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A flower covered kettle.
Full Name:

Name Meaning:
Vex was given his name by Professor Ava King, after appearing in her office and causing a bit of mischief. They went through a couple of names together, and finally, Vex was chosen. It presumably comes from the word Vexation, or the act to be vexing, or just to vex itself.

Opinion Of Name:
Vex adores his name. He had a hand in naming himself, though the suggestions were greatly left to Professor King. He is very proud of his name, and likes that it is unique and fun.

Date of Birth:
Vex came into being in September, 2040.

Creature Status:
Vex is a poltergeist.

Current Age:
Vex is physically pegged being about eighteen years old. Emotionally, he is extremely immature, but able to make semi-responsible decisions, such as listening to professors and students on occasion, as well as plan elaborate schemes. Because of this, it is assumed that he is around the eighteen mark. Counting by his length of existence, however, he is very young.

Basic Appearance:
Vex appears as a small, young man. His features are twisted, with slanted eyes, and a pointed chin and nose. He has curved, large ears, long fingers, and his limbs are thin with large joints. He is not transparent like the ghosts of the castle, he is far more solid-looking. He can, however, appear completely invisible and become intangible at will. He has orange eyes, and dark hair, and his skin could be described as more along olive in tones.

Vex, being a poltergeist, is more a chaotic spirit rather than a physical being. He is basically a personification of chaos, and takes great delight in constantly causing it. He has little care in who he annoys, and will just about target anyone in his games. Vex is driven by an unadulterated desire to annoy, antagonise, and prank all within his path. He will go to great lengths to cause trouble, either by stealing things for his games, or creating the necessary things to help him. He is not above employing the help of others, and relishes group activities. He feels the need to be included in any and all mischief making within the school, and if ever excluded, his eccentric traits can turn rather malicious, plotting ways to sabotage the plans, and get the mischief makers in trouble.

Vex considers himself on a permanent holiday, with a bunch of best friends that can all take a joke even when they seem like they aren't laughing, he is convinced that, secretly, they are happy. He can get over-excited, and lacks forethought, though is capable of apologising. However, this is mostly just a way to stop people from getting angry or arguing all the time, and he will go and repeat exactly what he had done to get into trouble in the first place, somewhere out of sight. He cannot keep a secret, however, and whenever told anything, Vex will be the first one broadcasting it to the world, as well as a firm joiner in on gossip, which he will happily spread should the opportunity present itself.

Vex's first call, whenever troubled, is to run straight to Professor Ava King to air his grievances, and complain about the wrongs against him. He enjoys keeping her on his side, as she is the headmistress of the school, and the first to give him a name. He will frequently make excuses for himself when in her presence (whilst with others he can be very brazen) and talk down his mischief (whilst with others he would only ever talk it up). When in the presence of Professor Katherine Alicastell, Vex is driven by a need to push every boundary and button, but not too far, as he fears being captured and locked up again. He doesn't understand how she was able to do it, and does not know if she could do it again, but having suffered the consequences the first time, he is not willing to suffer them a second. He can be overemotional, cantankerous and purposefully oblivious when talking to Professor Alicastell, but if she looks like she's going to do something that reminds him of when she locked him up, he will suddenly change tracks and be an angel.

The closest thing Vex would consider to being family is Professor Ava King.

Vex considers the lovely children of Hogwarts New Zealand as pets. The professors, slightly larger and grumpier pets.

Area of Residence:
Hogwarts New Zealand.

Interests or Hobbies:
Vex greatly enjoys skulking the grounds, breaking vases, putting gum into keyholes, pouring tea on the heads of people, and many, many other distracting and inappropriate things designed to annoy as many people as possible. When interacting with ghosts, Vex take great delight by throwing things through them, and has a points scoring system for each body part.

Describe your character in three words:
Extroverted, Vexing, Chaotic

Favourite place to be:
Vex's favourite place to be is in his throne-like chair, in Professor Ava King's office It has currently been stolen by Professor Alicastell.

Vex considers everyone his friend, except Professor Alicastell.

Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:
Vex hopes to convince the caretaker to construct a slide that runs from the highest roof, of the tallest tower, across the lawns and into the lake.

Extracurricular Activities:
Diary keeping, flower plucking, dress up, sliming the walls, etc.

Current Job:
Being a gigantic child.

Your Boggart:
If Vex were to have a boggart, it would be of his time when held captive by Professor Alicastell.​

Mirror of Erised:
A gigantic ball of gum, ready to be planted wherever he should please.

In September, 2040, just after the day of that years sorting, Vex was brought into being through the chaos that had been slowly building throughout the castle for the past couple of years. He began in Professor Ava Kings office, and that is where Vex can be found if he is not causing mischief and mayhem. As soon as he was able and functioning, Vex was out and about ready to cause trouble. He stole the kettle of the headmistress and this became a permanent fixture, as he is never without his kettle.

After wrecking havoc for three years, things took a turn for the worst for Vex. In 2044, he was captured and locked up by the then headmistress, Professor Katherine Alicastell, the former Head of Experimental Charms. With her extensive knowledge of charms and contacts with the ministry, the headmistress was able to devise a method of containing the poltergeist, preferably permanently. Vex was kept contained in an solid state for seven years, until he was finally able to escape in September 2051 before sorting the new first years. Many things changed during those seven years, and Vex is determined to have all of his rights back (particularly his throne) and manage to have fun without getting locked back up again. Whilst he had never-ending adoration for Ava King, the poltergeist is wary of Katherine Alicastell.
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