Skylar Anderson

Skylar Anderson

Bubbly ~ Fun-loving ~ Outdoorsy
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Knotted 11 1/2 Inch Unyielding Aspen Wand with Fwooper Feather Core
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Skylar Anderson

Basic Information
Full Name: Skylar Charlotte Anderson
Nickname: Sky
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Birthdate: 29th July 2041
Age: 12
Occupation: Student (at Hogwarts NZ)

Hometown: Warkworth, New Zealand
Nationality: New Zealander
Languages Spoken: English
Zodiac Sign: Leo (Fire Sign)
Element: The key words to describe those with Fire signs would be enthusiastic and out-going. They are ready for whatever life throws at them and take it in their stride. They like to live large and are bored by mundane tasks. Fire Signs are also intuitive and use their gut–instincts, which means that they can also be deemed as reckless and unaware of the impact their actions could cause.

Magical Information
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Hogwarts House: GRYFFINDOR!
Year Level: Third Year
Wand: Knotted 11 1/2 Inch Unyielding Aspen Wand with Fwooper Feather Core
Wand Description: Aspen is a renowned duelling wood, having a great history within the art and exceptional skill for charms. Fwooper feathers make wands that are great for use in Charms and Care of Magical Creatures classes. The wand caster should be warned that they will likely have trouble casting the silencing spell though. If rumors about this wand core are to be believed, it is said to slowly drive the wand wielder mad.

Amortentia: The smell of nature and forests, especially in autumn when the air is more crisp.
Mirror of Erised: Seeing herself with her twin brother, but he can perform magic, just as she can.
Boggart: Losing her family

Patronus: Fox Terrier
Patronus Memory: Unknown
Patronus Explanation: This is a small yet fearless dog that loves being outside and around people. If you have this Patronus, you are spunky and loyal. They work well in teams, so when teaming up with other Patronuses, you can't be beaten.

Dementor: Unknown
Animagus: Unkown

Hair: She has dirty blonde hair that is frustratingly straight, so she braids it every night in an attempt to make it wavy for the next day.
Eyes: Her eyes are a dark blue that remind her of the ocean, and are usually twinkling from laughter.
Height: 149cm (4'9")
Skin Tone: A light, natural tan that she gets from spending a lot of her time outside (and forgetting to put sunscreen on...)
Style: She's most comfortable in anything that is outdoorsy and practical (since she hates fashion and girly things) and prefers leggings, hoodies and sneakers, opposed to things like skirts and dresses.
Other Distinguishing Features: A small scar on her left leg from when she fell out of a tree when she was little. Also a small smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose, that's barely visible unless you look closely.
Play-by: Olivia Holt

Good Traits: She's a very bubbly and optimistic person, who's always up for a laugh, no matter how ridiculous the circumstances!
Bad Traits: She can sometimes be too optimistic and chooses to see the best in people, even if others don't. Unfortunately, she has had a few cases where this has not worked out, and she only regretted it later.
Strengths: She's most 'in her element' in nature, so she can climb trees easily, swim well, look after and care for animals well and just generally does best when she is outside.
Weaknesses: As a result of her choosing to see the best in people, she often lets her guard down around others too easily.

Desires: She wants to travel and experience all that the world has to offer when she's older, preferably with a job that has to do with animals. She'd most want to enjoy it with close family and friends, rather than travelling solo.
Fears: Her greatest fear is to lose those that she loves or to be in a situation by herself and abandoned. Currently, she's worried about how her relationship with her family will evolve, because she's the only magical one in it. (And she also hates spiders and cockroaches!)
Pet Peeves: She hates it the most when people take credit for something that she did, and blatantly deny it if she confronts them about it. She also hates it when people chew with their mouths open.

Skylar comes from a Muggle family, who live on a farm, so as a result, she loves the outdoors and is most comfortable there, as well as being good with animals, seeing as that's who she's grown up with. Her particular skill as a result of that is climbing trees really well and generally being pretty good at looking after and caring for animals.

