Open Topics to Jump Into

Name of RP + Link: Wilted Petals
Character(s) in RP: Daria Bright-Root
Brief overview: After seeing her friends on a double-date with her crush, Daria takes to the gardens to vent her pain through music.
Notes: All welcome, jump on in!
Name of RP + Link: A Holland Howler
Character(s) in RP: Lucy Holland, (the disembodied voice of) Phoebe Holland
Brief overview: Lucy gets a very enthusiastic reaction to her sorting.
Notes: This is a big noisy ruckus in the middle of breakfast, so anyone is welcome to feel any kinda way about the interruption :r
Name of RP + Link: Ten is a Lonely Number
Character(s) in RP: Currently just Ivy. but hopefully her friends and Family soon
Brief overview: Ivy Celebrates her tenth Birthday at the ice cream parlor before a lot of her friends head off to hogwarts
Additional information:[/b] Open to any one iy's friends. which means anyone who had RPed with her or we have discussed RPing with but haven't got around to it. If you think they would be friends and you arent sure DM me (It will likely be yes)

Name of RP + Link: Out for a walk
Character(s) in RP: Linden Cullen
Brief overview: Linden takes one of her favorite animals, Frank the hipporgriff to a new enclosure by walking through the park
Additional information: feel free to have people ask about Frank or any of the other animals or just watch him
Name of RP + Link: twenty five to feel alive
Character(s) in RP: Selene Le fey
Brief overview: Selene decides to send off the year and welcome being 25 with a night out at the medley.
Additional information: no real plans at all with this. Please join.
Name of RP + Link: Window Shopping
Character(s) in RP: Ivy Cullen
Brief overview: Ivy is window shopping in obsidian dreaming about when she goes hogwarts and play on her house team
Notes: Open in general, though maybe would be nice if an upcoming first year joins her. she is outside Quality quidditch supplied looking in which is why i posted it on the harbour not in the shop.

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