sent her to the hospital wing and she realized that she was anemic, so a short dose of iron potion later, and a summer of eating her mothers food later she was almost back to herself in time for her sixth year, however her owl grades were a little lower than hoped.

sixth year

seventh year
Elvera spent most of her seventh year Studying for her NEWTS. however she grew closer friends with class mate eden Koshiba.
On the day of her graduation, there were several shocks in store for her. firstly she found that she had a twin sister, who was her friend Eden Koshiba. she also discovered that she had a little sister Lilith. The other big shock was that she had her first vision this was due to the breaking of the enchantment on her caused by the news.

Post Hogwarts: year 1 The Inner Eye
after leaving school elvera took co-ownership of the Inner eye, the shop morgan had opened when she had moved to new zealand. although the shop was quiet and they never had more money than necessery she enjoyed it.
she discovered that her Twin Eden Koshiba was pregnant Are you kidding me?
she visited Eeden often taking food supplies A time for sisters
by the end of the year during the school holidays she ran into a boy called Sefan who had had some injuries. she helped him as much as she could Its been days
she realised that they wouldn't be able to keep the shop afloat on their profit margin. so she applied for a job that was available at Hogwarts, the divination professor for fifth and sixth years.
Elvera fot a job as the divination professor for fifth and sixth years at Hogwarts New Zealand
she met and quickly became friends with another young professor, Professor Straits, they attended both the halloween and yule celebrations together.
As professor Chamberlin left Elvera took on the job of Head of divination teaching the class to all of the students. she enjoyed it though she found it a lot of work.
Elvera also started to be a bit of a guide for some of the students, helping firstly samuel caster un october. as he was upset about his parents death. then in April she met Stefan Archer. a boy who had recently left the school. and was living on the streets. She took him under her wing and listened to his story and offered him a home and bed at her and Morgans house.
the year started well enough however as the first semester passed she started to feel unwell, sleeping poorly, loss of appetite, and most importantly having strong stomach pains. She also Attended lilith and praneils wedding where she was a brides maid. whilst she was teaching her last class to the sixth years they got so intense that she ended up collapsing, she was sent to st mungos and after a few tests the healer said that she would be unable to have children. at this news she was sent into a deep depression where she was in her office for months on end hardly moving and being forced to eat by Morgan (who also took her classes for her) in fact she only left it three times. She was visited a few times by cyndi which was good for her, and listed her spirit slightly even if she wasn't her full normal self. once for Christmas, though that wasn't by choice and although she was at home she still was in the nothing state, the other two times was one night when she ended up going to Icarus's rooms and confessing to him the whole family "curse", the second time was when Lilith was giving birth and she was made to go as morgan was ill and she had to deliver the child.


Elvera continuted working as divination professor and co-owning the inner eye. she enjoyed her life and she took on two students training them to be seers.
she had news from morgause that she was ill and this really upset Elvera as It was morgause who had raised her. she cast a very complex spell linkin her with morgause giving her some of her energy. over the months that followed her energy levels slowly wained as she needed to ive more and more to Morgause. she also spent a lot of her free time in England spending time with her grandma and helping her as much as she could. and trining to be initiated into the circle, a colection of pagan witches who each have a particular skill.
One Day Icarus came over whilst she was preparing creams. and we hid a special scroll of his uncles in the Le Fey Tower.

by new year 2036 Morgause was getting rather weak and the fatigue was spreading heavily to elvera. she was finding it hard to manage everything and look after morgause. at the start of the year she was initiated.
she was summoned to the circle for Beltine. morgause suddenly took a turn for the work and Elvera Lead the group. before leaving as soon as she could getting back in time to wish morgause off. as she was heading out to tell the bees Icarus, with his usual timing appeard asking to return to the tower to retrieve the scroll.
Later in the night they headed to the tower where the Scitori were waiting for them. after a short fight outside they headed in. Elvera was okay, but Icarus was rather injured. Elvera managed to levitate him to the top room and started to do what he could to heal his back, unfortunately she was not dressed for the cold tower and she was soon cold through. they spent the night in the tower neither wanting to leave. the next morning they came up with a deal to never mention that night in order to protect his reputation, and her safety.

over the next few weeks she was expecting to gain energy as she was no longer sharing it. she was feeling sick. She didn't know what was wrong but she was scared that it was the illness of the other year returning. it wasn't until Ai, one of her student seers, came and told her that she had had a vision that she knew for sure. She was pregnant.
it was a few weeks after that that she was offered a promotion to become the deputy headmistress of hogwrts new zealand. the next few months she went through a smooth pregnancy feeling like she was turning into a balloon getting huge, scared that something would happen. thankfully nothing happened and she went into labour on new years eve. and (although he had no testing done before and wasn't expecting it) she gave birth to twins, either side of new year.
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Professor Elvera Le Fey

Seer, Mother of twins, Divination 3-4, inner eye
OOC First Name
Oak 14 3/4" with an Essence of Raven Feather core.
44 (11/2009)
Elvera Lives with her mother morgan, and occasionally her sisters in a small cottage in New Zealand near to the mall where they work. it is a small cottage and it has a homely feel to it (in some places), however the places that elvera is responsible for has a much more cool, clam feel. like seen in the pictures. the whole house has an old fashioned feel to it, with patchwork quilts on the beds, and sofas, a large fire in the kitchen and lounge, and smaller fireplaces in most other rooms.

Morgan is usually found in the kitchen either making herbal preparations and teas, or food, usually something sweet.

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