Her whole life, Skylar grew up thinking magic didn't exist, and that everything could be explained by science, until on the morning of her 11th birthday, when she received a beautiful envelope which had a letter saying she had gotten accepted into Hogwarts New Zealand! Of course, she hadn't believed it at first and thought it was just a dumb prank from someone, but she decided to go to the shopping street listed on the letter anyway, just in case, and there she found that it was actually real and magic did exist after all! After shopping for all her school supplies, (as well as her own wand!!) Skylar had left the street, certain that magic did in fact exist, since some of the things she'd seen there were unbelievable! Only a few days passed before Skylar caught the train which would take her to Hogwarts, but it had been one of the most difficult goodbye's of her life, not only because she would be away from her family for ages, but also because it meant leaving her non-magic twin brother behind. But she knew he was happy for her and glad for her to have one of the best experienes of her life, so that made it a bit easier leaving him, but it had still been hard.

Unfortunately, after completing her first year at Hogwarts, when she came back home over the long, winter holidays, Skylar found that it just wasn't the same as before. Her family had accepted that she was different to them, and although they were welcoming and happy she'd come back, things were just different after having spent a whole year away. Her family had moved on, they'd done things without her, and even her brother had completely changed. He was far more mature than he had been the year before, and Skylar found that the bond they had when they were little was slowly fading. Their 'twin telepathy' was gone, and he was more distant than ever before... but that was to be expected, because she was magical, and he was not.

It is uncertain where the magical link resulting in Skylar being able to perform magic came from, since none of the known family members can do it. It is possible that it was from an extended family member that they merely don't now about.

Immediate Family:
Father - Jacob David Anderson - Muggle - 39 years old (17th March 2014)
Mother - Sarah Jaine Anderson - Muggle - 37 years old (29th June 2016)
Twin Brother - Noah William Anderson - Muggle - 12 years old (29th July 2041)

Other Family:
Mother's Side:
Grandma - Charlotte Loraine Flanagan - Muggle
Grandpa - William Joseph Flanagan - Muggle

Father's Side:
Grandma - Elizabeth Mary Anderson - Muggle
Grandpa - Peter Daniel Anderson - Muggle

Favourite Things:
Class: Charms
Spell: Scourgify & Accio
Sport: Orienteering (muggle) / Quidditch (magical)
Colour: Burnt Orange
Pet: Labrador
Animal: Fox
Place: The forest behind her house
Food: Ice cream
Drink: Lemonade
Season: Autumn
Music: Old pop (80's/90's)
Number: 9 & 19
Word: Extravagant
Quote: "Every cloud has a silver lining"
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Skylar Anderson

Bubbly ~ Fun-loving ~ Outdoorsy
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Relationship Status
Knotted 11 1/2 Inch Unyielding Aspen Wand with Fwooper Feather Core
Trophy Showcase:
First Year
2051 - 2052



Pre Hogwarts:
Who Takes Trains These Days? - Harper Alston, Angelina Nikolai, Alexis King
The train ride to Hogwarts gives Skylar a perfect opportunity to meet new (potential) friends.

Semester One:
House Antics - Land Zephyr, Nola Bennett
The year begins on a fun note with Skylar meeting some fellow first years on the newly installed Gryffindor Trampoline!

Best day ever. - Marlee Haywood, Annabeth Easterling, Ivy Ashworth, Lois Redfront, Nicola Harvelle, Alena Romanova, Cami Zephyr, Millicent Abernathy
All the first year Gryffindor girls get together for their first night as dormmates, although some tension arises, quickly followed by a brief game of Truth or Dare.

Friends? - Annabeth Easterling, Hildegard de Valeriane
The year starts off with meeting two more of her house mates, who chat about their upcoming year at Hogwarts while making bracelets.

Living In A Land That Went Astray From History - Harper Alston
After a shocking Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson, Skylar talks to one of the only other muggleborns she knows about how history contained blood prejudice against them.

Pajama Party - Hildegard de Valeriane, Marlee Haywood, Emmaline Hopkins-Vance, Blake Lodge, Nicola Harvelle, Harper Alston
A fun night of dormmate bonding before exams, consisting of a Truth or Dare game and lots of laughter and creativity.

The First of Many! - Luisaidh Fergusson
When Skylar goes to the Yule Ball alone, it was inevitable that she meet someone new. But she certainly didn't expect someone as... 'confident' as Luisaidh.

Holidays between Semesters:
Finally The Holidays - Ruben Right
As exams finally finish and holidays come around, Skylar meets Ruben while taking a walk in the park, and finds he's actually quite fun to hang out with.

Waiting -
Lily Harbour, Branson Archer
Skylar meets two new Hogwarts students while out walking about the Brightstone park and wonders if she accidentally interrupted a pre-planned meet-up.

Semester Two:

First Impressions Need To Be Perfect - Blake Lodge
Blake joins Skylar in the stands for cheering on Gryffindor during the match between Gryffindor and Slytherin and gets a crash course on Quidditch.

Maybe we didn't think this through... - Blake Lodge, Lysander Summers
After Gryffindor's loss against Slytherin, Skylar joins Blake as she approaches Lysander, to 'supposedly' put in a good word for her about next year's trials, although Skylar suspects there might just be another reason too.

Pre Hogwarts:
Wands galore! - Xavier Jeffreys
Skylar buys the first thing a witch or wizard will ever need. Her very own wand!

Books. Books. And more books. - Lily Cliffeton
After getting her wand, Skylar needs to buy some textbooks but the wide variety means she encounters some trouble of what to buy.

Next Stop: Gladrag's Wizardwear - Amber Chou Wilson
Getting her Hogwarts clothing is the last thing she needs to do before she's got everything she needs for school to officially begin.

Semester One:
Y36 Start of Year Feast - Hogwarts Professors, Hogwarts Students, Vex
Skylar's first ever start of year feast immediately becomes interesting when Vex shows up, prompting Skylar to think of the popular muggle song (and movie) Ghostbusters, as well as prove her skills in a food fight!

Y36 Club Fair - Hogwarts Students
Determined to make the most of the opportunities presented to her this year, Skylar joins the SDA and Heta Omega.

Gryffindor House Meeting Y36 S1 - Professor Cyndi Kinsley, Gryffindor Students
Skylar attends her first house meeting, only to be met with punishment from what happened at the Start of Year Feast.

Quidditch Stands - Hogwarts Students
Skylar watches her first game of Quidditch, which begins her love for it, and she tries to analyse how best to get onto the team.

Make Our Own Fun - Lysander Summers, Hildegard De Valeriane, Ronald Lazarao, Harper Alston
As punishment for the Start of Year Feast food fight, Skylar has to stay in the common room for the evening, but finds out it's a lot more fun than she expected.

Party in the common room -
Jacob Kingsley, Chloe Thompson, Noel Waldgrave, Flynn North, Ronald Lazarao, Solomon Tofilau, Willow Cullen, Mazikeen Roe, Vader Hume, Lysander Summers, Knox Ivers, Emma van Houten
After Gryffindor's win in the Quidditch Match, Skylar joins the party that happens in the common room in an attempt to get to know the others more, and improve her chances for joining the team later on.

Y36 Halloween Feast - Hogwarts Students
Celebrating Halloween at Hogwarts for the first time, Skylar finds the Great Hall decked out in more Halloween decorations than she's ever seen before.

Muggleborn (and Raised!) Support Group -
Poppy Perkins, Chloe Chan, Abian Hunter, Richard Andrews, Lucas Fletcher
Skylar decides to attend a Muggleborn support group after realising that being a muggleborn comes with some difficulties.

Y36 Sign Language 101 - Ilija Olaf, Mary Lou Prindeou, Wendall Layton, Chloe Thompson, Jenna Jusantrea, Lysander Summers, Ajaccio Skey, Leia Hume, Lumio Skey, Padme Hume, Selene Le Fay, Fenton Fuller
After seeing a poster for learning sign language, Skylar decide to come along and see what it's about.

Y36 Heta Omega Meeting - Heta Omega Members, Tres Bear II
Her first Heta Omega meeting means she pairs up with an older 'sister' who can hopefully help her navigate Hogwarts much easier.

Ask an Auror - SDA S1 event - SDA Members
Skylar attends an event to see whether the career of being an Auror is for her, and finds it might not be quite what she expected.

Semster Two:
Isn't yellow for Hufflepuff? -
Adorah Zumwalt
Skylar recieves a rose from Harper, reminding her of their friendship.

Fresh Blooms - Delilah Thorne
From a chance meeting resulting from running late to the Heta Omega meeting, Skylar meets another rose giver and received another rose, this time from Hilda.

Y36 S2 Meeting | Making Valentine's Cards - Heta Omega Members, Blake Lodge
As part of the Heta Omega, Skylar makes cards to give to friends, and is reminded of some fun memories from the semester before.

Y36 End of Year Feast - Hogwarts Professors, Hogwarts Students
The end of Skylar's first year comes to a close, and she enjoys it while the hall is covered in red and gold to signify Gryffindor's win that year.


Classes + Grades

Semester One

Semester Two

Grade Point Average: 6 (O average)
House Points: 644


Yule Ball



Favourite Class: Flying
Least Favourite Class: Potions

Favourite Professor: Professor Kain
Least Favourite Professor: Professor Styx

Favourite Roleplay: Pajama Party

Most Memorable Moment: Food fight during the Start of Year Feast

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Skylar Anderson

Bubbly ~ Fun-loving ~ Outdoorsy
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Relationship Status
Knotted 11 1/2 Inch Unyielding Aspen Wand with Fwooper Feather Core
Trophy Showcase:
Second Year
2052 - 2053


Semester One:
The social event of the season - Blake Lodge, Seraphina My, Harper Alston, Hildegard de Valeriane, Ivy Ashworth, Hester MacGillivray, Emmaline Hopkins-Vance, Alena Romanova
A dorm decorating session turns tense after difference in opinion arises on what is the 'right' way of doing things.

If It's Fine by You I'll Be Beside You - Harper Alston
After not getting the position on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, Harper takes it's upon herself to help Skylar get her mind off it, in the form of a secret swing.

Yule Ball Dance Lessons! - Josephine Arora, Professor Angel Castillo, Sawyer Carnahan
In preparation for the Yule Ball, Skylar decides to take dance lessons so she doesn't make a complete fool of herself when the time for the dance comes.

Can griffins swim? -
Hildegard de Valeriane, Harper Alston, Emmaline Hopkins-Vance, Blake Lodge
With exams approaching, a few of the girls from Skylar's dorm decide to get together for a relaxed picnic by the lake to let go of some of the stress of exams.

Semester Two:
Head in the Books - Sutton Spencer, Alexandra Morozova
With exams just around the corner, Skylar joins two Ravenclaw students for a study session after not finding other space in the library.

You Win Some, You Lose Some - Chloë Thompson, Solomon Tofilau, Noel Waldgrave, Emma van Houten
After Gryffindor loses to Slytherin in the finals of the Quidditch Cup, Skylar talks to the chasers on the team and realises her dreams of being a chaser will unfortunately, probably never happen.

All My Favourite People - Harper Alston, Hildegard de Valeriane, Emmaline Hopkins-Vance, Blake Lodge
After finishing their second year at Hogwarts, Skylar and her friends decide to go to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour to celebrate getting through another year, and to see each other one more time before the holidays.

Semester One:
Y37 Quidditch Tryouts - Gryffindor Students
After finally being old enough to try out for Quidditch, Skylar tries out for the position of 'Alt-Chaser'.

Y37 S1 House Meeting - Gryffindor Students, Professor Cyndi Kingsley
Although Skylar's first house meeting starts off with arriving late, she comes just in time to hear that Gryffindor will (apparently) win the Quidditch Cup this year!

Semester Two:
Y37 End of Year Feast - Hogwarts Students, Professor Katherine Alicastell
Skylar finishes her second year on a high note with Gryffindor winning the house cup again and a bunch of delicious food just waiting to be eaten during the annual End of Year Feast.


Classes + Grades

Semester One

Semester Two

Grade Point Average: 6 (O Average)
House Points: 616


Halloween Costume
With Harper Alston and Hildegard de Valeriane



Favourite Class:
Least Favourite Class: Potions

Favourite Professor: Professor Carter
Least Favourite Professor: Professor Mowry

Favourite Roleplay: If It's Fine by You I'll Be Beside You

Most Memorable Moment: Dressing up for Halloween with Harper and Hilda

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